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Just before the end of our clinical posting, before our pathology block posting, I had a hook-up with someone. I went to his house because I was bored and he was really nice, one of these very discreet gay guys. I went to his house late in the evening, and there was an understanding that I would stay the night. We gisted, had dinner and retired. We didn’t waste time before we fell upon each other. He was a really good kisser; at some point while we made out, I was positive he’d smooch my lips off my face. Then he pulled off my shirt and went for my nipples. The sensation was like nothing I’d ever felt before. As I writhed about in pleasure, I dug my hand into his boxers and felt the biggest dick I’d ever encountered in my entire life as a sexually active gay man. Even the BBC in porn would bow to this almighty rod. Jeezuz! Even when I tried to give him a blow job, his dick made me realize what a small mouth I had. This was something serious.

After the foreplay, when it was time to proceed to the main course, he asked me if I could take his dick. I said I would try. He pulled on a condom and applied lube. He went in gentle and steady, and when he was in, took his time with his thrusts. His stroking game was on-point. But for me, it was a mixture of sensations. I was moaning with pleasure and whimpering with pain. I remember praying at some point that he should cum already. But this oga was nowhere near coming. At some point, we took a short break, rested, before continuing. Eventually, he came, whipping out his dick as he neared his climax and wanking his cum all over my face. In spite of it all, I enjoyed it.

But the after effects was an intense pain. I suspected I’d been injured. It didn’t help that a couple of days before, I’d been part of a threesome that had been rough. I left his house the next day very sure that I would need medical care. I couldn’t use the teaching hospital where I trained. So, I needed to get to a private clinic. And the person I thought to ask for assistance was Kingsley. Since he stayed in town, I figured he would know private hospitals I could go to for a checkup.

When I called him to let him know I needed to see a doctor, he asked why. I told him I’d had a sexual encounter with a very big dick, that I just wanted to be sure I was okay. He told me of a clinic I could go to, even accompanying me to the place. After a rectal examination, it was discovered that I wasn’t injured that seriously. And we left.

I was really grateful to Kingsley for that. Grateful that I had someone like him to count on during a situation like this.

The day came when he came to my room with a girl, per our usual arrangement of him “borrowing” my room. Soon after they arrived, I left so they could do their thing. But barely fifteen minutes later, he called me, asking me to come back, that he was about to leave and that I should come and collect my key. I was surprised; he never used my room in anything less than thirty minutes. When I got home, it was to learn that the girl had already left. I asked him what happened, whether it was a quickie, and he told of how, after a few strokes, the girl had started crying, that his dick was too big and she couldn’t go through with it. And as a result, he was upset because he was turned on and hadn’t released.

As he was telling me what happened, he was trying to make a call, most likely to some other girl to come over, but the number didn’t seem to be going through. And this seemed to infuriate him the more. Suspecting there was more to this agitation, I asked him if he’d taken any pills before his intended shag with the girl. He said yes. I asked him what he now intended to do. He said he would simply go home.

With my heart now pounding and ignoring the voices warning me otherwise, I gave a short laugh and said jokingly that I could even see the dick that was too big for the girl to fuck. I mean, his hard-on was still raging behind his trousers. And then, with immense courage, I said, “What if you let me help you release?”

There was a brief silence after I said this, as though the world was hanging in a balance, waiting to see which way to tip the scales. Then he turned slowly to give me a stony look, before getting to his feet and walking toward the door, saying, “I have told you to stop that madness with me. It will never work. I will go home and help myself with soap in the toilet.”

Feeling instantly contrite, I apologized, said I didn’t mean to let my emotions get the best of me. We said our goodbyes and he left.

This was the first time I would make a play for him, and afterward, I was on pins and needles for a while. He had seemed so angry as he rejected my proposition, so much so that I feared that he would eventually turn on me, or worse still, tell people that I had tried to get him to have sex with me.

He didn’t. And we remained cool.

Then the time came when he began having issues with his mother, and he decided to leave his house and stay around school. He couldn’t of course rent a place; he was hoping he’d be able to squat with a friend. Most of the friends he approached said no. I was one of the last people he reached out to, and I didn’t know how to say no. And so, he moved in.

