I really wasn’t looking forward to hanging out with my ex-lover and his current beau. I just felt really weird about it. I couldn’t lie to myself though; there was a bit of jealousy involved. No one would enjoy pretending to like someone who was depriving them of quality bedroom action.

On the fateful Saturday we were to all meet, I took extra care with my appearance. Hair, nails, skin and scent were as on fleek as they could ever get. I looked into the mirror and thanked God for his many blessings in my life.

I chose my outfit with care, making sure that my best assets (which are my slim figure and long lithe legs) were showcased as much as possible. Pair of snug jeans, a slightly undersized black tee and mad kicks were perfect for the job. I observed my final complete look in the mirror and nodded. I was ready.

The drive to the small tasteful cafe in the Ikeja environs was uneventful, apart from the call from Chibuzor asking where I was. He and his boo were already waiting, it would seem. I smiled a bit to myself. It felt good knowing that someone actually wanted to see me.

It was a few minutes past eleven when I arrived at the venue. Thankfully, parking spaces were ample and my mood didn’t have to be ruined by hunting for a parking spot. A few seconds later, I walked into cafe, taking in the tasteful decor and soothing ambience even while my eyes scanned the few patrons scattered across the cafe, searching for Chibuzor. Soon enough, I spotted him sitting with a whip-lean, attractive-looking (from that distance, at least), light-skinned guy with a thick high fade haircut. I started walking towards them, and that was when Chibuzor spotted me; a wide grin split his handsome face.

I grinned back, as Chibuzor gestured to his partner. The latter turned to face me.

Our eyes connected and I felt an instant rush of lust surge into my loins. The boy was hot like freshly baked akara, my God!

First of all, he was light-skinned. I have a natural weakness for light-skinned people. Their skin just appears to sparkle like sun-drenched honey and it’s so nice to look at. Secondly, he was tall. From his seating position and the way his long lean legs were sprawled in front of him, I estimated him to be about 6’2″. Height is very important to me, because I enjoy kissing a lot. It’s very not sexy having to bend down to kiss anyone, me being 6’3″ and all. Thirdly, his body was hot. Lean and well muscled like a grey hound. Then his FACE! He was a beautiful man with sultry eyes that looked me over several times and made my heartbeat pick up.

Chibuzor had amazing taste in men; I had to give it to him.

I got to where they sat and Chibuzor jumped up to hug me. His thickly muscled body felt really good pressed against me, and my lust level spiked.

“It’s so good to see you!” he gushed, his glee evident and unabashed.

I smiled back.

“Same here o, it’s been ages, shey you know?” I replied.

I turned to his mouth-watering companion and gave him a thumbs-up gesture in a way of saying hi. He grinned and winked simultaneously in response.

I grabbed a seat and joined them at the table, and soon we were chatting and laughing and checking out cute guys together.

After several hours and several lattes and cupcakes, we decided to call it a day. Chibuzor and his boyfriend Steve had been giving each other hot looks; so when Steven announced that he and Chibuzor would be heading to his place, I wasn’t surprised. They must have amazing sex together, I thought. A sudden image of Chibuzor and Steve tangled between silken sheets, covered in baby oil and sweat, flashed through my mind and my trousers suddenly became immensely uncomfortable. I didn’t even know who to be jealous of – if I wanted to be jealous – Steve or Chibuzor.

On getting home, I decided to take a nap, and my REM sleep was awash with sexual images and sensations. It had indeed been too long, and being in close proximity to two delicious young men I couldn’t do anything with didn’t help.

I woke up less than 30 minutes later with a raging hard-on, and I stretched for my phone, intending to watch some porn to ease the tension. I opened my phone and there was a message from Steve. We’d exchanged pins that morning, during which time I found myself looking forward to getting to know him.

I opened the message and my hard-on threatened to burst through my boxers as I read.

Hey you, he’d said. I’m sure you must have deduced that I’m a straightforward person after you met me, so I won’t even play. I want to fuck you.


Written by Santa Diaba

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  1. Mitch
    September 29, 06:00 Reply

    Uh oh! This reeks of trouble. Trouble! Trouble!

