When Onyx Godwin Introduced The Gay Talk On Ali Baba’s Timeline

When Onyx Godwin Introduced The Gay Talk On Ali Baba’s Timeline

Call Onyx Godwin whatever you like, but that dude has more balls than most Nigerian LGBT people I know. How many of y’all can bring the heat to a self-professed antigay celebrity the way he did to Ali Baba?

Well, if you haven’t already seen this on LIB (my phone lit up with several notifications of KDians furnishing me with links when Linda posted it), here it is.ig1ig2ig3ig4ig5

Onyx, if you are reading this, just know that you’ve got a budding fan in me. 🙂 The next time you wanna tackle another antigay celeb, give me a shout, lemme join you in battle gear. 😀

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  1. ken
    August 25, 05:26 Reply

    Me just tire for this country sha
    It will take at least 50yrs for nigerians to really understand what being gay means and let people live their lives!

  2. Mandy
    August 25, 05:41 Reply

    Just imagine how Ali baba hopped on a man’s body and organs and receiving. A majority of these homophobes just get hung up on the sex part of the gay community. That’s their problem. That is what arrests their attention, the unusualness of gay sex. And not just gay sex, the unusualness of gay sex between a man and a man. Never about lesbain sex. It’s always this sneering attitude about how a man can bear to sleep with his fellow man.

    • ken
      August 25, 05:53 Reply

      Gay people dont help matters too bcos to most of us, its all about sex. Sex sex sex!

      • Dennis Macaulay
        August 25, 06:58 Reply

        You judge judy’s need to take a chill pill with all this sex shaming. Straight people have a lot of sex too, a whole lot of sex! Hang with straight boys and ALL they talk about is pussy 100percent of the time!

        Sex is not a dirty thing, and nobody should be a moral compass for the other person. Sex drives are natural and vary from person to person, this argument has become old and a tad annoying

        • Max
          August 25, 07:50 Reply

          Dennis #Macaulay, the hoe defender. For the first time, I actually get where you’re coming from.

          • keredim
            August 25, 08:18 Reply

            Thank you, thank you, Lord Jesus.

            One day at a time Max, one day at a time…..

            @Dennis, I owe you a drink (or whatever healthy juice you desire)

              • #Chestnut
                August 25, 08:40 Reply

                Hehehe…Dennis,u just missed a golden opportunity for a sexual innuendo.

              • Keredim
                August 25, 08:42 Reply

                As many as you like, as many as you like.??????

      • princevk
        June 22, 09:37 Reply

        Ken, being gay doesn’t entail sex all d time…..Like onyx said “its based on ur perspective”……10k u

  3. wiffey
    August 25, 06:12 Reply

    So this is my first official comment on KD but boy did he stick it to him!!!

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    August 25, 06:55 Reply

    Onyx Godwin I take back the time I called you skinny b***h, next time you want to voltron call me for backup!

    I always say it, the fundamental basis of homophobia in these parts is the belief that sexuality is a conscious choice one makes. Therefore how can a man leave pussy and prefer to fuck another man nyash? That’s the constant thing that I hear ALL the time.

    Take away sexual orientation and replace it with race and you see how stupid and illogical homophobia really is.

    Nigeria’s journey far sha! God help us in this matter!

    Onyx, 12 kisses for you

    • Pink Panther
      August 25, 07:16 Reply

      The last part of your comment is the one Khaleesi will see now and almost delightfully say how our journey to acceptance in Nigeria will begin to end in 2050. Lol

      • Dennis Macaulay
        August 25, 07:24 Reply

        Don’t mind that pessimistic Queen! Now he will Gleefully remind us that “homophobia is wired into the DNA of Nigerians and our only hope is to flee”

    • Max
      August 25, 07:51 Reply

      He’s hard to miss

  5. Teflondon
    August 25, 07:28 Reply

    My boo boo! Onxy.. Like that boy a lot. Tho I think he goes over the hedge sometimes.

    Even in his constant courageous Charade & Shaningans there are still pints of fear and denials. None more so obvious than his commnets today. I notice how he slightly shifted the issue from being known as gay himself rather he wanted to be seen as someone that defends gay.
    But whatever I’ll cut him some slack.. The boy sure got balls.. Atleast bigger than posh6666s’ or whatever that ones name is.