And for about two weeks after he moved in, I wasn’t sleeping in my room. I would always pass the night at a friend’s place, because I couldn’t trust myself to be in the same bed with Kingsley. I was so in lust with him that I feared that at some point, during a particular vulnerable moment, I would make a pass at him that would surely result in him beating me up.

One evening, as I was preparing to leave for my friend’s place to sleep over, he asked me if I’d been leaving my room because of him. That if that was so, I should tell him and he would leave. That he’d rather spend his nights in the classrooms than inconvenience me. He was obviously feeling bad for robbing me of my comfort. I told him that he didn’t have to leave, that it was complicated.

And he said with a smile, “So, you are leaving your room because you are still crushing on me? Oh boy, be a man and stop misbehaving joor. Abeg sleep in your room. If you mumu for night with me, I go slap sense into you.”

He said that so jocularly that I laughed, allowing myself to be persuaded to stay.

In the middle of the night, when I should normally be asleep, I was still awake. Thinking many thoughts. Thinking about Kingsley. About this undying desire I had for him. Wondering if it was love. Thinking about the unfairness of finding my emotions so yoked on a very straight guy. Thinking about this mess that I didn’t know how to get out of.

And from somewhere in the darkness, the object of my thoughts said my name. I didn’t even know he was awake himself.

“Do you know you are my best friend in the world?” he said.

I didn’t respond.

He continued. “When my dad died, of all my friends, it was only you who came for the wake and stood by me and supported me. Even though you know I’m not a very good guy, you’ve never criticised me. You’ve allowed me to stay at your place. You feed me. You help me with my studies. And sometimes, I really envy you, because I know you will be a better doctor than I’ll ever hope to be. If I were to start listing all the ways you’ve been a good friend to me, there will be no sleeping for us tonight.”

There was something heavy about this moment that sat on my heart, filling me with emotions I couldn’t describe. Filling me with a deeper need, a more aching yearning. For him.

“You are like a brother to me,” he said. “I know you are going through a lot just to keep me as a friend. I know us being close is not easy on you. But the truth is that I’m scared that even if I close my mind and do this thing with you, I would have done something I don’t know if I can forgive myself for.”

He paused.

And then he said, “Sherry, now tell me what you want from me.”

I hadn’t said a word since he started talking, and in that nightly silence, I refused to speak, pretending that I was asleep.

But he said, “Hey, I know say you dey awake. Better talk now before I change my mind.”

In a low voice, I finally responded. “Nothing. I am cool with us being friends, Kingsley. And that’s all that matters.”

He chuckled softly in the darkness, and then made a move that first startled and then petrified me. He moved in the bed, and the next thing I knew, he was gathering me into his arms, pulling me close to his bare, muscular body. This was the first time I’d be this close to him and I was both terrified and turned on. Yearning flooded my system, even as I lay there, stiff in his embrace, my heart beating madly away.

He put his lips close to my ear and said in a whisper, “You can touch me now. I’m sure that will make you happy.”

God! What sort of thing is this! I wanted to cry out.

With a composure I didn’t even know I had, I whispered back, “That won’t be necessary. I don’t want you doing anything just to please me. That will make me appear selfish and I don’t want that.”

He chuckled again, and said, “See this guy. I just said you should touch me and you’re talking plenty.” Without any further prompting, he gently reached for my hand and placed it on his crotch.

For a moment, I lay there, frozen, my hand immobile on his crotch. Then I began to gently and carefully rub him though his boxers, and to my mounting surprise and pleasure, his dick began to swell. That girl who rejected sex with him hadn’t been kidding; Kingsley had a really big dick. Ohmaigod!

I gently pulled down the boxers and held his dick in my hand. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. Then a voice whispered in my head: Bitch, you better grab this opportunity. It is tonight o! Do every and anything you will do to this dick tonight!

But I still lay there, holding his dick some more, trying to estimate the length and breadth of it. It was a fucking perfect dick. As I ran my hand over the erection, he shivered and let out a small moan. That was the most pleasing sound I’d ever heard. I skillfully rubbed his dick some more until I felt pre-cum start to leak from the penis slit.

Then suddenly, he placed his hand on mine, putting a stop to what I was doing. He removed my hand from his dick and said in a hoarse voice, “That is enough.”

