Not Just Another Kito Story

Not Just Another Kito Story


Came the message on WhatsApp. From a number whose contact I didn’t own.

Na so you dey forget person, abi?

That followed after.

I ignored the chat till I was settled for the day with clients whose projects I was in charge of. I responded later at 2pm with a curt ‘If you were important, I’d have remembered you.’ That was meant to discourage any more response.

It didn’t. He replied with, ‘C’mon, you don’t forget a dick like mine so soon, especially since you didn’t get to take it beyond oral.’

I laughed disdainfully, at this fool, and delayed responding until I got home. And then, I told him to take his hope of a dick which wasn’t memorable in the first place and shove it in a keyhole. I just wasn’t feeling the guy.

Two weeks later, he said hi again. This time, he followed it with. ‘Remember when you sucked me and didn’t lemme fuck you?’

Hmmm… I thought to myself, Who be this one na? Typing back, I said, ‘Hello, who are you?’

He said, ‘It’s me, Stephen.’ (His real name. Believe me, for the benefit of this story, I wish I had more than just his first name)

After he said his name, immediately it came back to me. Austin’s apartment, making out with Stephen, fellating him, then standing up and announcing I was leaving. He begged me, I remembered. But I was not having any more of it.

‘Hi Stephen, long time.’ I smiled as I typed this message, knowing I had something which he wanted and I wasn’t willing to give him. He asked me about Clarence, his friend who he hooked me up with in my school, and then he asked how much we were shagging these days. We chatted a bit after that, before I had to go back to work.

We kept on chatting for about a week till he asked me when I could come to see him. I chuckled, and said I wouldn’t. A couple of weeks of chatting later, Stephen asked me again to come and see him. This time, I obliged, but not after I got him to promise that there would be no funny business.

The day we scheduled to see was on Wednesday. It was my day off work. We didn’t spend too much time with each other. We talked for a while and after about an hour, I left. We planned to see again that weekend.

Saturday came, and I couldn’t make it, but I promised to visit the next day. This time, we made out. And I confessed that I liked him. He replied, “Then, let’s make love.” I laughed at that, and asked him to let us take things slow. We scheduled to see a week later, and this time, I’d prepared myself for his schlong. I was tired of feeling it and not taking it up my ass and in turn giving him mine.

Sunday came with me whistling a tune. I called to remind him of our meeting, and by 10, I was off to his house. I arrived to meet him in all his glory, as he had just showered and was in a towel. Immediately, we pounced on each other and began to make out. Then, he pulled back from me, staying the action, and asked me to talk with him. I was not a little bewildered by this. He interrupted something-that-could-lead-to-sex for us to converse? That was my line, not his. By this time, he had opened a pack of 5alive, and offered me a glass, from which I sipped while we talked.

Or so I think we did.

All I remember, after putting that glass to my mouth, is waking up to Stephen and two others whispering in a corner; I recognized one of them as Austin. I strained at my limbs a bit, and quickly came to the realization that I was tied. Noticing my wakefulness, Stephen came up to me and said, “You deserve this!”

And then I felt his dick drill into me, to the hilt. I’d never screamed louder than I screamed then. The pain of that first unforgiving thrust was much more than I could bear. I felt tears sting my eyes. I blubbered and I begged. He slapped hard me on the back and kept fucking me. He came inside me, heaved off my body, and then Austin took over. All I could see then was the next cock being wanked to take over from Austin.

Then I heard his voice. It was Clarence. God, that dude has a cock that will make Love And Sex In The City’s Paschal jealous. He announced that it was his turn. Then he shoved his cock up my assignment. I thought I knew pain when Stephen thrust into me. That pain dulled with Clarence’s invasion of my behind. I screamed, but no one came, as everyone had gone to church. Clarence fucked me for over thirty minutes, during which time I finally fainted.

I woke up in a dark room, but not so dark that I couldn’t see Stephen looking down at me with a sneer. “Time to go,” he said. I could barely stand, as I had haemorrhaged. I was lucky to get a taxi home. And at home, I slumped into my bed, shivering and quaking, and wrapped myself with my duvet.

