What Wilfred Wills (Part 2)

What Wilfred Wills (Part 2)

Previously on What Wilfred Wills


I smiled to myself as the events of the previous night began to unfurl in my head; I could remember being spooned against Wilfred’s rock-hard body, his deep thrusts taking up speed and sending waves of pleasure rippling across my entire being. My body began to tingle at the mere recall of the wet kisses he planted on my neck and shoulders while he held me tightly to himself and fucked me. Reminiscing about our midnight escapade was already making my ass throb and my dick hard.

All that had happened quite alright. But what didn’t happen?

Well, for one, there was no after-sex cuddling. And two, Wilfred never told me he loved me. I stepped out of the bathroom holding the piece of paper upon which he’d written his phone number. After we had sex last night, he told me I was awesome and then he dashed off to the bathroom. I was so tired then that I almost immediately fell asleep. Everything that happened after was a dream.

I saved Wilfred’s number on my phone and went to have my bath.

When I called him later that day, he was elated to hear from me and asked if I could come over to his house. I arrived there about thirty minutes later and was greeted at the door by his younger sister and only sibling, Jessica. I’d been to Wilfred’s place a couple of times, usually with my brother or my mother, but just like it was with Wilfred, I didn’t really have a strong personal relationship with any member of his family.

“Fred?” Jessica said enquiringly the moment she opened the door and saw me.


“He’s in his room.” She bounced away and disappeared round a corridor.

Wilfred opened the door to his room the very second I knocked, as though he’d been waiting right there behind the door with eager fingers clasped around the doorknob. His face lit up when he saw me, and I noticed he was wearing nothing but a pair of silk black boxers and a shirt he left unbuttoned, exposing this perfect black skin.

“Ay Jay,” he exclaimed, drawing me into a hug and shoving me playfully into his room. I landed on his queen-sized bed as he locked the door.

“Ay Jay?” I echoed.

“Yeah,” he responded, as he jumped onto the bed next to me. It reminded me of yesterday, when he did the same thing on my bed. Gosh, was that just yesterday? “Your name’s Ayo,” he continued, “but they also call you Junior at home. So, I thought: Ay Jay!” he declared with a triumph in his voice.

“I actually like it,” I said, laughing. He had this childlike quality about him, and that, combined with his hard-rugged features, made him oddly adorable. Like, I-wanna-hold-this-boy-as-tightly-as-I-can-and-never-let-go adorable.

I sat up on the bed with my back against the headboard and Wilfred came up to me, spreading apart my legs and leaning in between them to kiss me. His lips, like cherries on a vine, were pink and soft, contrasting sharply with the sleek darkness of his complexion. Then he rolled over, exposing his nipples, hairy chest and slightly toned abs. It seemed as though those nipples were begging me to take them in my mouth.

“Do you want anything?” he asked. “There’s juice, there’s water, there’s –”

“I want those,” I cut in, laughing and pointing at his nipples.

“Well, well, well.” He eyed me slyly, his lips curving into a wicked smile. “That can be arranged.” He grabbed me and brought me to lie on top of his body, so easily, like a mother bringing a child to her breast. Goodness gracious, he was so strong!

“Are you going to take off that shirt?”

I did as he asked. Then he spun round so I was on my back and he was on me, generously dishing out kisses to my chest. The icing on the cake was when he took my right nipple in his mouth. I shuddered uncontrollably as he swished his tongue around it, sucking and biting softly. I had to push him away because the sensation was too much to bear.

“So that’s your weak point,” he said laughing.

“Go away!” I smacked him playfully on his cheek.

“Everybody has their weak point.”

“What’s yours?”

He collapsed onto my chest and I could feel the warmth of his body. “Cuddling and foreplay,” he said.

“You like all the romantic stuff, eh?”


Almost instinctively, I began caressing him, gently stroking his head and drawing invisible lines on his back. He seemed to like that. I couldn’t help but feel such a deep connection to him. There he was on my chest, like my little baby. He was as wild and manly as the manliest of men, and now, I had tamed him, and that was a damn good feeling!

Funny how Wilfred and I only started talking yesterday, and today we were two shirtless men, locked in warm embrace and drowning in the sensation of a familiarity stretching as far back as the mind could remember. We were in that position for minutes, saying a lot to each other only through touches of love and affection.

“How did you know I was gay?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“I didn’t,” Wilfred said.

“So you just kissed me on whim? What if I wasn’t and I raised an alarm or something?”

