That Piece About The Scientific Basis Of Homosexuality

That Piece About The Scientific Basis Of Homosexuality

Written by Uche Osondu, and originally published on

As the world becomes more and more of a global village, and nations become more like huts typical of rural settings with borders just for the sake of them, we are faced with the issue of having to deal with the cultures of various peoples. We are also faced with the task of what is right and what is wrong on a much larger scale. We are faced with various lifestyle changes that threaten to unify and at some levels destroy some of the units we hold dear. Of all these changes that we are burdened with, perhaps the greatest at the moment is the issue of homosexuality. Yes, we are certain that the Bible and the other good books of various religions forbid it. Yes, we are quite sure that considering the human anatomy, the male was not designed to be the receptacle of the phallus during sexual intercourse, or for two females to be “compatible” during intercourse. However, despite these things of which we are sure of which there is no solid proof, is it possible to find a scientific backing for homosexuality?

Every foetus is at a point female. The baseline for creating a man is a woman. During development, however, the body then produces testosterone to convert the “female” foetus to a male. Using the theory of epigenetics, heritable changes caused by factors other than DNA, Study Researcher William Rice, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of California says, “Early in development, we think these epimarks are laid down so that female foetuses will be relatively insensitive to testosterone and males relatively sensitive to testosterone.” Testosterone, which happens to be the “male” hormone, is responsible for the masculinization and organization of the male brain. In the event that a mother has already had a sizable number of male children, epigenetics suggests and theorizes that her body may decide to feminize another male foetus and in a way that may affect its sexual orientation. What then would happen if during pregnancy an epigenetic change that benefitted the mother releases less testosterone on an already genetic male “XY” and therefore not masculinizing his brain enough?

Although science has yet to provide us with a  clear-cut “gay gene”, a new scientific study of 409 pairs of gay brothers could put to rest decades of debate over the existence of the so-called ‘gay gene’. Research conducted by the NorthShore Research Institute in the US found clear links between male sexual orientation and two specific regions of the human genome, with lead scientist Alan Sanders declaring that the work “erodes the notion that sexual orientation is a choice”. The study is three times larger than any previously done and highlights two genetic regions that have been tied to male homosexuality in separate research: Xq28, first identified in 1993, and 8q12, spotted in 2005. However, Sanders does not claim to have identified a single gene which ‘causes’ male homosexuality in humans and stresses that with complex human traits like sexual orientation there are many influencing factors, both genetic and environmental. For the study Sanders and his team collected blood and saliva from 409 pairs of gay brothers and analysed their genetic code for markers known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Although Xq28 and 8q12 were the two regions that were most frequently identified as home to genetic markers common among the 818 gay men, three other SNPs were also highlighted.

If the above study is proven true, then can we finally say that being homosexual is not a lifestyle choice? This study in a way nulls the argument that indeed being homosexual is a lifestyle choice because if genes are responsible for looks or height or race about which nothing can be done, then why expect something different as regards sexual orientation? Epigenetics perhaps does provide a more sound scientific backing for homosexuality as the search for the “gay gene” continues as it does not offer the need for a specific change in the DNA.

“When did you decide to become heterosexual?” This question is highly important as we find that most individuals are not aware of the exact moment they decided that were attracted to the opposite sex or even why. Sexual orientation, to them, seems like a thing innate, inborn or “programmed” into them. Why then must all have the same programming when we all readily admit that not all humans are genetically and scientifically the same though we might consists of the same components roughly?

In conclusion, despite the fact that there is at the moment still no conclusive evidence as regards sexual orientation and homosexuality, it is clear that genetics does come into play. Genetics is a huge, integral and germane component of who we are as human beings, as a result, there is, though not conclusive, possibly a scientific backing for homosexuality.

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  1. Max
    November 07, 07:37 Reply

    I don’t need science to prove to me about my existence.
    I know who I am.

    • Mandy
      November 07, 07:40 Reply

      I don’t think this is about proof. I think it’s about lending more credence. And it really isn’t for the benefit of those who have accepted themselves. More for those still struggling with self acceptance and the general antigay public. Something for them to understand how wrong it is to keep saying being gay is a choice or lifestyle.

  2. sensei
    November 07, 08:37 Reply

    I expected so much more. Haba! Abeg someone here should help us write a better article on this. Where is Absalom when you need him?

  3. Chizzie
    November 07, 10:47 Reply

    So in the Mountain of Fire sense of things, if you have a parent that has had gay sex, the demon enters him and is passed down to his children, who then become gay or bi, and if and when they marry, they have more gay children and thus the circle continues.


  4. Teflondon
    November 07, 13:15 Reply

    This if true only applies to effiminate guys. I don’t think being gay has anything to do with genes. It’s might be in inborn, it’s definitely a thing of the mind and subconscious but never a thing of gene (except maybe Effi guys)

    Anyways I still feel the article is still loads of bulony and bullocks.

  5. Keredim
    November 07, 13:32 Reply

    So according to the theory of Epigenesis,when I was a foetus growing inside mumsie, something did not agree with her body and she produced less testosterone (but enough to make me masculine) , that made me gay.

    So she was right all along!! It is her fault!!! And her enemies in the village gave her something (probably her mother -in -law or one of my father’s other wives).

    Thank you Epigenesis for compounding a mother’s guilt and maybe promoting strive (and drama as we gay’s are known to attract) within a traditional family

  6. Khaleesi
    November 07, 14:40 Reply

    I speak for myself, being gay is NOT a choice! As the straight man cant say exactly when or why he’s attracted to the opposite sex, so also can i NOT say when or why i became attracted to the same sex. I love me; and for all them homophobes esp the ones relying on an old hateful book #TalkToTheHand – the finely manicured hand covered in glitter

  7. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    November 07, 15:47 Reply

    I don’t know why some straight people have this belief that someone being gay will make other people gay. It’s like they believe they are all one wink away from bending over and begging for dick. People are gay, people are straight, people are bi etc. Someone’s gayness won’t stop them from having kids or make you infertile. Gene or choice, it is really no one’s personal problem.

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