I have a thing for younger guys. Once I meet you online and discover that you are older than I am, then I’d shut you out from my mind. I might continue chatting with you, but I’ll keep on posting you till you get tired of me and end up deleting me or blocking me. Anytime I tell friends about my likes, they end up making fun of me and call me a cradle-robber. So then, I decided to give the older guys a chance . . . well, since the younger guys have been falling my hand.

So, I was on 2go (Judge Nut) on a Monday morning. It was a slow day at work and I was bored. So I decided to visit Men’s Lounge (or is it Men Only?), and then added a guy in Abuja. His name is Chuks and he is twenty-eight years old. His 2go profile picture was okay, even though I could not see his face; but he was lying on a bed and he looked hot. We began to chat. He told me he was doing his Industrial Training (IT) in a hotel and was on night shift. I also found out that we stay in the same area. That was actually the main reason why I did not cut off from him. I thought we could be friends and would hunt young chaps together. He described his area to me, but I did not know the place because I don’t go out much.

We kept on chatting and he kept on telling me that he wanted us to meet; this he did every single day for nearly a week. But a meet was not possible, because he went to work by 4pm and closed from work the next morning. Sometimes, he’d suggest meeting in the morning, but I would not hear of it, because I did not want to be delayed from going to work early by anyone. I told him to exercise patience till Saturday. I felt okay with meeting him because he stayed close to me and looked okay in his picture, even though I’d seen just a picture of him. The picture was his whatsapp profile picture. He had hair on his chest in the photo, and even though I don’t like hairy guys, I still wanted to meet him.

Chuks told me he liked sex. I told him we wouldn’t be having sex, because I hadn’t had penetrative sex at the time. He pestered me for a reason why I hadn’t had penetrative sex, and I told him that I simply wasn’t interested in sex until I meet someone cool enough to make me yearn for it.

So, we agreed to meet on a Saturday. When the day came however, another guy came to visit me from Akwanga, someone I just had to meet, and I decided to meet both of them the same day, the Akwanga guy by 11:30 am and Chuks by 4pm. Chuks called me by 1.30pm, and because the Akwanga guy hadn’t come yet, I told him I was expecting someone and would call him back by 4. I did not call him again, because the Akwanga guy came by 3, and we had sex or something like that. Penetration was involved. (Story for another day)

After this, I was not happy. I didn’t feel the way I thought I’d feel in the aftermath of me losing my virginity. And I felt as though I’d been deceived into giving it up. When I told my friends about it, they all told me it was meant to happen one day.

When I got back in touch with Chuks, he told me he was not happy with me because I stood him up. I apologized and told him I was not happy myself. He asked me why and I refused to tell him, because I knew he might start pestering me to have sex with him since I’d finally done it. But upon his insistence, I told him everything. Surprisingly, his reaction was anger at the guy for pressuring me to do what I didn’t want to do, after which he said some nice things to me. I was touched and this prompted me to open up to him some more. And so, when he asked me for the Akwanga guy’s number, I had no qualms about giving it to him. Eventually, we agreed to meet on Sunday after service.

I did not agree to the meet with the intention of letting anything happen between us. To me, this meeting was going to be platonic. This is because, to me, Sunday is holy, and not a day to indulge such carnal desires. (I don’t even wank on Sundays) My intention was for us to meet and then stroll around the neighbourhood, during which time I’d point out my crushes to him, and we could talk about them.

However, after church, I was so tired I simply wanted to turn off my phone and rest. I did not feel good, and was in no mood to entertain company. As I contemplated what to do, Chuks called and asked if I was home yet. I lied that I was on my way and would be in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later, I called him and told him that I was at home. About an hour later, he called to tell me he’d gotten to the agreed spot. This was the place I always tell guys to wait for me, so I could check them out before meeting them, so as to confirm if they were alone. When I saw Chuks standing there, waiting for me, I was disappointed. No, he wasn’t ugly; he was just there in the looks department. He’s so ordinary looking that presently, I cannot remember what he looks like. If I should see him on the way right now, there is a strong likelihood that I would not recognize him. I was that not into him. I was also turned off by his dressing; he had on a not-so-white T-shirt and three-quarter-length shorts that was very tight around the knees. He reminded me of those guys who sell ‘bend down select’ in Yaba market. I knew there and then that I was not going to meet him again.

