Chapter 3: Taking Over

The resumption date was drawing close and I was dreading going back to school to meet another set of seniors. The day however was soon upon us, and my dad was late in getting us the things we needed for the term, so that we left the house by around 3 pm. We got to the school around 5:30 pm. While I was getting checked in, I noticed some boarding house masters were sending some SS1 students back, and this was puzzling for me and my dad. When he asked my house master why they were sending some students away, the man told my dad that the school had decided to move all SS1 students to the other campus to join SS2s and SS3s. my heart skipped a beat when I heard this. I looked around to confirm this and noticed that I couldn’t see any SS1 boys strutting about the school compound.

This meant that JSS3s were now the automatic rulers of this campus!

I was so excited that I didn’t even wait to properly bid my father and brother goodbye. I was like, “Adios, family members! I have a kingdom to go and claim!” I was soon racing off to my hostel with my things to join my mates in celebrating this fortuitous turn of events.

Ruling the school gave me a special kind of glow. I think it’s time I describe how I looked back then in school. I used to be lean. Not skinny. Just lean, with enough flesh to make me seem curvy. And I had pecs that bulged out to give my chest the impression of being breasted. My “boobs” turned out to be my selling point, as they often had boys talking about me. you won’t believe it, but there were those who thought I was a girl who had somehow gotten mixed up in a boys’ secondary school. This speculation was fueled by the fact that no one could say they’d ever seen my penis. (I was always super self-conscious whenever I took my bath, making sure to always tuck my penis out of sight.)

This kind of talk gave rise to my nickname – Hermaphrodite.

Different boys had different intents behind their calling me the name. Some called me that out of fondness, some to get my attention, some others teasingly, and yet others as a way to cruelly mock me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I was too busy enjoying this newfound authority I had as a JSS3 student in school.

One afternoon, right after school, I was in my classroom, idling away, when Dapo came in and called out a greeting to me. I met Dapo in JSS2 when he just newly transferred to our school. He was quite good looking, tall and really skinny. That first day he resumed, his friends introduced me to him as one of the hostel babes. We all laughed it off, just one big joke. Except we didn’t know then that Dapo was interested in information like that. I kind of liked him, and wouldn’t have minded hooking up with him. But then, news soon began to fly around that Dapo had acquired the reputation of being a serial… Well, how do you say “womanizer” in homosexual language? The rumour mill had it that he’d practically fucked most of the queens in the boarding house, especially those in his house. Hearing this from different sources really turned me off Dapo. And I stayed away from him all through our JSS2.

“Omo, see your fresh nyash,” he said as he came into the class, his eyes zeroed in on my derriere.

I turned to smile at him, and without saying anything in response to him, I continued with what I was doing. I don’t know if my smile gave him the impression that I was interested in him or he simply didn’t care about my feelings. But the next thing I felt was Dapo grabbing my ass.

I was shocked. Shocked that he would dare try this with me. Before I could react, he had taken position behind me and was grinding his stiff dick against my ass, almost dry-humping me.

I recovered quickly from the shock and pushed him away. Moving away from him, I said, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“You’re doing as if you don’t want it,” he said. “I know you’re not as innocent as you want people to believe.”

He moved toward me and cornered me against the wall, grabbing me to dry-hump me again. I was becoming really pissed by his crassness and violently pushed him off me.

“See, Dapo, if you don’t stop this nonsense, I’m going to report you to Mr. Sotunde,” I said with a shaking voice.

Mr. Sotunde was our vice principal.

Dapo wasn’t fazed by my threat. He came at me again, like he hadn’t heard a word I said, and began trying to feel me up again. I pushed him away again, this time with twice the strength I used before, almost knocking him to the ground.

“Look, you idiot!” I yelled at him. “Don’t try this nonsense with me! I am not one of those your boys that you can do anyhow with o!”

I was furious. And so, apparently was he. He regained his balance and came at me again. This time, when he lifted his hand, it was to lash out at me with a hard slap to my face. Before I could react to this unexpected blow, another slap had landed on my face. After which he stormed out of the classroom, yelling profanities at me. I wasn’t even paying attention to him. I just stood there, crying. Not because of the slaps but because of the reason behind his assault. The fact that I’d just been assaulted because I rejected somebody’s advances made me cry even harder.

I ran out of the classroom, still holding my face, and marched straight to the vice principal’s office. As I entered the office, I began to cry harder. This time though, it was an act. I wanted my distress to register with Mr. Sotunde. And expectedly, he was alarmed. He asked me what the problem was. And before I could answer, something inside me told me not to tell him the real reason why Dapo slapped me. I don’t know if it was because I felt responsible for the community of boys who slept with boys in my school and as such, didn’t want ruin one of our own because of this one thing we all shared in common. I still wanted him disciplined for even thinking of raising his hand on me.

So, I cooked up some reason, ensuring that Mr. Sotunde got a good look at the angry imprints of Dapo’s slaps across my cheeks. He told me to go and call Dapo to his office immediately. I rushed to Dapo’s dormitory and found him in the midst of his friends gisting.

“Mr. Sotunde wants you in his office immediately,” I said to him, then turned and left.

As I walked away, I soon realised that Dapo was following behind me. We soon got to the vice principal’s office, and Mr. Sotunde emerged from the inner room with a mighty cane in his hand. He didn’t say anything to Dapo, not even allowing him to say a word. He just pounced on him and began whipping the living hell out of him. I’m sure Dapo got the whupping of his life that day because I lost count at stroke 11. He cried his eyes out while trying to explain himself to Mr. Sotunde. But Mr. Sotunde was not having any of it, as he continued caning him until he was satisfied.

