Add_AdminWhen I was flirting with the idea of opening Kito Diaries, I informed a friend of mine, in order to get his reaction to the impending development, and he sneeringly told me: ‘It will just turn out to be another hook-up site for guys.’

I recoiled from his implication that ultimately, nothing matters to a gathering of LGBT except getting acquainted and the satisfaction of their sexual desires. I told him off for that presumption.

Yesterday, I got his ‘I told you so’ response.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against Kitodiariesians wanting to know one another outside the virtual world of the blog. Heck, I have made one or two friends from here, good people who I didn’t know before the advent of the blog. And nothing pleases me more than the freedom of interaction that thrives in this place.

But please – and I know my next words are going to be very unpopular with a lot of readers – this recent trend of littering the comment thread with blatant overtures such as ‘Hey, are you anywhere near FCT’ is inappropriate. There is a reason I exist as the Admin. There is a reason I keep making my email address available to everyone. If you fancy someone on the blog, kindly email me your interest, and I’ll make contact with this person, get feedback and pass it on to you. Some readers already know this, and have been sending me on these assignments Behind The Scenes, without splashing their interests so publicly on the blog.

I’m kindly asking for this level of thirstiness to stop.


And then, there is this issue of impersonation. Every blog identity of every commenter on this blog has been picked and fashioned into a personality unique to the commenter. And the fact that anyone feels the need to borrow these pseudonyms, wear them and try to pass themselves off – intentionally or unwittingly – as who they are not in the virtual world says a lot about who they truly are in the real world. King is who he is. Chizzie is who he is. No one can do them better than they can. So, if you want to comment, and you do not want to pick an identity that is uniquely yours, why bother?

In this vein, Chizzie (the REAL Chizzie) has informed me to let it be known that when he does decide to come back, he’ll be calling himself ‘FKA Chizzie’ (Formerly Known As Chizzie).

When he does decide to come back…

See what I did there? This is for those who think I have the power to block anyone from commenting on KD. What is this, Facebook? Before you get on the ‘crucify Pink Panther for being such a dictator’ bandwagon over Chizzie’s not-so-subtle indictment that I blocked him from KD, you might want to ask him what happened first.

There. I’m done. Have a good day, folks. And may God bless the LGBT.

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    November 13, 08:00 Reply

    Well what can I say? I have an “over reaching imagination” right?

  2. chestnut
    November 13, 08:03 Reply

    Soidier boy tell ’em! Lol. I’m not even mad at u pinky. I’m glad u cleared d air; it was like having private access to everyone’s manjam inbox,up in here yesterday.

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 13, 08:06 Reply

      Wait what happened yesterday? I had a lot on my mind, dint come here! What did I miss?

      • daniel
        November 13, 08:30 Reply

        Was Mrs Macauley’s inability to conceive one of the “a lot on my mind”? #askingforafriend

      • chestnut
        November 13, 08:33 Reply

        Hmm…dennis u missed o! But I’ll try to bring u up to speed(that’s what good frnds do…hehe). Summary: “I need company”… “Who knows anyone in XYZ city”?…”I’m sexy and athletic”… “What’s ur size”?… “What role do u play”?… “Are u top or bottom”?…”Send me a pix of ur…oesophagus” …(Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit…or a lot…u get d pix sha,hehehe). I was just reading and reading and reading yesterday…#OkBye

        • pinkpanthertb
          November 13, 08:37 Reply

          Hahahahahaa… So much horny —erm, honey all up in this place yesterday. I just jejely took to the sidelines.

        • pinkpanthertb
          November 13, 08:37 Reply

          Hahahahahaa… So much horny —erm, honey all up in this place yesterday. I just jejely took to the sidelines.

  3. Dominic
    November 13, 08:25 Reply

    Pinky I think you are giving yourself too much work by asking people to connect through you outside the comment section. Biko you have a normal jobs na abi? I think you should just stop connecting people, anyone who wanna connect let them drop their info if they like. You are only responsible for your posts and comments not theirs.

    • daniel
      November 13, 08:40 Reply

      I agree with u Dominic, Pinky might just be exposing himself to wahala, when things get bad btwn the 2 people linked up, the first person fingers will point at is Pinky.

      It should be everyone’s decision to choose how they wanna meet someone, let the people with guts link up on the comment section, and the people with not so much guts pass thru Pinky..
      That way, whatever the result of ur thirst, u hv yourself to blame.
      While we are here to learn, get informed and be better, meeting new people anyhow should be allowed.

      • pinkpanthertb
        November 13, 08:43 Reply

        I am not stopping anyone from meeting anyone on the blog. I’m saying, keep it away from the comments. And if any two people split up and see fit to point fingers at me, for that immaturity, they deserve not to be together.

