Straight Man Worried Over Number Of Gay Men That Hit On Him, Fears He “Repels” Women

Straight Man Worried Over Number Of Gay Men That Hit On Him, Fears He “Repels” Women

A heterosexual man on Reddit isn’t sure how to handle the increasing number of gay men who he believes are hitting on him.

“Sup dudes,” his post begins. “I’m a straight male in Portland, Oregon. Today, while at work, I had two gay men make advances towards me (compliments, winking at me from afar, etc). I was flattered but, sadly for them, I’m not gay.”

The man continues: “It seems that I receive advances from gay men far more commonly than straight women. Is this common? Do I just attract homosexuals and repel women or what?”

His fellow Reddit users waste no time offering their two cents.

“You’re probably giving off gay vibes,” one commenter writes. “Could be your mannerisms and the way you talk.”

“Sorry, but you probably look gay,” another person says before reassuring the man that “gay men would ignore you if you weren’t good-looking.”

A third commenter attributes it to the man living in a city with one of the highest gay populations in the country: “If you live in an urban area that is gay friendly and has a large population of LGBT people,” he says, “you’re more likely to have a dude flirt with you than a woman.”

Other guys say they, too, have dealt with this problem.

“I definitely get hit on by dudes more often than chicks,” one man writes. “It’s flattering really once you get used to it.”

“I happen to be a straight male living in Portland as well and this happens to me all the time,” a second man adds. “I, too, am flattered, but like I can’t tap that.”

“It has happened to me a few times,” a third man says. “No biggy, just take the compliment and tell em you’re straight.”

“Every time I go to the bar, there’ll be at least one guy feeling me out,” a fourth man adds. “I don’t go to the bar much anymore.”

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  1. peaches
    February 01, 06:10 Reply

    Hmmn… there is something on you they wanna get. if you ‘lala’ n your bottomial area z supple, i ll advice you to get bodyguards, and avoid dark alleys. If you re huge with niceli chiselled face, err, you just might want to change location,or, get yourself a husband.

  2. ken
    February 01, 06:24 Reply

    Lmao…same script different cast! Most straight guys often assume they are irresistible to gay men. Am like puhleeeese, it all exist in ur imagination duhling. So get over yourselves!

    • Pink Panther
      February 01, 06:25 Reply

      But maybe it’s not. Given our penchant for pursuing straight men, perhaps he really does have a problem of getting incessantly hit on by gay men.

      • ken
        February 01, 07:11 Reply

        “Penchant”?? Hmmmm
        I dont know about that. Given there are few confused homos that feel they have the special ability of “converting” otherwise straight men. But this doesnt qualify as “penchant”. I dunno what I will be doing with a st8 man in bed….like, eeeeew!

        Btw its the same way some str8 guys often think they can convert lesbians.

  3. Mandy
    February 01, 06:28 Reply

    Sometimes, when I hear my cute male colleague bitch about how this girl or that girl is not giving them the time of day, like their rejections is really stressing the guy out, I just want to say to him, ‘Dude, look no further than me! Why pursue girls who are shakarizing you when there’s a guy here waiting to give you everything they can’t.’ 🙂

  4. bruno
    February 01, 06:29 Reply

    pretty nice living in a place where you can actually hit on someone you like and not end up on mike damon’s blog.

  5. #Chestnut
    February 01, 07:02 Reply

    Dude should just take it as a compliment and not worry about it too much. At least it means he’s attractive. Men are generally more direct than women, so while a woman that finds him attractive might play coy and nonchalant, a man would swoop in without much hesitation. Doesn’t mean just as many women aren’t attracted to him.

  6. Kenny
    February 01, 07:12 Reply

    I like the fact that he’s more concerned that more men hit on him than women instead of being homophobic. Dude should just relax and refuse their advances that’s all. If not for our society over here, I’m sure there are a lot of guys here in Nigeria who’ll also go after men they’re attracted to

  7. Max 2.0
    February 01, 08:08 Reply

    I think he should focus on going after women instead of waiting for women to hit on him, thats just lame. Men usually go for what they want while women lie in wait, hoping to get hit on.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    February 01, 08:27 Reply

    I have some very good looking straight male friends, the way gay men hustle them on IG eh? Especially when they see our banter and assume that since they are my friends they are most likely gay!

    Fortunately for me the men know I am gay, so I always sit and watch people make a fool of themselves in their DMs!

  9. segs
    February 02, 13:09 Reply

    I wish I’m living in this kind of country at least it will be easier

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