So it was that I was hanging out with some friends of mine, and we were talking about the crazy things we’d ever done for someone we loved. Everyone tried to outdo the other with tales of going overboard for their significant others or an ex. And as I sat there and listened, I was transported to the past, to the very first girl I loved.

I sighed as I began recollecting on what a rollercoaster of craziness my relationship with her was.

I met JK while I was serving in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. At this time, I was just a girl who slept with other girls. I had attempted dating girls before but it never got serious. At this time also, like every other young girl leaving the university, I had a serious relationship with a guy who I’d been with for about three years. We often talked about marriage and I felt somewhat safe in the knowledge that I had a stable relationship which could lead to marriage.

Then I met JK. She was tall and big, just the way I liked my men at the time. I met her through a friend and we hooked up. And the rest, they say, is history.

I like to think of myself as a submissive woman, even though it’s not evident at first. I like to be dominated, even though I am very stubborn. My submission is something to be earned, not something I give out easily. And JK earned it.  It’s a constant struggle of domination at first with a prospective partner and I am happier and more in my element if the other person wins. This is a rare occurrence, as most people I meet often surrender to me. But JK put me in my place. Boy! JK thoroughly dominated me and took control of even the little aspects of my life.

It didn’t help that as time went on, I started to fall in love with her. The sex was something else and the way she took care of me and treated me was something that I didn’t even find with men.

It was the little things she did, like open a car door for me, draw a chair out so I could sit, hold my hand to cross the road, get doors for me and other stuffs. I fell hard for her and I did whatever she wanted. I didn’t have a choice most times; I just wanted to please her and I trusted myself with her. In fact, JK could take care of me more than I ever could take care of myself. And let us not forget the mind-blowing sex; no one had ever made me cum until JK. So yes, I literally could walk on hot coals for her at that point, and it didn’t take anything at all for me to call up my boyfriend of three years to break up with him. I was finally done with men.

JK would call me at odd hours to come over and I wouldn’t even question it. I would dress up and leave the house to go meet her. She would tell me to skip work and I would find myself with my phone, calling my boss to feign one sickness or the other. When we went out together, she would control my movements, who I talked with, what I drank. And I always obeyed.

And then came that one day when she called me and asked the oddest thing of me.

After the usual pleasantries, she went to the point of her call. She said a married “friend” of hers, an older man, was in town, and he was with friends, and they’d asked that she come to meet them with a friend of hers to hang out with them and probably spend the night with them. She hadn’t explicitly said it, but I knew what this meant. This was a hookup, plain and simple. And the fact that she’d said they were rich and ready to spend made all the things she wasn’t saying even clearer.

My girlfriend was planning on pimping me out to a man.

Like, WTF!!!

This was a hard pill to swallow. For one, I’d never slept with anyone for money, let alone a man. I’d never imagined I’d find myself in a situation where someone would want to hook me up with an older man for sex, to get paid.

I hung up on JK, and sat back, knowing she would call back and trying to reason what she was asking.

One of the things that made this proposition even harder was because I liked my lovers to be a certain way. I wasn’t up to having sex with just about anyone. I mean, at the time, the kind of guys I preferred to get down with had to be big, tall and brawny. What if this friend of JK’s friend turned out to be a smelly pig or some rodent of a man? My God! I really couldn’t!

JK of course called again and when I answered, proceeded to try everything to make me say yes. From the normal talk about how I wasn’t even a virgin, to how it was just going to be one night, to how I would do this if I loved her.

“Vina, I am going. And I want to do this with you. If you love me at all, you would do this for me,” she said.

I still maintained my no.

And then, she changed tactics and began to exert her emotional control of me. Suffice to say that after much, I relented. I said yes. At this point, I just wanted to get her to stop talking about this.

That evening, I dressed up real sexy, but with a heavy heart. Looking like a lamb about to head off to the slaughter house. I met with her first, and then we went to the joint to meet the men. There were other girls, and we were distributed amongst the men like merchandise. And so, I got to meet my john.

The first thing I realized was that he did not disgust me. He was older of course, but looked well for his age – fit, refined and acted like a gentleman. As the night wore on, my eyes would meet that of my girlfriend and she would smile sweetly at me. Sometimes she would mouth “I love you” at me when no one was looking. And my heart would melt and I’d figure that I loved her too and I would then proceed to fight the unpleasant demons raging inside me. in addition to the queasiness I felt with the whole setup, it wasn’t easy watching my girlfriend sitting across from me with a man who seemed to use every opportunity to touch her.

