The ‘Looking’ Movie looks all good to go

The ‘Looking’ Movie looks all good to go

The boys, and Doris, are back in town! The cast of HBO’s Looking returned to San Francisco this week to film the series’ last chapter — a feature-length movie that will provide a little bit of closure for the various characters (read more about the movie here). According to the Instagram accounts of many of the actors, including star Jonathan Groff, the movie’s read-through took place on Monday, with filming about to commence.

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  1. posh6666
    October 28, 08:26 Reply

    Bleh! Slow movie i only watch it when am bored and out of options.

  2. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    October 28, 09:26 Reply


    Can’t wait for the day when we would get another long-running bold LGBT centred series like Queer as Folk. They almost all end at season 2 and get a movie. I’ve been looking for whether Cucumber will get another season but it looks unlikely.

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