Kim Davis ‘Failed So Miserably’ at Marriage, But God Used Her

Kim Davis ‘Failed So Miserably’ at Marriage, But God Used Her

While Kim Davis doesn’t approve of opening the institution of marriage to same-sex couples, she admits she’s “failed so miserably” at marriage herself.

But in Davis’s opinion, that just shows God moves in mysterious ways. “How ironic that God would use a person like me, who failed so miserably at marriage in the world, to defend it now,” Davis told the Associated Press. “The Lord picks the unlikely source to convey the message.”

Davis, the elected clerk of Rowan County, Ky., gained national prominence this year when she shut down marriage license operations in her office in order to avoid issuing licenses to same-sex couples after the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision. Four couples sued, a federal judge found Davis in contempt of court, and she spent five days in jail, becoming a heroine and a martyr in the eyes of the religious right.

“No one would ever have remembered a county clerk that just said … ‘Even though I don’t agree with it, it’s OK. I’ll do it,’” Davis told the AP. “If I could be remembered for one thing, it’s that I was not afraid to not compromise myself.”

Her actions, of course, didn’t sit well with LGBT people and their allies. “It makes me uncomfortable to hear people using God … to justify their bigotry,” David Moore, one of the plaintiffs in the suit against Davis, told the news service. “I don’t see how that makes her a victim or a hero. She really just had a job to do, and she just needs to do her job.”

Some have also called Davis not just antigay but a hypocrite; she has been married four times, twice to the same man: her current husband, Joe Davis. She and her lead lawyer, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, have said she became a different person after converting to Apostolic Pentecostal Christianity a few years ago.

“She said she played in the devil’s playground for a long time, and her life has been radically changed since then,” Staver told CNN earlier this year.

The AP’s interview took place before Kentucky’s new governor, Matt Bevin, announced he was issuing an executive order to remove county clerks’ names from marriage licenses. That was something Davis and Staver had been seeking. “This is a wonderful Christmas gift for Kim Davis,” Staver said in a press release.

The American Civil Liberties Union is objecting to the governor’s action. “The requirement that the county clerk’s name appear on marriage licenses is prescribed by Kentucky law and is not subject to unilateral change by the governor,” said a statement from William Sharp, legal director of the ACLU of Kentucky.

Lawyers are also questioning the validity of the licenses issued by Davis and her deputies since she returned to work following her jail time in September, as she had removed her name from them. One of her deputies has been serving same-sex couples.

Davis’s term in office will end in two years, and she is undecided whether to run again, the AP story notes. “A lot of things could happen between now and them,” she said in the interview. The clerk, who recently switched her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, also said she isn’t interested in trading on her newfound fame to run for higher office.

“If I were a politician, I would probably jump on that and grab it and growl,” she told the AP. “But I’m not a politician. I very much enjoy my job.”

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    December 31, 06:44 Reply

    Of course she would become a republican, isn’t that the home of bigots!

    Hypocrite of the highest order, abeg make we see Road. Last last auntie will still run for Congress, and the conservatives who cannot see through this fraud will vote her.

    My point is simple; you were elected and paid to do a job you gotta do it or get the fuck out of the office. If we don’t stem this tide now tomorrow another person will say his/her religion doesn’t allow them serve women or sth like that.

    I always say switch sexuality with race and you begin to see how stupid homophobia really is.

    • kacee
      December 31, 11:54 Reply

      Dennis the republicans these days don’t think like the republican of those days. They have republicans who are GAY and OUT now.

  2. Kenny
    December 31, 07:44 Reply

    This woman is nothing but a delusional hypocrite. God works in mysterious ways my foot! So because God used her, her failure at marriage four times doesn’t matter anymore and it makes her better than gay people?

  3. Masked Man
    December 31, 07:49 Reply

    Kim Davis ko, Kasha Davies ni.

    Pls enough of her. She wants to wriggle her way into being a Republican martyr.
    We get it.

  4. Mitch
    December 31, 08:00 Reply

    Abeg abeg abeg! God works in mysterious ways my fat black ass! Abeg Aunty Kim, when you have finished yapping like the mad dog you are, go take a seat in a dung heap ’cause that’s where you belong.

    • Masked Man
      December 31, 08:02 Reply

      Your ass is fat and black?
      Oh wow!
      Just wow!

      • CriXXus
        December 31, 08:17 Reply

        And that’s all you saw in what he wrote MM???

        • Masked Man
          December 31, 08:22 Reply

          A fat black boothay never hurt no one.
          Hi Mitch!

          • CriXXus
            December 31, 08:49 Reply

            Lol! Hurt no one?


            Bro Samson and Daddy Solomon said the same thing. We all know how it all ended………

            • Masked Man
              December 31, 09:52 Reply

              Abeg abeg.
              Carry your bible and waka pass, lemme see nyansh.

              • Mitch
                December 31, 10:25 Reply

                Why MM, your looking is quite appreciated. Look all you want

                • Masked Man
                  December 31, 12:58 Reply

                  That’s the problem, I won’t want to stop at just looking.

  5. Mandy
    December 31, 08:16 Reply

    Why does this woman still exist abeg?

  6. #Chestnut
    December 31, 08:44 Reply

    Na wah o, so she actually believes that God personally hand-picked her,specifically, to be his instrument of “correction”? Talk about being vain! But I thought narcissists are usually somewhat attractive-looking…

  7. Timi LEO
    December 31, 10:30 Reply

    hey Kim, we get ur message…. all hail the wanna be Republican martyr

  8. Teflondon
    December 31, 10:59 Reply

    I don’t support what she is up-to but i see a lot of my self in her.. such resilience, such balls for one person! my word! it gives me orgasm every-time… i somewhat admire her. Tbvh

  9. kacee
    December 31, 11:58 Reply

    This woman matter makes me sick to the balls. smh

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