And tried to forget. Oh how hard I tried to forget. I tried to bury it all, even when weeks later, I had to visit the hospital, because I couldn’t sit well or pass faeces. The doctor told me I had an abscess, that could lead to a fistula, and that I needed an L&D. Ad I had to undergo two surgeries to repair the physical damage done to me by that ordeal.

But the psychological damage? That is a long road I’m going on. No trust, no love, no submission, not even for anyone hoping to date me. But like I said, I’m trying to forget and carry on with my life.

Written by iDuke

Next Photo: The cops are here!

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  1. Just James
    November 13, 07:58 Reply

    Like tf. That fucking sucks. I’m sorry that had to happen to you. If only there was a way to get at those motherfuckas.

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 13, 08:03 Reply

      There is a way! It won’t cost you a lot of money! We always cower away and let bastards get away with evil

      They could hypothetically be found floating below third mainland bridge, and it could be explained that their car crashed into the sea! I am just saying tho

      • Paul
        November 13, 08:08 Reply

        I hv neva wishd anyone death till I read ds story
        I am totally wit u on this.

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 08:09 Reply

        You know who they are, you know their names, you know their address!!!

        Tell me whatelse you need?

        Karma needs a little help every now and then

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 08:11 Reply


        Did anyone watch that movie in the early 90s (for those of us that are erm… a bit antiquated). if you watched that movie, that’s what’s up!!!

      • chestnut
        November 13, 08:21 Reply

        There’s a more recent remake of ISOYG; I think 2011 or so…
        (Where were u yesterday,Dennis? I brought out ur coffee mug,but u were MIA…hehehe)

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 08:40 Reply

        @chestnut I lost someone on sunday, I was trying to cope with my loss!

      • azriel24
        November 13, 09:36 Reply

        Yes …. i totally agree with u Dennis … and i’ll do worse if it were ME!! what the hell

    • Anonymous
      November 13, 08:48 Reply

      ISOYG is a classic! What a way to dish vendetta. If iDuke takes the ISOYG approach, Clarence’s shlong would be cut off! Sipping champagne while he brutally takes Stephen and Austin outta the equation *Victoria Grayson-like*

  2. Paul
    November 13, 08:05 Reply

    Ds jst made me sad on many levels.
    U’d heal someday bro bt till den hang in there
    I cnt say I knw how u feel
    It must realy b tof 4u
    So sorry!

  3. chestnut
    November 13, 08:18 Reply

    OMG! This is terrible. I’m sorry dis had to happen to u, Iduke! I assume the Austin and Clarence are ur “pals” too? Why would ppl do something like this? Rape is one of the worst things one can do to another human being.

  4. vhar
    November 13, 08:33 Reply

    The emotional depth of a revenge jar. Lets give Karma a hand.

  5. Neon
    November 13, 08:38 Reply

    Where do I start… I’m lost for words! Now I understand why most victims of sexual violence detest the slightest idea of having a man around, and some fear men for the rest of their lives. I don’t know what I’d do if I found myself in those shoes… No one knows how anyone truly feels.

    Hun… You’ll heal in due time. Take the process of rehabilitation one step at a time. Now is the time to love yourself even more. Seriously, no love lost. #StillStanding

  6. FKA Chizzie
    November 13, 08:38 Reply

    I am just completely speechless. ..I literally cringed! Must also add ” Do not accept beverages or drinks of any kind while in home of a prospective shag” to my list How-to-avoid-Kito-senerios . as if being gay in Nigeria isnt hard enough!

    on a brighter note ” Fellating” sounds so quaint and aristocratic, I’ll be using it alot more often.

    and yes the real Chizzie is back! *doing cartwheels*

  7. olima
    November 13, 08:40 Reply

    Mr D couldn’t hv said it any beta. iDuke, just say d word n d mission will b accomplished. So sorry my dear!

  8. Dennis Macauley
    November 13, 08:43 Reply

    I guess they couldn’t stay away from us and our over reaching imagination!

