If He is Black, Then He Must be Top

I have read and heard from a lot of gay guys over here of how there is a stereotypical belief that all Black men are hung. I know I will not raise my hand if men are asked to indicate if they have a big dick by a show of hands, because in my opinion, I am at best average-sized, especially if I compare my dick size with the sizes of the gbolae (yes, we shall give “gbola” a plural) I have seen on men in Ijesha and Mushin. However, I have been told so many times, over here, that I am hung by oyibo standards. So, Inasmuch as I am not a fan of the single story mentality, I quite understand why people, especially white folks, presume that Black men are hung.

However, the one that I am still trying to wrap my head around is the assumption that all Black men are Tops. I have pondered and tried to rationalise this stereotype. But omo, it always comes down to fetishization for me.

In my fifth month here, I was browsing through the profiles on Grindr, and then this dude messaged me. Let’s call him Josh. Josh and I got to chatting, and not long after, we established that we were into each other. We exchanged pictures, and then he asked what I was into. I told him about how I like foreplay and actual sex, and he said he liked the same things too. I told him I usually bottom and he said he loved to top. We chatted some more, and then we agreed to hook up.

I walked over to his place later that night, and I was greeted by a very beautiful man and his dog. Josh had delicate features and was a little shorter than I. He also had a nice round butt and a fit figure. He offered me alcohol and some cake, and we ate and drank and made very good conversation. It all felt quite relaxing, especially with the soft jazz music playing in the background. His dog was well-mannered and quite cuddly too. So, it was a relaxed atmosphere and we were really hitting it off and laughing so much.

And then, it occurred to me how happy I was; a little too happy in fact. I was also feeling really horny all of a sudden, and the conversation began to take a lewd turn. I voiced out how horny I felt, and that was when he told me that he had fed me weed brownies. I’d only had edibles two other times in my life. The first time, I felt really sick afterwards, and the other time, I felt like I was going crazy. And so, I had made a note-to-self never to try it again. However, this one felt really different. It kind of made me calm, and super horny.

I was contemplating all this when Josh moved closer to me, and we started kissing. His hand slid under my double layer of shirts (yes, I wear two shirts and two trousers, so cold will not kill me for my mother) and found my nipple. I let out a soft sigh over his mouth, which was sucking on my lower lip, and he went on to play with my nipple in the most sensual way. I was enjoying it and was becoming really aroused. I wanted to return the favour.

I used to marvel at how sensitive my nipples are, and it’d always amazed me how much pleasure I derive from them. But, the way Josh reacted the very moment my fingers made contact with his nipple showed me that my own nipples were learners. At the slight touch of my finger, he leaned in closer, as though encouraging me to please that nipple. So, I applied a little more pressure and he started to shudder. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was having a seizure. I took the hint and decided to put it in my mouth. That was when his inner hoe came out. Dude was moaning and breathing really heavily. For some weird reason, his response was really turning me on. He began to beg me to fuck while frantically undoing my zipper. He was saying how he’d wanted my “big black cock” from the moment I walked in, because “Black guys always have big dicks and know how to fuck”.

I backed up for a moment and began trying to explain that I usually preferred to bottom, and that that was what I was there to do. However, this fine man was not having any of that. He said he knew that there was a Top deep inside me and he was going to unleash him.

During our conversation prior to meeting, we had agreed on roles and not once, not even in passing or as a joke, did he mention wanting me to top him. And, normally, this turn of events would have annoyed me. But I was so horny, that I was willing to go along with it. In fact, I dare say I was enjoying it.

That was how Josh went on his knees and began sucking me like he was trying to suck away my destiny. At this point, I did not know if it was the weed or the fact that this beautiful man was begging me to fuck him. Whatever it was, I was ready to do whatever was required to get my rocks off.

I pulled him up and went for his nipples again. The intensity of his pleas increased. I took my right hand to his mouth and he licked my thumb and middle finger, lubricating them with his hot saliva. I proceeded to work on his other nipple with my wet fingers, and he was beginning to buckle under my touch.

