The Nigerian LGBT Community Fund Is Upon Us

The Nigerian LGBT Community Fund Is Upon Us

Hey people, have you heard about the LGBT community Fund? The fund was launched at TIERs during its 10th anniversary in October this year. All funds were donated by LGBT Nigerians and supported by TIERs. The application to access the fund is now out, apply if you meet the criteria, and do ensure you share with all those you know. TIERs would follow this post to also answer any questions you might have here.

For more on this, read the TIERs press release about this initiative below:

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce the call for application for the LGBT community fund.

The LGBT community Fund is a local initiative that polls resources from members of the LGBT community and their allies in order to increase economic empowerment for other LGBT community members across Nigeria.

The Fund is expected to increase the economic power of the Nigerian LGBT community and strengthen community involvement and ownership in the fight for LGBT equality in Nigeria. Accordingly, the Fund is intended solely for LGBT persons living in Nigeria.

Interested applicants should download the application form and the guidelines at The Initiative for Equal Rights. The completed form should be returned to: as an email attachment, together with scanned copies of any other supporting documents.

Only applications sent through the provided email address will be considered. Applications should be submitted latest by February 28, May 30 and August 31 of each year.

Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered during the next review period. Successful applicants will be selected by the Application Review Board which deliberates at the end of every quarter.

To learn more about the LGBT community fund, please contact us by phone (0800225584377, open between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday) or email

Visits to download the forms for the Fund Application Guidelines and LGBT Community Fund Application.

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    December 31, 06:50 Reply

    Okay so I just read the guidelines and this is really laudable as applicants can access up to 150,000 in one year!

    This is a great initiative by TIERS and I applaud it!

  2. Mandy
    December 31, 07:19 Reply

    This is something. A positive step in the progress of the Nigerian LGBT. TIERs is doing great work.

  3. Keredim
    December 31, 08:33 Reply

    This is laudable! Brilliant initiative.????????

    But how do they prove that the applicant is part of the LGBT community?

    • TIERs
      December 31, 10:22 Reply

      Dear Keredim,

      The application is only circulated within LGBT network in Nigeria. Also, before we pass on the application to the Application Review Board, we would do a background check on applicants and their referees within the community.


      • Pink Panther
        December 31, 15:57 Reply

        TDCeeeee!!! Wiaravu been, you old fart! *in British accent*

        • keredim
          December 31, 16:54 Reply

          easy on the “old” ****In Igbo accent****

  4. Bryannn
    December 31, 08:48 Reply

    This is indeed a laudable initiative………

  5. sensei
    December 31, 09:05 Reply

    Now watch how “straight” people will become gay overnight…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 31, 09:18 Reply

      They will bring nyash for us to taste na, for proof purposes!

      After tasting the nyash, we sign off on their applications.

      Isn’t that fair game?

    • Keredim
      December 31, 09:27 Reply

      … It would give a new meaning to “gay for pay”.

      Probably “legitimise” it??

  6. pete
    December 31, 10:02 Reply

    Kudos to the brains behind this.

  7. Timi LEO
    December 31, 10:32 Reply

    nice one, but won’t straight turn gay suddenly??? because money is involved

  8. Zosimus
    December 31, 10:56 Reply

    Wow! This initiative is simply cosmic, very brilliant. However, I can’t help imagining STRAIGHT guys apply (because they will), only to get replies that go like.. ‘Dear gay hopeful, we have carefully reviewed your application and regrettably wish to inform you that we do not consider you gay enough at this time, we wish you better luck in the future’… OAN, if the organisation is looking for interviewers to perform Gay Tests on people who successfully get past the application stage, PP please do not forget to remember that I applied first o, all these gay degrees cannot come and waste..

  9. Stranger
    December 31, 12:25 Reply

    Is the whole thing gonna be discreet or is there’s gonna be a lavish ceremony to celebrate the recipients? Maybe even going as far as uploading their photos on their blogs etc?

    • TIERs
      January 02, 22:33 Reply

      Thanks for your comments. We will announce the number of persons that receives approved funds with their names and the different fund they got. However, picture would only be based on the consent of the applicants and such information would be available on our website. For any picture you see on the announcement , be rest assured that the applicant already signed a consent form.


  10. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 31, 14:46 Reply

    Good initiative.

    Yall got nothing to be scared of. The little I know of tiers, they got strong backbone.

    *now running off to fill form*

    • Absalom
      December 31, 16:13 Reply

      I don’t think the initiative supports starting up an escort service, but confirm sha. ?

      • keredim
        December 31, 17:05 Reply

        Actually they do. There is a discreet part of the fund (provided by yours truly) set aside for such business initiative.

        So don’t be afraid to apply.. ??

  11. Mr. Fingers
    December 31, 19:41 Reply

    This is good. We should find a way to make this accessible to those in the rural areas.

    • TIERs
      January 02, 22:36 Reply

      Thanks. We are trying to get this across all LGBT persons but we can’t do this alone. Therefore, do share with all your network and encourage them to apply.


  12. Mike Daemon
    January 02, 06:44 Reply

    This is really good, Yes! But pay back will be an issue for those who are still in school, and who needs it for educational purposes.

    • TIERs
      January 02, 22:41 Reply

      Thank Mike for the sharing your concern. The funding is largely focused on SME, over 70% is focused on SME initiative and the other 30% is focused on Education and Vocational Training. However, the funding is a new Initiative and funds are from community members, for us to sustain and develop this initiative, we need to recover fund back to ensure others have access to this. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t get individuals in Nigeria who will always want to donate, therefore we must ensure that fund is sustainable. Nonetheless, your concerns are valid and we would look into this once fund is well balanced and sustained independently outside of TIERs.

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