    As for Ali baba, I’ve got no words for him.. For someone that is presumed ‘enlightened’ he sure is really Dumb. And to think he celebrated his 50th bday the other time. Whoever formed the phrase “A fool at 40 is a fool forever” needs not look further than Ali baba

    • Francis
      August 25, 07:59 Reply

      Denial of wetin? Say he no be gay? Abeg leave matter biko. In as much as its hard, we have to accept that stereotypes are never 100% sure.

      The guy dey try sha and sometimes I wish I had his balls. Lol. No pun intended

    • posh6666
      August 25, 09:52 Reply

      Sweery how did my name even come up here?how does this even make sense?i see u have got some deep rooted issues with me.I dont have balls?lmaooo dude have u seen me naked before?anyways so till i go on linda to announce am gay before i get liver?jam me on d streets and see how i whoop ur ass thats when u will know u who got balls or nah.The boy doesnt even admit to being gay he denies it,i remember him cuming on kd sumtymz ago and kept insisting he wasnt gay self denial at its peak.My dear Tefmushin i will do that as soon as i read about ur coming out on linda,nairaland n twitter.Until then my dear take my name off ur fake ass lying mouth!And honestly if guys ask me this onyx boy really does need to chill and reduce drawing this unnecessary attention to himself.U can call me liverless but at d end of the day this is naija where some really sick homophobes can hunt u down and end ur career and possibly kill u.Pardon me if i refuse to become a gay advocate on blogs becos yes i do have parents,uncles,aunties,family friends n colleagues who am not ready to out myself to at d end of d day onyx dear all this people hailing u wont be picking ur calls when the shit gets real and things go south beyond ur imagination.To even think its like public knowledge to everybody where u school and live becareful!you are too young n skinny for all this.One homophobe is enough to jam u on d street and end ur life.

      • Francis
        August 25, 10:07 Reply

        Bros if you no wan do advocacy, no do. No dey run down those wey get liver to do wetin you no fit do. It’s quite annoying and disgusting to say the least.

        Every man get him own battle to fight. Choose your own and fight am and allow others to fight dem own. O ga oh.

        • posh6666
          August 25, 10:25 Reply

          My broda the question is have u francis got the liver or nah????if he were ur broda wont u advise him to tone it down a bit?havent seen u advocating on linda yet.Am just advising him to try and stay alive so his parents can reap d fruit of their labour.One on one if sum1 attacks me with such issue on d street we can dig it out there and then but this online thingy is a no no.I maintain my stance so ya all can say whatever deuces baby

          • Francis
            August 25, 10:32 Reply

            I DON’T have the liver yet and that’s why I admire the nigga’s courage. Who says he doesn’t know the risk he’s running?

            You sound like those greatly closeted gay peeps that keep screaming at out gay peeps to run back into the closet and stop shoving their homosexuality in everyone’s face.

            • posh6666
              August 25, 10:40 Reply

              Foolishness and attention seeking if u ask me.Dude do u even know anything bout this boy apart from this particular post?his always on linda drooling all over hot guys pictures and making stupid comments is that what u call liver?honestly anybody that has family and anything to loose wont be this foolish.His like the most hated person on lindas blog very thin line btw courage,attention seeking and stupidity.Ok am done making any comments about the boy have given him too much airtime as it is.

              • Francis
                August 25, 10:48 Reply

                Hello, you’re not the only one that trolls LIB. That’s how I found him. He’s just catching his fun and enjoying every minute of fame madam Linda is throwing his way. Abi the thing dey hungry you?

                • posh6666
                  August 25, 11:11 Reply

                  Lmaooo d hypocrisy in here!and when kito finally happens and pinkie post in here u guys will still be the 1st self righteous ones to say how foolish he was.Dude u just said it urself his not advocating anything his just a young boy seeking attention and giving u guys entertainment.

                  • Francis
                    August 25, 11:17 Reply

                    As long as the entertainment is enlightening some pipu I’m watching with my sugar/salt free popcorn.

        • posh6666
          August 25, 10:19 Reply

          Me love have been everywhere trying to make this money and get out of naija asap lol.You know i cant do without ur blog have just been a silent observer trying to stay clear of drama till tefmushin mentioned my monicker yet the bitch is acting like he cant even recall my name when its obvious am always on his mind.

          • Teflondon
            August 25, 14:15 Reply

            LMAO! you always on my mind? see wishful thinking. the only reason i called you out was because i remembered you bashing this lad Onxy on KD the other time.
            so sorry to burst your bubble sweetie! this irish potato only mixes with and eats str8 Cucumbers!

