Foolish Decisions meet Eggsy, Eggsy meet Foolish Decisions. And the two shook hands and became best of pals. The End.

What is that word for when a person actively seeks out things they know will hurt them in the end? For when a person actively self-sabotages his happiness? For when a person becomes so inundated with pain of their own making?

I went to the mall with two friends on my birthday, one of whom I was heavily crushing on. I knew there was a back story between the two of them, and I knew they had plans of canoodling on the journey back, yet I accepted the offered ride. The intimacy was palpable: stolen touches and words that made my heart collapse in on itself like a black hole with nothing left on which to feed. Yet I couldn’t stop observing them; I couldn’t stop hurting myself, couldn’t stop enjoying it and couldn’t stop feeling disgusted with myself. You’d think I would have gotten some semblance of sense from that event, but no. Mba! Not when I had my best pal by my side.

Some time ago, I went to visit a friend – and former flame – at the home of the guy with whom he was staying Well, ‘visit’ is putting it mildly: I imposed myself on them because I was bored as fuck at the dorm and a little sad due to a cancelled trip to see a very good friend of mine. One would have thought that, having been in a situation like that before, I should have just sat down and let the false craving for like-minded company subside. But no. My best pal, Mr. Foolish Decision, had to rear his sexy head and smile his killer smile. I got to this house where my friend and his host were, and naturally, I ended up being the relegated third wheel, something I knew would happen but ignored. I mean, it’s not like I went there for sex or anything, but their entire body language spoke of a familiarity that just didn’t have any room for me, and of a closeness I didn’t have in my life – or rather, a closeness I was supposed to be having but was stuck watching them have. I might have gotten a bit jealous: here was someone with whom I used to have a thing with, and who had very apparently moved on to someone else, while I moved on to my left hand. On more than one occasion, I found myself wishing I hadn’t left my hostel, and on other occasions, I found myself aroused by thoughts of them together.

How fucked up is that?

Written by Eggsy

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  1. Max 2.1
    February 22, 07:14 Reply

    Thank goodness I’m not a troll…

  2. Kenny
    February 22, 07:18 Reply

    PP where’s Deola’s corner? ?

  3. bruno
    February 22, 07:44 Reply

    ok ok… we get it, you were a third wheel and now you’re a sad panda 🙁 … but this is what I need to know… did you move on to your left hand because you are left handed or are you right handed but make little eggsy happy with your left? is it better like that? is it some kind of kink? i need to know!

  4. Khaleesi
    February 22, 09:10 Reply

    ***scratches head**** what exactly was the point or thrust of this post? ***glares at Madam Pinky*** is this a sly excuse to duck out of today’s episode of #LASITC???**-$%'”;!

    • KingBey
      February 22, 17:25 Reply

      Ike gwuru ! When did Mondays become this boring? Dafuq did I just read? *sighs*

  5. Mitch
    February 22, 09:48 Reply

    Honestly Eggsy, I found it really hard to feel any pity for you. Quite right, you’re under construction but one thing I’ve learnt in life is that when one has little or no self-esteem, he usually lets people treat him like a doormat. Actively try to avoid situations you don’t like and give yourself pep talks from time to time. This way, you’ll be countering your biggest saboteur – Yourself!

  6. Tyler
    February 22, 15:35 Reply

    I really cant see the point of this post.

  7. tboixy
    February 22, 17:39 Reply


    • Pink Panther
      February 22, 23:11 Reply

      That’s because you’re weird. 🙂
      What about it did you enjoy?

  8. yinkss
    February 26, 05:11 Reply

    I actually like this.. y did u guys find it boring?

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