Vocal Stimulation

Vocal Stimulation

I’d been working a second job at an AT&T customer service call center for a little over a year and it was the easiest job I’d had in my life. I honestly couldn’t complain about it because all I had to do was sit at a cubical for five hours and answer calls and help people with their service issues. Occasionally, I’d get prank calls but it was rare. Well, one afternoon I received a call from a guy who needed help with his high-speed internet service. The moment we were connected and I heard his voice, I immediately felt a feeling I’d never felt before.

“Hey, I can’t get my internet to work,” said his voice on the other end.

There was something about the tone of his voice that caught me off guard and made a chill run up my spine. Not only did that happen, my dick started to get hard. It was kind of freaking me out because I’d never reacted that way to hearing someone’s voice, especially not another man’s voice. Out of all the women I’d been with, including the two I had kids with, I’d never gotten turned on by the sound of their voices. Why the fuck was I getting turned on by another man’s voice on that ordinary afternoon?

“Hello,” he said after a long silence from my end. “Are you there?”

“I’m sorry,” I said after pulling myself together. “I’m sorry you’re experiencing trouble with your internet service. My name is Rodney and I’m going to do my best to help you. May I have your name, sir?”

“Orlando Williams.”

“And can you give me your account number or the phone number listed on your account, please?”

I kept thinking whatever the hell was happening to me would stop as I helped him, but the more he talked, the hornier I became. Even though I was experiencing some crazy shit, I did my best to do my job and help him with his problem. I eventually was able to help him get his internet service working again, but that did nothing to help me with the problem I was having. Why had this man’s voice turned me on? Before that call, I’d never gotten turned on by another man. I’d never had a single sexual thought about another man. Why was this happening to me?

“Thank you, Rodney,” he said to me at the end of the call.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Williams,” I said back. “You’ll receive a call within the next twenty-four hours asking you survey questions about this call and how effective I was. The survey is optional but I’d appreciate it if you completed it.”


“Thank you for calling AT&T customer support. Have a nice evening, Mr. Williams.”

“You, too, Rodney.”

I quickly ended the call and took off my headset. Hoping no one would see me because my dick was hard, I jumped up and headed to the set of doors that led to the restroom area. I hurried into the men’s room and into an empty stall where I jacked off and busted a nut into the toilet. Finally, my dick went soft and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Still, I couldn’t get Orlando’s voice out of my head. I had to get to the bottom of it because I was starting to question my manhood and that was a scary feeling.

After washing my hands, I headed back to my cubicle and pulled Orlando’s information back up. I’d already known he lived in the same state as me but I didn’t notice he was in the same zip code. Even though it was against company policy, I jotted his number down and after my shift was over, I contacted him on my cell phone. I was sitting in my car parked in an empty parking lot not far from the call center and my heart was pounding in my chest as I waited for him to pick up his phone.

“Hello,” he answered on the fourth ring.

“Um, wassup man,” I said with my eyes closed. “I know this is weird but –”

“Rodney? Is this the guy I spoke with earlier from AT&T?

“Yeah, it’s me. I just, uh…” I took a deep breath before bluntly asking, “Do you know me, man?”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“Do you know me from somewhere? Have we met before in person?”

“No. I don’t know anyone with your name. Why?”

“You’re gonna think I’m crazy but there’s something about your voice that…man, you’re gonna think I’m crazy.”

“What about my voice?”

“You won’t hang up when I tell you, will you?”

“Rodney, I’m an open-minded guy. Whatever has you feeling this way must be something big because you’re calling a customer on your personal phone.”

I took another deep breath and finally told him, “Your voice made me horny. It made me so horny that I had to go into the bathroom and jack off. Listen, I’m not gay and I don’t know what the hell is going on or why I even had to call you to talk about this shit. I’m just so…confused.”

He was silent for a little while before finally saying, “I’m confused, too, but sexuality can be confusing.”

“This shit is a trip. It’s like I can’t even control the reaction at all. My dick is hard right now talking to you.”

“You can’t help what turns you on, man. No one can. Hearing you tell me that my voice turns you on is turning me on, and I’m a happily married man.”

“For real?”

“Yeah. I get turned on when someone compliments me, man or woman. I also get turned on at the thought of getting someone else off. I’ve never done anything with another man before though.”

“Have you ever wanted to?”

He was silent again for a longer period of time before answering, “Yes. But I could never build up the nerve to do it. I don’t wanna cheat on my wife and I’m not sure if experimenting is worth risking everything. I’ve been married for twenty-six years.”

“Well, can you at least send me a pic of you? Maybe that will stop this. I’m not attracted to men physically so that should end it.”

“Alright. I’ll hurry and take one right now and send it while my wife is still out. Hold on.”

He was silent for a while and I heard footsteps through the phone. A little while later, I received the pic in a text message from him. I opened it, thinking I’d be immediately turned off by him, but seeing the pic had the exact opposite effect. He was shirtless and was in decent shape for a man his age. I couldn’t understand why seeing him shirtless was turning me on even more. Now I was even more worried about myself.

“Did you get the pic, son?” he asked after I’d been silent for a while.

“Yeah, I got it,” I told him. “My dick is still hard, man. I’m definitely attracted to you. I don’t know why but I am.” I began touching myself as I asked him, “How long will your wife be away?”

“A good while. Why?”

