The Naked Truck Driver

The Naked Truck Driver


It was with the most sudden of starts that I was rudely evicted from my blissful reverie at the exact moment where I was about to insert my inflamed member into the inviting and warm crural crevice of my dream bottom.


My bedside alarm clock said it was 5 A.M. But Mother’s voice shrieked even louder.

With justified indignation, I slapped the shrieking alarm and picked up my new iPhone. I tucked my morning wood away and zipped up my traveling bag.

Mother and her friend were already outside, where my brother was waiting to drive us to the motor park. We were travelling to Abuja for a wedding.

Traffic was horrible, and by the time we got to Lokoja that afternoon, we were stuck. No one knew the cause of the traffic jam, and there were no traffic controllers in sight. Stranded commuters got out and strolled by the roadside, expecting to spend the night underneath the stars.

I got out too, pinging madly and sending my friends snapshots of the standstill.

And that was when I saw him.

I struggled to believe my eyes.

In the distance ahead, a dark-skinned truck driver was stepping down from the driver’s side of his truck into the traffic jam below.

And he was butt naked.

In broad daylight, this charcoal-black dick-tease clambered slowly down the elevated sides of the articulated petrol tanker, his crown jewels jangling and swaying till, with a spritely leap, he bounced off the truck and on to the hard tarmac below.

Without thinking, I quickened my pace and fixed my gaze.

A few meters in front of me, this naked truck driver surveyed the traffic, and then bent low to examine the tires of the truck.

Face to the ground, rump in the air, the charcoal black animal of a man fiddled with things underneath his vehicle. He looked like a beast from the jungle. His raised rump had the sculpted musculature of a well-fed horse, and it parted ever so slightly as he continued to examine the tyres.

He leaned a little to this side, and then to that, and as he stretched out his left leg to creep underneath the truck, his formidable buttock muscles clenched and rippled, glistening with sweat in the hot afternoon sun.

I could feel the tight space in the front of my jeans filling up, and there was the awkward sensation that concrete was being poured into my underwear.

Suddenly he was done, and he sprang up to his feet, catching my gaze as he did so. As he stood, what I thought was a baby python swung from between his tree-trunk sized thighs and then side-to-side, with a hard slapping flip flop sound – Thwack! Thwack!

I stared, mesmerized.

The thick-veined, shimmering snake swung slowly like a pendulum as Truck Driver stared into my eyes, then down at his bushy midsection, then placed his massive left hand firmly over his unruly member to keep it from swinging so rambunctiously.

Unfortunately, it must have been sensitive to touch, because slowly but surely, it began to unfold until its bulbous head popped out of the truck driver’s grip and nodded repeatedly like an agama lizard.

My mouth was dry as a parched sea scroll.

The tumescent truck driver flashed me a toothy smile and hopped back into his truck, taking his rampant snake with him.



Ten seconds later, I still stood there in awe.

I looked at the fancy new iPhone in my hand and wished I’d had the boldness to take pictures, but I had been afraid, until he smiled, then disappeared into his truck like a dark secret.

It was warm out there on the highway and noisy. People were everywhere. Mum and the others were asleep in our car.

So I wandered around.

And I found him again.

He sat by the roadside, on the floor, but this time in a pair of fitted, faded jeans. He might as well have been naked – he had that kind of sculpted body that showed through his clothes. He was smoking marijuana. I coughed, for the dense smoke that he sat in.

He looked up, and then he smiled. He spoke in Hausa, and stretched out his weed to me in a friendly invitation.

Partly out of fear, curiosity and lust, I walked over and sat next to him. I was drawn to this beast of a man.

So, I found, his name was Idris. And judging by his looks I presumed he was in his mid twenties. He seemed a jovial fellow. He asked why I was staring at him earlier that afternoon. My curiosity peaked at the directness of his conversation. So I answered honestly, how could he have been butt naked in broad daylight?

He laughed again.

We talked about ourselves, about the ghettos of Kano where he grew up, and how he became a truck driver. Nudity was normal in the ghetto. We gisted like old friends already. He made me laugh, this beastly truck driver.



Idris and I had kept each other’s company all night. He put out the stub of his last stick of marijuana and rose, dusting himself. He said he ought to sleep for about an hour. He asked where I was going to sleep. I said my car was full of sleeping women.

Idris laughed and told me his truck was full of sleeping women too. I was puzzled, so he asked me to follow him to the back of his truck. He unbuckled the worn dirty tarpaulin that covered the back entrance and climbed inside, me after him, and there were four young women in various positions of slumber. The inside of the truck smelt of weed, and was littered with empty bottles of beer.

Then I understood why Idris was a naked truck driver. Driving the truck was half the job. Fucking travelling traders for free was what kept him truly busy.

