So, yes, I called him.

After my class and on my way back to the estate gate, I called Tade.

“Hello, I’m done now.”

“Okay. Can you still make it over here?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll come. Just wait for me at your gate.”

“No problem.”

I decided to see him because I really wanted answers to the throbbing questions ringing in my head. I needed to know what gave him the audacity to approach me so brazenly.

In three minutes, I was at his gate and he was there waiting.

“Welcome, Abdul. May we go in? My boss isn’t in. Please, feel safe.”

He must have noticed my tenseness for him to add that last part about safety. Even then, I acquiesced reluctantly.

We went in – with me going in first – and he locked the gate behind him.

I glanced over the building, and it was expectedly palatial, even grander than the house where I tutor. It looked new too; maybe the owners had just built it or renovated it.

Tade led me to the boys’ quarters. It was a sparsely-furnished self-contained place, but decent still.

I went into the room and sat on a chair while he sat on the mattress that was spread out on the tiled floor. I wasted no time breaking the ice.

“Tade, tell me, you’re gay, right?”

He was taken aback by my directness; he obviously hadn’t expected it.

Well, two can play that game of being bold.

“Hmm, why do you ask?” he said guardedly.

That made me want to chuckle. It was ironic that after being so brazen earlier, he was now being hesitant.

“Answer first and I’ll tell you why,” I said.

“Eh, not really… I just…” he trailed off.

I came to his rescue. “Well, I know you’re gay. And yes, I am too.”

He looked genuinely shocked. Either he truly didn’t know for certain that I am gay when he was coming on to me earlier or my frankness was unsettling for him. I was willing to bet on the latter.

Without missing a beat, I continued, “I’m gay, yes – but seriously, I wonder where you got your nerve. I mean, what gave you that conviction that I’m gay and that you can get me?”

He stayed silent for some seconds and then said, “To be honest, I wasn’t sure you were gay. I just got instantly smitten the moment I sighted your ass. I actually went to get something at the shopping centre, and then on coming out, I spotted your ass. And impulsively, I began following you while thinking of the best pickup line. I was elated when you spoke to me.”

My ass? I thought, resisting the sudden involuntary urge to half-stand and look behind to check out my derriere.

My ass? As in, this ass I always thought is small and not nearly enough to cause a stir, let alone cause any guy’s head to turnoninown? I must have underrated the power of this gentle behind. Dearest ass, I’m so sorry.

“But, Tade, do you realize that you behaved quite recklessly?” I asked.

“I know.”

“Anything – in fact, everything could have gone wrong. Have you heard of kito before?”

“Of course. One of my guys got kitoed recently; he was brutalized and also robbed by four guys. He is still recuperating from the injuries.”

“You see. I could have been worse than those guys. You should never pull this stunt again. Always play safe. We, gay guys, are still endangered species.”

I really took out time to admonish and counsel him. He promised not to try that again; he assured me that that was his first attempt at being so brazenly flirtatious.

I later changed the topic of discussion.

“Okay. Now that I’m here, what do you want?”

He smiled sheepishly and looked away. In my mind, I was like: so, you actually can be shy after all that display of temerity.

I later excused myself to the bathroom. Moments later, upon re-entering the room, I was a bit turned on and I couldn’t say why. Perhaps because I’d just come out from a place where I gave my penis some attention. Whatever it was, as I reentered the room, my pants felt tighter than it was when I went into the bathroom, as my dick had stiffened some.

Tade must have noticed this, as his gaze was riveted on my crotch.

“Abdul, you carry meat o!” he exclaimed.

This guy is just a character, I thought as I smiled in response. First, I carry ass; and now, it’s meat I carry. Nawa!

I was walking back to my seat when he stood and blocked me.

He began speaking earnestly, “Abdul, please let’s have something together. I’m too struck by these endowments to simply look and not feel it. Please, even if it’s just romance.”

See me see trouble o!

I actually didn’t plan on getting down with him – at least, not that day. But I couldn’t turn him down, not with this entreaty.

“Okay, but just romance. No sex.”

Before you could say Pink Panther, this guy had already nearly gotten me naked. He knelt down and began ministrations on my dick.

Truth to God, the blow job was awesome. He was very good. He sucked me like a pro: licking my cap, running his tongue down my shaft, gagging, nibbling and guzzling my dick – damn! This was heaven.

At a point, he unplugged from my dick long enough to gasp, “Abdul, you’re blessed o. Na only you get correct ass and better dick as well? I envy you, guy.”

I simply smiled. I was much too focused on the pleasure his mouth was giving me to formulate a response.

He continued sucking me and I couldn’t help the moans that were coming from me. I could feel this sweet sensation running haphazardly all over me.

He later guided me to the bed from the chair, made me lie on my back and continued with his fellatio.

I can’t stress enough how mind-blowing what he was doing to me with his mouth and tongue and fingers was. I was trembling from the force of the pleasures rising from his ministration on my dick.

Climax was rushing headlong toward me.

And he must have felt it, because he stopped and told me to stand. He was on his knees before me and said, “I want you to cum on my face.”

Some minutes later, I had a shattering ejaculation right on his face.

I looked down at him and couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped me when I saw my jizz all over his face. What a whore I’ve made!

We went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I dressed up and got ready to leave. He accompanied me to the gate and we conversed as we walked.

“Abdul, make sure you come back soonest, will you?”

“Well, my class is just once a week; so, I won’t be here until next week.”

“I’ve got the residency card,” he said of the permit that residents of the estate possess. “I can grant you a pass with the security anytime you want to visit. You don’t have to wait for your lesson days.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.”

When it was time for him to go back, we hugged and it wasn’t until I slightly pushed him away that he released his hold of me.

This guy sha! Such passionate hug in public!

I continued on my way, but looked back once to see him looking after me. I couldn’t help the thought that he was something special, for having the kind of boldness to indulge his desires, something that can only be possible in such a place as Victoria Garden City.

Written by Abdul

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  1. Delle
    November 09, 09:43 Reply

    Aww. This liberated feeling he exudes is all the positivity one needs to tap into.
    I think his boldness could have been spurred by the environment. I know for certain that places like that have an advantage as regards security and class as compared to many places on the mainland. Lord knows I won’t feel the need to cage myself in if I lived in such areas.

    Anyhoo, you had one hell of an adventure, Abdul 😏

    • Jay Armstrong
      November 10, 01:35 Reply

      Slow your horses, mate, VGC is still very conservative. You’ll still get lots of judgemental stares.

      But, yass to the freedom when you find a like mind.

      Expert of VGC affairs

  2. Fred
    November 09, 19:45 Reply

    Wait o, before you could say Pink Panther? 😜😜

  3. Jay Armstrong
    November 10, 01:40 Reply

    I started out thinking I knew Tade… So he’s gotten his card… No one he doesn’t rate me anymore.

  4. chubbylover
    November 10, 19:43 Reply

    Shooting your shot can be very rewarding.
    Funnily enough, I saw this good looking chubby guy today in Abk today and we played the eye game. For some strange reason I just didn’t push it any further.
    This is not happening again… shot I must shoot next time!
    Nice one Abdul.

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