    Chestnut dear can we have that tea this morning?

  9. Absalom
    November 13, 08:49 Reply

    I’m sorry about what you went through, iDuke. Be strong. Everything will be fine.

  10. chudiebere
    November 13, 08:49 Reply

    I’m really sorry Iduke. But did the Stephen guy try contacting u after that his horrible act?

  11. simba
    November 13, 08:57 Reply

    I ll never support killing, but anytime u ready to kill them, am ready to support financially and morally.

  12. simba
    November 13, 09:02 Reply

    Sequel.. I assume ur story is not complete cus Stephen said u deserve this.. but who cares, people have killed for less not to talk of multiple rape. Seriously weeds and codein can pay to teach them….

  13. Peak
    November 13, 09:05 Reply

    Sorry, can’t even begin to soothe away the the pain, humiliation and betrayal that came with what happened to you. I wouldn’t even wish it on anyone. Scars like this stays with ppl forever.
    But I. Pray that you are one of the few ppl who beat the odds and you are able to find healing or develop a copeing mechanism. So so sorry for the loss off a piece of Ur peace. This a really chilling account

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 13, 09:07 Reply

      The calculated callousness of the act is what chills me to my bone. As in, these guys do not deserve to ever fuck anyone again. They don’t even deserve their penises.

      • Peak
        November 13, 09:22 Reply

        Pinky. I Swear am totally with dennis. This is all too much to take.
        After reading this story am seriously considering getting closer to some thugged out guys in my hood, particularly the cultist guys who are always itching for some action. I think ppl think cos u are gay, u are a nobody and no one would care if you get screwed over. So they authomatically see you as a prey! I don’t subscribe to taking someone else’s life, but leaving the same level of scar if not more than they Left on someone else is enough retribution for me.

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 09:42 Reply

        @Peak you need those guys every now and them for karma-like related activities! They are very low maintenance; some weed and some vodka every now and then! They will evil hail you whenever you pass!

        When you have a mission, shell out some cash and they can make it go away! Olivia Pope style!

        Nobody! Nobody will do this to me and still be breathing! NEVER!

      • Max
        November 13, 10:30 Reply

        @Dennis, gbam.. I’ve dealt with people for less.. Talk more of being impaled for hours with 3 mega shlongs.. They’ll all die within a few days…

  14. daniel
    November 13, 09:11 Reply

    Some people deserve Death… Sorry iDuke.

  15. Peak
    November 13, 09:35 Reply

    Iduke, guy if these guys are in lagos and you seriously want ur pound of flesh, then we need. To talk. I knw people who know people. Its gonna. Take a couple of phone calls and some loose change, I don’t mind. That’s how pissed I am right now, the more I think about it the angrier I get. This could easily ve been anyone, I think its time. We start sticking up 4 ourselves. The fact that I like men doesn’t make me less of a human being. Even. A dog doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. My offer still stands bro

  16. azriel24
    November 13, 09:43 Reply

    it hard to comprehend how vile and wicked people can be. Hian.. if someone doesn’t want to have sex with u.. Wank the hell Off or something !!

  17. Brian Collins
    November 13, 09:46 Reply

    Because someone puts out he deserves rape? Just horrible. And then we wonder why people have trust issues. Just like the real real chizzie said gonna add ” Do not accept beverages or drinks of any kind while in home of a prospective shag” to my list of don’ts.
    Sorry iduke for.your experience.

  18. Max
    November 13, 10:25 Reply

    Ommg… Struggling to hold back the tears in my eyes.. I’LL KILL THEM ALL(SPARTACUS STYLE)!!!!!!!!! If it was me.. Damn… There was absolutely no way you could’ve known this would happen… They should be punished for what they did??
    When you mix gay+Sociopath, it turns dark very quickly.. Damn I’m so hurt +angry @ the same time.. Pls do you have a picture?? If yes, we need it ASAP.. This shouldn’t have to happen to anyone..

  19. Mrs Macaulay
    November 13, 10:43 Reply

    Quick tips;

    When you are out at a party or visiting someone you do not know very well try not to eat anything!

