My sex life didn’t come into existence until my late teenage years, and when sex started happening for me, all I had foreknowledge of was the most convenient means to get the protected dick inside with as little pain as possible. The guy who took away my virginity simply grabbed for a Pears Baby lotion on his shelf when it was time for him to make the grand entrance. Another actually reached for his Vaseline jar! Let’s just say, that oiled dick did not make any headway.

My point though is, ever since I started having sex, the issue of lubricants has been defined for me as that item in a bottle or jar amongst the materials on the vanity table – lotions, creams, pomade.

And then, an article was published here on Kito Diaries a while ago about safe sex practices; in it was mentioned the bit about water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. And that began the journey of my enlightenment. After reading that illuminating article, I went on Google to discover that there was more to gay sex than slapping on a condom and grabbing for the cream bottle.

While I was contemplating this before-unknown aspect of gay sex, the TIERs 10-year-anniversary dinner happened. I was in attendance, and I went home that day with a goody bag, inside which I discovered, among other things, small wraps of lubricants.

I was excited, and when I had my next booty call, I slipped out one of the wraps, offered it to the naked mister next to me, and proceeded to have the smoothest shag of my life. It’s a wonder what the appropriate lubrication on a good dick can do.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. My God-given, TIERs-delivered lubricants have finished, and I’m here, seeking information on how I can most conveniently purchase or lay my hands on a fresh batch regularly. Are they gettable in your regular pharmacies? Someone I know said I could go to the TIERs office and get them, but that’d be quite the trip for me; I could go there, but I’m wondering if that’s the only option. Or are there any other alternatives?

A hoe needs your help, my fellow KDians. (Hi, Max)

Submitted by Timothy