As he spoke with relish about his sex life, I detected a bulky transformation in the front of his jeans. I followed him out again, to the front of the truck, and we climbed up into the driver’s seat. It was a large cabin made for three drivers, who took turns to drive.

But today, Idris had been driving alone.

As he shut the door, he unhooked the seat back, and it folded out into a bed. In one swift movement, Idris was out of his jeans and so was that thick black snake.

Hausa boys had no use for underwear.

I took his cue by getting out of my clothes, but kept my boxer shorts on. He lay down on the inner side and made space for me. There was about ten minutes of quietness between us, and I listened to Idris’ gentle breathing as he stared at the roof. He wasn’t sleeping. I asked why, and he said sleep wasn’t coming.

He turned away from me and his hard muscled butt brushed against my hips as he faced away. I couldn’t move back or I would roll off the seat. My hands went first to his sinewy back, and then to his smooth thighs. He murmured something in Hausa and nestled into me.



Idris’s perfectly muscled thighs rippled as I spread his legs and turned him around to face me. He was built like a horse. And now he watched, petrified, as I towered over him, growing rampant and strong. His legs, flung apart to reveal his most vulnerable self gave the false impression that he wanted me, which he did, but he was also paralyzed by lust.

Thus weakened by primal emotions, Idris lay on the altar, exposed to the turgid flesh that rose between my thighs. And I approached him, my sordid erection rising and bobbing like a ship on the sea; it seemed to leer at Idris, ridiculing his openness, taunting him to resist what was about to be done to him.

But I was a god, and he was a mere man.

Already, the leather seat where he lay was scented with the wetness of his innermost perfume, a fragrant, musky dew that poured in pulses from his inner whore, as though squeezed by a strong hand. It poured and came, he came and it poured, and yet he was not yet touched. It filled the air with madness. The scent between us was unbridled lust. We were two wild animals caged, about to devour each another.

Saliva dripped in my mouth at the sight of his open man-pussy, and I made guttural sounds that could not be interpreted. I dragged one rough finger over his parted lips, and they oozed nectar. I lowered my head, opened my dry lips and tasted some of his sweet water, and I was drunk immediately with lust. My stretched-out manhood strained as though it would burst and kill me.

I positioned myself in front of his exposed man-pussy and brandished my erect phallus. Idris began to mumble something in Hausa, but before the words were out of his mouth, my fully engorged flesh was plunged into the depths of his succulent wetness.

A strained cry escaped from his lips as he felt the first stab of my awesome divinity in his softest parts. There was sweet pain. There was intense pleasure. And then there was nothing. His warm pussy walls gripped my pulsating flesh and pulled me all the way in, as he relaxed to accommodate the fist-sized prepuce.

Idris moaned, delirious, pouring warm pussy fluid all over my rock-hard penis, in floods of intense pre-orgasms as I fucked him till kingdom come. I felt the waves of my impending climax approaching and I clenched my teeth. The spasms rocked my lean, muscular body like Chinese aftershocks. But I willed myself against coming.

I carried him in the moonlit cabin of the truck, and laid him on his back on the drivers’ seat with unwashed leather covers, stained with the mixed cum of him and the many women he had ravaged there. Tearing off what was left of his singlet, I grabbed his big soft ass cheeks tight in both hands and entered him like a sharp sword. He screamed.

Hard as baked granite, my savage rod drove into his previously un-fucked man-pussy like a speeding truck. With each thrust, I withdrew all the way out and reinserted all the way in with brutal force. Idris’ eyes rolled back in his head and he gasped.

I asked him in Hausa, “IS IT GOOD? EEZ EET GUUUUDDD?” And as he screamed “YEEEEESSSS!” with all his might, he came, and I came, lunging my fat dick-head past his innermost sphincter and tearing into his stomach, planting my fertile seed, thrusting violently, pounding while spurting – Pound, Pound, POUND! Slam, SLAM, SLAAAM! Spurt, Spurt, SPURT!

And I was screaming, and he was screaming, and my semen spurted like a fountain out of his soft man-pussy and splashed on the leather seat as his massive muscled bubble butt clenched on my powerful penis.



Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! One of the women who had been sleeping at the back of the truck knocked on the door from below. Idris got up groggily and looked out. He shooed her away like a bad dog and fell back in my arms.

“Good morning,” he said to me in Hausa.

“Good morning, Idris,” I replied. “It seems they are missing you already, ko?”

He laughed and pushed me away playfully. He tucked his baby snake into a pair of tight jeans and climbed down to meet the women.

I looked through the window. The sun was coming up. Traffic was clearing. It was a good way to start the new day. I got dressed and climbed down too. I brought out my new iPhone and pretended to make a phone call.

