TIERs presents ‘UNTOLD FACTS’ by Moses Omoghena

TIERs presents ‘UNTOLD FACTS’ by Moses Omoghena

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce the launch of a new discussion series: “UNTOLD FACTS” moderated by TV host and media personality Moses Omoghena.Moses-2

UNTOLD FACTS is a 20-minute discussion show developed and produced by TIERs and geared towards enhancing the visibility of human rights, particularly sexual rights and sexual health rights in Nigeria.  It hopes to encourage the creation of an alternative narrative to shape public discussions on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. It promises to break boundaries and clarify myths and misconceptions around sexual orientation, gender identity and expression by addressing the issues with new faces and developing a fact-based generation that will challenge false narratives around the subject.

The show takes the form of a monthly YouTube Series disseminated through the TIERs YouTube Channel. From May 2016, new episodes will be uploaded every last Thursday of each month at 7pm.

The show will feature guests from diverse backgrounds including medical, legal, and social workers. The guests will discuss a variety of sexual orientation and gender identity issues in the context of a broader human rights discussion, including but not limited to discriminatory laws and access to services for LGBT persons in Nigeria, the impact of discriminatory laws on LGBT and non-LGBT persons in Nigeria, ideas on sexuality and spirituality, violence based on real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, visibility and coming out.

Audience participation is encouraged on social media platforms using the hashtag #UNTOLDFACTS as well as via comments on the TIERs YouTube Channel.

For further information about the programme and participation as a guest, please contact info@initiative4equality.org. TIERS-NEW-FLIER_-1

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  1. Absalom
    May 12, 05:26 Reply


    Why is the host looking so serious, though?

    • Pink Panther
      May 12, 05:32 Reply

      Hehehee. Becos revealing untold facts is serious business?

    • Imey
      September 28, 16:54 Reply

      Hey….I do hope you can guess who this is,we need to talk man,how can I reach you?

  2. Mandy
    May 12, 05:27 Reply

    See? People doing things. People taking strides. People actually stamping their brand with the LGBT instead of skulking somewhere behind a keypad to be all about condemnation.
    I’ll be tuning in for this. Sounds potentially enlightening.

    • Peak
      May 12, 06:59 Reply

      Haba Mandy! Let day break first and sun come up before u begin cast another shade.

      Big ups to all the men and women pulling and moving weights to steer us in the right direction.

  3. kolo
    May 12, 06:32 Reply

    Nigerian gays are fucked up. They don’t like themselves and they are too proud. Always walking with this aloofness that doesn’t even mean anything to an Ankara seller.

    Has anyone met the Human right gay whatever convener guy in Asaba? Proud bitch. Don’t be like her. ‘She’ made me hate everything activism. Can’t even relate with the bitch. Always feeling on top of everybody. Fake morons. Venom!

  4. Mr. Fingers
    May 12, 06:43 Reply

    These guys are doing good. Kudos to them once again.

    • Pink Panther
      May 12, 07:09 Reply

      Hello Kenny. 🙂 I don’t remember seeing you during yesterday’s carnage.

      • Kenny
        May 12, 07:57 Reply

        I was watching from the sidelines jejeli. I didn’t have the energy to drag matters with the ‘alpha gays’

        • Pink Panther
          May 12, 08:22 Reply

          LMAO @alpha gays. Please tell me you were sipping on lemonade while watching.

  5. Keredim
    May 12, 07:46 Reply

    ??Ah God please o! I hope this Moses guy, sent by you to deliver your chosen gay Nigerian people from slavery, through the red sea, into the promised land, is not an MGM?!??

    • ambivalentone
      May 12, 08:54 Reply

      Moses couldn’t save the Isrealites as an Egyptian darling. He had to be an Isrealite to do it. #FoodForThought

      • Keredim
        May 12, 09:25 Reply

        A bit of a stretch their darling, but i see where you were going. Fair point you make.

        I will be sure to tell Brad Pitt to fuck off, next time he speaks up for gay rights, as he is not a card carrying member of the gay party.

        • ambivalentone
          May 12, 09:36 Reply

          Well, u make it sound like some pure-blood Egyptians (not Isrealites in Egyptian garb) didn’t support the anti-slavery movement even before the plague wired dem.

          • Keredim
            May 12, 09:49 Reply

            No.. I was making a simply play on his name “Moses” and how he led people away from oppression. It was methaphorical.

            Na you wey go dey make am complicated, dey find another meaning.

            Ngwa, keep looking.

            • ambivalentone
              May 12, 10:02 Reply

              Whatever it was. Sarcasm, Metaphor, just choose wisely and avoid these ‘complications’

              • Keredim
                May 12, 10:29 Reply

                Point taken.

