Seeing Without Knowing

Seeing Without Knowing

I’d known I was getting a new neighbor the moment the “for rent” sign disappeared from the townhouse next to mine. However, it was about two and a half weeks before the new renter moved in. I looked out my window that sunny Saturday morning after hearing a truck pull up. I’d wished that my next neighbor at least wouldn’t be a group of women or a couple, and it seemed like I’d gotten my wish. Not only was it a guy, he had a nice ass that made my dick hard at first sight. Being the perv that I am, I got completely naked and played with my morning wood as I watched him go back and forth between the moving truck and the townhouse next door.

It wasn’t long before I was wondering if he got down or not. While I was thinking about going out to test him, he finished taking everything off the truck and then left. I got mad at myself for not at least busting a good nut while watching his sexy ass. Eventually, my dick went back soft and I went into my bathroom and took a shower and then brushed my teeth. I went back to my room and put on some lotion. Not a second after I’d put on a pair of mesh shorts and a tank top, I heard the sound of the moving truck pulling back up next door. Not wanting to risk anything, I slid on a pair of flipflops and headed downstairs and out the front door.

“Hey man,” I called out as I stared at that ass while his back was still turned to me. “Need any help?”

He turned around and looked at me before quickly replying, “Nah, I think I got it. You live next door?”

“Yeah. I’m Jarvis.” I extended my hand to him.

He shook my hand and said, “I’m Theo.”

Immediately after the handshake, I reached down and tugged on my shorts a little. His eyes looked down for a quick second but then he turned back towards the truck to grab another box. I was about to give up testing him and leave, but when he turned back towards me, he looked down again and this time it was for longer. It could’ve still been a coincidence but after obviously staring at my dick print, he gave me this smile and then licked his lips before walking by me to the sidewalk.

“You know,” he said as he headed towards his front door, “I think I might need your help inside, man.”

I did a little laugh to myself as I followed him into the house because I had a feeling he was DL and now I had confirmation. When we got inside, he closed the door and after putting the box down, he grabbed the growing bulge in my shorts. He didn’t say anything for a long time. He just gently grabbed on my dick through my shorts as it got harder and harder. I placed my hand on his ass but didn’t squeeze on it because I wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with me doing that. Just because he had a nice ass didn’t mean he wanted to get fucked.

“Feel on that shit, dude,” he said to me with a laugh. “I know that’s why you walked over here and shit.”

I squeezed on his ass and then slid my hand into the back of his shorts to feel just how plump and toned it was. He had me on brick status by that point. Just when it seemed like shit was about to reach another level, he stopped feeling on my dick and backed away.

I looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have any condoms. I don’t get fucked raw.”

“I got some over at my place. You wanna go there?”

“Nah, you gotta fuck me in here. Go get a condom or two and then come back over. Use the back door when you come back.”

“Alright. I’ll be right back.”

I hurried out of the house and ran back to my house. I dashed upstairs, grabbed a roll of condoms, put them in my pocket and then ran back downstairs. I took the back door and went to his back door like he’d said. The door was already open for me, so I went in and headed back into his living room. He was sitting on the stairs wearing nothing but his socks and shoes. There was a small bottle of lube in one of his hands and his hard dick in the other hand.

“This stays between us, bruh,” he said to me as I approached him. “We clear on that?”

“Yeah, it’s all good,” I assured him. “I’m out but I don’t put my business out like that.”

“Take that big dick out and let me suck it.”

I took my shorts and tank top off, leaving only my flipflops on, and put my hard dick in his face so he could suck me. He wasted no time opening his mouth and sucking my dick like a pro. I hadn’t fucked or gotten fucked in almost a week, so I was horned up something crazy that morning. Being vers, I was used to doing it all. I loved fucking a guy just as much as I loved getting fucked by a guy. However, I was in the mood to just get up in Theo’s ass and get my nut.

“Yeah, get that dick wet,” I said to him as his drool dripped down onto the stairs.

I grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his face, shoving my dick all in his throat and making him gag like crazy. He seemed to be loving that shit because his dick was stiff and kept bouncing up and down. When I stopped fucking his face, he pulled my dick out of his mouth and started licking my balls. I put one foot up on the stairs so that he could lick my balls better. That shit felt simply amazing.

“Ah, fuck,” I moaned.

“You smell and taste good,” he said before gently sucking on my balls.

He put his mouth back on my dick and deep-throated me a few times before standing up and handing me the lube. He then turned around and got down on his hands and knees on the stairs. I sat the lube down on the end of the banister and got down on my knees so that I could taste his beautiful ass. I smacked his ass cheeks a few times before parting them and getting a look at his asshole. It looked tight as fuck and was pink with a little hair around it. I pressed my nose against it and took in its scent, which was a mixture of soap and a little bit of funk but not so much funk that it was the dominating scent. I loved when a dude’s ass scent had that kind of mixture. I kissed it a few times before circling it with my tongue slowly.

“Damn, bruh,” he moaned as his body relaxed. “Squeeze on my ass while you eat it.”