“Well, I did catch you staring at me many times before. So, I thought I’d take my chance.”

“Staring at you?” I didn’t realize I was ever that obvious about my desire for Wilfred.

“Remember that time when your brother and I returned from where we went to play football and I had to shower in your house?”

I laughed as the memory came flooding back to my mind.

“Let’s just say you should have put more effort into hiding your hard-on.” Wilfred laughed softly.

“You saw that?”

“And more.” Wilfred drew himself up and sat beside me on the bed. “I had always thought of approaching you, but I wasn’t really sure.”

“What changed?” I asked, reaching out to hold his hand.

“I just couldn’t hold myself anymore. Besides, yesterday when I interrupted you in the comic you were drawing–”

“You mean when you almost destroyed the piece of art I was making–”

“And I really got to see your face up close for the first time, I knew somehow that you wanted me too.”

He could have been more right about that. I did want this man – in fact, I always had. And it was a different level of happiness knowing he wanted me too.

Our lips came together in a passionate kiss. Wilfred worked his way down from my face, nibbling at my ear and sucking on my neck. I couldn’t help but moan as the pleasure sensors in my brain kicked in. Here I was, with a man I had always admired for as long as I could remember, and I was done restraining myself. I was done being passive about my feelings. I grabbed his face and sent his lips crashing onto mine. The kisses were wet and furious; our tongues danced and fought in each other’s mouths and my lips were almost starting to feel sore from all the sucking.

I pushed Wilfred and he fell on his back to the bed. “Where’s the lube?” I rasped, my heart pumping fast and my breathing heavy.

“Bedside drawer.” He took off his boxers and his cock shot up into the air, pointing straight to the ceiling.

I flung open the drawer, took the lube and lathered a generous amount all over Wilfred’s erect dick, running my hand over the full length. It was thick and heavy, black and riddled with pulsating veins, with a small pinkish snake-like head. This was really the first time I was seeing it up close. Last night, he had given it to me from behind and the room was dark. Wilfred moaned as my fingers grazed the head of his dick.

“Your real weak point,” I joked.

He laughed shyly.

I buttered up my hole with an equally generous amount of lube, making sure to also line walls of my rectum with it. And I was ready. I crouched myself over Wilfred’s waist and took his dick in my hand, guiding it to my hole. Its small streamlined head slipped in quickly, but I knew I had to be more careful and much slower with the rest of it, because it was fucking huge. With every inch of Wilfred’s man-meat that sunk deeper in me, my hole seemed to expand to accommodate him and the pain of resistance gave way to the pleasure of acceptance. Little by little, his dick was slithering through the defenses of my tight hole until it was all in and I could feel the tingling sensation of his pubic hair grazing my ass.

Wilfred made his first thrust and I gasped, overcome by the streams of pleasure that coursed through my body. Then he thrust again and again, slowly and with passion. He was groaning and moaning from the pleasure he must have felt having my warm hole wrapped around his dick.

I began to moan louder as Wilfred increased his pace. I was on top of him and he was fucking me so deeply I felt I would explode. I decided to take more control and began bouncing on Wilfred’s mighty dick. That finished him.

“Fuck!” he yelled, grabbing hold of my ass. The room was filled with our moans of ecstasy and the sound of bare skin slapping against bare skin.

I rode Wilfred like my life depended on it and he could barely restrain himself from loudly interjecting with “Fuck!” and “Yeah!”. He pulled out and asked me to lie down on my stomach, which I did. Then he laid on my back and plunged his dick into me from behind; it went in easily this time. This was a more intimate position. His lips were all over my neck and back as he fucked me, harder and harder this time. He grabbed my butt cheeks, pressing them together against his dick sliding through my hole, and picked up speed.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” Wilfred gasped. He let out a loud groan as he exploded inside me, pumping me full of his warm thick load of cum. Then he collapsed on my back, breathing heavily. He got up, rolled me over and began sucking my nipples as he jerked me off. I grabbed him by the back of his neck, pinning his head to my nipple as his hands expertly worked my cock. I didn’t even last two minutes and I shot my own load of cum all over my stomach and on Wilfred’s hands. He kissed me some more and then we went into the shower to clean up.

Over the next few weeks, Wilfred and I became closer, much to the surprise of my brother, who jokingly accused me of stealing his best friend from him. I became a regular guest at Wilfred’s house, much more so than Emeka, and our relationship blossomed into something I never really expected.