I took him to my place and we started talking. He told me he had seen me a number of times on my way to work, and that he’d even been tempted to approach me one of those mornings. By the time he was done describing what I wore to work one morning, I believed him. I didn’t have to wonder why I’d never noticed him.

Sometime during our conversation, I got tired, and began making it subtly obvious that I wanted him to leave. He wouldn’t take my hints, and refused to leave. I asked him if he wasn’t going to go to work, he said he didn’t work on Sundays.


I also noticed that he kept on licking sweets; he licked over five of them in my presence. I did not really see anything wrong with it. Then, he stood up and came to where I was seating. When someone does that, I know what the person wants. So, I stood up and was about go to another seat, but was stopped short when he pulled me back down. I was stunned but I thought he was playing. So, I stood up again and he pulled down again, this time more forcefully. Then he leaned forward and tried to kiss me, and I moved my face away. I shoved him away and went to a different seat. He came and sat on the same seat. I asked him what he wanted, and he said he just wanted to be close to me. Then, he started touching me, his hand stealing across my thigh. I batted the hand away, irritated, and told him sharply that the day was Sunday and therefore, nothing could happen between us. It seemed like he did not hear me because he tried to kiss me again. He held me tightly and pinned me down into the seat, physically preventing me from getting away from him.

During the period of our conversation, there’d been some women talking outside my window. And when Chuks and I started arguing and pushing at each other, the women stopped talking, and the environment beyond my window became quiet, as though they were straining to listen to what was going on in my room.

Now, I have always had the impression that it is impossible for a guy to forcefully make his fellow male guy do something he’d rather not do. I don’t even consider gay rape a thing. Heck, I’ve never considered ever being in a position where someone would want to subdue me, not in my house and not at my age. I very quickly realized how wrong I was.

We were now struggling in the seat. I pushed him to the floor. He toppled over. I tried to get to my feet, but he held my legs, and my flight was cut off as I fell. We started rolling about on the floor, with him still trying to overpower me and me fighting him off. We banged against some furniture, nearly causing the television to drop to the ground from its place on the stereo stand. I also almost hit my head on the centre table. At this point, we were sweating from all the exertion.

After some time, I succeeded in getting away from him, and I fled outside. But I could not leave him in my house alone for long, my laptop and phones were inside. I also had some money and official documents in there, and I did not trust him. So I went back inside, and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted us to romance. I told him we could do it anytime since we stay in the same area. He refused, and pounced again on me. Before I knew it, we were back in the struggle again. This guy was taller, bigger and stronger than I am. It alarmed me how weak I felt next to him. He was determined to have me, and the thought that he may very well have his way terrified me. I still had on my clothes – a T-shirt and tight jeans. He kept on trying to yank my trouser down, but the snugness of the jeans made that maneuver impossible.

Finally, he relented, and stopped trying to force himself on me, even though he still held me pinned down. He told me to wank him. I agreed, anything to get him satisfied and out of my presence. He removed his singlet (he’d pulled off his shirt the time I escaped from him), and I stared at all the hair – so much hair, all over his chest and stomach, trailing down to his pubes. I felt like throwing up. He was in good shape though, with the requisite six packs that came from working out.

Then he pulled off his shorts. He was wearing pants. For no reason at all, that irritated me some more. Who even wears pants these days? It wasn’t even sexy underwear. It was the grandpa kind of pants. I declined removing my clothes; after all, my hands were all he’d asked for. I started wanking him, but his dick refused to get hard. He said he couldn’t gain an erection when I was fully clothed. I had to be naked to arouse him. I refused. Then he asked me to suck his nipples. I stared at his nipples, and leaned forward. But then, I saw all that hair and I simply couldn’t bring myself to do his bidding. I told him I couldn’t suck his nipples. He asked to suck mine. I agreed, and pulled up my T-shirt for him to gain access to my nipples. He began sucking them, and his dick hardened in my hand. I began to wank him vigorously, but he kept on getting hard and soft, and hard and soft. The whole thing was exasperating. I had a lot of things to do and this guy was wasting my time.

Then, I gave in to his plea to give him a blow job. I sucked his dick for some moments. He wouldn’t come, and I couldn’t keep at it. He had the biggest dick I’d ever seen, and I really didn’t even want to be sucking him in the first place. Then he started kissing me. I could not breathe. He held my neck tightly in his hands and pushed his mouth hard against mine. He sucked my tongue and everywhere in my mouth. I felt his teeth grind against mine. And I thought I was going to die there and then. He was such a bad kisser.

