Two alleged gay men escape jungle justice in Enugu State

Two alleged gay men escape jungle justice in Enugu State

Odinaka Orji, 32, a driver and Nonso Ejimene, 22, an accountancy student from Ezeagu, were reportedly almost lynched by an irate mob on Saturday at Coal Camp over homosexual activities, LIB reports. Both men were taken into custody and are helping the operatives in their investigations.

According to a statement issued by the Enugu State Police Command, both men had been stripped naked before security operatives arrived at the scene and saved them.

During interrogation, Odinaka maintained that he is married but his wife had left him owing to his sexual activities, which he blamed on the devil. According to him, he had visited many pastors to cure him. He added that he was about to have intercourse with a boy staying with him in the same room. The boy identified as Sunday, a barrow pusher, ran out, shouting, which attracted the attention of the mob. He was caught and severely beaten before the Police arrived.

On his own part, Nonso claimed that he also slept with men but had stopped it, before what he described as a “satanic act” pushed him back into the act as he tried to have an intercourse with one of the boys also staying with Odinaka, identified as, Chimezie, whom he had severally threatened.

I just have one question though: “Both men were taken into custody and are helping the operatives in their investigations…” What does that mean? Like does that mean what I think it means?

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  1. Law
    July 18, 06:03 Reply

    Am just pained reading this.

  2. Mandy
    July 18, 06:34 Reply

    Probably means the investigation is probably sting operations designed to entrap other gay men in Enugu.

  3. Francis
    July 18, 06:47 Reply

    I wonder how some people will just drag person off the streets and want to sex them. This one don almost reach rape na.

    All their Badoo etc contacts don enter police radar be that ??

    Say no to reckless gays.

  4. DI-NAVY
    July 18, 06:53 Reply

    Honestly . It’s one thing to be queer and its another to be reckless . They will start fishing out their cohorts one by one . The devil had nothing to do with this . Quit blaming him.

      • DI-NAVY
        July 18, 07:07 Reply

        They always blame the devil. Ur eyes were opened when you chose to walk into that fire. Smh

  5. DI-NAVY
    July 18, 06:54 Reply

    They both look same age to me. Which one is 22 and which one is 32?

    • Delle
      July 18, 11:08 Reply

      Lmao biish! But then again, it’s true. One looks 45 (left), the other looks 39! Which one is 22?

  6. kritzmoritz
    July 18, 06:56 Reply

    Investigations are helping to locate the devil, I will presume.

    My Question though is, why would anyone be involved in non consensual relations? Because that’s what’s at the heart of both cases. Seems it’s not as much the devil as it is their pants. Let’s hope their is a group in Enugu that can offer them some legal assistance otherwise they’re in for some serious pain

    • DI-NAVY
      July 18, 07:06 Reply

      Some gay men are outright stupid that when such calamity befalls them u just nod and say they deserved it
      You meet someone from the streets and u force him into having sex with u. Smh.nobody takes that risks these days uncle . Even people who did knelt down to thank God cos that was a narrow escape . If the sex isn’t consensual , please desists from it and wank . Period!

    • ambivalentone
      July 18, 07:36 Reply

      loooool @ locate the devil.
      I tire for some people tho. Even within the community itself, we are not sure who claims what. Someone then goes on to hunt for who they will be ‘convert’ toasting random ppl upandan. Issorait

      Where u bin?

  7. Jaja
    July 18, 07:18 Reply

    Can’t some KDians be less stupid and know when to sympathize? They’re blaming the devil so as to be spared–how come these brainless KDians don’t get this? This is how your personal idiocies contribute to the persecution of your kind. Yes, Pink Panther, it may mean what I fear you mean: that they will get 14 years. This is depressing.

    • Francis
      July 18, 07:21 Reply

      Person enter your house loot and rape you well well. When caught he blames the devil and you too sympathize with am and start begging police to let him go. ????? #MessiahOfLife

    • DI-NAVY
      July 18, 07:22 Reply

      Don’t you think its too early to use derogatory remarks on someone this early morning. Did you by any chance wake up from the wrong side of the bed? If yes, I hope you have a great day and learn how to briddle tour tongue Mr Jaja the guy with so much brains.

    • Brian Collins
      July 18, 10:55 Reply

      Uncle from opobo, wee you goan sit down. That is how you want to caution people who are angry at those guys abi? Learn from Dennis abeg. When people wear Gucci kito that was designed for them by evil homophobes, KDians jump on their case and say they don’t have sense (which I don’t always support), not to talk of guys that want to rape people who are not gay.
      Even though it is bad that they are in the hands of the law and may even be used to target other people, that is better than being lynched by an angry mob.