            • posh6666
              August 25, 14:17 Reply

              Lmaoo yes dorlin am always on ur mind!and that ur last line hilarious!wateva does that even mean?lol

    • chuck
      August 25, 11:54 Reply

      Over the ‘hedge”? Are you a descendant of Oduduwa?

      • ambivalentone
        August 25, 12:26 Reply

        ROTFLMAO. You are just a goat. E his ha descendant hof hOduduwa

      • Max
        August 25, 17:27 Reply

        Omg Chuck… Hahahahahahaha

  6. Max
    August 25, 07:48 Reply

    Lol. It wasn’t much of a war though.. At least the homophobes were willing to listen and negotiate. I thought there’d be more blood.

    • chuck
      August 25, 12:34 Reply

      I don’t think they were willing to negotiate. Ali Baba is a pseudo – intelle ctual who was trying to protect his “thinking man” brand. He’s covering up his visceral bias with some sort of “legitimizing idea”. Just a bigot. Have you seen him wrote about women too? A lot of our comedians are fucked up. Look at Basketmouth and his rape skits, implying that if you give someone a gift you’re entitled to oral, vaginal or anal sex.

        • Max
          August 25, 17:32 Reply

          Look what the bin truck just wheeled in.
          Sorry, I didn’t miss you, return to your hiding spot @MushinRat
          Don’t be correcting people below my comment.

      • Max
        August 25, 17:30 Reply

        They’re really messed up @Chuk. To see how unpopular he is, I didn’t even know him till today.

  7. Lothario
    August 25, 07:55 Reply

    Oh wow! He really lit into Ali Baba, that man really needs to chill… See his head, exits are not entrances. Mcheeeeeww!!!

    Lord help us Nigerians!

  8. Dimkpa
    August 25, 08:11 Reply

    In their fixation on anal sex, they forget all the other parts of the body not ‘made’ for sex that they use for it and are perfectly fine with it.
    Last I checked the mouth is for food not blow jobs (which by the way is also sodomy) or kissing (as we don’t eat fellow humans) yet everyone is okay with it. Even straight guys perform anal sex, good example is the chant ‘No means yes, yes means anal’ that recently got some fraternity in trouble.
    People will always find a reason to be stupid. If you don’t like anal sex, don’t do it and stop fixating on it.

  9. sage
    August 25, 08:22 Reply

    thumbs up for onyx …..as 4 Alibaba no need 2 waste ma strength on him. #no dey surprise, infit dey among all those old people wet Neva wan accept themselves.

  10. sage
    August 25, 08:26 Reply

    wey* …..just dey look (all these people wey like 2 dey carry gay matter for head)one kain.

  11. Masked Man
    August 25, 08:43 Reply

    Sexual orientation. That’s the problem.

    People see two gay guys, and the first thing that pops into their heads is sex. They begin to imagine dicks and buttholes, which of course isn’t pleasurable to straight folks.

    But nobody sees a guy and a girl (like I saw somebody on here posing with one fine chick on a beach), and start thinking sex. Nobody imagines ugly pussies and curved out dicks.

    People think being gay is all about sex. I know some friends who have had decent shags since Jesus was baptised by John in noble times. Yet, they are still as gay as can be.

    People need to stop imagining gay sex when they see gay people. They should be taught to sex two adults who are happy together.

    It’s gonna take a really long time for Nigerians to catch up.

  12. #Chestnut
    August 25, 08:46 Reply

    I have to give it to Onyx, he’s a brave kid and a very articulate young man to boot. I admire his fearlessness. I just wish he would stop responding to speculations about his own sexuality,if his responses are going to be “I’m straight,not gay; I just have a feminine nature”. I’d rather he didn’t say anything about that aspect at…because yes, I think he’s gay.am I stereotyping? Maybe, but c’mon; ur gaydar can sniff Banky W out just by looking at him, but u believe Onyx is straight? C’mon!

    • Tiercel de Claron
      August 25, 11:33 Reply

      IMO,I think the boy is somewhat right.We all are straight,unless you tend to see same-sex attraction as something bent,crooked or twisted.The right terms for such descriptions should be hetero- or homosexual

  13. Silver Cat
    August 25, 08:59 Reply

    So after looking him up on IG, I have to say that the boy has some balls (literal ones he likes to touch on some of his pix and figurative ones too). However, he’s too young and doesn’t really know how to navigate the choppy waters of Nigeria’s Homophobic Sea. Onyx, if U are reading this, in as much as I’m proud of Ur stance both literal and literary, I have to caution that U tread with caution. U fit perfectly the profile of a hate crime target and Nigerians are not exactly famous for their actions in favour of an accused homosexual.