WTF! I felt immediately robbed, like joy had been given to me, only to be ripped away before I could feel it. This couldn’t be happening! Surely, this guy didn’t mean to end things just when they were starting!

As he was about to pull up his boxers, I got up and slid atop him, saying urgently, “Kingsley, please, let me end it by giving you a blowjob.”

He shook his head, saying he doesn’t like “that shit”, and doesn’t even let girls suck him. I wasn’t to be deterred and begged until he finally relented, saying I should just “lick it small and that will be it.”

I was ecstatic. I reached for his dick, this time of my own volition. I went down on it. I wrapped my lips and tongue around the mushroom head. Then I let the edge of my tongue move down the length of the dick and then back up to tug at the crown. The dick was a snack and I was licking a lollipop.

As expected, he let out a harsh moan, accompanied by a “Fuck! What did you do!”

Smiling against his dick, I continued with my work. I deep-throated him and was all over his dick with my lips and tongue, all the while, running my fingers over and around his nipples. He was trembling now, cussing some more. When I slid up his body and took his nipples, one after the other, in my mouth, lavishing those sensitive areas with attention from my tongue, he was saying “Fuck! Oh fuck!” over and over.

Then he was forcing my head back down to his erection with a harshly-uttered command. “Suck that dick!”

Why, yes sir. But I thought you said you don’t like blowjobs.

I was bathing, scrubbing and washing that dick with my mouth and tongue, determined to give the best blowjob I’d ever given in my hoe career. I wanted to kiss him, but he wouldn’t let me. I asked him if he could fuck me. He said no, that the sucking was more than enough for him. Too much even, he said. But I was too far gone. I needed more.

I pleaded until he finally told me to do whatever I wished. So I got up, went to the wardrobe, and fetched some condoms and lube. I returned to the bed and sucked him some more. He was really into that, moaning and thrusting against my mouth. Then I slipped the condom on his dick and gently applied lube on him and on my asshole. Then I climbed on top of him and began riding him, bouncing up and down his dick.

After a while, he brought my face down close to his and said, “Can you handle me?”

“It has been my longtime dream,” was what I said in response.

Then he disengaged from me, setting me aside on the bed and reaching for the lube. He waved it at me, asking, “This is for your asshole?”

I said yes.

He nodded and began applying generous amounts of it on his hard cock. I watched him with a strange mix of anticipation and fright. When he was done lubricating his dick, he turned and greased my asshole. Then he got into position behind me. He stuck the tip of his cock-head in my hole. It felt wonderful! Warm and very hard. Then, he pushed my legs as far apart as he could and put about an inch of his cock inside and then without warning, pushed the rest of his dick in hard and quick.

A bolt of pain shot its way to my head and I choked out, “That hurts, Kingsley. Please take it easy.”

He paid no attention to me and further increased the pace of his thrusts.

“Kingsley, you must stop. You are hurting me!” I cried again, feeling pinpoints of pain ricocheting all over my body.

Instead, he kept invading my ass with fury. Tears welled up in my eyes and flowed down my face. I was in pain with Kingsley’s big dick going all the way in and out of my ass without care. He was fucking me like he was punishing me for making him do this. And for about fifteen minutes, I endured this punishment. After a while though, I started to relax, and then, I really began to enjoy the fuck.

I turned to him and instructed him to go all the way out of my asshole and then to shove his cock all the way back in again. He smiled at this and said, “Bad boy, so you have stopped crying.” As he fucked me, grunting his pleasure, he groaned, “You really have an incredible ass, and it is better than most of the girls I have fucked. And I would really like to come inside your tight asshole. What do you say?”

I thought about it for a moment and then said, “Yes, go ahead and come inside my ass.”

As soon as I said that, he peeled off the condom, applied lube on his bare dick, and dove right back in, fucking me like mine was the last piece of ass in the world. Sweat had drenched our bodies. I held my legs tight and pushed back as hard as I could. I was jacking myself off, while trying to hold him back with my hand against his thigh, pleading with him to take it easy. And he just kept on pulverizing my ass.

And then, I felt him about to come. His thrusts had become more frantic, more erratic, and his grunts were coming out harsher than before. I squeezed my ass really tight around his cock, and he exploded, shooting his hot cum deep inside my asshole.