    • Delle
      July 18, 11:13 Reply

      I don’t know how you’d expect we sympathise with them for involving the DEVIL in their plea. Any other reason, perhaps the fact that there’s more to the story than they are letting on, but not because one horned man was involved in their plea, biko.
      And you have a very polite way of speaking your mind, Jaja. Very court of you.

  8. Kenny
    July 18, 07:19 Reply

    They both wanted to have sex with other people who didn’t give consent allegedly….. Na wetin their eyes find e see. I’m just worried for their friends and contacts. The police will fish them out one after the other.

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    July 18, 07:25 Reply

    Focus on the bigger picture, ultimately they are victims of the system. These men look uneducated and probably not exposed to apps like Grindr et al and have no means of meeting other gay men.

    It is the system that criminalizes who you are that set people up to fall into this kind of mess. If it were a boy/girl situation the police probably won’t even get involved.

    Let’s not kick the wounded please. I sincerely hope this ordeal ends well for them!

    • anonan
      July 18, 08:24 Reply

      Biko what is this one saying? R u tryna justify rape? Pls don’t even go there!

    • Francis
      July 18, 08:27 Reply

      Hopefully this wouldn’t be your stand sha if they had successfully raped the wheel barrow boy before the guy alerted the public.

    • Pjay
      July 18, 11:29 Reply

      Na only u get sense out of all d ppl wey don dey comment since morning. God bless u!

  10. Jo
    July 18, 08:23 Reply

    This is just sad.

  11. Jo
    July 18, 08:28 Reply

    Does the Grindr app work in Nigeria? How can someone hook up on badoo. It will help I’m sure.

    • Brian Collins
      July 18, 10:57 Reply

      Are you new to KD? With the way everyone is being kitoed left, right, centre through badoo and grindr, me I no gree do o.

  12. bruno
    July 18, 08:46 Reply

    the real shame here is that we live in a society where homosexuals think they are afflicted by the devil. it’s 2016 and people still believe in a devil.

    also, feel free to tell us what they have done wrong and how they have brought this on themselves from the safety of your anonymous kd account but the reality of living in nigeria is that as long as you are in this country and gay, you are breaking the law and this could be you.

      • Brian Collins
        July 18, 13:48 Reply

        Everyone is quick to vex about abuse and more than a few about someone being an MGM or even a bisexual but you ask what they have done wrong when they are being accused of rape. How is rape not wrong? I don’t see anything about them implicating the boys who raised the alarms, saying that they were in it together and are in trouble cos of some issues. They really have nothing to loose in implicating the boys now that they have been caught. It isn’t a case of blackmail.
        Maybe if it were a straight guy that attempted to rape a girl, then we would all think straight.

  13. Absalom
    July 18, 10:03 Reply

    If you (as a gay person no less) think these men, having had their dignity torn from them, are sitting on the floor over rape allegations, then you missed your calling as a comedian.

    • Delle
      July 18, 11:17 Reply

      But then again, there should be a tinge of uncertainty. How can you be so certain it’s not a rape situation? I’m not saying it is either though, but seeing as we weren’t there, why not put each foot in the two holes. Could be or couldn’t.

  14. Too clean
    July 18, 10:05 Reply

    That’s how some group of soldiers got a hint about some gay activities in the area I work…..What did they do?How did they achieve it?

    They saw these young guys who they bought alcoholic drinks for with cigarettes….They made sure they got them drunk and started asking them to mention the names of gay dudes around… their tipsy state,they started calling names….they got about 25 names on the lists,with their addresses,they took their phones,went through chats and all …with phone numbers…..

    So one day,my Principal and I went to see her Classmate way back in the primary school,they are good friends o..
    The classmates of hers was the GOC of the signal barracks….i don’t know what happened sef….as they were talking and catching up,he wanted to give my Boss something,so he said I should please go in to his sturdy to get it for him….as I was looking for the stuff,I bumped into a list of names in a white sheet of paper…Titled…NAMES OF CONFIRMED GAYS FROM RELIABLE SOURCES::

    I went through the names,from number one to ten names,I know all…they are people I know…..
    They had their numbers and current addresses…

    I don’t know what came over me,I took the list and squeezed it into my inner boxers…

    Few minutes after I came out,he asked my boss that hope she is not amongst the lawyers who defend some kind of crazy humans…
    My boss asked him what he meant by “Crazy Humans”…..That was when he summoned one of his aid from outside to get “THAT” list from where he kept it in his sturdy…..My heart started beating but I was calm….

