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God’s Children Are Truly Little Broken Things

Some months ago, I met this guy on Tinder. I’d just joined the app following a dare from a friend, and after a few matches, two days later, here was

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What Wilfred Wills (Part 2)

Previously on What Wilfred Wills… * I smiled to myself as the events of the previous night began to unfurl in my head; I could remember being spooned against Wilfred’s

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Jada Pinkett-Smith recently released a statement regarding the Oscar slap, during which she said: “The state of the world today, we need (Will and Chris). And we all actually need

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Previously on DON’T CALL ME BIGGIE… * Brother Ebenezer of the Most High! Mighty in Tenor and Powerful in Worship! Singer-songwriter walking out half-naked in the pastor’s house! I can’t

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Queer Twitter reacts to Tweet about Gay Men and Heteronormativity

On April 4, a Twitter netizen who goes by the handle @BoNgAnI45481479 tweeted his exasperation over the type of men he dates. “I want a bottom that knows that he’s

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I Hate Saturdays

You used to love Saturdays because of him. You loved the bustle and the quiet moments that the weekend brought. You loved the leisurely passion that you both woke up

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Previously on MAYBE TOMORROW… * “I am HIV Positive,” I said to Ifiok. I watched him take in this information for some minutes. Then I turned to the television, settling

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I have been in this on-again, off-again relationship and it is getting up to seven years now. Ivy and I started out as a committed couple when we were both

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Is There A Right Time To Say “I Love You”?

Is there a right time or wrong time for one to say “I love you”? During a first date? Second date? During sex? After a few chats in your DM?

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We were both quarreling that day. Our voices were raised and angry. My voice especially, a sharp tongue scissoring the air, had not a single pause in it. How could