For several moments, he lay next to me, both of us trying to catch our breath. Then he said, “That was a good one.”

I said, “Yes, it was.”

Then he said, “I hope you are happy now.”

I laughed softly in response.

We lay naked on the bed, drifting off to sleep with me wrapped around him. And very early the next morning, he woke me up with the whispered words that he wanted to go again. I let him. This time, he was much more aggressive and fucked me with a vengeance. He never once touched my dick or welcomed any attempt at kissing. This round of sex felt very impersonal, more so than the previous night’s. At some point, I ceased to actively participate and simply lay there like a log of wood until he came inside me again. Then he moved to the bathroom, took his bath, put on his boxers and laid down on the floor without saying a word to me.

When we woke up at daybreak, there was this quietness between us that wouldn’t go away, even when I tried to start a conversation. We soon left the house for ward rounds at the hospital. We were at different postings, so I didn’t see much of him all day.

When I came home in the evening, it was to see that Kingsley had packed up his things and left. I called him a few times but he didn’t pick my calls. Later he sent me a text message which stated that he did not want to see or have anything to do with me again. That whenever I see him, I should act like he was a stranger to me, because that was how he would surely treat me.

The text ended with: Thank you for using me. I hope you have finally gotten what you’ve always wanted.

Those last words hit me deep, inflicted pain.

We had just a week to our Year Four MBBS exams. I knew Kingsley hadn’t been studying well lately. I wanted to help him, to do my best to ensure he’d reach at least a reasonable point in the exams. But he had shut me out. I remember seeing him on the first day of the exam. Our exam numbers weren’t close, so there was no way we could communicate. After the essay part, during the break before the MCQ section, I went to him to find out how the exam went and how he was preparing for the exams in general. In a cold voice that cut off what I’d been about to say, he told me to move aside, that I should not bother him again. That stung. So, I resorted to minding my business all through the examinations, which lasted three weeks.

After the last exam, which was oral, on a Friday, the results were posted on the noticeboard. I passed. So also did most of my coursemates. But Kingsley’s name was on the withdrawal list; he had performed badly in all sections of the exam. My heart dropped when I saw his name there. I felt intense guilt. Like I was responsible somehow for his failure.

As everyone else was traveling to prepare for another hurdle of medical school, I heard news that Kingsley had traveled to stay with his uncle in Togo and may not be coming back.

This compounded the pain and guilt I felt. For the first time, I could finally agree with him that he was my best friend, someone I could honestly say I was in love with. And now I had lost him forever.

I just don’t know how to cope with this pain. As school resumed, I ran an HIV test and a few STD tests. The results came out negative. That helped with some peace of mind. Even though I still struggle with the pain of losing Kingsley. I decided to write about this as a form of therapy, a way to clear my mind and allow me face with some clarity the two most important things to me in this world: myself and my future.

Written by Sherry

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  1. Higwe
    January 03, 07:04 Reply

    All I can say is that your little escapade with Kingsley helped us get rid of a potentially disastrous medical practitioner ; for that I say thank you.
    As for your story – the less said about it, the better.

    • Mandy
      January 03, 07:18 Reply

      LOL. I was going to say the same thing. I mean, if this hadn’t happened, Sherry would have helped him and he’d possibly pass, and make his way into the healthcare system and start earning big bucks just to be a terrible doctor. Good riddance, I say.

    • Seventh Unicorn
      January 03, 09:43 Reply

      Oh, so you think Kingsley not making it as a doctor is the end right? Don’t forget that our climate is a very volatile place for our kinds still; and this guy could be a very useful tool in politics
      (if it’s just) to pull down every iota of uprising of the LBGTQ+ community agenda in this part of the world.

      WE NEED TO START TELLING OURSELVES THE TRUTH if we truly believe that WE ALL AIN’T JUST LUSTING AND FEASTING ON DICKS/ASSES (exactly what heterosexuals basically think of us).

