The Shows To Binge Before Their Fall Return

The Shows To Binge Before Their Fall Return

show1American Horror Story, September 14 on FX

show2Lucifer, September 19 on Fox

show3Big Bang Theory, September 19 on CBS

show4Scream Queens, September 20 on Fox

show5Modern Family, September 21 on ABC

show6Empire, September 21 on Fox

show7Black-ish, September 21 on ABC

show8How To Get Away With Murder, September 22 on ABC

show9Grey’s Anatomy, September 22 on ABC

show10Once Upon A Time, September 25 on ABC

Madam-Secretary-Season-3-Release-DateMadam Secretary, October 2 on ABC

show11Elementary, October 2 on CBS

show12The Flash, October 4 on CW

show13Arrow, October 5 on CW

show14Supergirl, October 10 on CW

show15The Real O’Neals, October 11 on ABC

show16Jane The Virgin, October 17 on CW

show17The Walking Dead, October 23 on AMC

Deola, you here?! 😀

And seriously though, no Being Mary Jane? 🙁

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  1. Kenny
    September 11, 05:42 Reply

    Music to my ears!! ? ? ?

    Deola go and get ready o. No slacking on the reviews. Ehn Ehn!

    • Deola
      September 11, 08:03 Reply

      I’m on vacation ???????

      • Kenny
        September 11, 08:17 Reply

        If I hear!!! Summer is over. Time to get to work.

  2. bruno
    September 11, 06:54 Reply

    i don’t do a lot of shows (i have enough time wasting habit in my life already) but i recently saw stranger things. awesome tv! not terribly original but great storytelling. that last episode gave me all the feels too.

  3. Osas
    September 11, 07:52 Reply

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, but Scandal is missing in action, why na?

    • Deola
      September 11, 07:55 Reply

      Returns next year.
      Kerry Washington was pregnant so production got pushed.
      They should take their time, it’s not as if the show is good again sef ???

  4. Deola
    September 11, 07:53 Reply

    This list though. ??
    Personally there’s like what? Just Three shows here that I am highly anticipating?

    American Horror Story : Never been able to get into this show. Five seasons have gone by and only Coven seemed remotely entertaining to me.
    To me, Stranger Things > Every Season of AHS
    But the show has its fans so yay.

    Lucifer – It’s a miracle how this show got a second season. Probably the blandest show on this list. Credit to Fox for absolutely butchering the source material and turning it into a boring police procedural with the most boring female lead in recent years. ??

    Big Bang Theory : Great Sitcom for 6 seasons. Quality is dwindling though as to be expected. Not particularly hyped about it.

    Scream Queens : Another miraculous renewal. I’m looking forward to this one if only to see if they can top the entertaining directionless pointless nonsense that was the first season.

    Modern Family : Consistent Comedy. Always looking forward this band of enjoyable crazies.

    Empire : ummmm no. Although the legend that is Phylicia Rashad is guest staring this season and I might just check out her episode. I love the woman to bits.
    Other than that Bye.

    Black ish – Something I watch when I wanna see adorable moments. Not exactly funny to me. so not really looking forward to it. Decent show. Nothing spectacular.

    HTGAWM: I can’t even talk about this one. Just watching the calendar till my mum, Viola can Snatch Me again. This is the one. The rest are just runner ups.

    Greys Anatomy : Long time fan. followed the show since it began, definitely gonna watch till miss Shonda decides to kill all the doctors off. ??

    Once Upon a time : Can’t believe this show is still a thing. Acting = Cringe worthy
    Special effects = non existent
    Plot – consistently useless.
    Biko shift.

    Madam Secretary : Probably the most underrated show on this list. Show keeps getting better. Can’t wait for it to return.

    Elementary : Used to be a fan but they lost me last season. And I don’t see my self returning. Wanna watch Sherlock Holmes, biko just watch the Benedict Cummberbatch version. It’s Miles ahead in every category.

    Flash, Arrow, Supergirl : Not particularly excited about all three seeing as I didn’t enjoy their season finales but I’ll be looking forward to seeing how flashpoint affects all four shows ( Legends of tomorrow included) seeing as they largely occur in the same universe.

    The Real O’neals – Cute Comedy. Decent first season. Hopefully builds on that.

    Jane The Virgin – One of the smartest shows on TV. So well written and acted. Can’t wait for it to return.

    Walking Dead: Haven’t been able to get into this one. Doesn’t seem to gel well with me.

    If I were to recommend shows to binge watch they’ll be:

    The Night Of – best drama I have seen all year, yes even better than HTGAWM

    Stranger Things – The kids carry this show and its remarkable how amazing they are. Some of them show acting range that’ll put older and more experienced actors to shame.

    BrainDead: From the creators of the Good Wife. Weirdest show I have seen in a while and has an original feel to it. It’s part comedy, law/political drama, horror, sci fi, medical drama. It’s just all together but somehow works and intrigues me. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

    Survivor’s Remorse : Little unknown but smart comedy. Well acted and written too. Stars Tichina Arnold of Everybody hates Chris fame and she is as usual, amazing.

    That being said. Fall season is upon us. May our remaining Torrent sites remain open. Any forces that seeks to close them I reject them ????… Also As I look to you Glo, just continue providing cheap data, I wee manage the crappy ass network. Can’t complain to much in this Nigeria. ??

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