    Do not drink from packed drinks like Five Alive! Only drink something from a bottle which you opened yourself or was opened in your presence.

    Never leave your drinks unattended to to go to the ladies….oops gents! take your drink along with you, bacteria is better than date rape.

    Never have too much alcohol, always have a clear head incase you need to make a hasty departure

    Always have that one trusted friend who knows all your movements including the number and address of whom you are visiting!

  20. o'hara
    November 13, 11:26 Reply

    It takes time. You will get over it.

  21. king
    November 13, 11:49 Reply

    So very sorry Iduke for what you went thru!! It’s even worse cause these are even guys that “were” friends of yours and you didn’t need to be on your guard! This only proves what we already know…NEVER ever TRUST anybody COMPLETELY!!!! except God!!!

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 13, 12:20 Reply

      There are people, friends, I trust completely. A couple of them. God can be a manifestation of certain people in your life

      • xpressivejboy
        November 13, 16:36 Reply

        Yeah. I’ve got some who trust me and I can trust; Sweetheart, it’s a pity you went through all that, but for these three penises you had better avail us with all that we need to deal with them. I’m so pissed that I’ve had to drop my books…(I’ve got a professional exam to write in 4days from now…4 solid papers; as such, I’m not smiling). iDuke, don’t keep us waiting. What is all these nonesense happening every now and again? I’m gay, deal with it; but to be this humiliated? It’s a No NO for me…they wouldn’t be living a day after if that ass were to be mine. And iDuke, for the last time, I’ve got no such room for patience in matters as this.

  22. Dom
    November 13, 12:49 Reply

    It is horrible. What I don’t understand is why you tried to be bring a playfulness into the description with words like assignment and such. You may have thought to not hold it too seriously but there’s nothing frivolous about such stories and I’d rather they are written with the seriousness of such events. It is a pity you went through that though

  23. KingBey
    November 13, 12:55 Reply

    How can a guy rape his fellow guy? Nna na wah ooooo……Am just imagining someone raping me in my condition…..Na die bros ! Guy go back and get your pound of flesh…..don’t be a coward……

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 13, 13:00 Reply

      That’s a little harsh don’t you think? Its not cowardice when one chooses to move on from an ugly incident without seeking revenge. You may disagree with it but it doesn’t make him less for walking away and carrying on with his life.

      • king
        November 13, 13:37 Reply

        Wow!! Is this truly pinky??? Or his impostor!!! I loooooooove you for this statement!!!$$. Yes please it’s so important that you leave this darkness and throw it far away from where it might try to reside in your heart and MOVE on!!! Never dwell too much on it or else it would grow into other ills you don’t want to go into trust me!!! Leave them to God ooooo who NEVER SLEEPS NO SLUMBERS but FIGHTS FOR HIS OWN and move on biko!!!

  24. KingBey
    November 13, 13:01 Reply

    For me….the best revenge is to get these 3guys and have about 5guys with really big dicks rape them too…..with condoms of course….so they will feel exactly the humiliation and pain.

    • gad
      November 14, 08:17 Reply

      Seconded. I think this is commensurate

  25. Colossus
    November 13, 13:13 Reply

    This is a horrible experience. Rape is never fun, not even as a joke and the problem with this incident is that you can’t even report it. Its hard to get justice when a woman is raped, how much more a man. To preach death is fun, quite frankly it’s easier said than done. I won’t tow the line of seeking death as a revenge but then, the severity of my experience is nothing compared to yours so who am I to advice you otherwise.
    Like one commenter said, I do pray you rise above this and I pray that it brings you peace. Hate is a strong and terrible emotion, if you allow it to fester then it would eat you up and cripple you. Rise above it and live happy. I wish you inner peace, you really do deserve it.

  26. Queen Blue Fox
    November 13, 13:21 Reply

    I’m totally disgusted by this, gosh I so wanna kill those guys. Iduke gimme names and I’ll handle this myself, there’s something called poison. I’d get them and destroy them.