  2. Sim
    January 03, 07:08 Reply

    Heh Sherry, welcome to the family. Am a Sr colleague and there are lots of Drs in this platform. U did absolutely nothing wrong, i will rather say Study hard pass ur final MBBS, make a career for urself and try to forget Kingsley. I have learnt to become contented within myself whenever anyone walks away and it works. He is going to have enough time to reflect on your relationship with him and may either reach out to you or move into obscurity. Pass and start making ur coins dear, it’s sweeter than being in love and broke ……

  3. Mandy
    January 03, 07:17 Reply

    Sherry, you really shouldn’t blame yourself much. Kingsley was as culpable in what went down between you two as you are. It’s not like you set out to force him to have sex with you. He in fact engineered it. And he had the power to refuse, to say no and stand by it. He wasn’t weak. So, him caving to your pleading isn’t on you. On some level, he wanted what happened to happen. I mean, he asked for a second round all of his own free will. So, no. You don’t get to feel guilty. Not for what happened. and especially NOT for him failing out of medical school. Stop using your sexuality to make excuses for a guy who was simply not good enough!!!
    And honestly, he accused you of using him? What an asshole! I hope, in his new life as a Togolese, he learns to own up to his faults instead of pushing them onto other people.

  4. Black Dynasty
    January 03, 08:49 Reply

    It sucks that you lost your best friend but I think everything happens for a reason and from an objective POV, it was better that he left as he was going to weigh you down in life no matter what you did for him…. i.e. this was a toxic friendship.

    Secondly, you did not use him @ all. You made your moves, he declined and you respected that. He made his move and you responded accordingly.

    I understand everyone is different but i tend to read between the lines and this was his way of saying goodbye to you as he probably knew he was moving away…. especially after this line “I would have done something I don’t know if I can forgive myself for.” and he went on to seduce you.

    He may or may not get in touch with you down the line as he’s feeling hella guilty for enjoying it so much that he asked for a second round, but you’ll he fine. Thankfully you were not infected.

    Hopefully you’ll avoid straight men moving forward, the heartache is really not worth it at all. Focus on your studies, pass your exams and make that paper whilst establishing your career.

  5. KingB
    January 03, 08:49 Reply

    I don’t think you did anything wrong . He’s a full grown man and should be held responsible for his action. The only thing that gladdened my heart is that he didn’t make it into our health system. I was already praying he doesn’t qualify as a doctor after going through the description you gave about him yesterday. Good riddance.

  6. Seventh Unicorn
    January 03, 09:21 Reply

    So y’all are gonna ignore the fact that Sherry pushed Kingsley and used him right (with a pat on the back)? Now let’s flip the coin, how about a gay man pushed to the point where he was finally broken and engages in sex with a woman? Oh I think I know what most of y’all rants will be. WHAT SHERRY DID HERE WAS CRUEL, JUST AS HE ALMOST DID WITH MIKE (I’m sure if he wasn’t younger very likely he would have gotten his way back then as well).

    Guys please let’s stop acting like we don’t know that people who aren’t gay also have RIGHTS! As a kid yeah, you try stuffs but growing older should also mould the way we go about our dealings. As a gay man in his late twenties I would be devastated if someone close to me pulls every string in the box just to get me to lay with a woman (I can’t even wrap my head around that thought for a moment). It’s like having encounters with a guy whom you never had any ideas was HOMOPHOBIC (this I have experienced and I swore to never speak to the a’hole again because I felt like I was used by someone I could trust with myself).


    • that dark-fair guy
      January 03, 10:32 Reply

      So you didn’t read the part where he left his room for close to 2 weeks so as to avoid doing anything with him? Are you just trying to be contrarian?
      He didn’t make any advances at Kingsley on that night.He tried not to do it but Kingsley insisted.
      Please don’t even start with the guilt-tripping.
      Sherry is not at fault here.It would have been a different situation if Sherry insisted or forced himself on the dude.

  7. that dark-fair guy
    January 03, 09:45 Reply

    Hi Sherry.
    You shouldn’t get worked up about this.It was never your fault.I mean,he seduced you and all.If anything you should be happy he is no longer your friend.This friendship was a disaster waiting to happen anyway.
    I’m a medical student too, and in this medical school,I think one’s peace of mind is very important to scale through.Consultants taunting you is enough to demoralise you, adding a toxic friendship to that is very unhealthy.
    So enjoy your peace of mind and seize that MBBS (MBChB as applicable).

