Quick Question: Who Stole Lupita’s Oscar Dress?

Quick Question: Who Stole Lupita’s Oscar Dress?

Screenshot - 2_28_2015 , 2_20_02 AMThe question on everyone’s lips: Who stole Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar dress?

Made with 6,000 pearls and valued at $150,000, Calvin Klein’s custom creation for the actress was taken from her room at the London Hotel West Hollywood on Wednesday, and returned two days later. Who on Earth could have possibly done that?

Here, our list of suspects:

1. Lady Gaga

Because she wanted to clean it.lady_gaga_oscars_2015

2. Wilma Flintstone

Because she wanted to upgrade from rocks. Go big or go home!wilma-flintstone

3. The Queen

Because everyone needs new jewelry.queen-elizabeth-ii

4. Mr Freezefreeze

5. Gus Gus from Cinderella14gusbeads

6. The ghost of Anne Boleynanne-boleyn

7. Anne Hathaway

Because Chanel didn’t let her keep that necklace from Devil Wears Prada.annhathaway

8. Jabberjaw and his bandjabberjaw1

9. Iris Apfel

Because there’s no such thing as enough.irisapfel

10. Karen Walkerkarenwalker

11. Pearl from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7pearl-rpdr

12. The Walrus from Alice in Wonderland

Because he’s evil.walrus-with-oysters

13. John Travolta

Because he clearly needs a new necklace. And Scarlett Johansson looks like she doesn’t want to share hers.travoltakiss3a

14. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

Don’t act so innocent!Openly-Gay Indian Prince Raises HIV Preventaion Awareness

Who do you think stole Lupita’s dress? Sound off your ideas in the comment section.

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  1. Max
    February 28, 05:10 Reply

    My first reaction when I first heard this was- “oh my Gosh, you mean she spe a handre n fitty thasn dallours on a damn dress(in madeas voice)”…
    And then I remembered Nick canon wore a diamond embellished pair of shoes worth $2,000,000.

    • Max
      February 28, 05:11 Reply

      ***in AGT season 9

    • KryxxX
      February 28, 05:34 Reply

      Am not sure she really bought the dress(maybe she did). This designers create dresses nd lend it to celebs to b worn for important shows/occasions to b showcased. The dresses r returned later. Same with jewellery.

      • Max
        February 28, 05:53 Reply

        She did buy it.. It took months to make and she helped design it. It was made for her.. #couture

      • KryxxX
        February 28, 06:08 Reply

        She bought it? Really? Lulu is balling oh!

        *packs boxes nd heads to d airport for America*

        Lupita! Hot piece of man coming through for you!

      • chestnut
        February 28, 06:17 Reply

        @kryxx: see you! So u want to sell ur dignity and betray “US” because of money,abi? Where is ur value? Where is d value of ur manhood? Tufia!

      • Max
        February 28, 07:23 Reply

        @Dennis, She bought it.
        She has a lot of endorsement deals with cosmetic giants. So she has the money. But she shld be careful though.. Her gowns shouldnt be exceeding $10,000 or she might turn out to be the next MC hammer.

      • Dennis Macauley
        February 28, 07:27 Reply

        She can afford to but she did not buy it max! She couldnt file a missing report on it because she is not the owner

    • Samurai
      February 28, 08:49 Reply

      I just love that Madea character.

    • A-non
      February 28, 08:55 Reply

      @enigmous,where have you been o??!!

  2. KryxxX
    February 28, 05:10 Reply

    Lol! Very funny! And here is a black, insecure individual’s answer:


    Yeah! They stole the dress!

    And as for Lady Gaga and her washing gloves, I expected more. Heard on Rick Dees that she was styling herself nd was really hoping for something good. But that!! She looks like a vampire from Dracula or a butcher’s wife!

  3. Max
    February 28, 05:16 Reply

    And that gaga chick looks like she’s really gone gaga.
    Maybe it’s pre-marriage traumatic stress disorder. I never knew she’d wanna settle for a dick. She’s clearly stated most times that she liked both.
    She looks like a cross b/w Mary poppins and the psycho bitch vamp Catherina Petrova from the vampire diaries.

  4. Dennis Macauley
    February 28, 05:39 Reply

    She did not buy the dress, they dont ever buy these red carpet dresses. The designers usually loan it to them and they return it after the ceremony.