  14. ambivalentone
    August 25, 09:35 Reply

    I like that he called AliBaba out and his passionate appeal for understanding. Oh well. I guess the next time our paths cross, I shud walk up and introduce myself and be friends with him. He sure looked like he needs some.

  15. Khaleesi
    August 25, 11:33 Reply

    This took a lot of guts! Thumbs up Onyx Godwin!! @PP & DM, yesss, homophobia is engraved indelibly in the DNA of Nigerias, their hate for gays is with no rhyme nor reason, it just is! and will be till 2415!

    • Pink Panther
      August 25, 11:55 Reply

      There you go. Dennis, the date just increased to 2415. That’s like the fifth generation after us, right?

    • Max
      August 25, 17:42 Reply

      Khaleesi hahahahahahaha. As much as I hate to admit it, I think you’re right. I’ve seen more hate meted towards gay people in Nigeria than armed robbers or killers. I think Nigerians might actually be able to forgive a straight killer than a homosexual who stole a spoon. You can see the extent of hate from even gay people themselves. The sheer amount of hate they have for themselves is something I find shocking.

      • Pink Panther
        August 25, 18:04 Reply

        Than a homosexual who stole a spoon? Honey, the homosexual doesn’t have to steal anything.

  16. Dennis Macaulay
    August 25, 11:49 Reply

    Posh you need to stop talking! Take a breather and keep quiet! This acceptance that we so earnestly yearn for, where is it going to come from? Whenever we see a somebody doing any format of advocacy we immediately discourage him and remind him what is at stake as if he doesn’t already know.

    If you cannot do something, well stand by and watch those who can and try not to discourage them. The liberties that certain countries enjoy today was fought for by some people, if you go to America today you can get on a bus quite white people and some people made that possible, dying in the process.

    I am beginning to see what Max sees when he says that to some of you this is just a joke, one transient hobby which is why you will say such things to someone who actually tried to educate a homophobe.

    The other day someone buzzed me on Facebook and told me to “tone down my advocacy ” after all we are still in Nigeria and you have a life ahead of you! All this because I defended Caitlyn Jenner!

    Many of us are the biggest hypocrites ever and this freedom that we yearn (that’s even if we yearn it), freedom to walk in public with my boyfriend, freedom to rub his face with ice cream at cold stone and lick it and freedom not to say happy birthday bro on his birthday! This freedom will not be dashed us, we will take it by ourselves!

    So I say to you, if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen but do not prevent others from cooking!

    • Francis
      August 25, 11:54 Reply

      And that’s the summary of all my rant today. #ExtraMaggiNotNeeded 😀

    • posh6666
      August 25, 12:23 Reply

      His life his choice and so is urs Dennis.The truth is have been meaning to tell u this the way u always find a way to always bring up gay issue to people in gatherings that u always write bout in ur article has become overflogged and exhausting to read bout so give us new story line.If u ask me its not bout being scared or hiding in d closet ur sexuality is ur bizness i dont see why u need to feel u have to announce to everybody u meet bout it nor stir up arguments.If u ask me u just do it for d applause dorlin.My own younger broda outted me to my mum till my dad died she never ever told him or any other family member and that hasnt affected our bond.I roll with frnds some of whose flaming can be smelled frm miles away and not ashame to hangout with.But yet this online over suffocating advocacy isnt needed like lets face it this lifestyle isnt acceptable here so am ok with living with the burden alone on my own.Why should i try to embarras my family in the front of d whole world when they have so much at stake and some do hold good offices in d country isnt that being selfish?why do we comply with those that set us up and bail our way out?i havent read any kito story here were anyone damned d consequence and allowed for his family to be informed voluntarily of his sexuality yet u guys keep egging the young boy on to continue with his stupidity.In real how many of u can actually be friends with him and hangout with him?oh please am just advising him to spare his mum the trauma n trouble cos i believe i read sumwhere that she’s a single mother who sells roasted corn to take care of them.So pls when kito happens which of u is willing to send her bail out money to help her son?its a shame most of u are far older than him and giving him kudos for what u know is putting him at risk and cant wish same for your own younger broda.Lastly Francis shame on u for the statement bout him providing u entertainment while putting himself at risk.