  2. #Chestnut
    September 29, 06:51 Reply

    Lol…these hoes just aint loyal! Chibuzo has been depriving himself of sex outside his relationship, cos he wants to be a loyal bf, but the bf he’s being faithful to, sees another guy and 30 minutes later,texts “I want to fuck u”?…No.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      September 29, 06:57 Reply

      My dear no loyalty ooo! None whatsoever!

      I could write a book on No loyalty! When your friend will sleep with your boyfriend in your own flat while you are out running after both of them declined to run with you! Mstchew

      Abeg leave these shildren

      • Pink Panther
        September 29, 06:58 Reply

        Through this pessimism, you do still want a relationship, right?

      • Khaleesi
        September 29, 07:04 Reply

        Chaii nwannem DM, you’ve really seen it all! What you’ve just described has got to be the height if hoe-ish disloyalty!!

      • Dennis Macaulay
        September 29, 07:10 Reply

        They even lied about it, even with the condom that was in the trash!

        Remove a few things humans are basically animals and as my darling jurist Maxine will say; people are capable of anything and they always look out for their interests!

        I have so navy stories to tell! So many! Infact my Memoir will be explosive

        • #Chestnut
          September 29, 07:40 Reply

          Lol@ “even with the condom that was in the trash”…I’ve experienced one like that.d guy I was sort of seeing then, said he had used the condom in d trash on himself; that he had (wait for it) rolled the condom on an umbrella(those rounded types) and inserted d umbrella into his badonkadonk! When u hear a story like that,what will u say? What CAN u say? U’ll just be speechless.Umbrella fa? How u gonna rope an unsuspecting umbrella into ur web of lies and nastiness? Messy!

          • Pink Panther
            September 29, 07:46 Reply

            Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! Boy! You gotta credit him for his creativity though. He has the potential of doing great great things.

            • #Chestnut
              September 29, 09:07 Reply

              Hahaha…more like NOLLYWOOD! Who does that? Who thinks up such lies? I mean,an umbrella? Really?

          • Mandy
            September 29, 08:14 Reply

            ROTFLMAO! Chestnut, please marry this guy.

            • #Chestnut
              September 29, 09:12 Reply

              Mandy, Marry bawo? So that whenever I find a rogue condom in d trash,I’ll start hearing Tales from the Crypt, abi? Mba o!

        • Chizzie
          September 29, 09:04 Reply

          Condom in the trash? Isnt there a functioning toilet in your flat?

          • Andrevn
            September 29, 19:56 Reply

            One would have thought you are so versed in the proper disposal of a thing so mundane as a used condom Chizzie being the whore that you are. But NO

            Pls leave Dennis Macaulay ALONE. Ok
            Cos apparently you are making a fool of yourself in your try-to-death too hard attempt at scarring him.
            Do better Dude, I know you could

  3. Max
    September 29, 07:51 Reply

    “The boy was hot like freshly baked akara, my God!” ???.. All boys are just the same… Silly horny dogs ..lmfao.

    I love this.. Short, precise, vivid, candid and enjoyable.. Keep it coming.

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 07:53 Reply

      ‘All boys are just the same’?

      There are some absolutes you draw that makes me wonder. You’re a boy though, aren’t you?

      • Max
        September 29, 08:14 Reply

        ☺☺.. You should’ve asked why I love the story, its totally relatable. The difference between me & most boys is that I know where the line is and I try as much as possible not to cross it.

        • Pink Panther
          September 29, 08:16 Reply

          I am not arguing that sentiment with you. Just your use of generalizations. ‘Most’ boys. Good. ‘All’ boys? Makes me wonder if you blew into earth from Planet Venus.


          Perhaps you did. 🙂

          • Max
            September 29, 08:38 Reply

            How many times have you been heart broken?, deserted, cheated on, used etc.. And how many times have you done the same to other people?
            Answer that and see why I use the generalization.

  4. KryxxX
    September 29, 08:06 Reply


    Sometimes, being straightforward is good oh but this kind of straightforwardness shaa……. It would have me recoiling in disgust/shock, pack my akpoola shoes nd FLEE! And moreover some ppl r so forward they come across as raw! Extremely raw!

    As for u dat got @ hardon @ just d sight of d bobo…………….Flee from all appearances of evil! Flee!

    But come joor, ppl r mean oh! You have a Chibuzo who is hot in his own right yet u still want to fuck **rinse mouth with hypo** his friend! Ah! Fear God naa! Now some humanbeing will now say its in d DNA of men to cheat! Akuko ifo!

