A Look at The Case of Kevin Spacey

A Look at The Case of Kevin Spacey

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s exposure as a serial sexual assaulter, a #MeToo campaign ensued filled with people who had also been sexually assaulted and sought to use the event as a lightning rod to share their pain.

Quite a few other men in Hollywood have fallen by the wayside during this campaign that furiously dragged these alleged sexual assaulters out of the shadows.

One of them deeply concerns me today. His name? Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey, the uber talented lead actor of the critically acclaimed series, House of Cards, was accused of sexually assaulting then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp at a party. In reaction to this allegement, Spacey decided to conform to the Japanese art of seppuku (stabbing oneself in the belly with a sword) by deflecting from his sexual assault with the excuse of alcohol and coming out.

His statement was a crash course in what not to do after a scandal. Let’s examine some of the hubris.

Obfuscation of Terms

It is inappropriate to respond to accusations of paedophilia with “I’m gay”. The only appropriate response to “I hit on a 14 year old” is “I am also a 14 year old (or less than 18)”. And even then, based on the description of events in Kevin’s case, it was still assault.

Coming out is supposed to be a beautiful and courageous act and not an excuse for inappropriate sexual behavior. It’s why no one goes to court to say, “I plead gay.”

The Return of Harmful Stereotypes

Gay people are constantly working against the incorrect stereotype that they are sexual predators. A few predators exist in all populations. To make this argument, you would have to prove that they exist in the gay community at a higher percentage than a national average or another comparable community.

However, this is simply not supported by the facts.

A study by Freund K, et al. J Sex Marital Ther found that the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was 11:1. 92.5% of pedophiles are heterosexual. This is similar to the general ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals in most communities and should show conclusively that homosexual people are not more likely to be pedophiles. (The Groth and Birnaum study had 0% of its research subjects turn out to be homosexuals but its sample size is relatively small at less than 200 pedophiles)

However, irrespective of these facts, Kevin Spacey’s statement sets gay people back decades to a time when every gay person was seen as a potential child molester. Not exactly the best way to join the community.

Drunken molester?

Kevin Spacey blamed his sexual assault problems on his drinking habits.

Seriously? First things first, just like a point I made above, you cannot say “I plead drunk” in the court of law, at least not successfully. Alcohol is not an excuse for felonies. Your crimes aren’t suddenly less because you drank a bottle of Hennessey before you committed them.

Next, I don’t know about you but normal adults don’t get drunk enough to hit on 14 year olds. There’s a Catch 22 involved in that the amount of alcohol it would take to do that should be enough to knock you out or even kill you.

So, I don’t get how he thinks that’s an excuse.

“I choose now to live as a gay man.”

There is so much wrong with this statement that it should be posted beside the word “cringe” in the English dictionary with a picture of Kevin Spacey trying and desperately failing to look smart.

I choose now?

You don’t choose to be gay. That’s not how it works. He’s a smart man, Kevin Spacey – or at least his character in House of Cards is, even though I now suspect that a lot of irony went into creating that character for him.

You don’t choose the blanket rejection that comes with being gay. You don’t choose the ever present danger that looms over you in developing countries. You don’t choose to be gay when it suits you. You especially don’t choose to be gay as an excuse to deflect from the sexual assault of a minor.

Being gay is an amazing experience. Assaulting a 14 year old is a crime.

Never mix the two in one statement. Don’t be that unfortunate in this life.

Written by Vhagar

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  1. Foxydevil
    November 05, 06:30 Reply

    Oh god no!
    Not another article about Kevin spacey.

    And OP, he never said he was choosing to become a gay man (please don’t misquote him)
    He said he has chosen to live as a gay man.
    Two very different things.
    He enumerated his point by pointing out he’s had sexual relations with both men and women in the past, but now he’s chosen to live as a gay man.
    The last five or so paragraph of your article are riddled in falsehood because, you couldn’t even properly comprehend what he meant.

    And god!
    Am I tired of the hypocrisy and deception here ?
    It is nauseating to say the least.
    Lots of people get drunk and try to molest 14 year olds, a lot of people here have had sexual relations with kids younger than 18 ,which can all be considered statutory rape, if we are honest with ourselves.
    KS is only a victim because he is famous.

    A few weeks ago Delle put up a story (mother knows best) I think?
    Where he said he was getting add request or whatever happens on grindr from relatively young kids. Delle should be around 21 or so, consider the ages of those he terms young .But I saw some people here condemning spacey encouraging him to go after them .
    Does it make it right when you don’t molest them but will take them if they let you, knowing full well that a child below the age of 18 is still not an adult legally or mentally?

    One thing I hate more than anything in my life is hypocrisy, and mankind is reeking of it.
    I pay attention to everything and my brain is magnetic, never forgets anything.
    You can visit that same post yourself and see the comments.
    Hopefully, you can cook up another article, eh?

    • Malik
      November 05, 14:47 Reply

      Thank you Foxy. The media frenzy on this issue is founded on a level of hypocrisy that is shocking and worrisome.

      And please, enough on Kevin Spacey. E do. We’ve heard.

    • ken George
      November 06, 10:56 Reply

      i agree with you 100%
      First of all a great percentage of guys have had sex with teenagers below 18. More importantly this alleged “molestation” happened more than 30 years ago. Mr rapp or whatever has had ample time to report or even expose KS on social media, but he didnt. so why now?? i find it sad that even the gay community that worship adolescence and youth are very quick to stone KS. Its just plain hypocrisy

    • Lorde
      November 07, 06:56 Reply

      So these 2 things you said now…..what is the difference
      Secondly…. since you too like proof and being quoted right…. what’s your proof on this
      “Lots of people get drunk and try to molest 14 year olds, a lot of people here have had sexual relations with kids younger than 18 ,which can all be considered statutory rape, if we are honest with ourselves.”
      I’d really like to hear it…. please write me a 1000 word essay ( I know you can do it)??

  2. himbo
    November 05, 06:40 Reply

    “I choose now to live as a gay man.”
    I took it to mean he’s a bisexual man who now has exclusively gay relationships.

  3. CHUCK
    November 06, 12:10 Reply

    There’s nothing some of you won’t defend. MGM, domestic violence, even child abuse. Na wa!

  4. Pankar
    November 10, 03:50 Reply

    This guy and his ‘magnetic’ brain sef! How can you relate this to ‘mother knows best’? The author of that story never said anything about playing a game with younger boys. His mother only suggested he add up his younger brothers to the game. Gosh

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