  8. trystham
    January 03, 11:24 Reply

    That vulture of a lawyer who posted shii and his vocal supporter can learn a thing or two about boundaries and respecting them from this story

      January 03, 13:00 Reply

      Lol. U really just had to do that.
      Sherry dear, we are all responsible for our paths. Had a real close friend with whom I prepared for the exams who failed final MBBS while I passed and i felt guilty for passing. It’s that crazy; let alone you who were prevented by your friend from helping him. Don’t give in to the guilt. It’s not your fault. You tried to stay away and be a decent friend. You are human, you have desires, you were seduced and infact, taken advantage of. He chose his path. You should not feel guilty for his choices.

  9. Mark
    January 03, 13:44 Reply

    Hi Sherry. I’m glad you are colleague in the making. About your story, please do not continue feeling guilty. He chose to have sex with you and both of you consented to it & enjoyed it. How do you know he wouldn’t have failed out of medical school excluding what happened between you two? He too could turn out very successful tomorrow in any other career he chooses. Everything happens for a reason.

  10. Arinze
    January 03, 14:07 Reply

    You have to get over your guilt. You did not use Kingsley; if anything, he used you. He insisted on being your friend when you tried to create some space on account of what you felt for him. He wasn’t thinking about your emotional wellbeing then, but about himself. If a girl has rejected him, would he still remain friends with her? He should, but he wouldn’t, most straight men wouldn’t. The nerve on these men, to demand our fullest loyalty when they do not extend half of that to their objects of desire.

    You were a good friend who had a crush. You were there for him and it was obvious you’d been doing a good job of navigating the treacherous waters of friendship and desire. Even lying on that bed with him, you didn’t touch him, didn’t make the move: he did. You resisted; he SEDUCED you. His reaction afterwards was borne out of homophobia, and his accusation of you, that “now you’ve gotten what you wanted”, is an a user’s weapon. You are not responsible for him. He is a toxic person who treated women as dispensable objects, and then turned around to treat a man he claims to cherish as a thing. Move on. He made his choices; whatever informed them, you have NO hand in it.

    And while you’re moving on, work on your obsession with heterosexual men. Most of us have or had it, it’s such a common thing in the gay community, and we can have a conversation about its roots some other day. But work on it because it’s unhealthy for you.

  11. Dickson Clement
    January 03, 14:17 Reply

    Something doesn’t add up! Is this fictional? Cos at 4th MBBS, even if you don’t write shit- you only get to repeat the class! Most Medical school at this point will opt to keep you for years than let you go because at that point becoming an unlicensed doctor is very easy!! So,which med sch is this ?

    • Tristan
      January 03, 15:23 Reply

      Year 4 MBBS is 3rd MBBS not 4th MBBS na

  12. FairySwanKing
    January 03, 14:33 Reply

    Let’s look at it from the POV of consent.
    Kingsley didn’t even give consent for a blowjob
    He outrightly said no, all he agreed was for a bit of fellatio, “lick it small and that will be it.”
    But Sherry badgered him because he had his own agenda “…I was too far gone. I needed more…” until he yielded and in the spur of the moment when he was incapable of making a logical decision, lets Sherry have his way, “…I pleaded until he finally told me to do whatever I wished…”. This sounds like resignation to fate, but some will say it is consent.
    And so the physiologic response to tactile stimulation takes place and U people say it is consent? In other words someone who enjoys sex even though (s)he didn’t give consent was not raped!
    Just wow!
    Am I surprised? Not at all. After all, Dennis M. will always say, “Gay Men are first of all Men”.

    • Pink Panther
      January 03, 15:35 Reply

      You’re seriously going to quote Dennis Macaulay as a voice of wisdom here? Really? ??

    • Mandy
      January 03, 15:42 Reply

      Please, in pointing out all these things, let’s not excuse the Kingsley from any culpability. He SEDUCED Sherry. Let’s not just forget that part of the story. Sherry repeatedly told him that he didn’t want to cross any lines, and Kingsley pushed him over the edge.
      And secondly, he came asking for a second round. HIM, not Sherry. Nobody put a gun to his head this time.
      Let’s not come here and be acting like the straight guy is some sort of victim here. He wasn’t.

      Bottom line is: nobody used anybody. Contrary to what Kingsley would’ve liked Sherry to believe.

