Writer Chibuihe Obi has been kidnapped by homophobic bandits

Writer Chibuihe Obi has been kidnapped by homophobic bandits

So this is what it has come to. Homophobic Nigerians are no longer plotting to lure LGBTQ individuals into their web of inhumanity. They are apparently so obsessed with living in denial over the existence of gay Nigerians that they’d sink to the lows of kidnapping those who are vocal about LGBT rights.

Chibuihe Obi is the writer who penned the very compelling piece updated here a few weeks ago titled “We’re Queer, We’re Here!” His write-up was an umbrage against the acts of homophobia that was trailing Brunel International African Poetry Prize winner, Romeo Oriogun, following his win. He too was coming under some heat because of his defiant stance in using his art as a writer to speak for the LGBT.

Yesterday, following his unannounced absence from an event in Nsukka and a string of unintelligent and threatening messages sent out from his Facebook inbox (screengrabs below), it quickly came to light that he had been kidnapped.received_1760071537341327received_1760056344009513

There has been a lot of action happening to spring for his release. Law enforcement and LGBT organizations have been involved. However, if there is anyone with helpful information or line of action, please call the numbers 08183003203 or 08180302222.

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  1. Delle
    June 04, 09:23 Reply

    I haven’t been myself ever since I got to hear of this. It’s even annoying because I feel so helpless and yet I want to do lots.

    If these idiots think they would silence us from this, it’s the clown’s party then.
    I just hope he is safe. I just hope nothing happens to him. I just hope this wouldn’t be another Kessy incidence.

    I don’t pray. But Lord knows how many times I’ve sought his face since I got to hear of this.

    • Pink Panther
      June 04, 09:28 Reply

      I will keep maintaining this. It’s a losing battle all these forces trying to subdue the LGBT in Nigeria are fighting. We are here. and we will rise.

      • Delle
        June 04, 11:05 Reply

        I mean, what are they really expecting? That everyone drops his pen and scampers to safety (which is where?).
        It doesn’t even make sense. This would only spur us to do more.

        The truth is we expect that people would get hurt in the process but when it comes, it doesn’t still numb the pain.

        We are however going to keep fighting. Keep rising. We really are here.

  2. Mandy
    June 04, 09:35 Reply

    This guy should please be found. Let good prevail in this situation.

  3. Quinn
    June 04, 10:37 Reply

    Oh God?. I’m sorry but shouldn’t we do same in retaliation?! This is so sad to hear!

  4. beejay
    June 04, 13:08 Reply

    Where’s the rhyme and the reason to this wickedness I wonder? Baffling the extents some would go in the pursuit of self-righteousness, isn’t it?

  5. UC TheMisfit
    June 04, 13:19 Reply

    This is alarming.
    Recovery efforts should be directed towards surrounding houses and villages in Nsukka. They have quite a number of very ignorant homophobes. I remember having one Nsukka roommate in school that threatened to stab any gay guy he knows to death while he (the gay guy) sleeps. He and a couple of others were very homophobic and theirs stems from immense ignorance.
    I hope Chibuihe get found because this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    • Pink Panther
      June 04, 15:55 Reply

      A roommate! How long were you able to live with and around such unadulterated hate?

      • UC TheMisfit
        June 05, 14:43 Reply

        We were roommates for a few months. He was just too ignorant and toothless for me to pay him any mind. He needed to feel good about his loser life at that point. So he just talked BS.

  6. ambivalentone
    June 04, 14:32 Reply

    All these generals for God, spokesmen of the Almighty, sef. It just makes sense why my friend hates the notion of the existence of God. Homos are satanic and you, the pristine angel of purity ready to kill, steal and destroy

  7. Jo
    June 04, 15:30 Reply

    I am just tired Gan. What level of depravity would drive a man into depriving another man of his freedom, because of what he believes in. What exactly do they intend to achieve?

    We do know, that anytime men have tried to silence us, we’ve always become louder. Thus will yet be another one

  8. Foxydevil
    June 04, 16:26 Reply

    I don’t understand, but why does this conversation sound so unserious. Someone is telling you he kidnapped your friend and you are focused on the meat pie he is eating and whether or not he is enjoying life?
    I truly hope the person missing gets found.

    • IBK
      June 04, 16:42 Reply

      Read the messages again taking note of the difference in time.. Okay?

      • IBK
        June 04, 16:46 Reply

        Oh! You were the one being insistent that kd was all about sex!!

        It’s getting very glaring that you just skim through somethings (probably already biased) then form very erroneous opinions about them. You don’t read to understand. You read to come and at least be able to say something in the comment section.. Smh.

        • Foxydevil
          June 04, 19:34 Reply

          Please relax. No need to sound so judgemental. Coming from instablog now and I got the message clearer. This is bad, real bad. I didn’t know this level of homophobia still exists in Nigeria. I’ve never read his works, but I heard he is freakishly talented and even won something just last year.

          • posh666
            June 05, 09:09 Reply

            Honestly I shivered in fear when I went through the comments section on instablog about his kidnap and like 95 percent of them actually pray the kidnappers don’t release him and kill him.

            I was so mad I had to comment and even ask one of them how the guys sexuality affects or hurt them in anyway the bastard couldn’t answer me. I really just wonder why the notion of being gay gets Nigerians do riled up.

            The funny thing is several lesbian news have been posted and it doesn’t generate such hatred.Infact the assholes excuse the behavior as the lady’s just probably experimenting and how it’s no biggie.

  9. Dextrous
    June 04, 20:33 Reply

    For starters, @FOXYDEVIL, you are not gay.

    Before America gained their independence from the British in 1776, Samuel Adams and a host of other courageous men from the 56 British colonies determined that they had had enough of British rule. They organized a congress and on July 4 1776 made the declaration of independence. They did this not minding the risk to their lives. It was either they won or they perished.

    The LGBT community in Nigeria needs to come together as fight for our rights. We cannot continue to dwell in our closets an expect something to happen. It has to be organized, bringing many voices to give visibility to our cause.

  10. Jason
    June 06, 10:12 Reply

    This is nobody’s fault but his. I pray he gets found.

  11. pankar
    June 07, 22:42 Reply

    Is our own Chibuihe save now? I overheard this tonight ?

      • Johannes
        June 09, 14:48 Reply

        I’am expecting an article or post about his kidnap-and-return journey. What was done to those bunch of fools that kidnapped him (or man-napped). Who and who are the sponsors. We need to know (maybe only me).

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