Tonto Dikeh Isn’t Finished Letting Us Know Just How Much She Hates Olakunle Churchill

Tonto Dikeh Isn’t Finished Letting Us Know Just How Much She Hates Olakunle Churchill

Tonto Dike recently decided to resurrect, at least to public spectation, the age-old acrimony between her and her ex-husband.

The actress, who has been off the controversy scene for a while now, made a resounding comeback with a post where she suggested that her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, is bisexual.

Against a photo of herself smiling into the camera, she captioned: “You wake up one day and you discover you are married to a BISEXUAL Man… WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I WALKED OUT.”

She continued the caption by reminding her more than 5 million followers that “60% of the men you/WE marry SLEEP WITH MEN.”

Predictably, this led to a comments section filled with debates about marriage, gay men, gay sex and her ex-husband’s sexuality. Something that most likely must have gotten to Churchill, because he clapped back with an update on his Instagram story, mocking Tonto for sounding like a broken record and being an attention seeker.

This of course has led to a back-and-forth between the bitter exes, with Tonto seeming unsure whether her ex-husband is gay or bisexual; Churchill asked Nigerians not to pay attention to her and advised her to focus on her career while Tonto responded by calling him a “glorified idiot” and insisting he’s a fraudster.

This spat between these two exes has gotten really old, and Tonto Dikeh needs to get off this train where her ex0husband’s sexual orientation is what she sees as ammunition against him or a means to stir up controversy. I’d say we are so over her antics, but this is Nigeria; it is only in a society such as ours, where even as homophobes, we’re fascinated with the buttholes of men, that such homophobic antics employed by Tonto Dikeh can thrive.

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  1. Seth
    March 04, 06:09 Reply

    I feel tainted by even reading this dumbassery. They both come off like bottom of the barrel losers in this.

  2. Loki
    March 04, 07:21 Reply

    Dis dia quarrel no dey end??. Shoo. Tonto confuses me at times. Her best friend(bobrisky?) Is a trasgender and yet she is a glorified homophobe??
    So u married a bisexual man, so what? Do we need to knw?. Its almost like she trying to stir up homophobes. Madam Tonto, e don do. Biko goan rest. I wonda how u nd me carry com from d same state.

  3. Delle
    March 04, 07:27 Reply

    Like she isn’t the 25 thousand naira Abuja lesbian we’ve all heard about (seeing as sexual orientation is now the stone-in-the-sling).

    She and her scaly skin should go and rest abeg

    • Higwe
      March 04, 08:51 Reply

      Tonto is a bisexual for sure but a 25k one …. lmfao , not by a long shot.

      ……and Tonto has one of the most flawless skins I’ve ever seen .
      Pictures don’t do her justice. I’ve seen her in person and words can’t describe how absolutely stunning she is.

      I don’t know where the “scaly skin” diss is coming from … However ,I do understand your need to throw words around -just be a little more creative.

  4. Higwe
    March 04, 09:04 Reply

    I heard from a very reliable source that Churchill fucked her former bestie and stylist…. A man Tonto helped put on the map. …….
    Her anger to some extent is justified .

    What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t understand that these things she keeps saying about her ex , will have an adverse effect on her innocent son .??‍♂️
    *The chicken always comes home to roost*

    Anyway , Rumour has it she’s pregnant again.
    Let’s hope if it’s true , that the birth of her new child will put an end to this ennui , hackneyed and exhausting Tonto et Churchill drama.

  5. Ken
    March 04, 09:10 Reply

    Tonto de crase. Very foolish selfish girl. Must u wash ur dirty linen in public (assuming it’s even true)?? Mumu geh

    • Mike
      March 05, 13:57 Reply

      Since when is it her dirty linens?, Cause she’s a woman ?. Since when is she responsible for her husbands sexuality ? Oga shift. I’m not a fan of hers, I don’t care enough about Nigerian movies or celebs bit this much I know. She’s hurt and only lashing out and it’s well within her rights, she hardly puts name or a face to it, it’s the rest of social media connecting the dots.
      As a woman, a mother and a girl who thought she had found her prince charming, the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Her hurt is very valid, women are naturally vengeful, controlling a woman is a subtle art very few can master.

      She not responsible for her husbands sexuality, he’s dirty linens is his dirty linens. Her walking out of the arrangement was the braves thing a woman can do, choosing herself and happiness over a lier and idiot. A man that does not realize his choices would come back to haunt his family, eventually.

      • Gaia
        March 08, 17:28 Reply

        Thank you oooo. Thank you.

  6. Mikey?
    March 04, 09:51 Reply

    What’s with her an butt hole x-ray does that shit tell anything. This is now becoming too much. She’s really an attention seeking bitch

  7. Lorde
    March 04, 18:45 Reply

    Toronto has never been okay upstairs… just watch that 30mins video on Q&A with tonto on YouTube… you’ll see

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