I squeezed his ass hard while shoving my tongue inside him as he arched his back for me. I smacked that ass as hard as I could before licking on his asshole again and he got goosebumps. While rimming him, I reached under his body and grabbed his thick dick and tugged on it. It oozed out a large amount of precum onto my hand and wrist. My own dick was leaking precum down onto his stairs. I bent down some more and sucked his dick from the back while pushing my thumb into his tight asshole.

“Fuck me, bruh,” he begged me once I’d worked all of my thumb into his ass.

I backed up and picked up my shorts from the floor. I pulled out the roll of condoms and tore one off before putting the rest down on the stairs. I unwrapped it and unrolled it onto my hard dick. I then picked up the lube and put some on my dick and a little on my finger to put in his ass. When he reached back and parted his thick ass cheeks, I put the head of my dick up against his tight hole. He relaxed but winced in pain a few times as I entered him.

“Damn, that ass tight,” I said as I pushed more of my dick into him. “Grip my dick with that hole.”

He slowly pushed his ass back onto my dick and pulled forward as he got used to me being inside him. I wanted to pin his thick ass down and fuck the shit out of him but I didn’t want to fuck up the groove and possibly get kicked out. I was too horny to not bust my nut that morning. So, I took it easy on him. It wasn’t until his ass started making squishy noises that I got caught up in the moment and started fucking him harder and harder.

“Ah fuck!” he shouted. “Nigga!”

I pushed his head down and fucked him even harder and told him, “Take that dick!”

His moans sounded so sexy. He was a masculine dude with a deep voice and they always sound sexy when you get up in their tight, rarely-used holes. When he climbed up on his feet and my dick slipped out his ass, I climbed up a step and bent all the way over so that I could fuck him froggy style. He really got loud then because I was slamming all of my dick into his ass. He bit down onto the carpeted steps as I tore his ass up for a good ten minutes.

“I’m gonna nut,” I told him while still fucking him. “Ah, shit!”

I kept fucking him as I caught a good nut and released it into the condom. It wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be but a nut is a nut. I fucked him a little more before pulling out of him. I leaned against the banister and snatched the cum-filled condom off my dick. I dropped it on the stairs and as I was about to put my shorts back on, he turned around and grabbed my semi-hard dick.

“You got more condoms, right?” he asked as he tried to catch his breath. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

The next thing I knew, we were upstairs fucking again on the master bedroom floor. This time, I fucked him missionary. I got the vibe that he didn’t want to kiss so instead, I’d suck on his hard nipples or gently bite his sexy pecs. His dick was constantly hard while I fucked him and whenever I felt it on my abs, I got hornier and fucked him deeper and harder. I couldn’t believe he was still letting me fuck him after I’d already gotten one nut.

“Fuck me,” he demanded while staring into my eyes. “Fuck this ass like you own it, nigga!”

I made him pull his legs back so that I could straighten my legs and deep-fuck him as if I were doing pushups. He was squirming like crazy but he was taking my dick like a pro and wasn’t running from it. He must not have had the air conditioner on because we were both sweaty as fuck. I didn’t care though because the sweat added to the sexiness of it all. I was ready to go as long as I could, but he grabbed my nipples and I felt another nut coming.

“Oh, fuck!” I called out. “You’re gonna make me nut again. Shit!”

I slammed my dick into him and held it as I came again, shooting my cum into the second condom. That time, I started shaking and my toes curled up. When I pulled out of him, his cream and juices rolled out of his gaped asshole. I rubbed on it and he immediately started jacking off. When I fingered him with both my index and middle fingers, he caught his nut.

“Fuck!” he shouted as his dick skeeted nut all over his stomach and chest. He jolted a few times before calming down and saying, “Damn, I needed that shit. Thank you, Jarvis.”

“No problem. Welcome to the neighborhood, Theo.”

I rubbed on his pretty ass one last time and smacked it while we were going back downstairs. After putting on my shorts and shirt, I headed back over to my house. Later that same day, I was cleaning up my front yard when an SUV pulled up. A white woman and two biracial kids hopped out and headed over to Theo’s house. He came outside and hugged them and kissed the white woman. I stared over at them in shock. When he noticed me looking, he threw his hand up and flashed a smile. That’s when I noticed he was wearing a wedding band that he didn’t have on that morning when I fucked him.

“I’ll be inside in a second,” he told his wife before heading over to the fence that divided my yard from theirs. He waited until his wife and kids were inside before looking at me and asking, “It’s gonna stay between us, right?”

“Yeah, man,” I answered. “No problem.”

“Good. Next time, you can fuck me in your house.” He licked his lips and then turned away to walk back to his house.

I stared at that beautiful bubble ass of his as I watched him walking away. I grabbed my dick through my shorts and simply replied, “Bet.”

Written by D.A. Morrison

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    I got informed of some guy who was caught with incriminating chats and was subsequently locked up and is being tortured.

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    is there anything that could be done about this? The location is Aba.

    I’ll be checking this comment in the event someone wants to help. Thank you.

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