    This reminds me of my near rape experience, when pinky posted it here someone had the nerve to ask me why I was denying the guy sex mscheew!
    Thinking about it now, what if that guy had succeeded in raping me? Na die be that o, no lube, nothing. it’s hard enough taking dick talk less of when you are forced to do take. #shivers# now I’m suddenly afraid of my top friends.

  27. #TeamKizito
    November 13, 13:21 Reply

    Oh iDuke, the naivete you displayed is strong. Your willpower sef’ is weak. It’s happened. You’re moving on, shey? Good. Move on.

  28. Queen Blue Fox
    November 13, 13:24 Reply

    Come to think of it did those guys even use a condom, Jeez! I’ve never hated anyone this much right now

  29. Dennis Macauley
    November 13, 13:28 Reply

    “pray to get over it, pray you rise above it”

    *Rolls eyes from portharcourt to paris*

    Anyone who does this to another person doesn’t deserve to live! He had surgery to fix a fistula! Do you know the extent of the damage?

    You will never get closure until you get even! That is my firm belief!!!

    • king
      November 13, 13:45 Reply

      No Dennis I don’t believe or ascribe to that….it is better that he moves on and leaves them to God who NEVER relinquishes the vengeance role to any of us NO MATTER the hurt!!! am not saying what this pipo did was any thing near good but what am saying is that He should move on and make progress whatever has happened and WATCH what GOD can do FOR HIM!!! Yes I agree that what am saying doesn’t make any physical sense but trust me it makes perfect spiritual sense and can deliver VENGEANCE better and faster than karma…believe me!

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 14:02 Reply

        Faith without WORKS is dead!

        I am not a bible person, but I do believe that phrase is in the bible somewhere!

        The WORKS part makes all the difference!

        • pinkpanthertb
          November 13, 14:23 Reply

          Whatever shall we do with you Dennis? Send you to the Vatican for proper punishment?

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 13, 14:36 Reply

        Yes Yes! To the vatican for PORN-ishment!

        I have one request tho: there is this hot cardinal who is personal secretary to the other Pope that retired! I can’t remember his name, but they call him the Dandy Archbishop! Can he be the one to administer my PORN-ishment?

        *arranges whips, chains, cuffs into suitcase*

    • Colossus
      November 13, 13:56 Reply

      You’ve aired your views, why roll your eyes at mine?

  30. Dominic
    November 13, 14:37 Reply

    Ok so I had to pause since morning when I read the first sentence that indicates rape. I don’t understand, I really don’t. How people I have met smile and gisted with will be capable of such evil. I am saying it now! I have never planned evil for anyone before but I swear to the heavens with all vehemence if anyone born or manufactured ever try and thing close to a set up or kito or rape or whatever with me. Just make sure you kill me, cos if you don’t, hmmmn there something called concentrated H2SO4. I leave it there. Pls writer, I’m trying not to recommend something bad, bud there have to be some punishment except there are other sides to this story.

  31. Kryss S
    November 13, 14:57 Reply

    This had my jaw hanging open! Wtf! Sex is not by force! If u can get from him, there may be another out there dying to have you! Y rape? The trauma. Pain, depression, the everything! It is even sad dat he wanted to give in dat same day! We r dealing wit d homophobes around nd some foolish ppl in d hood do this to their person! Such a shame! Dis is just too painful! Had me cringing nd all!
    The more reasons I hardly go to ppl’s house 4 hookups! Some can kill!
    I hope u find peace in all this! Stay safe Iduke!

  32. Ace
    November 13, 15:22 Reply

    This is sick. I have tried commenting and halfway through my writing, i clean it up to start all over. I really don’t know what else to say. You knew this guys, you were even willing to go down with him but he is so perverted that he called your “friends”. Some people really need to draw the line between dark fantasy and reality.

  33. Andrevn
    November 13, 16:36 Reply

    Dark and so so…..(Sobbing…).sorry Iduke. I’m short of words………..Pls rise above what ever depths you are in now and live life for each day. Do not be afraid to breakdown cos most times letting our pain and depression wash over us makes us better and stronger……..#GoKarmagency!