And then, my mind became preoccupied with wild thoughts and rapid imaginations. I began to recall all the vampire films I’d watched, and how people were killed during sex. I became scared. I thought the guy was a serial killer. I thought about my mother and how she’d cope if I was no more. I thought about where I’d spend my eternity in the afterlife, and how I’d be judged for letting my demise happen on a Sunday, during forced sex. Irrational fear filled my insides and suffused my heart.

He held my neck very tightly and ravished my mouth. I wondered fleetingly if this was how people actually kissed. I’d never had much practice. And here he was, making me hate the art of kissing. And the smell of the sweets he’d been licking earlier filled my nose, making me gasp for clean air. I had to stop this. I pushed at him, a clear and firm indication that I’d had enough of this violation he seemed to think was kissing.

He relented, and then asked to fuck me. I expressly told him no. Then he asked to have lap sex. I wondered how we’d come from wanking to this. Even then, I removed my clothes after much cajoling and just lay there, and told him to get it over with. He asked for cream and I gave him a bottle. He smeared the back of my thighs with it, and dropped his weight on my back. He slipped his dick in between my thighs and began thrusting. Every now and then, he would try to put his dick inside my asshole. And I would take my hand around to push it out of that direction.

I prayed silently and furiously for him to come already. But he just wouldn’t. I began thinking of the soup I’d planned to cook for the week and how I did not have any ingredients at home. I had a lot of things to do and here this guy was, wasting my time. Intense dislike for him filled my heart then.

After grunting behind me endlessly without coming, he pulled away and asked me to do him too. You know, fuck his laps too. I obliged him, and it wasn’t long before I came. After that, it was nearly an hour later before he came, in spite of all my ministrations. He’d really wanted to get inside my ass, said that was the only way he’d come fast. But I wouldn’t let that happen.

Immediately after his ejaculation, I left him and went to have my bath, to wash away all the nonsense of the past hour. He followed me but I shut the door in his face, telling him he’d have to wait till I was done.

When we were done cleaning up ourselves, he apologized. I coolly accepted his apology. I did not want to say anything that would prolong his stay in my house. I just wanted him to get out. As we dressed, he tried to make some small talk, and I responded as coolly as possible, without sounding outrightly unfriendly. I walked him out of the house, and when he offered for me to escort him to his place, I instinctively agreed. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to know where he lived. There was no telling when or how I’d need that knowledge in future. I followed him to his house. I even got inside, where he proceeded to tell me he was in love with me. I laughed. He said he wanted me to be his and that I had the kind of body he liked in a guy. I laughed again. Was this guy serious?

In the days that followed that eventful Sunday, he kept on trying to chat me up like nothing had happened. But my responses were always cold and stiff. To him, what happened was not a big deal. To me, it changed everything. One time, on a rainy night when I got home from work, he chatted me up and told me he wanted to be with me. I told him the last time had been a mistake, and that it would never happen again.

Because of this, my stint with guys older than me is over. I despise the guy for what happened, and for reawakening my distrust in new acquaintances. Because of him, I felt dirty for several days after that Sunday. I even considered going for a HIV test because of the fear that he’d somehow infected me. It didn’t help that I began to have a headache on some days, and then, there was the lone pimple I got on my forehead. Pimples are a rarity with me, and this one’s appearance so soon after my interlude with Chuks scared me.

It was quite a long time before I got over this thing Chuks did to me, this feeling of one who’d been violated that he left me with.

Written by Sinnex

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  1. Absalom
    July 02, 06:29 Reply

    Mr. Virgin, so you can actually tell the difference between a good kisser and a bad one. Na wa oh!

    • Sinnex
      July 02, 09:06 Reply

      What is Hollywood and Bollywood there for?

  2. KingBey
    July 02, 06:45 Reply

    Na wah ooo…you’re actually a cool guy and ths Chuks would have made you his had he been more matured. You can gve hmis a second chance though. He’s not that bad you know… Lol

    • Gad
      July 02, 11:12 Reply

      Kingbey, are you serious or joking?

  3. KryxxX
    July 02, 06:50 Reply

    I knew this was all Sinnex from get go! Couldn’t even finish d story……..

