Waka Pass Diaries (Exes Are Exes For A Reason)

Waka Pass Diaries (Exes Are Exes For A Reason)

August 13

Exes are usually exes for a reason. Whether a boyfriend or lover, if you’re the one who decided to move on from that situation, you probably did it for a reason.

But sometimes, some people forget those reasons, and allow themselves to be led back to that situation, only to be reminded why they left in the first place.

Some people like me.

There’s this lover I used to have. We met in 2013. I was staying with my cousins (two girls) then at Festac Extension. He wasn’t staying too far. So the sex was kinda regular.

And the sex was great. Ohmaigod! It was fantastic! The kind of sex that was so fire, it burned off any room for emotions. It was very, purely, fantastically physical. That was the sex that started defining me as an out gay guy. When we fucked, I found more and more reasons to not want to be closeted, at least not in the house where I was living. When we fucked, I found myself caring less and less about what my cousins may or may not suspect about my sex life.

One night he spent with me that we were fucking, and I was moaning with reckless abandon, and he tried to shush me, saying that my cousins would hear, I remember my response being: “Ehen? So? Let them hear na.” In my mind, something so beautiful was not to be contained, at least not in the place I called home. (Of course, my cousins got to know, and that led to a whole other drama)

But yeah, sex with this guy was a really good thing. And it wasn’t just about the penetrative aspect. The sex was good because this guy loved to give so much. It was like he was invested in my pleasure, and I responded to that. There’s something about a lover being so giving that makes his partner want to match him stroke for stroke.

It’s not like we were exclusive o. We weren’t even dating. We fucked other people. And as 2014 rolled in, sex between us however began to lose its heat. I don’t know… I’d gotten so spoilt by how he’d do literally everything to me, so much so that when he began to give less and less, I started to lose my interest in him.

Then I moved out of my cousins’ place to my own place, and he came over. And we had sex.

Regular sex.

The kind of sex normal people have.

The “kiss, then suck, then fuck” routine kind of sex.

I wept. In my soul, I wept in mourning for all the spectacular sex we used to have.

And as he left my house, I knew I wouldn’t be asking to see him again. He tried to chat me up a few times, but we didn’t really have a friendship to begin with. Sex was the bulk of what we had. So when the sex was dying, the guy I was back then was too disappointed to entertain being anything else with him.

And so he became an ex.

Fast forward to 2019, 5 years later, and I ran into him in town. And he was looking extra delicious. Bigger bodied. With the Mohawk-dread-locked hairstyle that is all the rave now, which added to his attractiveness.

As we exchanged pleasantries, I was feeling this guy. So much. And from the way he was eyeing me, I could tell he was feeling me too. So much so that when I suggested us going back to my place to rediscover our past, he didn’t hesitate.

I totally forgot that the past I wanted to rediscover was left there for a reason.

I was reminded when we got behind closed doors, undressed and went at it. Whatever expectations I had, whatever I remembered the sex to be, came crashing down when we did it.

It was regular sex.

The kind of sex normal people have.

The “kiss, then suck, then fuck” routine kind of sex.

And again, I wept. In my soul, I wept in mourning for all the spectacular sex I realised we were never ever going to have.

And as he left my house a few hours later, I had gotten very familiar with the reason why he was an ex-lover.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Francis
    August 26, 08:32 Reply

    ? ? ? ?

    I wonder what changed for him. Maybe he had been overperforming all along and got tired ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  2. trystham
    August 26, 08:39 Reply

    The peak of performance reached, there was no other place to go than down.

  3. Net
    August 26, 09:49 Reply

    The kind of sex normal people have lmao ?

      August 27, 14:51 Reply

      The kind of sex some of us are even willing to settle for but weeyanor seeing people to give us ?

    • Malik
      August 28, 05:20 Reply

      Like, I felt attacked. Started thinking about my sex life: Am I having normal-people sex?

    • Lyanna
      September 01, 18:10 Reply

      Yes..because abnormal people have sex too.

      • Malik
        September 02, 10:29 Reply

        Ah. @Lyanna, I understand now.

  4. Lamar
    August 26, 17:31 Reply

    Is the mohawk dreadlocks In again???? Or is this fiction?

    I honestly hope its not… I dread those locks !?

    August 27, 14:53 Reply

    There’s a special place in my heart for partners, especially tops who are invested in pleasuring bottoms. For most tops, it’s just about them. But for these others, members of a rare species, they are the real MVPs. Special shout out to these awesome tops.

  6. Toppy
    September 01, 15:25 Reply

    Which one is normal people sex Biko. Abi na BSDM, fisting etc be the way?
    With frottage, some people sef don de OK.
    I don’t understand ooo

  7. fox
    September 02, 07:01 Reply

    I didn’t read the part where you discussed the problem with him. What if due to his Sexperience with others,he felt you too might be loving the “normal sex”?

  8. ROCK
    September 12, 13:37 Reply

    You come across as selfish.

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