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 08:17 Reply

      Four words for you, Kryxxx.

      Ofe Egusi.
      Ofe Oha.


      • KryxxX
        September 29, 12:22 Reply

        **Scratches head** Erm……… How about spicing up the egusi kwanu? Egusi musnt be d conventional ofe all the time naa! I can think of a million ways(maybe 3 or 4! Lol) to cook egusi nd make it more interesting. Same thing with Oha, nsala nd onugbo! Ppl r not trying hard joor! Make it work! That is how dey wee continue nd ezigbote afo osisa go catch them!

  5. Mandy
    September 29, 08:13 Reply

    Dude just dribbled the ball into Santa Diaba’s court. lol

      • Max
        September 29, 08:41 Reply

        Not if Santa stops thinking with his little head and let the big head do the thinking. There’s nothing in it for him in the end. I know the feeling, the thrill of anticipation of experiencing something new, something dangerous.

  6. Ace
    September 29, 09:03 Reply

    The feeling… Fucking the guy he left you for. Been there. Done that. Totally satisfying.

  7. Chizzie
    September 29, 09:16 Reply

    Light skinned people generally are whores, I mean look at me. If I were you I’d fuck Chibuzor’s bf and subtly ( or not so subtly) reveal (with ample evidence of course), that he came on to you strongly, basically play the victim and channel your inner telemundo villain. Then the relationship ends in shambles and you have the last laugh.

    And when the dust is settled you could sell the rights of the story to a telemundo channel. So its a win,win

  8. Francis
    September 29, 09:23 Reply

    *sigh* sometimes I wonder if staying single is the way out. All this hoeish behaviour that be keeping peeps restless in the day and tossing and turning in bed at night.

    At this rate one needs to discuss exclusivity and not assume it before jumping into any relationship.

    I don’t understand why one would want to be in a relationship while codedly scattering semen everywhere.

    • Max
      September 29, 09:55 Reply


    • james bruno
      September 29, 10:06 Reply

      meh. even if you discuss it, these hoes are still gonna lie to you

      • Francis
        September 29, 10:11 Reply

        Lol. Ain’t no winning angle sha.

        • Max
          September 29, 10:18 Reply

          Being single is better @Francis..

              • Francis
                September 29, 10:35 Reply

                ? He probably means been single is better than playing house with drama.

                Sincerely speaking being in a relationship freaks me out in a way sha as I’m so used to having my space all to my self with minimal conversation. Things you learn when you’re raised in a bubble.

          • JustJames
            September 29, 10:26 Reply

            Why do I feel like you don’t mean it maxine

            • Max
              September 29, 11:27 Reply

              When I say being single is better, what I really mean is-
              Being single is better than being in a relationship with a lying and cheating hoe (which is over 90% of gay people). With that kind of odds, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
              Being single saves you from drama and painful heartbreak. Saves you from sad memories you’d want to erase in future.

              The only thing better than being single is being in a relationship with a faithful partner.
              Do I sound clear enough now?

              • Pink Panther
                September 29, 13:20 Reply

                Hian. But of course. Who do you think would rather be in an emotionally abusive relationship than be single? We’re in the gaybourhood o, not the heterosexual dating scene where women can like to take in all sorts of BS. Men, especially gay men, don’t have that predisposition

                • Francis
                  September 29, 13:34 Reply

                  Pinky dearest, living in denial and suffering in silence affects straight and gay folks oh. Forget man. Low self esteem is not exclusive to straight folks

                  • Pink Panther
                    September 29, 14:31 Reply

                    Perhaps I’m just looking at it with me as a template. I find it inconceivable to be in a relationship where I’m abused emotionally and I’ll remain in it. Why? When there’s happiness to be pursued out there. I just can’t.

                    • Keredim
                      September 29, 14:47

                      Yup and become a “free agent”?????????

                    • Max
                      September 29, 15:50

                      The probability of being in an unhealthy relationship is extremely high in the gayborhood. That’s why I advocate staying single.
                      And whevener the issue of faithfulness comes up on this blog, a large percentage of commenters support “being faithful”. Now I always find it confusing and wishing I’d date one of you “faithfulness” preachers. But here’s the problem, it doesn’t mirror the reality in the Nigerian gay clime, and I’d like to think that a whole variety of gay people visit this blog(not just the faithfulness believers), so why aren’t they speaking up?