    And With the rate I was rolling my eyes while struggling to read through, am still surprised they r still in my sockets! Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!

  4. KryxxX
    July 02, 06:53 Reply

    Pants r sexy!

    And yes!! There r PANTS nd there are Pants!

    • Diablo
      July 02, 06:59 Reply

      Lol as in! Apparently pants are repulsive but 2go isn’t? Rme!

  5. Diablo
    July 02, 06:55 Reply

    Reading this for some reason, irritated me. It sounded whiny and annoying. Like an indecisive vain teen, unsure of her ( yes her) self. You don’t like younger guys, you don’t like them hairy… Little inconsequential things that the avg adult should ideally out grow. Plus how you’d even consider being friends with a 28 yr old still doing his IT, says alot abt ur self.

    • KyrxxX
      July 02, 07:15 Reply

      Would have given you a free lapdance on Pinky nd the house if not for ur last point.

      You know that its not everybody that were as lucky as u were to get into uni @ 15 abi?

      That said, u actually said my mind on d others!

    • boy2006
      July 02, 07:48 Reply

      Because it is a given that only females can be indecisive vain teenagers. Good one.

    • trystham
      July 02, 07:50 Reply

      Well, I don’t like them younger, I don’t like dem fat and I sure as hell don’t want them hairy. By God, someone will now gaan catch tuberculosis because body hair lodged itself firmly in ur throat…*shudders*

    • Sinnex
      July 02, 09:08 Reply

      Next time, read, understand and comprehend before commenting.

  6. chestnut
    July 02, 07:13 Reply

    Sinnex I don’t think “violated” is d word I’d use in this case; I think that’s a bit of a reach. He didn’t actually “violate” u; I didn’t notice any vehement and FIRM refusal,on ur part…

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 02, 07:51 Reply

      He needn’t had been raped to feel violated,chestnut.Some lines were crossed that he didn’t want the other guy to.That said,going by this post,I’ll say Sinnex is a wuss.When you tell someone no,and in your house for that matter,you stand your ground.Let your no be no,else don’t come crying violated again.

      • Mandy
        July 02, 08:07 Reply

        My thoughts exactly. I actually think that on some level, he wanted this to happen. You can’t not want to get sexual with someone, to the point that you struggled for the decision, and still cave and come crying ‘Violated’. This entire story smacked of ‘should I or should I not’.

  7. KyrxxX
    July 02, 07:14 Reply

    Would have given you a free lapdance on Pinky nd the house if not for ur last point.

    You know that its not everybody that were as lucky as u were to get into uni @ 15 abi?

    That said, u actually said my mind on d others!

  8. Ruby
    July 02, 07:15 Reply

    I understand ur pain Sinnex…
    *I’d love to Personally bash his head in*
    With time, you’ll get over it.
    Btw pants are Hot n Sexy if you are putting on the right pair *perfect fit in D̶̲̥̅ crotch and bum regions*
    Or better still… Jockstraps *they do the magic everytime*

    • KyrxxX
      July 02, 07:21 Reply

      High Five there bro!

      I actually felt bereaved with those words! Like I lost someone dear to me!

      #TeamPants #TeamBriefs #TeamEverythingSnug

      • MacArdry
        July 02, 07:55 Reply

        Pants are hot……?.Let me keep my counsel for now.

  9. trystham
    July 02, 07:46 Reply

    I seriously saw the author and was shocked. This cannot be Sinnex. At some point in the narrative, I screamed “just let it him fuck u and save me this…torture”

  10. pete
    July 02, 08:11 Reply

    you hate people that wear pants while I can’t stand people who wear boxers. this story smacks of naivety

  11. Colossus
    July 02, 08:17 Reply

    I think the title is wrong. Who came up with it? You or pinky? The write up was all over the place, there was a certain time I felt you were really about to be violated then for a while I thought you were describing a sexual fantasy of yours. You pushed him off then resumed the battle again? Pardon me but I’m confused.
    It’s your house, in broad daylight, you had the power, all the power. The moment you got yourself off him was the moment you should have walked him out your door, no looking back, no sentiments attached.
    You sure do have a lot of things that turn you off, like a whole lot of inconsequential things. Maybe age would help you out grow it cos trust me, they are really inconsequential.