But instead, as I raised the phone to my ears, I snapped the laughing half naked Hausa truck driver with my back camera, ogling those nubile curves for the last time as I walked off into the rising sun.


Written by Lanre Swagg

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  1. Peak
    December 12, 04:34 Reply

    Can someone please explain how these truck drivers and mechanics get their rock hard lean body without stepping a foot in the gym????
    I wanna lick lick lick my way from his head to his toes.

    • chestnut
      December 12, 05:57 Reply

      Er…I think Mrs Macauley can answer that question. Mrs M, get in here bae!(And carry dat ur husband follow body; tell him that I haven’t harrassed him yet about his unceremonious absence becos I neva get hin time, but wen I do ehn, e no go easy for am…)

  2. KingBey
    December 12, 05:45 Reply

    Lordie ! Now you making to rush down to PH and have another go at Daniel….there’s something eexceptionally sexy about Hausa dudes especially those from the middle belt….the ripped bodies and the submission….smh

  3. enigmous
    December 12, 05:46 Reply

    Did you even use protection? Scary…nice adventure tho

  4. simba
    December 12, 05:49 Reply

    Such boldness,… I hear say them deh carry dagger ooo.. make nobody go try am ooo

  5. Kryss S
    December 12, 05:53 Reply

    Chisos! This hot, slutty nd very very ……….. Am lost on what to say! With d description of d truck driver, I was expecting him to do d entering nd not d other way round! Lanre Swagg nd Pinky should continuooooo,! thank u 4 the early morning blood pressure.
    Fucking a random stranger………….. on my bucketlist for when am 80!
    @Peak….. They r mostly like that bcos they can’t afford d junk food we do. Not that some can’t but they haven’t seen them nd they r always in d outdoors doing physical/manual work that involves d body. I feel same way too! U see an aboki rocking a 6packs, d guns, pecs nd everything u wish u had without knowing what he has nd u sweat away in d gym all day! I feel it is wasted on them shaa.

    • Peak
      December 12, 07:44 Reply

      @Kryss s, I don’t totally agree with the burger thing! I hardly eat pasteries, don do sit up taya, starved my self to loose weight, go for 20 min run every saturday morning, and I still can’t will by body to get half as toned as this guy is. All I ve to show is a flat stomarch without the koko I desperately want. So it just has to be the manual work. But dem de drink shaaaaa, so with all the beer, kparaga and shakis de do, a good number of them (espcially those btw 25-35) still manage to stay in shape

  6. JArch
    December 12, 05:54 Reply

    ” ogling those nubile curves for the last time as I walked off into the rising sun.”

    and then “Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine” starts to play as Lanre takes each step with his well drained balls taking a snooze.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE…. Very graphic and very detailed… Perfect J/O material hehehe

    What is it with this Abuja truck and cab drivers though. The level of (masked) horniness with those lot is astounding. My experience was with a cabbie- go figure

      • JArch
        December 12, 10:10 Reply

        Hahaha I’ll consult with the council of elders and let them decide if I should share

  7. Masked Man
    December 12, 05:59 Reply

    Bare backing a stranger.
    Biko! You very bold. You’ve increased my body temperature this morning. Now I’ll be looking at Hausa truck drivers with a different eye. Kai, this is not healthy for me.

  8. chestnut
    December 12, 06:03 Reply

    Lanre, is this a true story? Is that his picture up there?
    Chapter 4 turned into poetry…

    • JArch
      December 12, 06:08 Reply

      Lol chestie its look 100% true to me and It’s definitely the trucker’s picture. The angle is slightly tilted which corroborates what he wrote- taking the photo while pretending to make a call.

      • chestnut
        December 12, 06:19 Reply

        Taking d pic of a half-naked trucker in traffic is easy nah…but making friends with, and fucking a ‘straight’ trucker(whom has never been fucked b4) under d space of few hours, while ur family waits in a car few metres away?…well,that’s another kettle of fish entirely,isn’t it? And the writer didn’t exactly say it’s NOT fiction(or fictionalized to an extent).

      • JArch
        December 12, 06:55 Reply

        Well a straight conversion won’t be as easy as Lanre depicts here. So my guess is the trucker is bisexual. Very very very “versatile” in ever sense of the word lol… Which would explain why he could bottom (almost) easily and still fuck women too.

