Wife Finds Out That The Man Her Husband Invited To Be Quarantined In Their Home Is His Lover

Wife Finds Out That The Man Her Husband Invited To Be Quarantined In Their Home Is His Lover

It turns out that while other people are maintaining social distance from their lovers, a Nigerian husband is inviting his own lover into his marital home so he can get some.

A shocked wife shares this story of betrayal with the self-acclaimed love doctor, Joro Olumofin, which he publishes on his Instagram page. Check on it below:Joro also shared a few reactions from commenters to the story, and they were just astonishing. A commenter, presumably female and a wife herself, can be seen accusing the woman with: “You made him gay.”

Check them out.

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  1. James
    March 28, 06:28 Reply

    Wow.. well looking at the comment section, I don’t think she made the husband gay, dude has been gay as fuck even before the marriage I guess. What she could do is find a way to reach the husband and secure her marriage regardless.. the husband here needs to apologise and find a way to make things work out in the marriage, most especially discipline himself and remain faithful to the wife.. won’t be easy though..

    • Pink Panther
      March 28, 06:36 Reply

      “What she could do is find a way to reach the husband and secure her marriage regardless… the husband here needs to…discipline himself and remain faithful to the wife.”

      LOL. Heheheehehee. Ah, the naivete in this comment sha.

    • Dr.Eme
      March 28, 11:52 Reply

      Pls that marriage is over
      Seriously, what is left ?

    • Higwe
      March 28, 16:56 Reply

      Jamey, Jamey ?

      Jamey come let’s quarantine together .?

  2. Colossus
    March 28, 06:31 Reply

    Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

    Abeg let me laugh, this is comedy in this COVID time. Couldn’t even read through it all, never believed Joro’s stories to begin with but oh well, to each his home.

  3. Gaia
    March 28, 06:37 Reply

    Just how long ago did this all quarantine something start and we are having drama already… this is a wawu. ?

  4. Mitch
    March 28, 07:48 Reply

    Of course!
    If Joro doesn’t peddle a gay story in a month, riddled with phrases like “fuck his anus” and blood stains and sperm stains, can we say that month truly happened?

    Abeg abeg abeg!
    Lemme hear word!

  5. Floki
    March 28, 08:01 Reply

    Oh my God. This is enough drama already. How can a full grown man with wife and kids be so reckless in his behaviour? What exactly, was he thinking bringing his side chick (boyfriend) to his house. As if that was not enough. He even displays his affection for the guy and goes on meeting with him in his apartment without being so covert about it. And when the wife eventually discovered, he ran away and eloped with the guy.. Wait wait wait… Is it that he just discovered that he never loved his wife or what? That he had to display a show of shame in his house? He has just emotionally bullied and bruised the wife. I sympathize with her. I don’t even know how the kids will feel about this whole saga when they finally understand this unbelievable reality. I can’t believe this really happened. Ewooooh…!!!! Chimooo…!!!! Chaiiii!!!! Somebody should just wake me that it was a mirage and that I was just dreaming. Hia… Nothing way person no go hear.

  6. Ima
    March 28, 08:26 Reply

    This is what happens when you force a gay man to get married.

  7. Silver
    March 28, 09:11 Reply

    The best part of this story is that he saved the guy’s number as “My Airtel” ??????, I’m howling

  8. ChubbyLover
    March 28, 09:34 Reply

    Who else think this Joro guy plays Ojoro with his stories?

  9. Lorde
    March 28, 10:09 Reply

    Lol…. where to begin…

  10. Lorde
    March 28, 10:14 Reply

    This joro is an enabler of hate and homophobia, he inadvertently exposes peoples kinks in the name of being a sex counselor, and thereby growing his page,he never counsels them, he only leaves the commenters, people who are as close minded and ignorant as he is, to give advise. I mean… look at that last comment…. wonder why he calls himself a ” love doctor”

    • Dunder
      March 29, 18:37 Reply

      For him, it’s about clicks and nothing else. Very gaudy, ratchet approach to people’s humanity. The stories he sends to himself and has posted online show he just wants to make money, not solve problems. He should just start a gossip blog.