It has been four years since Wilfred changed my world and a lot has happened since then. I am currently in my final year at a university and Wilfred works at a financial consulting firm. Throughout these four years, I have grown to love him more and more, and every day, I remind myself how lucky I am that I get to keep this treasure of a man all to myself. I honestly do not know what the future holds but I know I am what Wilfred wants, and he is everything I need. And for now, that’s enough for me.

Written by AY Jay


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  1. Boy Who Kiss Other Boys
    January 03, 09:49 Reply

    Hi Ay Jay,

    I am so glad you got to know the true meaning of love and had the opportunity to know what that feels like.

    I am rooting for it to lead into something more than it currently is. You deserve it! Happy New Year!

    • Ay Jay
      January 03, 12:56 Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I appreciate your encouragement and good wishes for the future. I hope you have a wonderful new year as well!

  2. Mandy
    January 03, 10:01 Reply

    I’m just curious to know something, AY Jay. Does your brother now know about you and Wilfred, or is he still in the dark?

    • Ay Jay
      January 03, 12:58 Reply

      He actually knows and, oh dear, that’s a very long story for another day!

      • Malik
        January 07, 11:28 Reply

        We’re here for it. Whenever you’re ready.

  3. Olutayo
    January 03, 10:02 Reply

    If this was a Hollywood movie, there would have been a caught. In fact, as I was reading that sex scene at Wilfred’s house, I kept anticipating that either Jessica or Emeka would start knocking on the door after hearing the sex noises you two were making. Kai. See how you just wasted Emeka’s villain origin story. All that homophobia in Part 1, and we didn’t see him inhabit his antagonist attire.

    • Ay Jay
      January 03, 13:04 Reply

      😂😂 Thank goodness it wasn’t a Hollywood movie!
      Jessica is kinda cool. If she had walked in, I’d have had some hope she’d be able to keep her mouth shut.
      Emeka on the other hand…let’s just say some things should not even be imagined.

  4. Kings
    January 03, 11:44 Reply

    Thank you for completing this story. I have been patiently waiting for it.

    • Ay Jay
      January 03, 13:05 Reply

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it

    • Tariq
      January 03, 15:02 Reply

      Really nice story….. please do tell us about Emeka’s reaction on finding out about you and Wilfred..

      • Ay Jay
        January 03, 16:22 Reply

        Believe me when I say, that’s a very long story.
        But to be brief, when Emeka found out, his reaction was very bad. He threatened to beat the gay out of me. Everything was a hellish ride of different conflicting emotions. I think I’ll write about it.

      • Dizzy
        April 03, 21:08 Reply

        This story sounds so similar to a webseries I stumbled upon….’About Him’ produced by Signal 23 TV….an American LGBT web series….but this crush on the elder brother’s friend sha…is it just me or it happens to everyone….hahahahahahah

  5. GT
    January 03, 15:30 Reply

    With all the moans and skin slapping against each other, no other person noticed what was going on in that house?
    I could have been fooled.

    I recall sometime last year my brother brought his boyfriend to the house. I could hear them making out from the sitting room and his room was like two rooms away from the main sitting room. I had to ring his phone to inform him to tone the whole moaning thing down a notch.

    • Pink Panther
      January 03, 17:26 Reply

      Your brother… his BOYFRIEND?!!
      Yall are two gays from the same mother?! 😃

      • GT
        January 04, 16:10 Reply

        Miracles no fit tire Jesus my brother

  6. T.Man
    January 03, 16:47 Reply

    What a lovely story😊😊. I really wish you guys can get married and live happily. Oh I forgot we are in Nigeria 🤣🤣

    • Ay Jay
      January 03, 23:59 Reply

      “Miracle no dey tire Jesus” 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Francis
    January 03, 21:59 Reply

    Abeg I’m not interested in Emeka’s homophobia. Let his rubbish not spoil this better love story for me 😂😂. Wishing you guys longevity and plenty peace of mind ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Jay
    January 03, 22:53 Reply

    Wow! Such an interesting story I’m so happy for you guys and I hope one day me too will be in love.

  9. Jo
    January 04, 00:43 Reply

    Wawu! I am so happy for u. Amazing write up too. All the best.

  10. Jo
    January 04, 00:43 Reply

    Wawu! I am so happy for u. Amazing write up too. All the best.

  11. Bamidele
    January 04, 14:02 Reply

    This is sweet story for a new year. I wish you two an everlasting couple-ship

    • Rex
      January 06, 02:55 Reply

      Abiii…. Your name oddly reminds of someone that so dear to me… My Bam Bam..

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