Then he barked at Dapo, “Don’t you ever try that in this school, not to your mate, or even your juniors.  Now get out of my office right now.”

Dapo was sobbing hard as he stumbled out of the office, his hands cradling his bruised body. Mr. Sotunde then told me to report him at once to him, should he hit me again, after which he dismissed me. I went straight to my dorm and told no one what happened. And Dapo had the wisdom to stay away from me from then on.

Written by Pleasure Bunny

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  1. Higwe
    April 20, 08:27 Reply

    Dang !
    You were pretty ballsy and very smart for your age.

    You managed to kill two birds with one stone .

    Get Dapo punished without putting a negative spotlight on yourself …..nice one .

    Interesting series so far ….


    When are we getting to the sex part ???

  2. MGM Hater
    April 20, 11:51 Reply

    Ok. good.

    Guys, how do I grow ass. I am 26 soon and it is just flat. Any supplement to use? I started squats recently. epp me, I no to slay

    • Higwe
      April 20, 16:18 Reply

      Having a big ass is genetic ….if you were not born with a big ass , there is no way you can magically make it large -unless you go for surgery at Grandville ?? , then I’d recommend you meet Toke , Tonto or Tiannah …


      But you can certainly make your ass fuller , more defined , toned and better put together……all these can give the appearance of a bigger butt .

      Aesthetically , a muscly toned ass looks better in a guy than a fat jiggly one * my opinion *

      Random squatting is good …but it can take a pretty long ASS time before you start seeing visible results .

      My suggestions :

      Point 1 –

      Barbell squatting – Barbell squatting is when you support weight on your shoulders and then squat.

      You’d need to create a consistent set for effective result.

      I’d recommend 15 reps ; 3 sets .

      For a beginner like you , you will start with minimal weight ..maybe increase it as time goes by.

      The advantages….

      This builds up your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

      They strengthen your core.

      Build muscle all over your body

      Ups your metabolism to burn more fat

      Increase hormone release

      Makes your back stronger.

      Deadlift barbell :

      This is the most common type of weight lifting right next to bench pressing .

      This one is relatively much easier and quite safer.

      You’d need to position yourself well though to avoid back injuries later on.

      For a beginner , you will start with the lighter weights…don’t bend your back while lifting

      How to do it ….

      Stand with your mid-foot under the barbell

      Bend over and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip

      Bend your knees until your shins touch the bar

      Lift your chest up and straighten your lower back

      Stand up erect with the weight….

      I’d recommend five reps ; ten sets ..

      …………… Point 2

      If you are not interested in lifting weights , then you’ll have to find a way to make your squats more fun and a little more difficult.

      Maybe squat with one foot up in the air ….


      Step ups

      Squat with dumbbells …

      The more your routine surprises your body ,the better chances of it giving you exactly what you want .

      __ point 3

      Get a personal trainer if you can afford one ….who knows , you might get one that is open to happy endings ?


      I wouldn’t recommend supplements ….since you’re not interested in general body building ….

      Taking supplements without adequate workout could make you blow up like a sow .

      Less carbs and junks …. more natural proteins ……is the way to go ?

      Endurance exercises like running jogging etc are not helpful in building a bigger butt .

      Good luck ?

    • Rehoboth
      April 21, 06:02 Reply

      Look no further than your pseudonym on why your ass is flat

      • mgmphobic
        April 21, 10:48 Reply

        How about coming outta tha closet to your wife? I cant stand you MGM. Hypocritics

  3. Delle
    April 20, 12:09 Reply

    I love!!!

    I didn’t go to a boarding school but I can relate to a lot of things you penned in this entry.

    The swift, sweet revenge on Dapo got me wet????

    • Mandy
      April 20, 13:14 Reply

      You’ve been assaulted by a toxic male?

      • Delle
        April 21, 00:05 Reply

        Other stuff except that???

        I had an Emeka in JS1 who liked to feel me up and I, him. I had an Nnamdi in JS2 whom I used to flirt with but it never got physical. I had a Davis in SS1 who one time dry-humped me in class.

        Washington in primary 4 who was always touching my pee-pee.

        I’ll have aborted a lot of children if I were a boarder ???

  4. Sim
    April 20, 12:33 Reply

    I’m going back to sleep.. pls someone should wake me up when Higwe and Delle make up.
    ????, if u two don’t make make up, I will buy koboko and give to sars

    • Delle
      April 21, 00:05 Reply

      Lol but I can’t quarrel with a pseudonym

  5. Mandy
    April 20, 13:13 Reply

    “I just stood there, crying. Not because of the slaps but because of the reason behind his assault. The fact that I’d just been assaulted because I rejected somebody’s advances made me cry even harder.”

    It’s ironic how this is the story of the lives of women in general. To be victimized by men over their prerogative to say no.
    Men are trash. Straight or gay, men are trash.

      • Patrick
        April 20, 19:58 Reply

        ?? Ezzah, what part of Yoruba land did you come from? Tainz

    • pankar
      June 19, 14:48 Reply

      Some women, not all are passive

  6. DexStar
    April 20, 16:25 Reply

    I read all these hostel experiences and I realised how much I missed out. *sigh

    It’s my first time! Well, that damn line… Lol! But yea, my first time here. I’m voraciously reading up the posts and boy! I love love love this blog. Great job guys!

    • Peskyme
      April 20, 20:07 Reply

      Welcome to the fam… It’s really educative and fun here . And fyi not all boarding school stories are roses. My boarding school beat the day light out of me but Sha gave me sense . And I never had any near gay experiences.

  7. Patrice
    April 26, 22:33 Reply

    Wow,reading all these makes me wonder y I didn’t pressure my dad to send me to a boarding school.

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