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 13, 08:45 Reply

      Dominic, I didn’t complain about the extra work, did I?

      • Dominic
        November 14, 22:20 Reply

        Ewoo just coming back to this post. I’m so sorry madam. No you didn’t. Don’t mind me and my big mouth. Apologies again. Enjoy!

  4. Max
    November 13, 09:41 Reply

    Love love love this… Blows kisses in the air..
    *singing Sarah Bareilles’ “Brave”…

  5. king
    November 13, 11:25 Reply

    Yes thanx Pinky for clearing this up and my pseudo STILL REMAINS KING!!! Please that impostor should henceforth desist from using it coz boy…he who the cap fits…….ahem!!!

  6. john
    November 13, 11:29 Reply

    Lollll Pink boo, oya come and take kiss for dis post..

  7. Colossus
    November 13, 13:19 Reply

    And everyday you keep getting smarter. Who are you and what have you done with the former pinky. *gasps* OMG!!!! You’re an imposter.

    • king
      November 13, 13:31 Reply

      Hmmm the impostors u pipo r shearing in dis hais hmmm diaris Chi ooo!!

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 13:38 Reply

        “The former Pinky”

        There is some history there! Now where is my favourite tea drinking partner

        *dials Chestnut’s number*

      • Dubem
        November 13, 15:11 Reply

        Impostors wasn’t all the post wasabout. Lol. Okbye.

    • Colossus
      November 13, 14:05 Reply

      Dennis I swear you guys have drank all the tea in China

  8. Kryss S
    November 13, 14:40 Reply

    Ah! I don’t what to say cos am guilty oh! *fidgeting timidly* But it was king abi Simba dat started it naa Aunty Pinky! Am sorry shaa……

    • simba
      November 13, 22:00 Reply

      My dear… I dint see anything wrong… anybody can go thru those comments and it was all fun, I dint see any thirstyness or sexual innuendos

      • pinkpanthertb
        November 13, 23:22 Reply

        Of course you wouldn’t. I didn’t expect you to admit to anything otherwise.

  9. Ace
    November 13, 14:41 Reply

    Word! Why i love this blog is the uniqueness and “branding”. Every gay related platform has always reeked with thirst and sluttry. I am happy this one hasn’t joined the bandwagon. If dick dey hungry you, please don’t bore us with it. Just ask the guy with the Pink print.

  10. V. Magic
    November 13, 19:02 Reply

    The first day a friend referred me to this blog, I feared it would be a hook up place and I was kinda reluctant to visit the blog. But since after enjoying the Tunde, Dele and Kola story and checking out all the comments, I felt I was safe as they were no ‘what’s your role-where do you stay’ questions popping out on the comments box typical of a gay gathering. I regret that it was the yesterday I didn’t come here that all those happened. Well if really I read those I may not be here again today. Thanks Pinky for your no hook up on the comment box rule. This is my first comment…Maybe I will comment more often…Meanwhile, hail to Rapu’m, Mr. Bassey, Mr. and Mrs. Macaulay, King, Chestnuts, Chizzie, James, Pinky…lotta love you all.*blowing kisses in the air for each of ya*

  11. gad
    November 14, 06:33 Reply

    Though the initial zeal and enthusiasm I used to have for this blog has waned I must admit that most of the articles and interactions here are quite educative. The step taken to create sanity is a welcome development.We must always know where to draw the lines. Secondly, I think Refering us to someone that claimed he was banned from commenting to find out from him why he was banned is not a good idea.The administrator would have either given reasons or be silent on it. I know that we sometimes act on impulse but I will urge that you re-visit this. On the use of pseudonyms ,I never thought it a big deal before now because most times I read the comments without checking who made them but I think there is something I need to know. Please, what are the likely reasons why someone will want to impersonate another on a forum like this? Lastly, warning against the use of abusive terms and verbal attacks is a common feature on most online forum. Administrator, are you silent on this because you are an offender? I expect that something is done in this area. It will foster so much sanity here.

    • Dubem
      November 14, 06:39 Reply

      Funny how that ‘lastly’ crept up when there was nothing on this post mentioning that point. But of course, it’s gad, always bemoaning the fact that Kitodiariesians speak out of turn all the time.

  12. Ba
    November 14, 09:09 Reply

    Yeah you kindly cleared the air i commend you for that but how long will you be on this, how long can you effortlessly contact sm1 for sm1,am sure your not having much stress contacting d few request that comes on your way but what will you do when hundreds of people want you to contact sm1 for them, how will you keep to timings? #jstAsking

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