A Violent Piece Of Gay Porn History Is Getting Turned Into A Hollywood Movie

A Violent Piece Of Gay Porn History Is Getting Turned Into A Hollywood Movie

It’s becoming more and more mainstream for LGBTQ stories to find their way onto the big screen — Milk, critical flub Stonewall, The Imitation Game and the upcoming The Danish Girl, just to name a few. These films aim to uplift and inspire, shining a light on the great contributions our community has offered the world.

The recently announced Christian Slater/Molly Ringwald film, King Cobra, though it also plans to dramatize a piece of gay history, will likely offer no such inspiration.

That’s because it will tell the story of gay porn studio Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis’ murder by two of his stars, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes (pictured below), in 2007. Naturally, James Franco is involved, taking a producing and acting credit.king cobra 2

Both killers were sentenced to life in prison, and the gruesome details of the story inspired the book Cobra Killer: Gay Porn Murder.

According to the investigating coroner, Kocis was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut, nearly decapitating him. His body was left in his house before it was set on fire. Officials had to use dental records to identify Kocis because his body was burned beyond recognition.

Kocis’ involvement and subsequent legal battle with a then-underage Brent Corrigan, aka Sean Lockhart, added an unhealthy dose of scandal to the already-insane story.

And now the whole sordid mess is coming to a theater near you! It’s kind of like Brokeback Mountain with few more twists and turns. Except not at all. It’s all fairly horrifying.

Alone In The Dark star, Christian Slater has signed on to play Kocis, and Molly Ringwald has been cast as Kocis’ sister.king cobra 3

Playing the part of Brent Corrigan will be Disney Channel star Garrett Clayton, who will bring some twinky fire to the unseemly universe.king cobra 4

Also joining the cast is Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen, who will play Harlow Cuadra, one of the two convicted porn stars/murderers. Keegan shared this stripped-down photo of himself in Nasty Pig underwear with Franco on set:king cobra 5

One face you won’t see on screen is Brent Corrigan. Though Garrett Clayton plays the role of Corrigan in the film, the real-life Brent claimed on Facebook that he turned down an offer to work on the film. He wrote: ‘We look forward to seeing this in the LGBT section on Netflix shortly after its release.’

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    October 21, 05:28 Reply

    Keegan Allen? Garret Clayton?

    In their underwear?

    Let Someborri shout Halleluya!

      • Dennis Macaulay
        October 21, 05:51 Reply

        They should have found a way to throw in Zack Efron into the mix and my joy will be full…

        • #Chestnut
          October 21, 07:11 Reply

          Oh,I’m sure ur “joy”(yea,let’s call it “joy”) would be FUUULLLL!!!

          I’m here for the movie! I wonder what the cobra guy did to those dudes to deserve such a gruesome murder…and they weren’t even sent to the chair!

  2. Chizzie
    October 21, 07:36 Reply

    Omg I’d love to watch this! I’m all for blood and gore and the occasional homicide especially if its perpetuated by someone from the LGBT…Ive also fancied stabbing certain people on this blog 28 plus times and having them nearly decapitated, then setting their half dead bodies ablaze. One is named after a one time cartoon that I still hate and lives in a city whose international airport was ranked the worst in the entire planet, and the other has yellow eyes and dresses like a homeless person

    • Colossus
      October 21, 10:40 Reply

      You’re talking of killing Dennis and Posh and people are laughing at such crude humour?

      • posh6666
        October 21, 11:11 Reply

        No dear actually none of the descriptions defines my person.I mean no names were even mentioned so…….

        • ikhines
          October 21, 15:48 Reply

          Really? Were you expecting him to mention your name? And guy abeg do download sense of humour! XO

          • posh6666
            October 21, 15:50 Reply

            Lol u will be fine eventually you are obviously lost.

    • sensei
      October 21, 10:53 Reply

      Chizzie, really you should just leave DM alone. How has he wronged you? Don’t you think you are taking this too far?

  3. Kester
    October 21, 09:40 Reply

    Haha haha haha haha haha haha @chizzie. You don’t mean super ted do you?
    And PP whatever did James Franco do to deserve that shade? I like him.

  4. Colossus
    October 21, 10:11 Reply

    James Franco, Christian Slater and some bunch of pikins? Yep, this movie is already dead on arrival, Straight to VOD. They should have added Nicholas Cage and the movie would get streamed only in Antartica

    • Pink Panther
      October 21, 10:13 Reply

      ROTFLMAO! Be nice, Colossus. Franco has some star power nah

      • Colossus
        October 21, 10:22 Reply

        Star power? Yes but he is not a gifted actor, one day his luck would run out. The premise of the movie is great though, properly acted and it would make tons of money and pull crowd. I’m just sceptical with the cast. Christian Slater? Mba nu

        • Pink Panther
          October 21, 10:24 Reply

          Yea. I also have my reservations about Slater. I actually went to imDB.com to go through his filmography resume. Nothing there wowed me. Nothing at all.

  5. Delle
    October 21, 10:24 Reply

    I’d pass. No one in the movie is cute enough to keep me in my recliner for the whole duration of the movie. So yes, I’d pass.

    • Pink Panther
      October 21, 10:27 Reply

      That’s what you focus on in a movie? Who’s cute enough to keep your ass on the couch?

    • Colossus
      October 21, 10:32 Reply

      You watch movies to see cute guys? Maybe you’re exhibiting one of the twenty signs of being deprived of sex.

    • Delle
      October 21, 13:18 Reply

      Lmao…what can I say. They have a good way of making you seem the least bit interested in even the most horrendously made movie…so yes, I love me some cute actors.

      Colossus…don’t you think that’s a fallacious statement? I don’t need to be ‘deprived’ of sex to love them cute! Durggh!

  6. Max
    October 21, 12:06 Reply

    None of the actors interest me, except Franco whom I adore.

  7. ronniephoenix
    October 21, 15:37 Reply

    I wish some stuff here on kd would go onto the main screen.

    • ikhines
      October 21, 16:00 Reply

      I agree! Leighton meester as chizzie, tom cruise as DM. Can’t think of anyone to play that posh666 in hollywood. Oh wait paris hilton!(lame, delusional,

      • posh6666
        October 21, 16:24 Reply

        My goodness who knew u were this smart?like in real life Paris is actually my female alter ego infact thats my twitter handle.If i were to come back as a female i wish to be Paris,blonde,dumb,a whore and super super rich!!!

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