      • Francis
        August 25, 12:28 Reply

        Shame on you for being a shameless closeted case! Enjoy your closet in peace/pieces ( whichever suits you)

        • posh6666
          August 25, 13:01 Reply

          Lol they said u were a doctor right?even if its vet doc i assume u should be smart.U keep refusing to get my message r u out to ur family?r u always writing about gay rights on ur social media pages?if u are not then boo boo we r both sharing the same closet space just make sure u dont cross to my personal space nor ask me for blanket….hypocrite oshi

      • Dennis Macaulay
        August 25, 12:35 Reply

        @posh You know what’s embarrassing and unacceptable? Your grammar!

        Reading your comment gives me a headache so I wont even bother!

        Stew in whatever it is that you believe, as long as it helps you sleep by “2pm in the midnight”.

        • posh6666
          August 25, 12:56 Reply

          Lmaooo niggah pls!so long as u get my message.Switch up ur article that gay advocacy ish has been over flogged.The day i see u on linda with ur pictures splashe everywhere as a proud homosexual nigerian thats d day u will earn my respect.Ur real pics isnt even on ur twitter account so abeg shift make i see ur u hear.

        • Teflondon
          August 25, 14:40 Reply

          I for one don’t give a tuss about DM and his make believe “Heroic” Shenanigans on all his entry, neither do i give a rat shit abt the online persona ‘Posh6666’ but i just have to agree with some of the things posh said today abt DM and his entries, i reason to some extent his concern for Onxy (however classless and shameful he is going about it.)

          But i think DM today went to an all time low (not that i even have a rate for him) when he had to use personal attacks on Posh’s gramma just to win an argument he was clearly losing. “SHAME ON YOU DM” believe me, that is an understatement to how i really feel about what you just did here.

      • chuck
        August 25, 12:38 Reply

        Another angle from some gay men – speaking up for gay rights/ living your truth is “selfish”?

        You don’t owe people anything more than respect. Because someone gave birth to you doesn’t entitle them to control your life like a Sims Character.

        • posh6666
          August 25, 13:07 Reply

          Am very sure i havent read anything about u online advocating for ur right so whats keeping u?this is naija why do u need to go rant online ur sexuality is private.Keep ur private life private.This is naija fighting for d peoples right will only get u hurt.Those same people will be d 1st to block ur number when things go south and judge you for being careless.During kito situations why do u people cower and plead for ur lives?why dont u grow dis balls u guys have on online blogs to challenge them and tell them u know ur right?none of u has answered this question.Awon hypocrites oshi

          • chuck
            August 25, 13:39 Reply

            I see what the problem is. You think any advocacy short of coming out is hypocrisy. It’s been mentioned before, but that idea is too narrow. People are not convinced when they are confronted – and coming out and making a splash as you describe is confrontation.

            It’s easier to convince people when you do not directly invalidate their ideas. Pointing out here and there that gay men and women are humans too, and deserve respect, works better.

        • Max
          August 25, 18:20 Reply

          I love you Chuck.. please I need your contact

      • keredim
        August 25, 14:11 Reply

        Posh, from your (hurriedly typed) rant I can see and feel your pain and I understand your fears for this Onyx chap completely. I am sure he knows what the risks are and the consequences. (Could be he plans to seek asylum on grounds of threats on LIB and on Naija streets on account of his advocacy- but that’s me just being cynical)

        The point is he is fighting the cause you and I are not brave enough to fight openly and he should be supported. We are all Nigerians and we know he cannot be 100% altruistic, but it is a start.

        There various degrees of “out”. It is fine you are out to your family and have reached a compromise of sorts, by not being out in public and causing your family harm. This is absolutely fine.

        But we all want more. We all want to normalise this “perceived abnormality” in Nigeria. We want the option to introduce our same-sex partner to our family, friends and colleagues, without fear of any reprisal. For fucks sake we want the option to show up as the real us – to be authentic. Someone is willing to fight for that, let him.

        @Francis, I had no idea you were out at work and to your family? Do your patients know??

        • Pink Panther
          August 25, 14:22 Reply

          This right here is the point closeted gays with a fear of even been sniffed out have refused to get.

        • Francis
          August 25, 14:37 Reply

          Where did I mention I’m out oh? If you’re referring to me calling Kpako spice a shameless closeted case well in my opinion there are different kinds of closets. He seems to be having issues accepting his orientation thus this his rant and call for all gays to keep their closet airtight.

          All of una wey get issues with my license as a medical doctor, if e dey pain una here’s some consolation: Being a doctor no be my dream. It just happened. So I’m just going with the flow. Hope this small info helps boost your ego or warreva it is that’s lacking in you.