  34. Santa Diaba
    November 13, 20:06 Reply

    This is sad on So many levels. I do not even know Where to start from.
    Iduke, I and So many others sympathize with you and pray that you get over this. It will be hard, probably not possible, but I am sending all the positive energy I have in your direction. God be with you.
    As for those monsters, the fiery pits of hell are too good for them. Someone said you won’t get closure till you exact revenge. I’m not sure I completely agree, but the idea of revenge sounds really good right now.
    So anyway, 1st post. Hello. *awkward wave*

  35. V. Magic
    November 13, 21:28 Reply

    I can’t help crying after reading this. Jeez…this really happened. It’s quit a pity Iduke. I often read every comment in every post that I read, but couldn’t finish the comments on this post cos reading them only send tears to my eyes.*wipe the tears off my phone* It is really high time we put a stop to all these rubbish. I guess we should all start thinking of starting off the battle Bisi Alimi left umfinished, cos these guys should be rotting in jail now. Gang rape…how horrible it is. Me dear Iduke don’t forget to also seek Psychological help just as you seek medical help.

  36. Ba
    November 14, 08:40 Reply

    This is totally strange how can your own friends do dis unforgiveable betrayal to you,i mean something must hv transpired for this to take place but whatever it is, you still dont deserve this cruelty. There are other ways to pay back but not this type of evil way please and also considering the fact that you guys are friends. Well am so sorry for your ordeal take heart.

  37. gad
    November 14, 09:15 Reply

    My thoughts are with you dear, Iduke. The trauma you passed through and the challenges that goes on inside you can be better imagined. Pls the best you can do for yourself is allow the process of healing to take place revenge or no revenge. May I recommend the ” healing cross”

  38. Constant
    November 14, 13:21 Reply

    Like the Yoruba adage that says “if u say u don’t wanna be wicked again, there are some BITCH-ASS-NIGGA that will surely deserve it……Revenge is a therapy I would strongly recommend. Just take care bro.

    • chudiebere
      November 14, 13:43 Reply

      Revenge really makes one feel somewhat better for some time, but the deed has already been done!

  39. sexstar
    November 18, 08:29 Reply

    that’s really sad, very sad but I won’t let it go cos I wud have broken their legs … or done something they won’t forget in a hurry…

  40. anonymous
    February 04, 02:12 Reply

    The human nose is the easiest visible part to cut off..just saying.

  41. […] His Kito Diaries pseudonym is iDuke. He always argued here in favour of gay men getting married. He is a Youth Service corper serving in Abuja/Nasarawa. He is a good friend of mine. And last year, he wrote a story which was updated on KD, titled NOT JUST ANOTHER KITO STORY. It was the narration of how he was getting along with a potential hook-up, and on the day he was going to succumb to sex with the guy, this dude, who apparently had other sisnister plans in mind, brought along two other friends of his, and the three of them raped him. (Read The Story HERE). […]

  42. wiffey
    September 01, 07:20 Reply

    Bite me but I feel this story isn’t complete… Remember He said they met at Austin’s place and then he had already hooked up with clearance so it still don’t make sense why the all decided to rape him when it could be a blissful 4some. Not judging them till I hear both sides of the story.

    • Pink Panther
      September 01, 07:36 Reply

      Yea, you’re right. You don’t know enough about the story to say he wasn’t raped. Maybe then, you should reserve your judgment in respect of the victim.

    • Regal Sweetheart
      September 01, 10:07 Reply

      Wiffey, ees like your brain is having heat rash?! What part of the story needs to be added to “…I sipped 5alive…I woke up tied…Schlongs entered one after the other…”

      Are you under a spell? You think this is a scene from Rawnastyfuckers? Go back to sleep and wake up when your brain has been reset.

      [What is the justifiable reason for rape, ngwa?]

      • Pink Panther
        September 01, 11:22 Reply

        I was trying really hard not to give him the response he deserved.

  43. pagxy
    September 01, 09:08 Reply

    Na wa o did the guy eventually die?

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