    He told us that later that night around 12 midnight,they would go and get those guys and deal mercilessly with them even brutally too…

    Before we left,the guy couldn’t come out of the study;an indication that he hasn’t seen the list,still looking for it…

    As we got out of the barracks,I excused myself to pee,I quickly called my friends and told them the revelations…See panic and hidings…eh..

    I waited to hear if he will call to ask me if I saw any list the time he sent me to get the stuff…but I didn’t hear anything till now..

    Why did I write this?

    Please guys,if you can stop sleeping with some little *children * who has loose mouth because with few bottles of drinks with cigarettes and all what not,your information will be spelt out….

    I don’t think its too much to be very careful o

    • Shuga chocolata
      July 18, 13:36 Reply

      If what you wrote was true, then I salute you for your bravery…..

      Imagine what could have happened? I tell people I don’t drink nor smoke but I can only take brandy or white with the right people I trust.
      Imagine just because of beer and cigar…. SMH.
      Thanks too clean.

  15. Francis
    July 18, 10:20 Reply

    It’s clearly evident that some of us are judging the matter as attempted rape while others are seeing it as yet another kito situation.

  16. KingBey
    July 18, 10:36 Reply

    Fact remains that as Kong as you’re in any society where your sexual orientation is classified a crime, no one is actually safe. This might well be a set up. People are aware of the gay laws and the heart of man is evil so they can do anything to get back at someone. How are we still sure the barrow boy isn’t actually gay but decided to wear the guy Kito for one reason or the other. I can’t blame them because I don’t really know what transpired. When Nigerian police tortures you and you are under duress and fear, you can say anything to try and see if you will be set free. I just hope they get a good lawyer who can bail them out. They wouldn’t be getting any 14years….it was not Gay Marriage. But they may face charges for attempted rape, sodomy, carnal knowledge of sane sex, but with enough money and a good lawyer, they will still be bailed out and case will be closed with time. It’s a bailable offence. Good luck to them.

    • Delle
      July 18, 11:22 Reply

      “How are we still sure the barrow boy isn’t
      actually gay but decided to wear the guy Kito for one
      reason or the other”

      Bless you!

  17. unicorn
    July 18, 10:43 Reply

    People still believe in a celestial devil and a God who’s interested in us?

    Let me do some God education or Godcation here: God is that force that moves in the synapses of our nervous system and chambers of our hearts.

    There might be a supreme being but it doesnt care about us. And there’s no devil.

    And these guys are just victims of a backward corrupt society.

    Ask yourselves, these guys, is the police telling us what really happened. There’s corruption everywhere, even in the FBI, CIA, MI6 et al.

  18. Lorde
    July 18, 10:47 Reply

    Beht wait oo, which one is 22 here?

  19. Delle
    July 18, 11:07 Reply

    Isn’t this the reason why shallow thinking people say all gays are paedophiles? But then again, that 12 year old has more to answer than he obviously was subjected to. 12 year olds seduce people also. At 8, I had seduced a cousin of mine (thank God gay rape wasn’t a rampant occurrence then).

    On another note, helping the investigations? Okay, this is just crap. A publicity stunt? Aimed at what? What’s the objective here?

  20. Rapum
    July 18, 11:22 Reply

    It’s disheartening, the comments here today. All the mindless blaming, is it our way of putting ourselves at ease? Our way of making sense of the ill-treatment when know instinctively is nonsensical? That is how a black man will get shot by the police, and people will be asking, “Why did he resist arrest? Why is he a drug addict?” ‘Reckless homosexual.’ This one is a new one. Let the IH vocabulary proliferate.

  21. Dickson Clement
    July 18, 12:58 Reply

    This is serious! As long as you do hook up with people, (online and beyond), you ain’t safe!

    In this situation, a snowball effect will play out, Mr A, will mention Mr B, who has Mr C,D and e on their list…
    This is catastrophe

    A friend who was present when these two guys were paraded round Camp, said the lynching started in a barbers shop, who does gay for pay
    The barber himself was full frontal in the procession

    • Brian Collins
      July 18, 13:56 Reply

      Why won’t people out guys why out others in the worst way possible? Blackmail is a different case and this is just not blackmail.

      • Brian Collins
        July 18, 14:27 Reply

        When someone precedes with ‘it was the devil” and not we are in this together, it is very likely.

        • Pink Panther
          July 18, 15:57 Reply

          Do you know the circumstances that surrounded their confessions?

          • Brian Collins
            July 18, 16:07 Reply

            PinkPanther, i may not know the circumstances surrounding their confessions but lemme ask you this, if you were in this kind of situation, would you precede with “it was the work of the devil” or try as much as possible to out those boys too if they were gay?

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