  12. Mercury
    July 02, 08:25 Reply

    Oh, i’mma judge, like crazy, unless you’re below 18 which i doubt, then your naivete is outrageous, i mean you met this person on 2go for goodness sake and you thought he was gonna be your Neighborhood Scout Buddy just like that and not want sex, you saw him didn’t like him and still took him to your house?, abd don’t get me started on your excuses for doing virtually everything he requested, he didn’t make you, you weren’t drugged, you could’ve stood your grounds but being the indecisive wimp i sense you are, yoy obliged him on just about errthing, oh and you didn’t like him but you were hard enough to fuck his laps?? , really girl??????. There was no violation here, cos to even begin with it was your own house.

  13. trystham
    July 02, 08:57 Reply

    Just what kind of sweets was he licking? Crystallized energy giving weed? Made u weak and him strong??? Let’s go for another recess biko

  14. Deola
    July 02, 09:23 Reply

    If i had a penny for how many times I rolled my eyes while reading this…

    • JArch
      July 02, 10:02 Reply

      I was waiting for you Deola to say something

      I was reading this and imagining 50 Shades of Grey (the movie) all thru this read.

      • Colossus
        July 02, 10:24 Reply

        Hahaha. Oh I pictured that too. It read like a cheap knock off of 50shades and knowing how that movie is also a cheap knock off, that’s saying something.

        • pinkpanthertb
          July 02, 11:08 Reply

          An even cheaper knockoff of a cheap knockoff? LMAO!!!! Oh Colossus…

      • Absalom
        July 02, 10:42 Reply

        I watched that movie in exactly 5 minutes. Skip, skip, skip, end credits. No time!

  15. Sinnex (The Naive One)
    July 02, 09:43 Reply

    Now, I don’t have the time to respond to all the comments here because like you guys know, I have a job, as in, a real job. I will just say this; It seems like some people are angry because they are just the mirror-image of Chucks.

    @Kryss is even having a field day here today because it seems like he has a personal axe to grind-if i call PP to order now, he would say something else, but, I think you need to put your minion on a leash. Just so you know, I have not forgotten.

    Anyway, we all have preferences and I am not going to apologize for my likes and dislikes. If you don’t like it you can visit the nearest lagoon and do the needful.

    Sharing a story here doesnt mean I want your approval or disapproval. In fact, your opinion doesn’t even count one bit. I have no reputation to upload. I don’t have anything to prove. Your perception about me doesn’t count. I am not in need of friends or companionship. Anything that happens in KD, stays in KD. I just started commenting here because I was tired of the lies I kept on reading. The lies in every posts and comments. Everyone was conforming and it was just suffocating.

    I shared the story because I wanted to share the story.

    It is my story.

    If I say I was violated, then I was violated. Why are you guys taking panadol for another person headache.

    Most of the people claiming that 2go guys are bad are all on 2go. This place is filled with hypocrites and pretenders, most are here because they want to garner e-points and popularity.

    Just because I am trying to demystify your concepts and perceptions of homosexuality, doesn’t mean you guys should start barking like rabid dogs.

    Someone even said that I was not violated because I was hard and I actually had lapsex with the guy.

    Why don’t you tell that to the 12 year old guy who was hard when his 22 year old female nurse had sex with him,

    Or will you blame the lady who was raped by 5 guys for getting wet, moaning and climaxing? You will say she enjoyed it.

    I can see that this blog has turned to a medium used in promoting rape, assault and molestation.

    The truth of the matter is that, I don’t know how you guys do it, but it is just not worth it.

    Well, being naive has brought be thus far, I don’t think I want to be as smart as most people here. I don’t want to end up living a miserable life and taking succour in the comments of people who don’t even care about your very existence.

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 02, 09:48 Reply

      *sigh* Whenever Sinnex gets attacked, whoever attacked him must be a minion of Pink Panther. And so, Pink Panther must be reeled into his cry of injustice.
      This has gotten really old, Sinnex. I too have a real job, one that doesn’t involve me being responsible for every wrong way you rub other persons.

      • Ace
        July 02, 11:38 Reply

        Hahahahaha… PR response here.

    • KyrxxX
      July 02, 11:10 Reply


      Personal axe to grind?!

      How? Where? When?

      Pinky’s personal minion kwa?!


      That was quite low! Very low!

