DISCLAIMER: The following is not to be taken seriously. Things have obviously been exaggerated for comic effect. ITS ALL BANTZ. We will not be held responsible for whatever offense you take if you carry on reading. J

  1. Us, when drama erupts in the KD comments section that has nothing to do with the post:20160724_161328                                                                  I can’t comman miss all the action.
  1. Us, when Pink Panther decides to release another episode of Love And Sex In The City:unnamed %281%29
  1. Max, when anyone not from the Island or tush Mainland gets kitoed:IMG-20151012-WA0009
  1. Jarch, when he spots someone over 40 on a flight:20160724_161407                                                                            “Well hello there, daddy…”
  1. Aunty Django, when she remotely senses an incoming lesbophobic or misogynistic comment:unnamed                                                                Don’t even attempt it. She is always ready.
  1. Chizzie, when Dennis Macaulay or James IBK drops a new article:20160724_154808                                                                             “Why do you even exist?”
  1. Sensei, after successfully writing an article without leaving the fence:20160725_140719                                                               Argue for both sides and bounce out. Peace.
  1. KDians, when Kizito speaks:20160724_153442
  1. Us, when Duke drops a new article, and Oga Too Clean manifests to remind us of their BFF status:20160724_153646
  1. The Lipstick Gang, when Teflondon attempts to comment:20160724_153512                                                           “Don’t speak! Don’t type! Don’t even breathe!”
  1. Sinnex and “I haven’t seen this movie but I have it on my laptop”.images %283%29
  1. Us, when Chizzie starts quoting bleaching creams:IMG_20160711_223002                                                                         Oshey! MAMA THE MAMA!
  1. Max, when someone gets more than 50 likes on an Instagram picture:IMG-20151012-WA0009
  1. Max, when Dennis comments:20160724_160718                                                     “That one that can’t make up his mind…Mtcheeew!”
  1. Peak and writing long epistles:images %283%29                                              Suffry, suffry, oga…It’s not Inter House Sport Debate Edition.
  1. Posh666, before he comments nowadays:images %284%29                                                         “I cannot comman be yabbed for bad English again.”
  1. KDians and never forgetting someone’s gist:20160725_135929                                                             Saved to be used as ammunition on a later date.
  1. Dennis, when he sees university boy “fresh off the runway”.20160725_142057
  1. The Vhargency, when Vhar drops a new article:20160628_164846
  1. The Vhargency to everyone on Vhar’s article:anigif_enhanced-30124-1395640616-2
  1. Us, when Max changes versions every few weeks but doesn’t come with an upgrade:child-face
  1. Chizzie, when Dennis breathes:20160724_160536
  1. Almost every KDian when the Admin goes: “We need to be nicer to one another.”20160725_142345                                                                     “Yeah, right. Where is the drama?”
  1. Francis and his paranoia:20160725_142937                                                                      Best friends, Greatest love of our time.
  1. Khaleesi and “No hope, Opium Pipe, and Sashays away in red pumps”:images %283%29
  1. Kacee, when her baby, Delle speaks ill of lesbians:20160724_164853                                                                                      “How dare you!”
  1. Shuga Chocolata, when Francis breathes, sneezes, and wakes:20160705_222626
  1. Us, when that one time, Sinnex showed that he was a savage not to be trifled with by dragging Teflondon by the edges:20160724_153911 (1)                                                                            “WOW! Who knew??!!!!”
  1. Us, when anyone tries to hold us responsible for this post:20160705_222028                                                                                        Not happening!

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