Michael Sam breaks up with fiancé, Vito Cammisano

Michael Sam breaks up with fiancé, Vito Cammisano

CI01M0HWgAABgxnMichael Sam’s six-month engagement to long-term boyfriend Vito Cammisano is over, according to reports. “They’ve been rocky for months,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly. News about their split emerged less than one week after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling about gay marriage.

The duo first connected at University of Missouri, where Michael was a star football player. Dating since 2011, Vito remained private about their relationship before Michael’s emotional coming-out story grabbed headlines in February 2014. However, the couple went public with their love when Michael made history by becoming the NFL’s first openly gay player that May.

The two then very romantically got engaged around New Year’s on a trip to Rome.

The New York Daily News notes that Sam has deleted all the old Instagram photos of him with Vito, many of them showing them kissing.

The Guardian reports that Sam recently returned to the Montreal Alouettes football team after an unexplained three-week leave of absence, saying only that he “had to deal with a personal matter.” It appears that personal matter had to do with breaking up with Cammisano, with whom the long-distance thing must not have been working.

Now, in commemoration of Michael Sam’s new single status, let’s have a look at that clip of the football player’s nice cock bunched into those spandex shorts, shall we?


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  1. Bane Salazar
    July 03, 03:47 Reply


    Yesss! About damn time. My babalawo has finally come thru for your boy!

    I’m here Miky… I’m here for you now…

    • trystham
      July 03, 04:31 Reply

      Sweetheart, wave ur pompoms faster. He will dazzled

    • noel
      July 03, 07:29 Reply

      Me too. Breakup can be messy. I can’t deal with this one biko.

  2. Francis
    July 03, 06:07 Reply

    Gosh! Na this kain thing dey make person fear to shout “I love you/him” from rooftop.

    In other news Vito don start vlog and he’s just not rubbing me the right way. #NoPunIntended

    • chestnut
      July 03, 06:31 Reply

      Apparently, he must not have been “rubbing” Sam the right way either…#Messy

  3. Diablo
    July 03, 06:20 Reply

    Was about time! all those nights of strenuous incantations, positive visualization and yes the occasional human sacrifice and sipping of blood finally paid off. Now fly that fine ass to Nigeria Sammy so i can toss it all night and day!

  4. chestnut
    July 03, 06:34 Reply

    Why does Michael Sam suddenly seem more attractive to me? Oh God,am I really a “home-wrecker” like a friend of mine used to say,in d past?????

  5. kacee
    July 03, 06:48 Reply

    Awwww they were so cute together, lol u guys are so funny (all fighting for Michael)

  6. Max
    July 03, 07:05 Reply

    Nice boner. 🙂
    Now The white hoe is out.. Let a befitting black hoe step in and slay that D.

    • Francis
      July 03, 07:25 Reply

      Max is that really you? Abi you get alter ego?

    • Max
      July 03, 17:07 Reply

      Yeah, max has an alter ego. 🙂

  7. Andrevn
    July 03, 08:20 Reply

    Make that an Alter-alter ego @ Francis

    Break-ups are messy deals abeg….The Anger and bad blood is mortally excruciating and the scars don’t leave either.

    Good Luck to Sam and Vito (He looks kinda fragile, doesn’t he?)

  8. Ace
    July 03, 08:26 Reply

    Was he cat walking in the video? Lol

    • Max
      July 03, 17:08 Reply

      I thought I was the only one that saw that

  9. Colossus
    July 03, 08:42 Reply

    To paraphrase Victoria Chase from Hot in Cleveland, nothing signifies a couple split more than a big tear down the middle.

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    July 03, 09:30 Reply

    I havr always said it, keep your plenty baes and boos away from IG and tumblr so you dont have to take down pictures post-breakup!

    All those plenty displays will still come and haunt you! Take a page outta my book!

    • Max
      July 03, 17:10 Reply

      Prophet of doom.
      From love doc to hoe doc in few months..

      Really shows how powerful love is. 🙂

    • Max
      July 03, 17:10 Reply

      Prophet of doom.
      From love doc to hoe doc in few months..

      Really shows how powerful love is. 🙂

  11. alpha papi
    July 04, 06:30 Reply

    Good… Michael Sam can do better, not dis puny unattractive white boy.

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