The Proposal: A Queer Women And Queer Man Are Looking For Serious Commitments

The Proposal: A Queer Women And Queer Man Are Looking For Serious Commitments

I am Stella (not my real name of course), and I am in my mid-30s, ready to settle down with a gay/bisexual guy and also build a family together.

I recently moved to Rivers State for a job, so I’m gainfully employed in one the industries over there.

My primary aim is to have a stable, traditional home where we will raise our kids peacefully despite our sexual orientation.

My ideal partner should be someone peaceful (drama free), kind, caring, supportive, mature enough for the commitment, very respectful, responsible and a Christian. Also he should be capable of taking care of family. (I possess the aforementioned characters too)

I would also wish to state that I am from the East, though ethnicity does not matter. I also prefer a masculine-presenting partner because of some reasons (I’m feminine in nature).

Also, relocation is not excluded if need be, because I’m equally considering furthering my studies abroad.

If you are seriously interested, please contact me by sending a mail to

Submitted by Stella


I am Nehemiah, a 31-year-old, gay civil servant based in Abuja. I would like to get connected to queer, feminine-presenting woman for a relationship of understanding that will hopefully lead to marriage.

I’m from Anambra, conservative, family-loving and a bit old school.

The woman I seek can reside in Lagos or Abuja or anywhere in the South, and she should preferably hail from South-South or South-East, gainfully employed and aged under 30.

She can reach me on this email,

Submitted by Nehemiah

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  1. Uche
    February 04, 19:50 Reply

    How do I send my own request please. Thank you.

  2. Pie
    February 05, 12:54 Reply

    Why is it that we have more igbos on the internet space? Igbo this.. igbo that.

  3. Jezebel blade
    February 06, 16:42 Reply

    what about people looking for committed gay relationships?

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