      If you dont have anything meanful to say, isn’t it better to keep quite nd be considered wise than open ur mouth u use in eating jii mmanu thus clear all doubt!
      I dont have any ish with anybody on kd or outside kd nd I intend keeping it so! Am such a clown nd I endeavour making everybody laugh nd off everybody’s ish! Someone even said I can never be serious! That is me! D goofy guy! Saying I have an axe to grind with u stinks of childishness it is quite annoying!

      You are way older than me but am gonna tell u this……….

      Grow up!!

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 02, 12:41 Reply

        You do need to learn when to open up n when to shut it tho,KryxxX.There is a time for everything
        Just saying.

      • wytem
        July 02, 14:32 Reply

        I get your point! You are one hulluva friendly bitch….the rest of your comment is nonsense!!!

    • Rex
      March 02, 12:05 Reply

      You no get sense olorun…m you posted a silly story of how you didn’t like someone but he made you want him, suck him,kiss him, recieve lap sex,lapfuck him and let lap fuck you for over an hour .. left him in your room while you had your bath and you’re claiming violation…. Sounds like consent to me ..

      So sharap and take several sits…

  16. JamesJemima
    July 02, 09:46 Reply

    I think I can get how he thinks he was violated. First time I ever made out with a guy left me with a massive load of guilty conscience that made me angry with the dude even though there was no force involved I still blamed him for making me do what I did (not) want to do. Biko Sinnex.. You were not violated. You just have very low will power. You’ll grow a pair with time, I believe.

    The wrestling part would have been nice for me if both of you had flawless bodies greased with oil and jock stra….Lemme not talk.

    • Ace
      July 02, 11:40 Reply

      Lol… Really JJ? What have you been watching?

    July 02, 10:02 Reply

    is it weird that this story makes me like Sinnex even more….

    but, seriously – sorry you had to go through that! there’s nothing worse than having sex with someone you font like…

    • Max
      July 02, 12:44 Reply

      No its not. I actually get where he’s coming from. I’ve felt like that too.. In the past, when I was just starting to explore, but it wasn’t long before I grew some ballz and started controlling my life. It made me like him more too.

  18. Jaiice
    July 02, 10:32 Reply

    Hellurr!! There’s no need for Judgements and criticisms. This is a story he went through and he felt to share his experience like he said, not for approval.

    Has anyone of you ever left a total stranger (who the only things you know about at that time is his first name, age and what he does) in your house, fikked with documents and valuables? Only then do I think you can reason with Sinnex why he had to go back in after forcefully claiming freedom from chucks.

    Sinnex did mention thathe keeps his sunday “holy” and does nothing on that day so having to compromise to even wank chucks, I see that as violation. (He did the needful, cos from all he said, chucks wasn’t going to leave).

    But Sinnex, just as everyo
    Sinnex, just as you have your preferences, so does everyone else. But come on!!! Pants? Who doesn’t love a well-fitted pants???

    That said… I hope I haven’t gotten in anyone’s way (not like I care tho).
    Y’all have a great day at your “real jobs”!… Jaiice 🙂

    • trystham
      July 02, 14:49 Reply

      oh Madea!!!! 😍😍😍

  19. Chuck
    July 02, 11:27 Reply

    Chuks is a rapist.

    But Sinnex is also trifling. Don’t wank on Sundays, don’t like older people because of one 28 year old you met on 2go. Looking for gay men on a Monday morning then coming here to say you have a job and won’t reply people. Who’s unserious?
    I’m definitely adding the question “Are you Sinnex?” to the list of pre – meeting questions. Some people just have to be avoided. So many neuroses/issues

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 02, 11:30 Reply

      Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaaa!!! Ok, Chuck has a sense of humour. Cos the tail-end of this comment killed me.

  20. Gad
    July 02, 11:44 Reply

    Sinnex, to start with, the holy day is the sabbath,saturday. Sunday was a creation of man,the church and it’s a pointer to the fact that after Christ’s resurrection, all days are the same. The way guys guard “virginity” like girls is something I’m yet to come to terms with. Next time when you meet a guy you don’t feel sexually attracted to,let your meeting end in a public place over drinks. During discussions there you will be able to decide if he is the type of guy you can just be friends with on a platonic level or forget about. VIOLATED? Yes. You were violated but with your active conivance. As for the criteria you set for yourself, I think it’s ok though I know you will get over some with time. I sympathise with you. You really had to contend with a low level idiot who lacks self control and worth but please be careful next time.