                Henceforth, i will write 2 versions of my comments: one for sapients and another just for you.

                • ambivalentone
                  May 12, 10:43 Reply

                  You needn’t. Half is just enough for those who have transcended sapient

                    • ambivalentone
                      May 12, 11:41

                      Looooool. You know u r not well.
                      Beta gaan ask what this translates to in English “gudugudu mi o fi igba kan tu ara le”

  6. Max 10
    May 12, 08:06 Reply

    YouTube? How many people have bandwidth for YouTube in Nigeria?

    Most of the viewers are going to be gay people anyway, so it takes away some of the purpose. I’ve seen it happen several times.

    They should try broadcasting it on something more mainstream.

    • Mr. Fingers
      May 12, 09:48 Reply

      Max all u do is try to rubbish other people’s efforts without adding anything to the struggle. Get a life dude. Smh

      • Max 10
        May 12, 10:25 Reply

        Lmfao ??? @Fingers, go finger yourself .

    • Olumide
      May 12, 20:00 Reply

      Something more mainstream like what please? Any suggestion? Certainly not TV, no one will let us have this on TV, we have tried many times, and I mean many Times. I did an interview like two years ago for a TV station discussing the Subject, I only found out this year that they got a query from NBC and some have in the past gotten a sanction with a huge fee. This is Nigeria, non TV will risk their business. But we can’t fold hands if TV wouldn’t let us, we look for another option cheaper and straight forward. Also, TV is not cheap, you don’t want to imagine the cost. However, if you have a better suggestion of platform than Youtube and Vimeo, please share we are very much open minded to this.

      • ambivalentone
        May 12, 21:31 Reply

        I was afraid that wud be a reason. I also feared the safety of the anchor and discussants might be at stake. But sanctions??? The level of extremism.

        • Olumide
          May 12, 21:40 Reply

          You will be surprised. I remember the owner of KD and I about a month ago at the Radio station where we had to discuss LGBT related issues, the rule and regulation, what you can say and not say before the show started, it was endless and you know why? They feared their license and I understand this. As for the anchor, this was why we used someone already on TV and known as a TV persons, instead of using a new face. Most of the guests coming on the show are well grounded persons. Sometime the challenges can drive one crazy but we have to stylish find our voice in the noisy country. One step at a time but community also MUST understand miracle will not happen overnight but we would get there.

          • ambivalentone
            May 13, 10:26 Reply

            I am quite fascinated that barring the fear of revoked licences, they were willing to listen (or were they?) and it wasn’t cos of journalist curiosity (or was it?)

  7. ambivalentone
    May 12, 09:05 Reply

    Awwwwwn. Thought TIERS wrangled a spot on TVC airtime to do this. Well, seeing as loads of Nigerians are two-timing, fat-faced liars and very good at googling gay porn sites, this shouldn’t take long to find.

  8. Delle
    May 12, 10:05 Reply

    Encouraging development. I wonder how Nigerians would take it seeing as it would be on air. Hmm

  9. Chizzie
    May 12, 12:40 Reply

    It’s a good concept I just hope the execution is good. Nothing clichéd or uninteresting. Certainly not like that quasi – LGBT clichéd ridden and poorly acted movie that was featured here the other time.

    • Olumide
      May 12, 20:07 Reply

      Nah, he is a professional TV person and that is how we should see this and as a TV person he should be able to moderate any discussion with open mind. Him doing this as nothing to do with is private life which I know nothing about.

      • Django
        May 13, 11:50 Reply

        LOL, this is KD, we know who Moses is. No need for the defensiveness. Tenk.

        • Olumide
          May 13, 13:24 Reply

          Mr Django, No am not defensive. Many people and anybody can read KD, just because they don’t comment doesn’t mean they don’t read. If people don’t officially come out themselves, we shouldn’t out them publicity. However, that also doesn’t mean I know anything about the host of the show but if we know things about them personally, let’s keep it out of their professional space. Thanks

          • Pink Panther
            May 13, 13:36 Reply

            Lol. Olumide, Django is female. That’d be Ms. Django. 🙂

            However your response is sound.

            • Olumide
              May 13, 13:59 Reply

              Ah, Darling Django am so very sorry for the unnecessary Mr title oo. No vex abeg. Much love

  10. Uziel
    May 15, 07:28 Reply

    This is awesome! Pushing boundaries. Bravo to TIERS abeg.

    YouTube sounds good to me. We can all take it mainstream by sharing the videos in Facebook and Twitter and IG. That’s the best we can do now.

    I you have any (bright) ideas, do good to share abeg. I’m tired of hearing people who are experts at point it out what’s wrong with an initiative but not the solutions to those problems.

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