                      Or maybe the preachers are just hoes in disguise, I have no idea.. I find it rather unsettling..

                    • Francis
                      September 29, 16:00

                      ??Max oh. Well I can only speak for myself sha. Maybe they are not willing to comment less you attack them. Lol.

                      One of dem no send you message sha. ?????

                    • Keredim
                      September 29, 16:15

                      …or maybe the featured hoes on here are beacons of faithfulness in reality…. Who knows???

                      But hey, we all see what we want to see ?

      September 29, 13:22 Reply

      @ francis ……..This ur “Being in a relationship and codedly scattering semen everywhere” got me cracking…..I haf died laffing bikonu…..Pinkpanther a lot of very funny ppl here…..this blog by far now is my favorite blogspot….

  9. prince
    September 29, 10:45 Reply

    Total act of unfaithfulness. But for Chibuzor, stay faithful coz d gain of been faithful comes to you first and then to anyone else.How many minutes of SEX I ask?Lies may go undiscovered for million years but only takes a day for truth to catch up.In all, BE and STAY FAITHFUL#standup4faithfulness#

    • ikhines
      September 29, 12:50 Reply

      *been.. *being… two different words

  10. Ruby
    September 29, 11:51 Reply

    Oh mi Gosh!!!
    This can’t be happening

  11. kacee
    September 29, 12:11 Reply

    Chineke u’ve got to be joking….

  12. Cerio
    September 29, 12:17 Reply

    With or without generalizations,there are still faithful ones out there who wont trade their integrity and dignity for some minutes of sexual urge.

  13. Lothario
    September 29, 13:42 Reply

    *sigh* A time comes when you want to grow up and be an adult about your life. Date someone that you’ll love for ever and ever and do all the right things, but some people won’t allow you to be great….. Chai!

  14. Keredim
    September 29, 14:38 Reply

    Maybe Steve wants to arrange a 3some between them? ???

    And guys cheating…..Erm is that news?!???

    • Max
      September 29, 15:16 Reply

      You’d sure love a world where everyone will be roaming the streets naked, so you can check out cakes and D’s with ease and indulge in all sorts of sexual activities on the street.. Yes I know you love wild uncensored hardcore sex. Yes yes yes.

      Can you please stop making it so obvious?

      • Keredim
        September 29, 15:31 Reply

        Max you crack me up….
        So long it’s NOT your ashy arse On display, I am fine.

          • Keredim
            September 29, 16:35 Reply

            I love you too Gluteus MAXimus, I love you too.?????

  15. Darlington
    September 29, 22:44 Reply

    See Dude, don’t you think you were hurting yourself by going to meet Chibuzor and his new bf. You really were jealous of the duo. Two cute things that fit making you the misfit. What did you expect? A threesome? Or were u thinking a one more night stand was going to help? Discipline your ass.

  16. Andrevn
    September 30, 00:07 Reply

    Almost everyone is screaming foul and not seeing the possibility of Chibuzor being aware of his baes’ side games that could end in a steamy threesome win-win-win affair or more logically that he (Chibu) even pitched the seduction of Santa to Stefan.

    Let it be known that in every circle of life there always will be the individuals with rotten and stale disposition to monogamous exclusivity. But should that give rise to a hurried assumption and generalised conclusion based on probably a certain failed relationship experience with one of such persons by us. NO.
    So let’s learn to pick the shards of our hearts and emotions up from where it was left to smoulder and move on. Cos sincerely we’ve only just met a very minuscule of the personalities that abound on this terrestrial ball as holding unto the hurt sustained from heartbreak will only cloud our perception of things that are pure and true.
    #FromAYoungHeart that has a thousand and one stories to tell.

    • Francis
      September 30, 00:10 Reply

      Hmmm, that would mean the nigga is looking for an excuse to be banging his ex friends with benefits

  17. Delle
    September 30, 00:57 Reply

    I really am speechless! I dnt evn knw what’s what anymre. Steve wnts 2 bed d guy nd here I ws thinking Steve ws d submissive in his r/ship wif Chibuzor! Overwhelmingly hilarious I must say
    *crosses legs nd resumes make-up*

  18. Stranger
    October 01, 22:45 Reply

    Francis, I want to be your friend oh….

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