    • Max
      July 02, 12:51 Reply

      For the first time, I actually agree with you.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 02, 13:02 Reply

        I’ve come across your old spats,you agree more than you disagree.One is led to think you had a thing for each other at some point.

      • Gad
        July 02, 16:28 Reply

        I guess Im supposed to celebrate this scarce agreement but sorry to dissappoint you. A check on my accounts showed that no cash was added as a result of your agreement. I will only celebrate when I have reasons to. Thanks

      • Max
        July 02, 23:25 Reply

        I’m glad I made your day.
        You’re welcome 🙂

  21. Ace
    July 02, 12:24 Reply

    I feel like this dude was actually violated and please let’s not act like we don’t have our pet peeves when it comes to hookups. He was made to engage in a sexual act after several attempts at refusal. His will was broken and he gave in eventually that does not really make it consensual.
    Sinnex, you have a right to have sex with the kind of guy that suits you, it is your right! If you hate guys that wear “pata”, it is your choice! At one time too, I refused hook ups on Sunday but this guy grew up to become a thirsty mofo and every day is a good fuck day for me now.

  22. ronniephoenix
    July 02, 12:46 Reply

    SINNEX, i can totally relate. i was “violated” at age 9, by a girl *long story*.
    That single experience made me hate sex so much that i had sex just once, when i was around 13 or 14,and was totally repulsed by it. i am 17 now, but i just can’t imagine sex without throwing up.

    • KingBey
      July 02, 14:14 Reply

      You shouldn’t still imagne sex yet. You still 17

    • Gad
      July 02, 14:14 Reply

      One week one trouble

  23. Khaleesi
    July 02, 13:48 Reply

    Smh… from the 1st 2 lines, i knew this was from Sinnex. The aroma of overgrown messiness carelessly littered everywhere is evident from line 1& impossible to miss!
    So,its okk to point out and ogle your crushes on a sunday but not okay to have sex or engage in any ‘carnal’ activities? That you dont see the extremely idiotic nature of that line of reasoning speaks loud volumes about the major wreck the opium has inflicted – wetin be my own? Much good may it do you lot as usual! #Religi-Zombies
    Finally, i dont see how any of this has anything to do with Chuks age, any younger randy guy could also have done the same to you or is it the case that you like vulnerable, gullible under-aged twinks who have a hard time distinguishing their left from their right? #TalkNowOMakeWeKnow …

  24. Teflondon
    July 02, 14:48 Reply

    Of course he did. ‘Poor mans Colossus’

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 02, 16:06 Reply

      You mean, like ‘Poor man Gad’ when you gush your agreement with him as well?

  25. Teflondon
    July 02, 15:16 Reply

    Sinnex I’m sorry about what you went through. I truly am, however I couldn’t help but laugh all through. The post, comments? Hilarious!
    Your naivety is baffling, you know I say this all the time. Let it be noted that this things happened to you while you took a little break from our frndship. This would never have happened if we were on talking terms then.. I just feel like I owe it as a duty to you to nurture you, protect you and keep you from danger cause of you naivety to happenings around the gaybourhood. Be careful next time okay?

    That said,
    I couldn’t help but notice Max changed demeanor on here for a while now, Yall can thank me for that. And long may it continue.


  26. Zeus
    July 02, 15:19 Reply

    A load of poppycock. Story started very well- title et al – then went downhill at the writers’ indecisiveness. The title is very strong for watered down “he said- he said” story. Kinda like that one about the “I’m rich daddy’s boy but I slept with someone under my social status- we r in jail sex – I jazzed you outta payback tryst”. No bueno.

      • Teflondon
        July 02, 21:55 Reply

        Gad it’s easy to hide behind your monicjer, sit on a high throne of piled up shit and make judgements When you haven’t contributed nada to the blog or even put some details of your life out there for people to learn.
        just another irrelevant petty being. loads of them on this blog these days, I’ve learnt to ignore their existence.

      • Teflondon
        July 02, 21:58 Reply

        Gad my comments is me telling you about the that ‘thing’ that commented earlier. You get? I don’t want you thinking it was directed at you.

    • Mitch
      July 02, 15:40 Reply


      So Zeus, you had to come all the way from Olympus to release your thunda to open someone’s nyash abi? Kai!!!!