    • Peak
      December 12, 07:31 Reply

      Chestnut was not gonna say anything but this has to be fiction. If not, then pepper and salt was add at some point. Na boy pussy not vagina! Where lube come from, how u handle the stench of poop and poop all together cos a lot of us know that even if u douche, e get as u go fuck person reach the body go riot and begin to push things out. And he came on my beloved idris! How u take hold ur so called “Pole of Life” to do this trick? Cleaning afterwards nko? With boko, robbery, ritual killing and kidnapping cases rampant ur family allow u disappear till dawn 4 middle of nowhere without sending a search party after u? It was a graphi piece and started off well, but the whole thing went side ways when idris buttomed 4 a total stranger! Great job though chapter 1 and 2 were nothing short of dope, and ur attention 2 details were good, but chapt 3 and 4 just had “Reaching” oozing from it #justsaying (sorry if I sounded a lil 2 hash, I mean no harm)

  9. AC/DC
    December 12, 06:11 Reply

    Make una dey careful ooooo.
    Ndi ugwu wu ndi dirty biko.

  10. Masked Man
    December 12, 06:33 Reply

    Chestnut, as much as I want to believe that it’s a true story, it has fiction all over it.

    • chestnut
      December 12, 07:01 Reply

      Lol. So, no be only me see am? Well, Lanre didn’t exactly say it’s not fiction(alized) sha.

      • Kryss S
        December 12, 09:27 Reply

        Chestie! Ur amebo no get part two oh! Lol! Ah ah! U just want to have a reassurance from someone else that it is fiction so that ur jealous mind would rest abi? Guess u r jealous that someone else is living ur fantasy *tongue out while running away 4rm Chestnut as fast as my skinny legs can carry me*!

  11. Anonymous
    December 12, 06:45 Reply

    CHISOS!!!!! This early morning.
    Please let this not be true … how can one person be having all these fun.
    That truck driver is giving me life.

  12. Micky
    December 12, 06:58 Reply

    OMG!! Is this the most erotic thing I’ve ever read here?? Maybe it is…. Wow!

  13. Ace
    December 12, 08:25 Reply

    Me i think Lanre got to see a hot truck driver on this his trip and took a picture of him which inspired him to write this story. It is indeed erotic. Call me a guy of tribalism but, I have never been attracted to guys from the north and most recently i have added Benin guys to the list. Igbo and Yoruba guys are just about right for me. *Goes to Sleep praying not to see hate comments in the morning*

    • lluvmua
      December 12, 13:53 Reply

      really ace ? benin guys? wah did they do to u biko?. Ace darling not all benin guys re terrible. some re simply just exceptionally splendid eg: ME. lol and plz Ace wen ever u wanna make a classification , kindly use d word “some” thanks.

      • Ace
        December 12, 14:46 Reply

        Ok ok Some ooooo!!! I guess i generalized. Pheew!!!

  14. Max
    December 12, 10:06 Reply

    This caters to one of my dirty fantasies of making out with a stranger during a long journey…nice story..

  15. Khaleesi
    December 12, 13:09 Reply

    Wow!!! Is this really true? I guess the pic suggests it truly happened … wow!! Raunchy, dirty, juicy steaming tale … yum yum! !!

    • gad
      December 12, 18:28 Reply

      The pix 4 me suggests it didn’t happen.Look closely

        • gad
          December 13, 00:22 Reply

          The inscription on the truck,s mud-guard “chinasa oil ltd” suggests that the driver of the truck is Igbo. Bear in mind that the inscription is not the name of the company that owns the truck but an alias of the driver. However. I know that there could be exceptions; thus my mind remains open to them

          • pinkpanthertb
            December 13, 03:27 Reply

            Yes, exceptions like, does the fact that the driver was photographed standing next to a truck mean that thats the truck he drives?

            • gad
              December 13, 06:05 Reply

              Yea.thats just one out of many

  16. gad
    December 12, 18:26 Reply

    A very interesting though hard to believe story. If I remember correctly the 1st was a water vendor(mairuwa), now tanker driver maybe d next will be cattle rearer or aboki suya seller. Thanks for the entertainment but next time remember lubes and condoms.Good job,guy

  17. Frank enStein
    December 14, 01:25 Reply

    Ummm, was I the only one that jerked off to this. Nice write-up tho, digging the use of words.

  18. xpressivejboy
    December 15, 07:45 Reply

    Lanre Swagg, idan kana aikata dukan waɗanda a gare shi , don Allah kada ka yi la’akari da zagaye na yarda da ni … iya jira ba a yi abin da maciji nãku a gare ni.

    • xpressivejboy
      December 15, 08:19 Reply

      Nne, I want his snake in me…my humble wish and request.

      Lanre Swagg, ina bukatan ka ka fuck da ni.

      • Lanre Swagg
        December 20, 16:35 Reply

        … ake jiran? macijin zai laban ku. kamar ka ce wadanda sihiri kalmomi …. a Hausa

      • xpressivejboy
        December 24, 11:55 Reply


        Don Allah laban ni da kulawa … ba zai iya jira da tafiya … gaske iya jira ba.

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