          Siesta time

          • keredim
            August 25, 15:22 Reply

            Yup Fran, I was referring to your closet statement. I sounded like you were out.

            I think you will find that Posh is far from having issues about his orientation.

            Please lets be clear. I have not problem with you being a Doc. I was just being jocular If you are sensitive about being called a Doc, you wouldn’t have put it out there….

            Its like a woman with thunder thighs wearing a very short skirt and wondering why people are looking at her….

            • Francis
              August 25, 16:06 Reply

              Nna that part wasn’t for you. Na for 666, Angel Gabriella and some one else I can’t remember now.

      • Max
        August 25, 18:16 Reply

        I think I know who you are posh and I’m ashamed of you. Tufia!!! *spits all over your face** IBU ALU!!

    • Ethereal
      April 12, 08:12 Reply

      @dennis Macaulay, you ve’ said it all dear. Sometimes I get really miffed when most of us who have been parading themselves about under the guise of wanting the freedom & liberty to express their love for whosoever they are smitten with, get all so worked up when the see the brave @ heart, diving in & wading through the murky waters of homophobes, trying to help the weak like me get their freedom. @posh, just like Dennis said, this struggle ain’t for the faint hearted, the struggle is real, in whatever form or way, whomever is trying to make the world know that we are here to stay, please @posh, try to appreciate them & encourage them, no matter stupid or foolish you may think the person is on his tactics of going about it. Please & please, @posh, for all is worth, cut onyx a slack dear. Av always been of the opinion that we Nigerian gays are still where we are today because we are our worse enemies, always grappling @ each other’s throat & seeking for every avenue to pull ourselves down. There is absolutely no love amongst most of us & besides I think that an 80% of us, are just in this for the fun of it & not for something longterm. So saying @posh, no pons intended, but just like Dennis said, I will reiterate, if you find the kitchen to hot dear, you use the exit, & let others do their cooking in peace. Don’t go being a dog in the manger… (My candid opinion though, I stand to be corrected)

  17. Ace
    August 25, 13:23 Reply

    I am surprised at some of the comments expressed here. I don’t understand how this dream for freedom will be achieved if you don’t defend and speak out when the opportunity stares you in the face. Damn, people have questioned my posts, comments and friends on Facebook even folks from church and I really don’t care. Freedom won’t come if we choose to stay silent and even worse, try to silence those that try to speak. This is a classic case of “nobody wan die but they wan go heaven”, nobody is willing to fight but envy countries that fought and are still fighting for freedom.

  18. keredim
    August 25, 13:45 Reply

    Sooooo, anyone for Lagos gay pride 2016? Around May…just before the rains begin.

    We could move it to PH or Abuja if it suits….JUST TURN UP!!

    • posh6666
      August 25, 13:55 Reply

      Lmaooo am sure onyx,francis n dennis wont disapoint u

      • Tiercel de Claron
        August 25, 14:37 Reply

        Shut it,will you?.
        Stop typing a bit,you’re giving us a headache reading your……..whatever those incomprehensible bits are

        • Teflondon
          August 25, 15:06 Reply

          wait a minute! who are you claron? who are you to tell him to shut it.. you need to take a chill pill. you just another fellow that likes to follow the trend on here to be accepted and/or “Popular”. so because everyone is on posh’s case, you think all of a sudden you have the rights to tell him to shut it?
          just cause you and your likes come on here, type good and blow a few big grammars doesn’t make your real life any better than those that are not up-to your ” grammar standards ”

          I’m an Accountant by profession, Chartered one for that matter. i deal with figures daily. and i know how much i make daily, so i can make all the grammatical error in the world on KD (intentional or not) but am still making my money. so Bitch Chill!
          (okay that last paragraph wasn’t necessary but fuck it)

          • Chuck
            August 25, 15:32 Reply

            Back to this ” I make more money than you” childish argument, which you also used during your kito situation. TDC should not be telling people to shut up. it’s disrespectful. But your premise for being respected should not be how much money you make.

            This is why people are armed robbers, and engaging in corruption. Money isn’t everything. is your life fulfilled?

            • Tiercel de Claron
              August 25, 15:43 Reply

              You shouldn’t have dignified that post with a response,Chuck.
              And yes,while me telling Posh to shut it seem disrespectful,it was meant to give him pause.He ought to have quit after making his point a la Onyx

              • Pink Panther
                August 25, 17:26 Reply

                Claron, WHY?! You’ve disappointed me joor! I was expected a scathing rejoinder, the kind that’d singe the hair off he who just verbally assaulted you. You had to go n take the high road. Mscheeewwwwww

                • Teflondon
                  August 25, 18:12 Reply

                  of cause PP, you have to be disappointed. You have shown time and again how you shamelessly hunt for stories for your blog And instigate drama for more comments on post. So it’s quite normal for you be dissappointed. personally I understand your plight.

