The Proposal: Two Gays And A Lesbian Want To Connect With Marriage Partners

The Proposal: Two Gays And A Lesbian Want To Connect With Marriage Partners

1. I am Ethan, a pansexual British-Nigerian man in my late twenties, who’s ready to settle down with that special person and build a family together.

Currently resident and working in Nigeria, I earn a good enough living to adequately support a family, and intend to begin channeling my resources in this direction as soon as possible.

It is my desire to find a pansexual/bisexual woman, who is as eager to have a spouse and children as I am, and build a relationship with this person that could lead to marriage. I would not be comfortable keeping something as critical as my sexuality a secret from the person I decide to spend the rest of my life with and claim to love; it is for this reason that I would much rather be in a committed relationship with a woman who shares and can relate to my sexual preferences.

Apart from sharing a significant number of my interests, such as good-natured banter, casual learning, travelling and adventure, my ideal partner should be a person of her own, in my age bracket, comfortable with spontaneity and excited about having and raising children. Financial independence and social adeptness would also be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to connect, feel free to hit me up on

Thank you.


2. I am Tope, a 28-year-old Nigerian lesbian living in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a graduate and currently self-employed.

I am under pressure from family on the issue of getting married as I’m the first child. And to that end, I am interested in a male partner who is YORUBA, MUSLIM and GAY, a man within the age range of 32 – 47 years of age, who is also under pressure to get married within this coming year and is willing to have children through various channels we both find convenient. (I cannot stress this enough; this person, if interested, must be Yoruba).

The man I am hoping to partner with should be kind and understanding; I mean, he has to know we’re in this together and is willing to have my back as I will have his any day.

If you are interested, kindly reach out to me on

Thank you.


3. I am Gene, a 30-year-old gay man living in Port Harcourt. I am looking for a woman (lesbian, bisexual or straight) who is interested in an arranged marriage.

I am an only child. I love to go to church and I love going out, laughing, and just doing happy stuff. I am over 6ft tall, and I’m from South-South Nigeria.

My ideal partner would be someone who is nice and kind, because I would like us to have a good friendship at least. She must also be a Christian, or willing to keep up “Christian” appearances for the family. I do not mind her state or origin or state of residence; she could come from any state, and does not necessarily have to reside in Port Harcourt.

If she’s open to having biological kids, I’ll be okay with whatever method of conception and birth she decides to choose. And if she does not want kids, I’m also open to adoption.

I am also open to divorce or separation, should she feel the need to, in the future.

Also, we mustn’t know everything from the onset; my primary thing is to get married, so that my mother can be happier. We will look at any other concerns together, as time goes on.

Anyone who is interested should please send an email to

Thank you.

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  1. Francis
    December 01, 13:25 Reply

    @Gene: If she doesn’t want kids, how will she be open to adoption?

      • Francis
        December 01, 23:52 Reply

        May the good Lord grant you basic level of sense in 2022.

  2. Play
    December 02, 04:08 Reply

    Make una no fight na. Gene sounds so sweet. Mummy’s boy.

  3. ken
    December 02, 17:44 Reply

    i am not sure if these types of arrangements ever work out, cos marriage is a lifetime commitment with many pitfalls. But i wish them all the best, its not easy

  4. J
    February 08, 18:48 Reply

    I feel sad reading this post. Please don’t do things just to keep up appearances, for how long can you endure? Honor yourselves guys. Nobody will kill you if you come out today, the worse they can do is to disown or cut you off… You have to chose to love yourself everyday and put your needs first. It’s a shame that society is homophobic and gays can’t even keep meaningful relationships.

    Our sexuality is something we have to live with for life and it’s not our fault that we turn out to be this way. So let’s please be kind to ourselves and not to add to the ongoing stress and suffering. I challenge you to have a radical self-love and forget about people that are not willing to understand what your passing through.

  5. Omoselxyprime
    January 02, 15:22 Reply

    Hello Gene, I like your write up. And we are almost similar. I would like to know more about you. I will drop my contact. 09035679867. Let’s get on from there

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