Queer Twitter reacts to Tweet about Gay Men and Heteronormativity

Queer Twitter reacts to Tweet about Gay Men and Heteronormativity

On April 4, a Twitter netizen who goes by the handle @BoNgAnI45481479 tweeted his exasperation over the type of men he dates.

“I want a bottom that knows that he’s bottom not because he thinks he’s a woman,” he tweeted. “Is that too much to ask? I am tired of being in a gay relationship with a man who mirrors Heterosexual relationship.”

Of course, this kind of hot-button issue ignited lots of reactions from Queer Twitter, with some responding with outrage to what was perceived as a bias against effeminate gay men/gay men who identify as Bottoms during sex; and others supporting the tweet as a chastisement against men who adopt heteronormative guidelines in their love lives.

Below are some of the responses to the tweet. Check on them and let us know in the comments what you think.

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