  13. freshlaundry007
    January 03, 15:25 Reply

    I WAS SOOOOOO looking forward to the conclusion of this story but towards the end of it, I found my expectation changing. I knew how it would end but i dared for it to be different. The danger with stories like this is that it subconsciously gives gay men the erroneous impression that ALL straight men can be “converted”, just give it time. This is wrong, just as wrong as people who think that gay men can be converted, just give it time. The reality of the situation is that some of the things Sherry “tried”, i.e advances and all could have gotten the shit beaten out of him or possibly gotten him killed. The FACT is, not ALL straight men can be converted even though most can be paid to show you things ( trust me i know, wink wink). Story for another day and thinking they all can, can lead to some very rude awakenings i.e dirty slaps on your face. So as lovely as the story was, I look forward to a story where the gay boy doesnt get the “girl”, aka the straight guy. They room together platonically forever and NEVER cross the line and live happily ever platonically after because THAT is the reality for a lot of “Real life” cases and it would be nice to see those stories represented. In summary, what i’m saying is it would be nice to see a gay man and a straight man be best of friends and never cross the line instead of another cliche conversion story. Fin

    • Seventh Unicorn
      January 03, 15:53 Reply

      Thank you. It’s just disheartening when most of us (especially gay men) rule out other people’s right to LIVE THEIR LIVES JUST AS THEY WERE BORN just because ‘they’re not who we would want them to be’.

      • Freshlaundry007
        January 03, 16:13 Reply

        I totally concur with you oh but that being said. I recently became friendly with this stupidly hot straight guy and “joked” about how much it would cost me to see him NAKED. He “joked” back an amount. Let’s just say……….. (smiles). See me giving unsolicited gist. Lol. But yes back to the point, we must learn to be content with the fact that we can’t have everyone we want and that’s perfectly fine and gay men and straight men can exist side by side without having to fuck each other senseless even if they share a bed!

    • Higwe
      January 03, 18:12 Reply

      Aptly put…
      Sometimes I wonder…
      I’ve had a lot of crush on straight guys in my days and I didn’t bed 99.9 percent of them.
      *And I would fancy myself way above average in the looks department*
      But then… Different realities..

      • Freshlaundry007
        January 03, 18:53 Reply

        Quite frankly I think it’s generally a bad idea to push or encourage someone who has expressly stated that he is not on to dudes to try something with you strictly for your enjoyment. It 9 out of 10 times doesn’t end well. For me, I’m easy to please, once I can see you naked, I just make a mental note of that, go home and let my right hand and soap do the rest. Friendship saved! Lol

  14. Omiete
    January 03, 16:38 Reply

    This was a really good story. I really felt this and I can relate so well with this. Like everyone said it’s not your fault that Kingsley failed. And you didn’t use him. Using his own words he should man up and get over it it’s just sex!!! Sex that he enjoyed. I hope he moves on tho.

  15. Sworld
    January 03, 16:57 Reply

    I have got mixed feelings with this story but let’s learn to keep Friendship as Friendship with no urge, its very vital

  16. KingBey
    January 03, 19:49 Reply

    You sha have time o. I’m glad he didn’t continue as a medical student. This is a career that deals directly with human life. It’s either you’re totally in for it or you’re out. Good riddance to bad rubbish I would say. You deserve better and yeah, you really tried for him. You don’t owe him anything and you did nothing wrong. Life goes on.

  17. E
    January 03, 22:32 Reply

    For everyone saying ‘Kingsley had it coming’, let’s do a little thought experiment: imagine Sherry is a straight guy, and Kingsley is a girl. So she already said she wasn’t interested, but at a time when she was mentally and financially vulnerable, with nowhere else to go, you pushed her to go further and further with you till you wound up having sex. This is a metoo moment.
    Not denying Mr Kingsley’s role in this, but Mr Sherry should have had the good sense to reject such an offer. Even if he said, it’s fine, let’s do this, the fact that he was essentially destitute, recently bereaved, and inordinately grateful put Mr. Sherry in a imbalanced position of power. Push too hard and someone that isn’t prepared will stumble and hurt themselves. The outcome was awful for everyone, especially because it was so obvious and avoidable.
    Anyway, let’s ALL aspire for more self control in 2019

