The internet’s favourite ‘black gay dads’ split up

The internet’s favourite ‘black gay dads’ split up

Two dads who grew a large internet following due to their photo-perfect family have split up.

Kordale and Kaleb Lewis received a huge following online, after posting a picture of them getting their daughters ready for school last year.

Following the incident, they also began to receive racist and homophobic abuse online, which snowballed into a torrent of hate mail.

The pair – who have spoken out against homophobia and appeared in ad campaigns together – have now confirmed they have split.

Kaleb Lewis said in a letter to the pair’s fans: “No matter what, these kids will forever and always be in my heart. My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together.

“I constantly remind them of my love and continue to be their ‘Pops’ in this screwed up situation that has recently transpired between their dad and me.

“Thanks to everyone who stuck with us and fought with us, I am sorry this had to end but I needed to be true with you all and I needed to be true with myself.”NCommercialfull

The pair spoke previously about how the viral picture changed their lives.

They said: “It was simple, innocent picture… and then next thing you know it, went viral. The comments were a trip. It didn’t make me feel any way because I know they don’t know what we go through. I know they don’t know our children.

“They don’t know our lifestyles, they don’t know how we live. A picture is so much more than a thousand words.

“We as parents bring kids into the world, and we have to guide them to be better people than we are… and we want them to succeed and do things that we weren’t able to do.

“Those kids have our heart.”

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  1. Kristopher
    July 30, 21:15 Reply

    They looked so good together….
    Meanwhile, why can’t I see what i’m typin?

  2. keredim
    July 30, 21:34 Reply

    Dear Lord, just what KD needs, a shining example of long lasting gay relationships. Max is gonna have field day…..

  3. masonkz
    July 30, 21:38 Reply

    Oh well.

    I wish them well in their seperate lives. If only their lives weren’t so public, it would have been easier for them to bear. I can only imagine the torrents of mail they’d both be getting.

    And they even have pretty kids to take care of….which makes it the more sad.

    I wish them well.

    • #Chestnut
      July 31, 07:55 Reply

      Awww…this is sad.they looked so perfect, with their perfect kids and perfect abs…chai.
      (Hey Masonkz…#BigFan #FamzingMode *grin*)

      • masonkz
        July 31, 10:04 Reply

        Big fan?? Lol now I’m scared o. I’m new to this forum. Unless from somewhere else…

  4. yinkss
    July 30, 22:24 Reply

    Read about it on mediatakeout. So sad but of that’s what makes them happy. They should consider the kids in any decision they plan to make about the divorce. I wish them well in their future endeavours.

  5. KryxxX
    July 31, 07:37 Reply

    **Clutches Chest**

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They actually looked so nice together……..and hot too! Watapen? **dabs teary eyes**

    And Max, u better b nice oh! Dont come nd compound this emotional moment for us biko! Lets use this post for sober reflection, inugo?

    Giving me cause to doubt my white picket dreams with Ke…..

    So sad.

  6. Dennis Macaulay
    July 31, 07:39 Reply

    Kim was married for 72 days, Britney spears was married for 55 hours!

    Gay people are humans too who divorce their lovers and/or have break ups too. It doesn’t mean anything!

    • #Chestnut
      July 31, 07:56 Reply

      @Dennis: true. There are gay guys who have been together into their 70s and 80s.

  7. kacee
    July 31, 07:58 Reply

    Awwwwww and they were so much in love. *clutch PP, why did they have to separate, why is this world full of pain*

  8. PEREZ
    July 31, 09:10 Reply

    This is really sad… And they were the poster couple of a perfect gay relationship…*sighs*
    Why do all good things come to an end..?

  9. PEREZ
    July 31, 09:21 Reply

    Nothing is perfect after all..

  10. Django
    July 31, 09:25 Reply

    I love my ED and PDR. They refuse to let the media, the public and the world in general get in their business and matrimony. I look up to those two inspirational people who also happen to be my role model couple.

    Can someone send my love to every gay couple on earth? Tell them they inspire me a lot

  11. Colossus
    July 31, 10:37 Reply

    It was going to happen anyway. In a relationship, when one person does the work of getting the kids ready and the other takes pictures of perfectly formed abs, what did we think was going to happen?

    • KryxxX
      July 31, 11:47 Reply


      You had to go there abi? I wasn’t wrong when I called u there dark lord! You r mean!

      But that would totally be us after we tie d knot oh! I would gym nd take selfies for u. You do d rest! Be prepared!

  12. Kester
    July 31, 12:10 Reply

    Wait o no one has said why they are parting ways. Pls PP do organise a post about that I really want to know why. I always learn from other people. Three lovely kids are enough for me to stay……. Abeg I need closure so I don’t get pessimistic about the whole thing . who gets the kids? In Rihanna’s voice “what now?” I am not happy. Colossus you may have a point.

  13. Khaleesi
    July 31, 13:48 Reply

    ***rips off silk hermes scarf and scatters long hair*** OMG!!! Nooooo …. this is heartbreaking!!! they were so good together!!! **sobs***

  14. Bane Salazar
    July 31, 16:01 Reply

    I don’t feel shit for them, They were never married and are not the first couple to breakup either. It happens. Especially when you make your relationship a social media gallery piece.

    I bet Kordale (the dark skin nigga) constantly cheated on Caleb. I lived in ATL and heard things about them. Sex party rumors and stuff. Look at his face even you would just know lol. Besides Caleb kinda implied it when he said that he has been “disrespected” continuously and even on a family vacation!!!

    I always knew their relationship was bullshit fake and all done for fame. I like to think I was right – sadly tho. They both celebrated the idea of finally being able to legally get married in Georgia (where they both live) that day Gay marriage was legalized federally and suddenly it must have dawned on them that oh this family shit is now real and barely a few weeks after, one of them bails smh. I was patiently waiting to see if they would prove me wrong and throw us a beautiful white Instagram wedding but alas!

    I certainly do feel sorry for those poor kids tho, They would be sad and confused as hell. Poor poor darlings…

  15. OfficialKamsy
    July 31, 19:25 Reply

    Disheartening really

    its well

    buh den look at da photo dy are so cute and adorable..Awww!!!

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