Tweet of the Day: A Prayer For The Nigerian Homophobe’s Long Life

By God, I want to be alive when this happens so I can tell someone “I told you so”.

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Tweets of the Day: About Gay Stereotypes

Bottoms speak good English. Tops don’t care about their personal hygiene. Bottoms don’t have muscles. Tops don’t cross their legs when they sit. Bottoms are bitchy. Tops don’t have time

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Tweet Of The Day XIII

This sarcasm is what those who say being gay is a choice deserve.

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Bests Of Online Hookups II

LOL!!! Quite the flow.


  1. Mandy
    January 26, 10:07 Reply

    ????? Chile. I felt this “prayer” in my soul.

  2. Bee
    January 26, 11:15 Reply

    I really don’t think it would take as long as you guys are estimating.

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