“We Must Recognise That Our Words Have Power.” Pamela Adie Offers Lessons To Be Learned From The Kevin Hart Oscar Mess | GLAAD Hoped It Would Be A “Teachable Moment”

“We Must Recognise That Our Words Have Power.” Pamela Adie Offers Lessons To Be Learned From The Kevin Hart Oscar Mess | GLAAD Hoped It Would Be A “Teachable Moment”

Following Kevin Hart’s stepdown from being an Oscar host for the 2019 Academy Awards, an incidence that came after homophobic social media postings Hart made nearly a decade ago were resurrected and went viral, Pamela Adie has offered up some lessons we should all take note of as human beings, gay or straight.

Check out her tweets below.

Also, GLAAD wasn’t happy Kevin Hart stepped down as host of the Oscars, and its CEO took to CNN to say so.

The LGBTQ advocacy organization’s CEO/president Sarah Kate Ellis said she was surprised at the outcome that saw Hart step down as host of the upcoming Oscar, two days after confirming he’d been offered and accepted his dream job.

“This wasn’t the conclusion I think everyone would have liked,” Ellis told CNN’s Erica Hill.

“We were hoping this was going to turn into a teachable moment,” she said, “that Kevin Hart would still be hosting the Oscars and he would be using this moment to show, not only his evolution around the LGBTQ community, but also to then use the Oscar stage…to help build unity and awareness around the LGBTQ community and how we are marginalized in this country.”

“Whenever there are missed steps…like this, we see this as an opportunity to get the message out about acceptance for the LGBTQ community. This was just such a perfect opportunity.” She added that “it would have been so much better had he faced it and said this wasn’t good, and said he had ‘evolved from here and am an ally to the community and I am going to move forward and lead.’”

Sarah Kate Ellis

Ellis acknowledged she was surprised the Academy seemed not to have seen this coming when it picked Hart as Oscars host, but conceded the Academy “would have had to do due diligence to have found” the older social media posts and public remarks.

CNN’s Hill noted it only took a quick Google search to find some of them.

GLAAD followed up that interview issuing a statement, from Ellis:

“Kevin Hart shouldn’t have stepped down; he should have stepped up,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “Hart’s apology to LGBTQ people is an important step forward, but he missed a real opportunity to use his platform and the Oscars stage to build unity and awareness. We would still welcome that conversation with him. The Academy has recently made significant strides in featuring diverse talent onstage and they should now double down on that commitment as they look for a new host.”

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  1. Mandy
    December 08, 09:11 Reply

    Pamela is just on-point with this. The thing with homophobes who like to act so misunderstood is that they have no comprehension of how they’ve been part of the problem for so long, they have to keep making amends until the problem is corrected. Look at racism for example, white Americans are constantly been made aware of the apology they owe the blacks, and this will remain so until racism ceases to become a societal issue.

  2. J
    December 08, 09:16 Reply

    That apology is not coming from his heart. He meant it when he said that he wasn’t going to apologize again.

    I feel most celebrity homophobes are being compelled to say sorry to the LGBT community and that fuels their hatred for the community the more. Please leave them alone, let them be sorry when they’re truly sorry. An open criticism is better than a pretentious love.

    No amount of enlightenment can change an evil, determined and selfish heart. Some people are just pathetic and they should be avoided!

    • Bee
      December 08, 14:07 Reply

      There’s a point here. I really don’t believe that MOST American celebrities are against homophobia. But, I think anyone can change. I’ve seen some very evil people change.

    • Francis
      December 08, 18:44 Reply

      Well well well. I’m feeling you today ???? #EnoughWithTheForcedApologies

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