THE HOOK-UP STORY (The Text And The Sex I Will Never Forget)

THE HOOK-UP STORY (The Text And The Sex I Will Never Forget)

Have you ever been sexually active, just hooking up with guys and believing you’ve had all there is to have in sex – and then, you hook up with someone who shifts your destiny by giving you the best sex you’ve ever had?

Well, Blaise did that to me.

I had just started enjoying sex with guys when one encounter with Blaise made me question everything I’d ever done with all the other boys I’d gotten naked with.

To be fair to these other guys, I was still feeling my way through my budding sexual experience, using each hookup to try and determine what I liked or didn’t like about gay sex. And oftentimes, as a Bottom, I struggled with enjoying this thing that also brought me so much pain. I didn’t know that bottoming meant I had to work on relaxing and taking my mind off the pain in order for me to really enjoy the sex.

Anyway, it all started with a message from one of my close friends wishing me a “fun-filled day.” It was as though this friend had prophesied my experience that day with his text. Interestingly, Blaise wasn’t a new guy I was going to hook up with for the first time; he was a former lover, one of the guys who’d characterized my past sexual experiences with pain and the frustration of a Bottom searching in vain for absolute sexual pleasure. I had received a call from him the night before, saying that he was coming to my school for his clearance and he wanted us to meet for what was probably going to be our last fuck, seeing as he was now a graduate.

We agreed to meet at a particular mutual friend’s house off-campus on that day that my friend sent me that text.

It wasn’t until 5:30 PM that Blaise called to tell me that he was close to my friend’s house and that I should meet him there. This friend was already aware we’d be meeting at his place, and because he wouldn’t be around, he had given me his key. So I went over to his place to wait for Blaise.

As I waited, I started having knots in my stomach. This happened whenever I am about to have sex. Nothing about my past sexual experiences had made me anticipate each hookup. Instead, I’d be filled with anxiety, wondering why I’m even bothering to have sex with guys when I barely enjoy it.

In order to take my mind off the wait, I went to the bathroom to clean up and have a quick bath. When I returned to the bedroom, there Blaise was, receiving me with a smile. We greeted each other, exchanging pleasantries, made small conversations about how his day went and how stressful the clearance was.

Then he moved closer to me and kissed me on the lips. This was the greenlight I needed, because I’d wanted to kiss him since we’d been talking but had been too shy to make the first move. I responded passionately to the kiss, and the heat was quickly dialed up. There was kissing and licking of ears and biting of necks and sucking of nipples. Our clothes were discarded, making room for us to rub our naked bodies together and tongue navels and suck dicks and balls. It was all so intense, and I was getting high from Blaise’s passionate ministrations on my ears and nipples.

I’d been sucking his dick for some minutes and my jaw had started to ache. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of sucking dicks for too long; I don’t know how these porn stars do it. So I stopped and asked him if we could fuck now. He said yes.

I fetched the condoms and lube. Now that we were proceeding to penetration, my anxiety was working its way back into my system. I started wondering if I should go through with this. But even as I was plagued with uncertainty, the show was going on. Blaise had taken me to a comfortable position on the bed and was putting on a condom. In response to his action, I began lubing up my hole. Then he made me lie down on my stomach, before spreading himself on my back as he began to slowly slide his member into my hole. I flinched and clenched a few times as pain began shooting up my spine, making me regret this whole situation already. I had to will myself to relax, to not concentrate on the pain. Blaise kept pushing in and out, starting off gently at first and gradually increasing the pace.

When he had successfully penetrated me enough times to master my hole, he lifted me up into the doggy position. That was when the story began to change. It became intense and sweet. I never knew the pain could be so pleasurable, like I was enjoying the fact that he was hitting the right spot in me. I surrendered my whole ass to him. I was in my mind like, “This pussy is yours. Use it as you wish.” I even surprised myself by meeting his thrusts halfway and wanting him to go deeper. From deep stroke to long stroke to fast banging to slow banging, the doggy position was hot.

Then we switched to cowboy position, and I found myself riding the heck out of him. From that to missionary position, and the missionary ride was hotter. Different styles of missionary that I cannot even explain, and I was moaning and gasping, “Yes, baby, don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!” He was hitting the right spot so vigorously that I could feel my eyes roll back in my head. I’d spread my legs wide open for him to keep hitting it right. Our bodies were slick with sweat and the bed was soaked. And then, he was flipping me to a position whose name I don’t even know; I was lying on my side with my legs gummed together, and he was stroking me from behind. This position made me feel the whole of him moving in and out of me in such an intense way, I found myself orgasming. Even then, I didn’t want him to cum; I wanted him to keep fucking me. He eventually did by pulling out of my ass and furiously masturbating a creampie all over my tummy and chest. It was hot and sticky.

I would later realise that we fucked for over forty-five minutes, which was unbelievable to me. Previously, due to my pain and discomfort, I’d have stopped any lover going beyond ten minutes of banging my ass or urged them to cum already.

That sex was awesome. It was frankly the best sex I’d ever had. And when we chatted on the phone later that night, I gave Blaise his flowers; told him categorically that he gave me the best fuck of my life. He received the compliment bashfully, admitting that he was even surprised that I lasted that long. He loved sex a lot and had always been disappointed by how brief I insisted on making our previous sexual encounters.

But if you ask me what changed between that sex on our friend’s bed and the previous times we hooked up, I wouldn’t know what to tell you.

But I knew what to tell the friend who sent me the text that morning. I replied to tell him that his wish worked and I did indeed have a “fun-filled day”.

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    I wanna have that experience too!

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    Finally!!! Kito diaries is back!!!.
    Was beginning to worry dat something was wrong.

    Well huncle Good-as-you ya doing well o. I av been through dis bfor. M versertile bt sometime last year all I wanted to do was bottom. I met different guys and nearly all of dem were inadequate. Eventually i got bored, dat was wen i met D. And d sex with him changed my perception of front and bck. Baba ate me up wella and for a person who hates fingering, he made me precum just by fingering me. He knew how to work his waist in different angles dat i just had to take pointers. I still have his number sha bt dis year i no longer feel d bottoming thing🤧🤧🤧. Life dey onekain at times😂😂😂

  3. TJ
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    Hi Good-As-You,
    Hhhmmmmm! That your school may be worth a visit, if there is a green light.

    • Pink Panther
      April 20, 14:35 Reply

      Whatever for? You must be a senior lecturer in such matters na

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    I really need me a Blaise, godd!! 😩😩

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