We went clubbing. We ate and drank, and I downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels. I just knew I needed the extra courage to go through with this, and alcohol was my refuge.

The night wound down and we soon retired to a luxurious hotel. Before we dispersed with our different companions, JK cornered me in a dark place, kissed me deeply and told me I was a good girl and that she loved me. And in a fucked-up way, I believed her. It wasn’t about the money or the fun; this was just me doing anything to make my girlfriend happy.

Soon, I was in a room with my john. Feeling intensely self-conscious, I took my bath and then climbed into the bed next to him. I laid down there beside him and waited.

I laid there waiting, just on my back, mentally preparing myself for his touch. Staring up at the ceiling, wondering what my girlfriend was doing with her “friend”.

Minutes ran into hours, and when I finally exhausted my thoughts, I turned to my side to see my john fast asleep on the other end of the bed. He was curled up with his back to me in a position that wouldn’t even run the risk of his body grazing me.

Feeling a little bewildered, I still laid there, waiting, not sleeping, not allowing myself to feel relief. He could just turn anytime and reach for me, I reasoned. I didn’t know when I slept off. All I know is that it was suddenly morning and my john was waking me with up with a smile and a “Good morning, beautiful.”

I hadn’t slept well at all. I didn’t even trust his “good morning” as I held my breath, waiting for him to make a move on me.

He must have intuited into what I was thinking from my guarded expression, because he chuckled and said, “I have a daughter. And I wouldn’t want any man to do something like this to her. I had to keep up appearances because my friends can be such pains in the ass.”

I was stunned, unable to believe this even as I watched this awesome man count out a wad of cash for me. For doing basically nothing!


I collected the money with shaky hands and thanked him profusely.

We stayed there in the room, talking and laughing, as he told me about his work, family, and as I often am, I was a good listener. He took my number and said he’d enjoyed chatting with me and would like to reach out some time. Thereafter, he checked out, and I just sat on the bed, staring at the cash and wondering at my luck.

It wasn’t long before JK came to find me.

I didn’t know what to tell her when she asked if my john had been hard on me, if I was fine and how much he had given me. Wordlessly, I handed the wad of money to her and she counted it, before handing it back to me.

She took a look at me and suddenly looked stricken.

“All of a sudden, I don’t think I did the right thing yesterday,” she said, begging me with her eyes to forgive her. She must have thought that my speechlessness was from me being upset. “What was I even thinking?” she added.

“He didn’t touch me,” I finally said.

And I heard her sigh deeply. But as I sat there on that strange hotel bed, looking at my girlfriend, I couldn’t help but think: What if he had?

Written by Vina

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  1. Bussy
    June 15, 08:06 Reply

    Did she sigh deeply because she felt relieved that nothing happened or she sigh cause you never got dyked too , just wondering though ?
    But you really really did go an extra mile for Jk.
    sha its one of those things i normally hear people would do for love ??.just too bad that she had to use her dominance ,abi love card to manipulate you into doing what you didn’t want to.
    Yet i cant really understand if the reason she involved you was so she wont feel guilty of getting dyked and at the same time i just wanna give her the “chop knuckle ” knuckle for being that forward with you cos i know so many people would’ve gone behind their partners back to do the same thing she involved you in .
    Finally MEN like JOHN, they’re rare breed ?

    • Vina
      June 15, 13:32 Reply

      You’re right on the forward part. She never hid anything from me. But still, pimping me out was just….

  2. Net
    June 15, 08:50 Reply

    Erm Vina, do you still have John’s number pls, asking for a friend ?

    • Pink Panther
      June 15, 09:13 Reply


      I’m here wanting to ask Vina if John has any homosexual tendencies. Because me too want him to think about his son when he’s with me.

      • Vina
        June 15, 13:09 Reply


        Y’all play too much?

    • Vina
      June 15, 13:07 Reply


      Net be serious ee. What do you want to do with it?

      • Net
        June 15, 16:18 Reply

        Just send it first ?