“I need you to help me out. I’m not gonna be able to control these urges but there’s a way you can help me without you or I having to be physically uncomfortable.”


“Phone sex.”

“Phone sex? Boy, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“It doesn’t have to be sexual. Your voice does most of the work already. I really need this, man. I don’t know why but I need it.”

“Rodney, this is weird.”

“I know but you did say sexuality could be confusing. I don’t think it could get more confusing than this.”

“Indeed.” He laughed a little before getting serious again and saying, “Describe yourself to me.”

“I can send you a pic if –”

“No, I want you to describe yourself.”

“Okay. Well, I’m six-foot-two, lighter skinned, got a mustache and a trimmed beard. I used to play basketball in high school and I’m still pretty athletic.”

“Do you like sneakers?”

“Yeah, I own a lot of them.”

“What size do you wear?”


“Hmm, I bet your dad used to pay a good grip on shoes for those feet when you were younger, huh?”

It was like the moment he asked me that, he hit something inside me that turned me on more than I already was turned on. I unzipped my slacks and guided my dick through the opening as I told him, “Yeah, my stepdad would spend a lot on my shoes and clothes when I was a teen.”

“Were you always a good boy for him?”

“I was. I never got in trouble and I always knew it was because I wanted to keep making him proud.” I began jacking off and breathing heavier.

“Your stepdad was your only father figure?”

“Yeah. I never knew my real dad.” I closed my eyes so that I could focus on his voice while I jacked off.

“Was your stepdad at all of your basketball games?”

I beat my dick harder as I replied, “Every…single…one.”

“What would you have done had he ever…touched you?”

“What do you mean? He touched me all the time. He hugged me or put an arm around me or patted me on the behind to show how proud he was at my games. It wasn’t sexual.”

“Maybe to him, it wasn’t sexual, but what about to you?”

I kept jacking off with my eyes closed as I thought about his question. And that was when it hit me. I was trying as hard as I could to avoid it in that moment, but the thought wouldn’t leave my mind. As soon as I began thinking about my stepdad putting his hands on my ass and me possibly touching him back, I lost control. I knew it would never happen and that I’d never want it to happen, but the thought of it was enough.

“I’m gonna cum, Orlando,” I called out over the phone. “Fuck!”

“Me, too,” he moaned out loud. “Ah, yeah!”

We were both breathing heavy into the phone as we came together. I hadn’t busted a nut that hard in a very long time. Although I’d jacked off just a few hours before in my job’s restroom, I shot out a huge amount of cum. It got all over my steering wheel and some got on my slacks. After getting over the intensity and sensitivity, I put my eight-inch dick back into my slacks and zipped them up. I used some napkins from my center console to clean up the cum I’d gotten on my steering wheel and on my pants. Although I felt a huge feeling of relief, I was still confused by it all.

“I’m glad I could help you,” Orlando said after another long period of silence. “And thank you for helping me. I don’t feel too guilty since I didn’t physically cheat on my wife.”

“I still don’t get any of this,” I admitted.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure, but it seems that you have a repressed desire for your stepfather. I could be wrong but…”

“That’s what scares me the most. I think I do, too. But how? When I consciously think about it right now, it feels so wrong. But while I was jacking off, it did it for me.”

“It’s just something you’re going to have to deal with. I’ve never been able to figure out why I get so much pleasure from bringing others pleasure. It just happens.”

“I’ll carry this secret to my grave. There’s no way Lionel can ever know about this.”

“Lionel? That’s your stepdad’s name?”


“Lionel Scott? Does he live here in Sacramento?”

“Yes, why?”

“This can’t be. It just can’t…”

“Orlando, what’s going on?”

“How old is your stepfather?”

“He’s in his early fifties.”


“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Rodney, your stepfather is my younger half-brother. We have the same mother but different fathers. I haven’t spoken to him in over twenty years because we had a falling out over a failed business we’d started together.”

“Maybe you’re thinking about a different Lionel Scott. I mean, you would know if your brother married a woman with a son, right?”

“No, I wouldn’t. Like I said, I haven’t talked to him in years. At the time of our falling out, he was single. Tell me, does your stepdad have any biological kids?”

“No. He told my mama that he –”

“Was in a bad car accident when he was sixteen that caused severe damage and he can never have kids? He was riding with me when that accident happened. Rodney, your stepfather is my little brother.”

I put my hand up to my mouth in shock as I muttered, “Oh my God.”

It now made sense. His voice had gotten in my head because he sounded exactly like my stepdad, and I’d been fighting off the thought of being attracted to my stepdad. Seeing the pic of him made the feeling stronger because he resembled my stepdad a little. On top of still feeling a high level of confusion, I was also feeling like I needed to talk to a therapist. What were the odds of any of this happening? And why was I getting the feeling that this was only the beginning of something deeper?

Written by D.A. Morrison

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    Daddy issues ? It’s the case with most gays unfortunately… There’s a psychological aspect to it. I wish my dad was home often, he was always absent like a delinquent student

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    The mind c@n be quite interesting and twisted sha. Nice piece

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    Okay first of all, why do people always like to mention the length of their dicks. Second personally I don’t think sexuality is confusing I might be wrong but I feel the problem is that we just refuse to accept the truth. As children we might over stress on it but if we relax and give ourselves time we will notice our preferences. So it’s either you like men or women or both or none. All in all I am loving this D A Morrison stories…. more please

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