I went on to undo his trousers with my other hand, and asked him to get down on all fours. He was still pleading and begging me to fuck him hard, and boy did I oblige him. We’d been doing the doggy style for a bit, before I slid my arms around his sides to get to his pebble-hard nipples, and in that moment, as I stroked them, I felt his asshole tighten around my dick. This further added to my ecstasy and made me fuck him even harder. After a while, I flipped him on his back and went right back to ploughing his soft insides. He felt warm and wet and succulent. I could feel the contractions with every thrust and again I went for his nipple, this time with my mouth, tongue and teeth. And in no time, I could feel those contractions again, only that they were much stronger this time. And before I knew it, he’d started creaming. He was pushing out and whimpering and muttering all sorts of obscenities, and next thing I knew, this dude had started to pee. The contractions became so powerful that they were literally pushing my dick out his hole.

I legit thought that was it for him. But no, he wanted more. We got back to fucking and he got more vocal – to the point that his dog, who probably thought he was being mauled, began barking outside his room door and scratching against the door with her claws.

The dog increasingly got noisier, so we had to stop. He staggered to the door and went out to put her to bed in her pen. Then he came back and we fucked some more before I eventually came. We ended up making a mess of his sheets and his carpet, but I would definitely say it was totally worth it. I mean, if it wasn’t, I would not have returned two more times to have me some of that soft juicy ass.

So maybe there is something to be said for the white gays believing that all Black men are Tops.

Written by Bryan Peter

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  1. trystham
    January 10, 11:21 Reply

    Looooool. E say unleashing your inner top🤣🤣🤣

  2. GT
    January 10, 18:00 Reply

    Unleash the dragon in you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Pezaro
    January 11, 01:28 Reply

    Further reinforces the opinion that all queer men are potential tops and bottoms.
    Kudos for unleashing the top dragon in you 😄

    • Iv
      December 19, 08:16 Reply

      Wrong.. I am gay.. I only Top… In fact a Dominant Top

  4. Mufasa
    January 11, 13:00 Reply

    Can we take a moment to acknowledge that he was lowkey a piss of shit, and also, high-key problematic.
    Do not give people drugs (yes, edibles included) without their consent, also what was all that BBC shit coming out his mouth.

    Glad it was a pleasant experience for you though 🙂

  5. Quinn
    January 11, 19:38 Reply

    Giving someone drugs without consent…will never look good to me no matter how things turn out to be.

      February 02, 09:55 Reply

      We did have this conversation eventually though. Cos I had to tell him that the other times I had edibles were near-disaster experiences. He actually apologized.

  6. Francis
    January 12, 09:24 Reply

    After we’ve watched Dahmer people still dey drug others without consent. If you had a weed allergy nko?🤦‍♂️

      February 02, 09:56 Reply

      Omo, glad I didn’t o. Praise be 🙌🏾
      P.S., I should go see Dahmer 🤔

  7. Lucky Charm
    January 13, 21:34 Reply

    This story is poignant af. Beautiful sex, yes, but it could’ve ended really badly for the both of you with the drugs you never consented to taking. What if you were to take a drug test for something important, like a new job? He would just ruin all of it because he fetishized your black dick. On the other hand, it might not only been weed in that cake that made you that horny. Let’s be careful out here. I know a few Nigerians in obodo oyinbo who started drugs I similar instances like this and now their lives are hooked and a mess.

    • Lorde
      January 18, 20:34 Reply

      Exactly my point!!!!! These white men in general can be very pure evil sometimes.

  8. Lorde
    January 18, 20:33 Reply

    Baby boy, I don’t want to ruin your experience- but you were likely date raped- he fed you weed Brownies and “ gawd knows what was in the wine “! Without your consent. I don’t remember weed making one excessively horny. These are not good signs at all- plus look past all the things he said about “ black men being tops” and think about it- this is a series of microaggressions bordering on racism for me. These white men have learned to be subtly racist that if not well aware, you might take it as a complement. The fact he could do all of that knowing the full repercussions of it and not caring tells you who he is, I will highly suggest you avoid this person COMPLETELY!!!! It will not be long before he will casually have a friend at the house when you visit him- and next thing you’re fuckin them both- and then they’ve started pimping you out.

    February 02, 10:05 Reply

    Thanks for your advice and your POV. 😊
    Glad to let you know that I’m fine, and the last time we saw each other was well over 6 months ago, with no similar encounters.

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