    I suspect Beyonce, because she wants to give blue ivy pearls

    ****runs as fast as my frail chicken legs can carry me before the beygency comes after me****

    • Max
      February 28, 05:54 Reply

      She bought it. Even helped design it. Most of them hire their dresses, but few divas actually buy theirs.

      • chestnut
        February 28, 06:04 Reply

        Hmm , na wah oh! I no know say Lupita done reach to buy that kain cloth. She should not come and go and kee hersef because of red-carpet fame o! how often does she think she will get plum roles in hollywood? Even actresses that act major movies every year still rent/borrow gowns and jewels for the red-carpet o!

        • pinkpanthertb
          February 28, 06:08 Reply

          Aswear. She hasn’t gotten to the pinnacle yet o. Babe should be wise with her money o. someone should ask Toni Braxton to send her a memo.

    • chestnut
      February 28, 06:13 Reply

      Hahaha.Dennis u tried it! U know Bey can buy that dress and buy the designer,plus Lupita,right?

    • KingBey
      February 28, 09:48 Reply

      You better run…..how blasphemous of you !!! You don’t speak to the Queen in that manner

  5. Gad
    February 28, 05:55 Reply

    Em.. let me check

  6. Metrosexual
    February 28, 05:56 Reply

    I saw Gus from Cinderella.. and I was like Awww…

    Mehn. This suspect list is sooo damn funny. I’d ve said Anne Hathaway stole the dress.. Buh I can see suspicion all over Prince ‘Man-Vendor’…. U know that kinda look u give when u ve just farted, and u don’t want to be caught.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 28, 05:57 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Metro, you’re in the zone, detective mode and all.

  7. chestnut
    February 28, 05:58 Reply

    Lol. Y’all are too messy with that list of suspects.buahaha! (Personally, I’m giving major “side-eye” to the ghost of Anne Boleyn; only a ghost can pull that heist off!)
    Happy for Luppy that the dress is back, but now,can we take a moment to talk about “the dress” I’m really interested in? Y’all saw #TheDress,right? And I know I’m not crazy; that thing was White and Gold, no? I mean…it’s like…I feel like I’m losing my mind! Taylor Swift and all those other #TeamBlueAndBlack monkeys are just being used by the devil, right?…right?

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 28, 05:59 Reply

      Oh no, Chestnut. Not again. I thought we dropped that dress in 27th February 2015. The nightmare.

      • chestnut
        February 28, 06:08 Reply

        Lol.I’m sorry pinky,but that thing is still driving me nuts! I feel like all the “blue & black” ppl are in on some kind of collective sick joke

      • Deola
        February 28, 07:53 Reply

        So that dress drama finally reached here…it was white and gold btw, IMO.

      • Max
        February 28, 09:49 Reply

        Bikonu, I saw Blue and black(a washed out kinda black.. Tending towards brown)
        Which pic did you see biko.. ? There are three versions of the pic

    • KryxxX
      February 28, 06:11 Reply

      That dress abi? Biko, Me saw skyblue nd gold oh! I dont know where ppl were seeing black, white nd shi!

      • chestnut
        February 28, 06:25 Reply

        The white could look like very pale sky-blue in certain light,so that’s excusable, but at least no one here saw black anywhere,right? *phew* I feel much better!

  8. Dennis Macauley
    February 28, 06:23 Reply

    Max she does not own the dress, it was on loan from Calvin Klein which is why she could not file the heist report herself cos the dress does not belong to her

    • Max
      February 28, 09:50 Reply

      Thanx absie.. Exactly what I saw too.

  9. Ace
    February 28, 09:27 Reply

    For that dress I saw red and indigo.

  10. Khaleesi
    February 28, 11:33 Reply

    I’ve searched high and low but honestly cant find the point to this post … Pinky, you can do berra biko,

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 28, 17:15 Reply

      What about simple good ole humour? Some posts spark debates, some others tickle laughter. I can do better, you’re right. This is it.

  11. La-Coozee
    February 28, 14:06 Reply

    OhMIGosh Lupita, I’m so sorry! I borrowed your dress for my Vogue magazine cover shoot. I returned it already, did you have to announce to the world? Hehe

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