      You follow Joro so much to the point of asking no other person for advice on your marriage- how won’t the poor man turn gay ?? The moment that boy said he doesn’t follow Joro and thinks he makes up stories for hypocrites to comment on, your husband fell in love irreversibly. Better shift for your second wife. #GbaKamu.

  11. Francis
    March 28, 10:15 Reply

    Na Joro but let’s not act like some MGMs aren’t this ridiculously stupid/wicked.

  12. De King George
    March 28, 10:36 Reply

    I don’t like how the woman reacted she went extra mile to expose her husband instead of to protect her marriage for the sake of the children evidence of No love. Experience tells that Bi-sexual men feel more loved when they are with a guy than woman most especially the married ones.

  13. Ken
    March 28, 11:29 Reply

    Bwahahahaha the comments are hilarious. As in, giving a man anal will prevent him from being gay??? Dumbasses he dont yo anal. Yo anal is even worse than vag lol

    But on a serious note, same women that go upandan castigating and humiliating men for being gay then turn around to cry that they married a gay man. Like really? So what else did u expect the gay man to do?? U refused him to live in his peace n quiet gaydom. Now u want us to feel sorry for u. Duh

  14. Francis
    March 28, 11:34 Reply

    In other news, looks like you guys have finally fixed the comment notification wahala. About time. ???

  15. Delle
    March 28, 12:39 Reply

    I think this is BS.

    That part of the man crying and running away? Wait, really? That he’ll just leave his family and run? Where’s he running to? Neverland? This Joro guy needs to be read for the filth he is.

    • Taena of Myr
      March 28, 20:04 Reply

      It’s like you don’t know
      Women are stabbing their hubbies nowadays

  16. Pete
    March 28, 14:13 Reply

    Just like when bisexuality trended on Twitter some time ago, it’s to check for HIV that’s paramount as if bisexuals are dens of diseases.

    The story is obviously false, doubt social distancing was in effect March 1st. The dude was careless and deserves whatever he gets from all these (if it’s true). The woman needs to get a grip on herself and realise it’s no fault of hers.

    The comments ???

  17. Higwe
    March 28, 17:29 Reply

    Okay . Let’s see .

    Let’s forget that fact that this woman claims her husband was sent home for one month and he never missed a chance to visit his alleged male lover staying at their BQ.

    The chat says 6pm but apparently the man and his lover didn’t get to see that whole day for some reason .

    Let’s forget the fact that the woman presented as not being very well versed in English writing used – whilst .

    Let’s forget the fact that the spacing and punctuation style of the two people in the conversation look nearly identical .

    Let’s forget the fact that a man in the middle of family devotion ( probably surrounded by his kids ) would risk asking his lover for a nude when he could just go down to the BQ and see everything for himself.

    Let’s applaud the timeliness of the alleged lover.
    I mean if I were sending my nude to someone around 7pm in the evening , it would take me more than a minute to find a perfect angle and good lighting.

    Let’s ignore the over excitement of the man , seeing a nude body he’s had for one week in a row in a poor quality picture.

    The Tyler Perry lines ….

    The plot twist we didn’t see coming .

    The finifugal we all felt during the end.

    Joro delivers yet another blockbuster .?????

    • jeff ojukwu
      March 28, 19:02 Reply

      Let’s forget the fact that the nail do was still on process before the screenshots.

      Let’s forget the fact that the fingers looks like that of a man (perhaps Joro’s)

      Let’s forget the fact that this is Joro writing Joro with Joro’s airtel number then later inscribed “ And my husband saved his number as my airtel” at the end of the epistle when he almost forgot to.

  18. Dunder
    March 29, 18:59 Reply

    The north… HIV…redbull, beer, cigars (I think Joro actually meant cigarettes)… alcohol… Ok, I have heard the dog whistles. Gays are godless debaucherous monsters who take games from innocent crying children and rob devotion-organizing wives of their fridges and sexual intimacy. Line them up and have them shot right?

    And Mrs Chioma Jesus was directed by the holy spirit to type to Joro and not her pastor when all these things happen? Not even Linda or Stella o. Joro. If you’re going to grow your base on the bleeding, kitoed, raped, robbed, hounded and dead backs of gay people, please do so with small fear of God. And when those you have used need help from other users and abusers, please don’t hide away. Send a cheque that won’t bounce.

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