Shania Twain Talks About LGBT Equality

Shania Twain Talks About LGBT Equality

Shania Twain believes her 1997 hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” contributed to changing attitudes about sexuality and equality.

“A lot of straight men sing ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’ just for the sheer entertainment of it. So, I think songs like that have been great, maybe, contributors to bringing us together,” she told Pride Source.

“If not for anything than just for the common denominator of music and owning that for whatever it means to them, and that breaks down barriers.”

Twain conceded that country music fans tend to be conservative.

“I just feel very saddened by any kind of oppression in our society in today’s day and age,” she said. “Equality should be a no-brainer, automatic, all the way around. We need to have mutual respect all the way around.”

The Canadian superstar said she has strong ties to the LGBT community and “a lot of gay people” in her life. “We relate to one another,” Twain explained. “We relate to struggle, and then surviving struggle and celebrating who we are and what we are.”

She said one of the tracks on her new album Now, “Swingin’ with My Eyes Closed” is a party song with a deeper meaning.

“The song is about even when you can’t see what is in front of you, you still have to move forward,” Twain said. “You can’t move backwards; you gotta keep moving forward and fighting for that freedom to exercise independence and courage.”

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  1. Foxydevil
    October 27, 08:25 Reply

    Speaking of equality, pinky, what do you have to say about that trashy piece of work by chimamanda adichie about trump’s wife??
    I’ve seen better written works here (and that is certainly not saying much)

    ????? I told you initially that woman was lame, only a lame person would write such classless, stupid piece, mocking an autistic child and labelling an immigrant woman racist .
    And did she say everyone loved Michelle Obama?
    Obama was literally one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States.
    Employment and social security took a nose dive during his administration.
    The only thing that stood out for him was the legalisation of gay marriage in certain states of the USA.

    I wouldn’t task anyone to speak about the troubles of Nigeria, because they are so imminent and tiring ,even the most zealous mind will tire out from the debauchery…….but she should be more creative when criticizing a country not hers by right of birth.

    I’ve always heard she was overrated …
    I’ve always defended her, because I’ve always felt these were the opinion of small men, trashing down a woman because they couldn’t stand her stance on feminism, but suddenly I’m starting to give this a thought.
    She’s a modern writer with a cult following no doubt……
    The newly converted feminists love her ,
    The gays adore her,
    her writing style is the most used currently in the Nigerian literary scene, because everyone masquerading as a writer copies it.
    I guess that has blinded me on how mediocre she actually is.
    She is not as realistic as Buchi Emecheta (lord bless her soul) ,
    Not as earthy as chinuea Achebe or Elechi Amadi,
    Hell, even Efuru was ten times more of a feminist than Ifemelu , and this was a book written in the early 20th century.


    When she berated Beyonce’s feminism (the woman that gave her an international career) even though I hated ungrateful people, I still felt it was within her right to think any thing she thought of it.

    When she denounced transgender women (I can’t lie I sort of agreed with her ?)

    Now this latest trash piece running down Melanie and praising Michelle .
    The hypocrisy of it reeks to the high heavens.
    Both Michelle and Melanie have proved to be nothing more than tabloid sensations. People pay attention to their fashion sense and beauty regime but no one actually pays attention to what they have done with their positions which basically really is nothing .
    Michelle Obama was just as useless as Melanie (if not more so)
    The only distinctive thing Michelle Obama did was handing over the position of the first lady to a woman whose husband’s many sins looms over her head .

    I guess chimamanda will always have her audience. Throw in a pretty lady with a good sense of fashion who writes about gays once in a while and she can never go wrong.
    Throw in the toast of several wannabe writers and we have a legend ?
    Oh, what a Woman!!

  2. Mandy
    October 27, 08:43 Reply

    Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman sounds like it should be a transgender anthem.

  3. Delle
    October 27, 09:25 Reply

    “Equality should be a no-brainer, automatic, all the way around. We need to have mutual respect all the way around.”

    The Gospel.

  4. Mitch
    October 27, 10:39 Reply

    Man, I feel like Woman is just an anthem.
    I recall voguing to that song in my younger days.

    Still, no matter how much sense slaps some people on the face, they’d still refuse to have sense. Sometimes, when celebrities take on LGBT issues, I just feel like they’re preaching to the choir. They’re not saying something we don’t already know or changing the minds of narrow minded idiots.

  5. quinn
    October 27, 20:47 Reply

    oh man that’s the song that made me fall in love with her. Loved the video too, especially when she took off various pieces of clothing.

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