Tweet of the Day: When In Doubt, Ask Questions

Tweet of the Day: When In Doubt, Ask Questions




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  1. Black Dynasty
    April 21, 07:44 Reply

    Very true, it’s not something that’s often talked about.

  2. trystham
    April 21, 07:46 Reply

    Might as well thank Tobee. He came into my life much later than I’d have liked, but his presence is everything. I only hate how he trivializes anything I think I have got. Is that a thing with doctors?

    In keeping with the post’s theme, who else thinks Gideon Okeke posted his homophobic rubbish to throw people of his scent, as well as with his recent wedding?

    • DeadlyDarius
      April 21, 07:58 Reply

      Seeing that you have a sample size of one, I’m going to go out on a limb and say no: its not a ‘thing’ with doctors.

      • trystham
        April 21, 08:36 Reply

        Let our sense of humor rise with the risen lord this day. Amen

        • BRYAN PETERS
          April 21, 23:41 Reply

          Lmaooo. Touchê. However, I’m gonna have to go with Darius on this. It’s certainly not a thing with doctors. Probably just those you have met

    • Pink Panther
      April 21, 08:31 Reply

      LMAO. Is that not what they often do? We see Gideon Okeke. We do.

    • MGMphobic
      April 21, 10:38 Reply

      Before he disabled the comments, a lady called him out with threats to expose him. Many people called him out. Dude is a confused dick loving faggot

  3. Dee
    April 21, 07:53 Reply

    How can I get THE health professional for these needs. Any ones here or recommendations?

    • Pink Panther
      April 21, 08:33 Reply

      Sim comes to mind. There’s also Francis. You should check out his Health Centre column. It’s full of informative tidbits.

  4. Chizzie
    April 21, 08:33 Reply

    Also Tops stop pounding on it like it’s pounded yam. It is not self lubricating and self expanding like a vagina so every sensible top should know to apply caution and be reasonable from time to time

    • Delle
      April 21, 11:54 Reply

      What I do not even understand is the bottom that will let a Top pound on him like he’s Ede in mortar. What happened to pushing the person off with such force that he lands so hard on his butt, enough to crack a bone? What happened to putting a stop to the whole thing, pulling your pants off and walking away?

    • Black Dynasty
      April 21, 15:07 Reply

      This!! Especially when it was not requested for… not everyone wants or likes that.

  5. Francis
    April 21, 11:53 Reply

    The images pre and post surgery makes me wanna stop having butt sex ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  6. Dimkpa
    April 21, 15:30 Reply

    Enough with this anal incontinence, tears, abscess or fissure rubbish.

    There’s no evidence to show that any of that is caused by anal sex.

    Also gay sex did not start yesterday. It has been going on for ages. There are gay men who have lived to their 70s and 80s. If they had all these from gay sex, it would be in the medical textbooks by now. I have worked in the field dealing with these conditions and I have not seen it affecting gay men disproportionately.

    For all the size queens out there, how big can a dick be that it will irreparably damage the anal sphincters. Some of us do poos that are bigger than any dick can be yet it doesn’t damage the anus. I have seen people into fisting whose anus still goes back to normal after having a fist in there.

    It is all scaremongering to make people feel bad about being gay or having gay sex. It is all homophobic nonsense from people who want there to be some consequence for homosexuality. It just isn’t true.

    • Peace
      April 22, 05:44 Reply

      Well… Yes Dimkpa, it isn’t caused by anal sex persay but, anal sex is a risk factor, it increases the chances of one getting such tears.

      Now the Anal sphincter has an elastic limit. Which when over stretched doesn’t return to its former state. I’ve had cases of people, who had anal tears while pooing. Different strokes for different folks. It’s not in anyway to scare people from having gay sex, but just to keep us in the know that, things like this happen and when they do, medical help should be sought.

      While growing up, I remember reading a story of a guy whose anal sphincter lost its elasticity and because of that, he was always soiling himself and was also ashamed whenever he got to the hospital. Plus how long it took him to recover. Even though I was scared, it didn’t make me less active. It just put it to me that there’s a possibility of this happening, and how I should be careful and not goan take tree trunk in za name of sex. Lol

      Articles like this are importanter, why? They keep us in the know.

      • Dimkpa
        April 22, 07:28 Reply

        Please tell me where you read about the elastic limit of the anal sphincter.
        Tears can occur but do not lead to incontinence. Fissures do happen and are not in anyway caused by penetration or being widened. Ironically, the cure for chronic fissures is to dilate the sphincter. In times past the teaching was to stretch it with four fingers (Lord’s procedure).
        With regards to the story you read what was the source? Who wrote it? Is it possible it could have been written by homophobic wankers intent on scaremongering?

  7. Denzel
    April 22, 14:43 Reply

    The problem with bottoms is that they like to be on the receiving end of sex (no pun intended).
    Why is your Top pounding you like you stole something from him?
    Why is the sex so fast and rough are you competition to win something?
    What happened to slow painless sex?
    Dear Bottoms, please stop being on the receiving end of sex.
    As far as i am concerned bottoms should be the ones controlling the sex, always tell the Top what you want.
    if you want it fast tell him, if you want it slow tell him, if the sex position is too painful or causing any form of discomfort to you tell him. And if your Top can’t abide by your rules then wear your cloth and go home.
    Sex is something that is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties.
    Porn is the major cause of this nonsense, you guys forget that pornstars are just entertainers, they go through many discomforts just to get paid.
    I think Tops need to do better because i don’t understand how you’ll claim to like/love someone and be pounding him like he owes you money. When i Top i always take note of the person bottoming if i sense any form of discomfort from him i make sure i stop thrusting immediately because I’m trying to give pleasure and not cause pain. Communication is key please.

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