    • Temi
      June 16, 05:11 Reply

      Lol…. @net & @PP like seriously ???

  3. Mitch
    June 15, 09:11 Reply

    Hei Ghod!
    Some people are just the definition of terrible shaa. Someone who is supposed to love and cherish you practically goes out of her way to force you into agreeing to be pimped to an older man.
    And for what?
    A stack of bills.

    The thunder that will faya some people in this life eh, e no go be better one.

    The saddest part of it is that you actually believed her when she said she was sorry and didn’t know what came over her. Bish, she’s a manipulative sociopath who, if given the chance, would do it again and again and always leave you thinking you’re the one who is wrong or is the problem.

    Flee from these types oh!

    • Vina
      June 15, 13:12 Reply

      You are right on all counts.

      That incident was just the beginning but I was able to get out at last and now I know better. I can smell sociopaths from miles away now?

      • Mitch
        June 15, 20:23 Reply

        Praise Gay Jesus on your behalf!

    • Audrey
      June 15, 20:09 Reply

      O bia!
      Our Moral instructor has landed whilst in real life he’s nothing near the picture he paints of himself.
      I think it’s safe to say I know your type and I’m glad your personality is becoming clearer by the day.

      I’d advice everyone here to take anything this one says with a pinch a of salt.Continue to expose yourself.

      • Mandy
        June 16, 09:19 Reply

        Lol. So now you’re obsessed with Mitch? I thought you were too busy being unapologetic with the games you play with straight men…

        • Audrey
          June 16, 17:38 Reply

          And his sidekick has surfaced…
          Run along you twerp I don’t deal with your type.

          • Mandy
            June 17, 04:35 Reply

            Isn’t that basically what you said to Mitch awhile ago? And yet here you are, dealing with him.
            You know, for someone who would like us to believe he’s a bad bitch who isn’t apologetic about his games with straight men, you sure do sound a lot defensive. Lol. SMH.

  4. Mandy
    June 15, 09:49 Reply

    Of course JK is now an ex. There is no way a love for a person like that can last. Especially when you have some sense in you. What a manipulative bitch. And she’s coming to express regret after the fact, talking “All of a sudden, I don’t think I did the right thing nye nye nye.” Like bitch please, you were not under the influence when you were using the love someone has for you to make her do something terrible.
    Mr. John is the saving grace in this story. The one who shines a light of humanity in such depravity.
    Thanks for the story, Vina. I have become a fan of your stories.

    • Vina
      June 15, 13:15 Reply

      Thanks Mandy ??

      You see that Mr John, he stunned me into disbelief. He was a real saviour.

      I know myself enough to know that I would have felt used and it would have messed with me for a long time but the universe had my back.

  5. Delle
    June 15, 11:18 Reply

    Have you broken up with her?

    • Vina
      June 15, 13:31 Reply

      Haba! Since Tay tay.
      Took years, wasn’t easy but with a little bit of drastic measures, I was able to leave.

  6. T.T
    June 15, 12:55 Reply

    Things we do for love.

  7. Patrick
    June 15, 14:03 Reply

    A nice read, Vina!
    Still very little is known about how Lesbians get down.

  8. J
    June 16, 02:18 Reply

    Sharing is not caring. I’m glad you broke up with her. I prefer a real monogamous relationship, and I can stick to a good person forever.

  9. Temi
    June 16, 05:16 Reply

    Vina went extra in pleasing this babe o.
    But the kind of Mr John is rare infact I’m crushing on Mr John already.

  10. RichieMichie
    June 16, 08:27 Reply

    Lalalalala I have heard this somewhere.
    Btw, vina since u don’t want to be updating ur Alex, u should bring bring the updates to kd nau

    • Bussy
      June 16, 14:34 Reply

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! Alex by Hannah Hitler, i said it. I cracked my brain wen i read this, I barely forget things that easily at some point i wanted asking but yet i wasn’t so sure,
      ????? lalalala vina can’t believe its you, I swear missed you & Alex like madt. ???

  11. Kess
    June 16, 14:34 Reply

    You know I find it very hard to believe when the domineering partner is willing to pimp the lover For money.
    I dont understand this behaviour patterns.

  12. DBS
    June 17, 05:58 Reply

    At a point I was like..this is Vina. Mind blowing as usual. Good job and what a longtime!

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