The Proposal: Three Nigerian Men Are Looking For Queer Women To Partner With In Contract Marriages

The Proposal: Three Nigerian Men Are Looking For Queer Women To Partner With In Contract Marriages

1. I am Prince, a 32-year-old gay businessman based in Eastern Nigeria.

I’m looking for a Queer woman of any ethnicity (preferably Igbo) who’s interested in a mutual relationship which would lead to an arranged/contract marriage with the sole aim of raising biological kids.

I’m a very discreet man who prefers a low profile in relationship affairs.

Interested ladies of any age should contact me on 08087750399 (WhatsApp) for us to get better acquainted.

Thank you.


2. Hello. I am Kay, a Gay Man based in Nigeria. I live and work in Lagos. I am 31 years old, and the pressure for me to get married keeps increasing by the day from my family.

I really need a Queer woman in her twenties or who’s my age, who is ready to get married and has the same challenges that I do. I would love us to have children together through whatever means we can agree upon. The goal is for us both to be able to live our lives as a married couple.

Any lady who is interested in this partnership with me can reach me via so that we can get acquainted and discuss how to make this arrangement a reality.

Thank you.


3. My name is Baba and I am a 29-year-old (almost 30) man living in Nigeria. I am in need of a bisexual/lesbian woman who is willing and interested in going into a marriage of convenience with me. It has taken me several months to write this because I wanted to be sure this is something I will be able to do. I have had a few fake relationships with straight women but I cannot enter a marriage based on lies and I cannot bring myself to committing, not because I can’t perform or be with a woman, but because it wouldn’t be fair to the woman to be in a marriage where she is in the dark about who I am. I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt.

I come from one of the states in the central region of Nigeria. I was born into a Christian family, am educated, have a regular job and also run a business.

I am looking for a queer woman between the ages of 23 and 28 from any part of Nigeria. I am hoping to be friends with this woman, because I believe friendship is the key for this to work. Because family is important to me, I would want to have children with this woman. I am open to whatever means she would feel comfortable with when it’s regarding having children.

The pressure hasn’t mounted on me to get married at the moment, but I don’t want to wait for that to happen before going after the best solution to this situation. Please, anyone interested in this arrangement should contact me through the email address

Thank you.

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  1. McDuke
    June 05, 14:33 Reply

    Good luck guys ✌🏿…one has to do what needs to be done 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Pankar
    June 07, 00:39 Reply

    I’m a queer woman (35 ) looking for a queer man who is older for child rearing purposes. 09136349919

    • Lopez
      June 08, 09:37 Reply

      This I get, but to marry, I don’t get. Wish you luck

  3. Earl
    June 13, 23:53 Reply

    I wish you guys well ❤️

  4. Chyña
    June 16, 10:52 Reply

    LOL, This is Africa, where societal pressures and expectations outweighs individual opinions
    Wish you luck guys

  5. Ladidinbaba
    November 19, 11:45 Reply

    I’m a Hausa lady in her thirties looking for a queer muslim man that’s interested in an “arranged marriage of sorts”. The man I’m looking for must be financially stable and discreet.
    Here’s my WhatsApp number 09055394770 incase anyone wants to reach out. Thank you

  6. Prince
    December 04, 10:44 Reply

    Am 40years of age , gay man from Eastern part of Nigeria currently leaving in Lagos.I am business man that means am self employed.

    Am here because am under pressure from family and friends.
    My wish is to find a lesbian or a bisexual who has the same issue am having. So we can both understand ourselves.

    Am looking for lesbian/bisexual lady that is ready to into marriage and if possible someone who is ready to have a child or two…..

    If at anytime she choose to leave I can still take good care of her and my children.

    If anyone is interested please you can connect me or just send a message to
    Please note. For serious minded only.

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