Yusaf Mack Says He Wants A Relationship With A Trans Person

Yusaf Mack Says He Wants A Relationship With A Trans Person

Professional-boxer-turned-gay-porn-star Yusaf Mack would like your attention again. The 35-year-old gay father-of-ten just gave an interview saying he’s officially on the market and looking for love. Quick! Everyone grab a number.

In a new sit-down with Hip Hollywood, Mack says he first started experiencing homosexual desires when he was a teenager, but he kept them buried out of fear of being treated differently.

“It was like that man in me that I didn’t want anybody to know,” Mack explained. “I’m over it now though. I’m living my life and I’m happy.”

Mack first made headlines last month when he claimed was drugged and had absolutely no recollection of ever filming a hardcore gay skin flick. A week later, he admitted that, actually, on second thought, he wasn’t drugged and that he was bisexual. And a few days after that, he changed his story again, admitting that he wasn’t bisexual, he’s gay. Then he threw a lavish “coming out” party at a West Hollywood gay bar to celebrate.

Now the Holiday Hump’n star says he’s ready for a relationship, preferably with a trans woman.

“My interest is trannys,” he said. “I love trannys. I’m attracted to trannys. I don’t like no muscle like me.”

Yusaf, if you’re reading, here’s a little tip: If you are really, truly interested in earning the love and respect of a trans woman, try to refrain from using transphobic slurs like “tranny.” Just a suggestion, of course.

Mack went on to say he was inspired to come out by none other than Caitlyn Jenner.

“If he can do it, I can do it,” Mack said. “I don’t have to hide no more.”

This guy needs a publicist!

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  1. façade
    November 27, 06:19 Reply

    This man must have fallen n bumped his skull. To think that I once sympathised with him… Gosh. Biko he should get his story straight

      • façade
        November 27, 07:17 Reply

        From straight n drugged to bisexual to gay to wanna date a tranny, what’s next? He has always felt like a woman n wants to become a tranny too? Biko this guy is as messed up as it gets

  2. Dick Advocate
    November 27, 06:55 Reply

    I’m a tranny come and date me yusaf mack..
    Oops! Sorry am an alien! I forgot. Don’t you just like that better Yusaf! a soft skinned alien Mack! Just the way you like it…

    This man needs to take a break really.. And stop saying shit or saying anything at that. Calling him lame would be a compliment at this point.

  3. Mandy
    November 27, 07:03 Reply

    Dude be stretching his fifteen minutes of fame to 20.

  4. Max
    November 27, 07:14 Reply

    Fallen demi-star trying to get his glow back ????..Next!

  5. Peak
    November 27, 07:33 Reply

    Lol. Our break out star of 2015 is at it again.

    The phrase ” is that all you got” will forever be associated with dirty thoughts for me. it will always reminds me of this trick. when a “muscular” man was ramming into him and he had to uttered those words, to show how into the moment he was. now he wants trannies?

    Rolling my eyes from Abuja to Abidjan.

    I heard he writing a book. Lol, I guess he is not going away anytime soon.

  6. ken
    November 27, 07:42 Reply

    Ladies, stop hating o! Especially many of us here that know we will end up getting married and living like the former “yousaf”!

    Its easy to hide behind a computer/phone to blog and abuse, but ask yourself if you are truly better than him

  7. Sinnex
    November 27, 07:50 Reply

    I can be Trans for you big daddy

    • Masked Man
      November 27, 08:57 Reply

      Pls who this is using Sinnex’s moniker?
      Sinnex is too religious to say this.

  8. Francis
    November 27, 08:24 Reply

    *Waiting for those drama queen transexuals that LIB features frequently to wade into the matter soonest.*

  9. keredim
    November 27, 08:50 Reply

    “My interest is trannys,” he said. “I love trannys. I’m attracted to trannys. I don’t like no MUSCLE like me.”

    “Muscle” is relative……and is in the eye of the beholder


  10. Chizzie
    November 27, 08:54 Reply

    You know how I said he seems like a very impulsive person who makes decisions without thinking things through ? Well once again I was right, and of course the faux literalists on this blog, always in an attempt to give the impression of open mindedess continue to show that they are horrible judges of character.

    He also reaffirms my stance of most African Americans who are basically good for nothing. Someone needs to have this man euthanized. “Euthanized” because he lacks the grace to be classified as human

    • Chuck
      November 27, 15:16 Reply

      I’m torn between feeding your trolling by answering you & ignoring you so you’ll eventually stop looking for attention and spewing illogic.

      This time however I thought I’d say something. Your mischaracterization of African Americans shows that you are uninformed in addition to your unpleasantness.

      55.9% of African Americans were employed as of October 2015. You are currently unemployed (and getting gifts/money from a man that fucks you does not count as employment). So majority of them are BETTER than you. If they’re good for nothing, you’re garbage.

      Should you also be euthanized because you lack grace? You consistently show bigotry towards Muslims, people of non – Igbo ethnic groups, and African Americans. #shame.

      • posh6666
        November 27, 15:49 Reply

        Chuck can u imagine?this is the disgusting person whose statement about my looks Keredim is quoting,as if there’s any human more despicable looking,disgusting and with the lowest values and morals out there like Chizzie.
        I stopped replying to his whinning and desperate attempt at attention seeking cos i actually feel his lower than me as a human being and deserves zero regards until Keredim annoyed me this afternoon

      • Chizzie
        November 27, 22:20 Reply

        Ehmm ok. Its becoming tiring having to defend my opinions on here, what’s amusing however is how some of you claim to know so much about me. Do you know that half of what I tweet abt are bants sometimes for RTs? And yes I’m referring to twitter here cause I know thats where all of you go to find out what’s happening in Chizzie’s life and yet I’m the one doing the trolling? It actually comes across as stalkish, and I should be flattered but its overwhelming.

