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Simply live and let live.

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  1. trystham
    September 03, 07:13 Reply

    No way. It was with someone I had been chatting with online over a yr. The guy’s cock was humongous. Maybe I was too tense or I wanted it to be done with, dude couldn’t fit half in, no matter how much he tried to get me to relax. Worse, he said I should top, to feel both sides out. I was in pain and grossed. After he had left, and I was checking for damages, the tissue I put came stained bright red, I developed instant malaria. My tears were not of this world. Worst of it, I was made to travel the terrible rd to my hometown d next day. I sat in front of the AC vent on full blast and kept adjusting on one butt cheek so that there wouldnt be pressure on my tender region but every pothole was TORTURE. I had a tissue pad btwn my arse cheeks for 3 days and kept downing antibiotics ehn…smh. I swore off being gay forever after that. Deleted the poor dude’s number, refused his calls and didn’t reply his mails. Fate was just looking and yinmuing. A year and some, I was back.

    Moral of the Story? Fear short ppl. They pack.

    • Pink Panther
      September 03, 07:29 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! Trys, how come you’ve never shared this story here before. This your first time sounds like an adventure. Dear god.

      • trystham
        September 03, 08:10 Reply

        The blow-by-blow experience is too X-rated for print abeg.

        @Johnny Share yours, and I’ll share mine.

        • Pink Panther
          September 03, 08:18 Reply

          Too x-rated for print? I’m sorry, you do realize you’re in Kito Diaries, not, right? 🙂 Nothing is ever too x-rated for print here.

    • Johnny
      September 03, 08:01 Reply

      I would love to hear the full gist. Please an entry need from you.

    • Francis
      September 03, 08:48 Reply

      Na this kain experience dey create some Strictly Tops

    • Foxydevil
      September 03, 16:24 Reply

      Read the comment then checked the name of the person that posted it, can’t say I’m surprised. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha ?.

      • trystham
        September 04, 07:35 Reply

        Wait!!! You read from bottom-up?? Ahhh!!! No surprise ur thinking is warped.

  2. Johnny
    September 03, 07:59 Reply

    Enjoy kini? No romance, no lube . I was just shouting ‘ouch’ , ‘please ‘, ‘stop’. The guy self lack skills.

  3. Zemocrush
    September 03, 08:08 Reply

    There are two first times.. .the first first time was a no no, I didn’t enjoy it a bit, my brain was not prepared.. ….the second first time was very funny and crazy

  4. Delle
    September 03, 08:37 Reply

    Very good. That was the easiest penetration and how surprising seeing as it’s my first.

    He was good and we had it thrice that night!

    Anyway, first time was bliss for me.

  5. Mitch
    September 03, 08:42 Reply

    My first time was weird.
    There was both pain and pleasure.
    Funnily enough, for a first timer who knew zero to nothing about gay sex, there was no painting

  6. Francis
    September 03, 08:47 Reply

    If we are talking penetration, it was effortless and hot. Me sef come dey wonder whether the thing actually happened or not

  7. OMG!!! It's HYPO
    September 03, 09:05 Reply

    First time was hellish! I don’t know if it is appropriate to tag it rape sef!

    I was in JSS2 in one of the unity schools here in North Central Nigeria. Dude was in SSS2 and was always around me to protect and act like a school father. On that fateful day, he requested that we both stay back during night prep and I agreed (I knew something was gonna happen but not the way it happened). To cut the long story short, he penetrated with his mortar dick despite my stern refusal….It was terrible, so terrible that he got expelled at the end of the week! Saw him in 2015 in the state high court and I smiled. NO!!! He is not facing charges, he is now a Barrister

    • trystham
      September 03, 21:57 Reply

      Loool. One senior cannor use his konji n. play with u again.

      First time I’d be entering SS3 dorm was the day my eyes bled. My eyes zoned in on the fat prick of a boy (man) bathing on the square. Heu!!!

  8. Eddie
    September 03, 13:27 Reply

    Nope….didn’t enjoy it at all…. Dude practically forced himself on me…. I was 17 and he was 29….

  9. OroboHunter
    September 03, 13:48 Reply

    Nah..Paranoia didn’t allow me enjoy it. It was messy, tacky and I was trying to impress. It felt like I was getting an STD with every stroke. Had to fill the condoms with water to be sure it didn’t break..

    • Francis
      September 03, 13:56 Reply

      ????????????? Seriously?! Omo your fear no be here oh

  10. IBK
    September 03, 14:57 Reply

    Was just there. He was gentle. We used Vaseline. Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

  11. Black Dynasty
    September 03, 16:32 Reply

    First time was a lot of fun, love n what note. No rush, took the time to enjoy it. Round 2 happened 30 mins later….. whilst in boarding school. Thank goodness for nepa taking light.

    • Yazz Soltana
      September 04, 03:30 Reply

      That was risky many have collected the beating of their lives when Nepa brought back the light.. ..

  12. doe eyed monster
    September 03, 22:52 Reply

    HHehHehehhehe, i had read a lot on what to do… So the first time was lit, i saw myself riding the D in the mirror and i was like “you slut! ” Hehe….. The walk from my estate gate home was hell though.. Legs never felt heavier

  13. KingBey
    September 04, 08:12 Reply

    First time sex with a girl: I was 23. My cousin after he finished fucking his trade, let me have a go because they used my room. Nothing thrilling.

    First time sex with a guy: Same 23. Met an older someone I’ve been talking with from Vanguard Love Zone, he brought out a Dettol soap which he used as a lubricant and asked me to fuck him with it. Nothing thrilling again.

    My previous wank sessions were way better. Lol.

  14. Z
    September 06, 16:18 Reply

    Never been fully penetrated successfully. Still can’t figure how people do it. The pain, the bleeding… It’s was like putting fire in my butt

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