                  • Pink Panther
                    August 25, 18:22 Reply

                    You understand nothing. You know why? Cos you have no sense of humour, hence your misunderstanding of my comment.
                    Biko Teflondon, I’ve been peacefully existing without you in my face. You’ve been commenting and I’ve been staying away from you. Kindly keep me out of your foulness before I have to break my promise to someone and refocus on you.
                    Stay on your lane. See me, I’ve been staying on mine for a long, long time. Biko! Ejoo! Abeg! Please!

                    • Teflondon
                      August 25, 20:37

                      Avoid me kwua! Pinky remember our recent secret chats.. lets not allow breeze open fowl yansh. Biko! I beg you too.

                    • Pink Panther
                      August 26, 04:02

                      You and who are having secret chats? Please stop being such a sensationalist. If you have something to say, say it. Otherwise, shut up your mouth and stop making like you and I have any bond besides the sheer disdain I have for you.

                  • Max
                    August 25, 18:31 Reply

                    The same way you hunt for shameless fame here with your bull crap Kito story.. Biko shift…accountant my black ass.. Even monkies can become one of those in this 21st century if trained well. You’re more like a 50cents per hour clerk where you work.. Mtchew.

            • ambivalentone
              August 25, 17:19 Reply

              #sigh I’m just tired. I’m just a primary school pupil. Which day will my opinion count?

          • keredim
            August 25, 15:39 Reply

            This is why I like my job…..One doesn’t need a degree to do it….Therefore I can’t boast about it in the commentary section of a blog site when I feel inadequate…

            • posh6666
              August 25, 15:58 Reply

              My dear rumour has it u are a male escort/gigolo?abeg if its true u need to hook a broda up.Am ready to dump this legal profession and becum a full time prostitute.Na so so talk talk dey law and wearing black n white up and down.I promise to be loyal and always give u ur own cut of every client i get.Infact my babalawo’s number is on speed dial he will take us to d next level before u know it we will be on same level with kim and amber rose.I want to drive a ferrari before i die o

          • keredim
            August 25, 17:11 Reply

            Posh, I know right!!!! Ever since that “rumour” started circulating here on KD, business quadrupled.

            After Jesus (no babalawo required), I give thanks for PP (my Pimp) every month. Just ask him for pictures of the house he is building in the village…LOL

            But seriously, let me hook you up. You are almost ready for the job, you are already doing it. We both fuck people over, only difference is you do it wearing a wig and gown and I do it naked!!

            • Pink Panther
              August 25, 17:24 Reply

              Hahahahahahahahaa! First I was illuminati. Now I’m a pimp. My resume keeps getting more impressive.

            • posh6666
              August 25, 18:57 Reply

              Lmaooooo at d last line.Aww tanx boo infact u will get to know am a very loyal follower and henceforth i begin ass licking on pinkie since its been established that his our connect…

          • keredim
            August 25, 18:30 Reply

            Lets be clear. The “someone” PP made that promise to is not me!!!

          • Brian Collins
            August 26, 21:54 Reply

            See olodo dey come claim chartered accountant. Uncle, have you finished FOUNDATION level?

            • posh6666
              August 26, 22:01 Reply

              Lol boo boo Brian u where r u cuming from?u came late to tha parry

  19. Chuck
    August 25, 14:41 Reply

    Even advocates sometimes fuck up. From Ethan Regal’s blog:

    “Some of us want to live in silence because they think it makes life easier. Well it doesn’t/ Recently I learnt that majority of the gays in Nigeria are homophobes. Some are self loathing due to their religion or upbringing and don’t want to fight for gay rights. Some are happy with the secret life because it makes it easier for them to have affairs when dating another man as their relationships aren’t official.

    …Some months back I contacted a Nigerian blogger to help me post an article about me wanting some gays to write about their experience living in Nigeria so I can share it and our stories can be heard. The gay blogger seemed more interested in having sex with me. When I declined he refused to help me and he didn’t even steal my idea and use it to help Nigerian gays.”