    • trystham
      January 04, 05:55 Reply

      I beg to differ. The balance of power was tilted entirely in Kingsley’s favor. He knew it, very obvious from realizing our Sherry always RAN from him, sleeping in places other than his own room, AND wielded it. Sherry may be at fault listening to that devil of a Kingsley and sleeping in the same room, with thoughts of desire in his head when he should have killed it a long time ago, but I think he still showed a lot of restraint up until he ‘fell’. 100% for effort abeg

    • Dav
      January 04, 21:54 Reply

      You have a point but let’s be honest. Sherry didn’t do anything rather he played along and don’t forget the Kingsley of a Character had the guts to say THIS IS GOOD and had the guts to request again for a second round this time being aggressive in the Sex.
      Infact Kingsley wanted to taste the Gay Life and it’s unfortunately unfortunate that Sherry was the Victim…
      Thank GOD I’m not Sherry cos I go Curse am, after you don chop my Bogina. What Rubbish

  18. Canis VY Majoris
    January 03, 22:47 Reply

    In time, this too shall pass like everything else.

    He’d be back. But let him go in your mind first. Not easy but it can be done.

  19. viko
    January 04, 01:24 Reply

    Dear pink panther,

    plz contact me (gmail) I hv som personal questions


  20. viko
    January 04, 01:28 Reply

    why do I not feel empathy for sherry after he allowed his thinking faculty vacate its premise bcoz of a raunchy sex… with a deep seated HOMOPHOBIC!…..i can proudly say “u deserve it” ….guys like that are toxic.. forget familiarity they can cause a Lotta damage!

    but I don’t blame you… love can be blinding ?

  21. Jinchuriki
    January 04, 11:16 Reply

    Sherry, it’s okay to feel bad, I am glad you do. Straight friends like this one are not to be fantasized about. You keep them as friends, just friends. Even if they some how have sex with a guy later on, don’t go having sex with them, It will ruin the relationship tbh, the hurt is on a different level.

  22. Mitch
    January 04, 20:24 Reply

    I’m actually glad you told this story. Because there’s one very important thing that it does: IT TALKS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ACTIVELY AND CONSTANTLY TRY TO SHIFT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR ACTION TO OTHERS.

    Now, Sherry, the fact that you feel bad makes me realise there’s hope yet for you; hope for you to steer clear of people and situations that’d make you compromise. Just try, everyday, to remember that while being gay means you have a thing for men, it also presupposes you to ensure you ONLY GO FOR MEN WITH AN AFFINITY FOR MEN.

    That said, keep your head up. Nobody’s worth you killing yourself over. Least of all, someone who’d have the impetus to use you and then claim used at the end of the day.

  23. Kenny
    January 05, 00:03 Reply

    It’s obvious from the story that the guy really liked you, he accepted you, listened to your stories even with the intensity of his prior homophobia.
    Girls complain of this issue too, majority of guys they meet end up trying to get beneath their outer clothing which isn’t supposed to be. The fact that he’s a gender of your attraction doesn’t necessarily mean you guys should have sex.
    My emphasis on the fact that some relationships are meant to be what they are, PURE FRIENDSHIP.

  24. Eclectic
    January 05, 05:54 Reply

    What a story! I don’t think you should feel guilty, you are both adults and frankly speaking, it was what you wanted all along.
    I don’t know why most straight guys I become friends with, it sometimes gravitates toward this sexual space and I try my best to never allow it happen. I have cut off many straight friends because of things like these. Once a friend identifies as straight I turn that light off because at the end of the day, they may turn around to resent you. I can’t deal with that drama!

  25. Kabbiz Editor
    January 05, 12:33 Reply

    Sadly, this is something to be understood…completely. A gay guy falling in love with his straight best friend. The straight beat friend knowing that the gay guy loves him and uses it over his head like an ax. Still, Kingsley wanted whatever happened to happen. He knew of Sherry’s lust for him, yet he remained. He woke a guy up in the middle of the night and asked him to make a request of him. Kingsley, tried, truly, and really. He refused. Kingsley engineered it, is Sherry to blame?

    This is one of the reasons I feel black sadness for gay men. They have it at the short end of the stick.

    So sad.

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