I’m an ardent reader of Kito Diaries even though I don’t comment. But I believe in the power of opinions, which is why I want to share this and gain some insight from your responses.

I very recently came out to my roommate, after he confronted me with the news that he’d been hearing rumours that I am gay. Upon barrage of questions from him on why I chose to be gay, I tried my best to make him understand with my response that I didn’t choose to be gay. That I was born this way. That no right thinking individual will choose the difficult life of a gay man in such a hostile gay clime as Nigeria’s.

At this point, he started crying. (I have to mention here; my roommate is to the best of my knowledge straight.) But there he was, at the end of the discourse with me, crying. He hugged me, saying he loved me, all the while still crying. I found myself consoling him, bewildered by his reaction. He seemed really broken up about me, and that was not what I’d expected from him following my coming out. You see, he is homophobic, very homophobic. And here he was, crying and saying he loves me and talking about how he couldn’t believe I’d had to go through all my struggle on my own when he and I are close friends, and how he’d like to be there for me henceforth.

This acceptance is shocking to me, especially considering his homophobic nature, and in trying to make sense of it, I wanted to share the experience here, to know your views, to know if it’s happened to anyone – this complete roundabout turn from gay hater to loving support system.

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