Miley Cyrus Says She Left Religion Over Its Intolerant Behaviour Toward Her Gay Friends

Miley Cyrus Says She Left Religion Over Its Intolerant Behaviour Toward Her Gay Friends

Miley Cyrus chatted up Hailey Bieber in the latest episode of the singer’s Instagram Live show, Bright Minded.

The Biebers are well-known for their connection to Hillsong Church and general obsession with religion, and the conversation with Hailey led to Cyrus admitting that the reason she wound up leaving the church had a lot to do with religious attitudes towards the LGBTQ community.

“I was raised going to church as a believer, and that was a really important part of my life,” she said. “And I kind of fell off that path a little bit because I think I had a hard time finding a relationship with God that worked for me as an adult.”

She continued: “I was also brought up in the church in Tennessee at a time in the ‘90s, so it was a less accepting time with all that. I had some gay friends in school, and the reason I kind of left my church was they weren’t being accepted. They were being sent to conversion therapy. And I had a really hard time with that, and I had a hard time with me finding my sexuality, too.”

Cyrus has been open about being pansexual since 2015, and considers it an important part of her identity. Her sentiments about leaving the church over its treatment of and attitude towards LGBTQ people is something many who grew up with a religious background can relate to.

But Bieber’s outlook on religion may have shifted Cyrus’s view moving forward. “It’s your journey between you and God,” Hailey remarked. “It’s not your journey and ten other people’s journey. It’s just yours. It’s between you and Him. And I believe that Jesus is about loving people, no matter where they’re at in life. So, you know, I’ve always had a hard time too with the church making people feel excluded and not accepted, because of what they believe in or who they love.”

Cyrus admitted: “I think what I just took away from you is I’m allowed to decide what my relationship is with spirituality as an adult that doesn’t have to be aligned with the way it was when I was brought up.”

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  1. Colossus
    March 28, 06:35 Reply

    This is a thing a lot of Gay Nigerians are used to. Some learn to compartmentalise, try to ignore the terrible things about religion as they focus of what’s good.

  2. Mitch
    March 28, 07:54 Reply

    Even the Bible itself said it.
    “A good tree does not bear bad fruit.”
    So if all the fruit from every branch of religion is good, but the fruit from one branch is bad, it stands to reason that the entire tree is bad and should be cut down.

    For the life of me, I’d never fully understand the cognitive dissonance that exists for Christians between their religion and the innate rights and freedoms of humans.

    A religion that is one of the most exclusionary, oppressive and repressive religions on Earth, yet claims to be misunderstood and constantly under attack.

    I hear!

  3. bamidele
    March 28, 13:35 Reply

    The major traits characteristic of christian members of my (extended) families include wickedness, hypocrisy, jealously and ignorance. I still remember how miserable my life was during those period of relating with them. As soon as I stopped relating (or at least, limited relationships with these calibre of people) the sadness they to my life departed them with.

    But I had continued my activeness in Abrahamic religion until November 2018, when I couldn’t take it anymore. Now it looks like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

  4. Higwe
    March 28, 16:54 Reply

    Coronavirus has certainly shown these celebs how ordinary and mortal they are and some of them are losing it .

    Doing everything within their power to somehow make themselves the cynosure during this pandemic .

    First off : I don’t believe Miley is pansexual.
    The few times I’ve seen her pretending to be in a dalliance with a woman , she looked so stiff and awkward.

    Secondly : Miley’s reputation of attention seeking precedes her. This girl has humped a hammer , shocked the whole Smith family with her very cringeworthy display at the VMAS .
    Posed lots of pictures making out with a guy while in the middle of her divorce proceedings.

    Then again , we are the bottom of the barrel community , so any support from anyone or anything would be appreciated.

    Even if it’s from an erratic, fading popstar trying her very possible best to revive her comatose career .??

    So, thank you Miley .??‍♂️

    • Taena of Myr
      March 28, 20:12 Reply

      She’s never been married b4..
      Yes , she always seemed more into Liam Hemsworth than he was into her ..
      But she did have some female side chicks when she was with him.

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