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I live in a Lagos suburb that is heavily residential. This means that on most evenings, in my street for instance, you get lots of people out taking strolls, standing

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IN THE EYE OF A CRIMINAL (Knowing Utali Ekwensu)

I met someone on Grindr a few days ago. We got talking and we clicked. We moved on to WhatsApp, and after the exchange of pictures, I was physically attracted

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Previously on THE LOVE OF A BOY… * Skipping class in public schools, like my previous one, was a thrill. The school wasn’t fenced, and there was the town on


  1. John
    November 25, 06:37 Reply

    Really. we have this forming thingy for ourselves. I don’t have the urge for straight guys I doun just know why. I crave for a guy until I know he is gay

  2. Dick Advocate
    November 25, 07:04 Reply

    Gay men think with their Dicks really, if anything Gay people should be given an award ‘Most delusional set of humans’ we have this “us against the world” mentality that is affecting every aspect of our reasoning. And did I mention we are the most self-loathing, self centered, selfish, never understanding or comprehending others perspective set of people ever. We think only about our self and that is why Gay people can never be satisfied with any situation they find themselves.. Case in reference as above.

    • Max
      November 25, 08:19 Reply

      A phrase comes to mind that perfectly describes your predicament: “Internalized homophobia”. < clearly the force is still strong with you.

  3. Sinnex
    November 25, 07:39 Reply

    Wetin be Neg and Ub2?


    Guilty as charged… sue me!!!

  4. Mitch
    November 25, 07:46 Reply

    Is norray small sontin.

  5. ambivalentone
    November 25, 07:52 Reply

    This doesn’t make sense. I believe its the same preferences the gay guy would project on the straight person he is trying to convice (sorry, convert) as with the gay counterpart. That’s like saying I wee now gaan be telling a fat ‘belle-ful’ straight man “just try it once” *shudders*

  6. Max
    November 25, 08:22 Reply

    Please this doesn’t apply to everyone. In my book, sexuality isn’t that fluid(I don’t advice straight people to something they’d rather not do) And I’m attracted to a wide range of people.

    • Mandy
      November 25, 08:47 Reply

      The post did say ‘SOME gay men be like…’ 🙂

  7. Duke
    November 25, 08:50 Reply

    I think there is something very appealing about wanting something we may (or think we may) never get. The fact that a very straight guy has all you want but will not fall for you, makes him quite appealing for some. It is not a gay thing, it is a male thing. Guys naturally try to pursue things or people (male or female) that plays hard to get. It is weirdly erotic. But in the case of gay to gay, you know he is gay already, that makes you simply want a standard for yourself. No hate there.

  8. Kester
    November 25, 10:00 Reply

    So I will go ahead and pretend I am straight and every gay guy will want me! Yaaaaaaaayyy!!!!!
    You just solved an issue @Duke

  9. Khaleesi
    November 25, 10:48 Reply

    everday am thankful that am not really attracted to straight men, once i realise a man is NOT gay, however cute he is, all the sexual attraction for him just drains away from me. I personally think it takes too much time and hassle + the attached risks in such a homophobic clime to go chasing after a straight man …

  10. ronniphoenix
    November 25, 12:40 Reply

    Even though I’ve practically been in the “gay” world, I still don’t fully undeerstand gay people.

    It may sound “caitlyn jenner”, but it’s just my opinion.

    I’ve never understood gay men, I can totally related with lesbians, and straight women, but gay men…………… Not in a million years

    • Chuck
      November 25, 13:11 Reply

      Ok, you’re different. Add something about why you don’t, so that a discussion can occur. This is a non sequitur.

    • Stranger
      November 25, 15:08 Reply

      No gay man in his right senses would want to relate with you too, Tbh.

    • ronniphoenix
      November 25, 16:32 Reply

      Oh dear, I won’t take your comments serious, cause I don’t have “it” for ill mannered people now.

      I don’t need to have discussions with close minded bigots hiding under the cloak of “homosexuality”.

      I don’t need hateful bigots to relate with me.


      • Chuck
        November 25, 18:19 Reply

        If you don’t want to discuss with the people here, why are you here?

        P.S. I won’t insult you – I’ll let your statements speak for themselves.

        • ronniphoenix
          November 25, 20:07 Reply

          I wasn’t being “insultive” I was merely laying down a fact.

          I am here because this is an LGBT (emphasis on T) site, though it seems to me it is more of a GB site.

          I stated my mind, I don’t understand gay men. Simple!!!!!!!!

          • Chuck
            November 25, 21:21 Reply

            What is the fact? Who were the “hateful bigots” you referred to? Those you’re refusing to discuss with, as I suggested. We all know you think this blog is too focused on gays and bi people at the expense of transgender people. Why not write about how that is / how that can change, instead of whining with passive aggressive comments?

  11. Jamie
    November 25, 19:31 Reply

    Are we still on this topic??? For crying out loud, we all have choices.
    Telling a gay man who doesn’t like white skin to force himself and like it cos he is gay and must be all-embracing is like telling the gay man to love a woman at all cost, or a heterosexual to love a same-sex partner at all cost!!
    Black or white men or women are too important to be loved out of pity by choosey men; and the choosey men are too important to be shown who to love by you!! We’re not in those centuries when family showed one who’d make a perfect partner, right?

    • Pink Panther
      November 26, 05:43 Reply

      You totally missed the thrust of the post, Jamie. There’s an irony here that you clearly didn’t get.

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