  27. La-Coozee
    July 02, 17:24 Reply

    I always catch the bus to your posts, Sinnex baybee. Leave people who don’t understand alone. The perfect way to live is to know that life comes in varying shades of human colour. Chop kiss

  28. Lanre S
    July 02, 21:37 Reply

    Sinnex I don’t know u and I don’t want 2 talk much but this write up reveals a lot of weaknesses in your worldview and character. For your own sake u need brushing up. Chuks or no Chuks, You are a prime kito candidate waiting to happen and also a potential lovers nightmare. If u have any serious friends, get help. Not looking good.

  29. ronniephoenix
    July 02, 22:28 Reply

    @KING. seriously, @17 i should not think about sex? this aint the stone age.

  30. Lanre S
    July 03, 05:31 Reply

    Yall encouraging Sinnex like he’s said stuff worth laughing about. The gullibility & naïveté indicated here is a luxury none of us can afford in this homophobic naija. This child is full of unrealistic and shockingly backward ideas and is not yet ready to date or meet strangers. If he lived in a more unforgiving city like Lagos the title of this piece might not be violated it might be post mortem. I’m really concerned and am like does he have friends? We should all stand up for each other. This group hopefully is not only about fuck stories and entertainment but also support. Sinnex strikes one as a circuit board with the wires all criss-crossed and messed up waiting to cause an accident. Considering how we put our best selves forward that means there’s more shocking attitudes Sinnex doesn’t reveal in this write up. Gay ppl r spose 2 be smart! More so in naija. Someone please reach out and adopt this child b4 it’s too late. Sinnex, shine your eyes o. Hmm.

  31. sensei
    July 03, 19:04 Reply

    The cruelty and insensitivity exhibited in comments are uncalled for. Can’t you offer advice in a considerate tone?

    Sinnex, you were indeed violated. I’m sorry about your experience. Distil the comments, take the good, ignore the bad. And be careful!!!

  32. Heykins
    July 03, 22:29 Reply

    Sinnex darling, I totally enjoyed your write up and sorry about the experience. We all make mistakes, mine is nothing to write home about. I rarely comment (even though I read every post and comment) but I will like to say I believe the essence of this blog is gradually becoming defeated as some ppl take pleasure in running other ppl down.
    PS: PP, thanks for the recent add on facebook *winks*
    I love you sinnex!

  33. ChristianGayBoy
    January 08, 12:49 Reply

    I’m aware that this is a really old post but allow me say this:

    I don’t know the blog’s community relationship with Sinnex now but at the time this story was posted it seems too clear that sentiment is the master mind behind the comment that went on here, somehow I think it’s because the post came from ‘Sinnex.’

    The title Violated is in every sense a perfect description of what happened and whoever came up with it is wise. Rape would have been far fetched, Violence would be inappropriate. Violated was just right!

    1. The guy was trying to get him rid of his cloth?
    2. Forcefully demanded sex?
    3. Repeated tried to penetrate his ass after he agreed to some lapsex?

    Are you aware that by law consent can be withdrawn at anytime? That is even when we are all hot for each other, naked and smashing, a girl can withdraw her consent.

    4. He wanted the guy out of his house. He is gay, neighbors went mute clearly trying to listen, do you think the average Nigerian man has the ‘confidence’ to call in outsiders for intervention? Sadly in our part of the world it takes confidence and even ‘shamelessness’ to call for help against rape.

    Violated was just the word that described Sinnex situation. To have made light of this post was to indirectly underestimate the graveness of sexual molestation and harassment. Again I like to believe that we are a little more mentally intentional with our views on matters.

    Any act without consent and any act with forced consent or compromised consent even by virtue of the law is sexual molestation.

    Lastly, why is it a big deal that Sinnex doesn’t like guys who are older, hairy, pant wearers and how does it affect the community that he doesn’t want to have sex on Sundays?

    We are fighting a law against LGBTQ because we know it is wrong for the government or public to interfere and govern what harmless private matters go on between consenting adults.

    Sinnex preference, and sex opinions are not in anyway harmful to the next person! For a people that speaks up against imposition we seem to impose what people should do and not do.

    I love guys on pant and I have a thing for sexy hairy men, also serve me a plate of men with ages far ahead of mine. It’s called preference. There is no need for public opinion. The story is about violation and not what Sinnex likes or doesn’t like, that is in passing. Let’s not leave the weightier matters for what is trivial.

    Thank you.

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