        As regards my employment status, that you are right about. Its just been a month but Im not going to sit and wait like you lot all did, I’ve now decided to put my Igbo genes to good use and be self employed. I cannot allow myself to be poor like the likes of Posh ???? I would rather pull a Ronnie Pheonix

        And you are one to talk abt dependency? Nigga pls, I know your gist well so pls abeg don’t go there, and let’s just keep acting like you didn’t want us to fuck at one point

        • Francis
          November 27, 22:56 Reply

          You tweet really vile stuff for retweets and you don’t care how that reflects on you? Only God knows how many opportunities you may have lost cause of your twitter account ?

          • Chizzie
            November 27, 23:27 Reply

            Actually on the contrary I’ve met some really interesting ppl and I get to employ reverse psychology by tweeting about what I feel like without repercussions. I’d rather that than some anonymous account where I tweet abt gay pornography half of the time. It’s my shtick and its working for me.

            Wts not cool is when ppl here act like they know my life history based on the tidbits I let out on social media. And its becoming boring, please come at me with something else not partly made up stuff from a twitter persona.


            • Chuck
              November 27, 23:48 Reply

              Are you accusing me of being unemployed or fucking for money?

              If so you must have me confused with some other person. I also have never tried to fuck you.

              • Chizzie
                November 27, 23:56 Reply

                I don’t know if you are unemployed and fuck for money, but the limited time I was exposed to you, it did give that impression. And you haven’t exactly tried to fuck me, but you wanted to. Im positive it is you.

                I just feel you coming for me is unnecessary, when I could just have easily come for you all this while bt I’d rather not. Soo maybe next time I’m not referring to you specifically.. Stay on your lane?

                • Chuck
                  November 28, 01:38 Reply

                  I’m now certain I was not the one you were exposed to. I know what you look like, and I’ve never met you.

                  Your “opinions” deserve a rebuttal, because we distort our understanding of issues when we let bigotry go unanswered.

            • keredim
              November 28, 14:32 Reply

              “Wts not cool is when ppl here act like they know my life history based on the tidbits I let out on social media. And its becoming boring, please come at me with something else not partly made up stuff from a twitter persona.”

              Are you honestly going to say YOU don’t do the same to others? Me for example??

              • Chizzie
                November 28, 21:52 Reply

                All I know is that you are old and a hoe, and an instigator. Is that your whole life history? Oh maybe it is

                • keredim
                  November 29, 00:09 Reply

                  …and why doesn’t that surprise me? The “old and hoe” refrain is getting as old as I am supposed to be on here.

                  Please play something else….Maybe your hypocrisy and bullshit…?

                  • Chizzie
                    November 29, 12:22 Reply

                    Keredim the sky is blue and has always been, but does that stop ppl from saying that it is? Exactly.

                    As long as you’re old and a hoe, it never gets old reminding you of your existence.
                    Also remember to take your calcium pills as osteoporosis really sucks donkey ass.

  11. posh6666
    November 27, 08:59 Reply

    Oh now he likes trannies?what next?you dont like muscles yet you got pounded so bad by a real man and you kept asking for more,yelling is that the best you got?dude couldnt even be a top in the porn cos he loves the feelings of a cock buried deep inside him abeg this should be the very last time i read anything about this bitch on this blog.

  12. Duke
    November 27, 09:04 Reply

    Hay! Look who is back with another story on of his road to sexual discovery! Yusaf “fuck my ass harder, suck two dicks” Mack! I am very interested… Not!!!

  13. #Chestnut
    November 27, 09:28 Reply

    Lol. I really don’t know what to make of this man. He’s a walking contradiction. He doesn’t like muscles? So,basically,now he’s saying he’s more attracted to the female form(not even twink boys)?.what’s the difference between a trans-woman and a cis-woman? Or he only wants a trans-woman who hasn’t gotten rid of her penis?
    *sigh* the dude is clearly not very indigo…(Or not AN indigo; can’t remember if it’s an adjective or a noun. TDC, a lil’ help,luv?)

  14. Tobby
    November 27, 12:17 Reply

    Ok. Why is this guy being talked about?. lol

  15. Dickson Clement
    November 27, 13:56 Reply

    He loves trannies? I didn’t see no tranny in that porn clip! Bammbamm is muscular and the other guy! Yusuf was happy getting it in the ass as those two devoured him! So, Yusuf loves trannies? O.k! ‘we will be watching!’. *In Wendy Williams Voice*

    • mide
      November 28, 01:17 Reply

      Ok, your comment got me. Hahahahahah. By the way, I need to find that video.

  16. Eddie
    November 28, 01:01 Reply

    Um PP pls you really should consider deleting hateful comments…it gives off a weird mixture of disgust and awkwardness….must y’all show that you have smartmouths every goddamn time…Geez!…. being an acerbic bitch is so 2011 k get with the flow #yearofthegentleman and pls try to be civil to one another…. y’all be going at it back and forth like chicks on “periods”…smh

    • Chuck
      November 28, 14:06 Reply

      Thanks for the misogyny. That “chicks on period” comment says a lot about how much you respect others

    • keredim
      November 28, 14:46 Reply

      No Eddie, its too much hard work looking for and deleting hateful comments.
      I think he should go a step further and ban people who persistently and without provocation make hateful comments.

      Starting with me, if i am one of them

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