    Everyone should read that post – ethanregal.blogspot.com

    • Pink Panther
      August 25, 15:02 Reply

      I don’t know who’s more spiteful, you chuck for sharing this or Ethan regal for this blatant piece of remodification of the truth, borne out of disgruntlement. Wetin concern me? People will talk. I’m in too good a place today to bother with trivialities such as this.

      • Chuck
        August 25, 15:10 Reply

        That was you?

        Either way his point about the reasons why people stay in the closet/ don’t pursue activism rings true to me.

      • Francis
        August 25, 17:34 Reply

        I’m done fighting the urge not to ask. PP biko come give us gist. lol

        • keredim
          August 25, 18:07 Reply

          There is something I find puzzling about that blog post.

          why would another blogger ask to be published on another blog? They are usually invited to do so…

          • Francis
            August 25, 18:11 Reply

            Sometimes we beg to be published on other blogs so as to generate traffic, backlinks or small publicity for our own blogs. It’s called guest posting. It’s quite common practice sha though it gets annoying after a while.

          • keredim
            August 25, 18:23 Reply

            Hmmm, not really explored that. Maybe when I start seeing my blog (www.sagbachronicles.com) – see what I did there-, as a vanity project rather than a hobby, I may beg PP to publish me…

            Still though the Ethan Regal comment doesn’t sit well with me….Sounds like a “Hell Hath no fury….” situation…..

            • Francis
              August 25, 18:28 Reply

              I was beginning to sympathise with the nigga sef until Pinky open mouth and once again, I got schooled in “There’s always two sides to a story…or three sef”

          • keredim
            August 25, 18:32 Reply

            You must remember Francis, there were 12 apostles and they all had their own version of events, and then there is the truth.

  20. Vhar.
    August 25, 16:29 Reply

    By Ali Baba’s reasoning, penetrating a rectum with a penis is a violation of how God meant humans to function. However, penetrating a human body with a sword, a common way to kill people in biblical times, is acceptable. Apparently human bodies were designed to be penetrated by metal implements, but not by flesh?


    I believed him to be more enlightened.
    But not anymore.
    A true heterosexual never has a problem with gay people, gay people sense he is into pussy and only into pussy. That’s why I believe, deep down they fear their little secret will one day be exposed, picked up by a very reliable gaydar, as sure as wifi is picked up by a computer.

    I don’t have guts like Onyx. I don’t. And I applaud him for his bravery.

    And for the sake of all the others who are like you (Yes Yo!), but less strong and less gifted perhaps, many of them, it’s up to you to have the courage to make good and not trample on this little light that is burning.

    For those of us whose usefulness is nothing short of a blunt axe, refrain from lounging on your bed of ignorance. Don’t fool yourself. You’re much worse than a bitch. You’re a saint. Which shows why saints are dangerous, undesirable and of the lineage of them who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong. .

    Regardless is the word!

  21. Sinnex
    August 25, 17:33 Reply

    It seems like I would be needing that tea this hot afternoon.

    Did I just read that PP demanded for sex before services? I refuse to believe that…na only me waka come ooo..


  22. Diablo
    August 25, 18:09 Reply

    I never thought this day would come but i actually agree with Posh in a way. i just feel that in a hostile environment like ours, we gays need to lay low from time to time, and stop bringing undue attention to ourselves. Onyx is such an easy target for the many many homophobes in this country that are willing to strike blood, and lets face it, the guy is as gay as gay can be.
    Did he really have to bring up the sexuality question abt Uzo? On a celebs page for that matter? It’s like waking up a sleeping Lion, and expecting applause because you were brave, forgetting that it is most likely to rip you to shreds.

    Lets not mistake heroism for a lack of common sense and restraint! True heros pick their battles carefully.

    Onyx pls pls for your own safety, pls restrain yourself, stop these antics that constantly draw attention to yourself for your own safety. Because when the chips are down, people might applaud you now, but you’ll be all alone when you are being whooped black and blue or even worse. A word is enough…

    This message was brought to you from an Ojota bound BRT.

  23. tarter
    August 25, 18:10 Reply

    Posh!!! Where did you hear onyx mom sells roasted corn? Lord goodness! How shallow can u get. I know onyx personally, he’s a very shy and introverted guy, yes his dad is late, no his mom doesn’t sell corn!where did u read such slander?? ! Jesus! U disgust me! All in the bid to prove a point… They may not be the dangotes but faaaar faaar from poor.. Selling roasted corn? Fear God oo, dumb lies…

    • iamcoy
      August 25, 23:02 Reply

      Thank you Tarter.. Fear God is all we can muster.

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