My name is Noah. I have always been a man of caution, threading carefully wherever I go, keeping my professional life separate from my personal life. I have being visiting Nigeria at least once or twice a year for work since the early 1980s. And in the course of my trips, I have amassed a handful of friends and acquaintances, both for business and pleasure. And both my business engagements and pleasure trysts had never given me any cause for concern, worry or disconcertion.

That is, until a trip I made to Nigeria in 2013.

I am a forty-nine-year-old bisexual British man, married with a lovely wife and son. Whenever I am back at home in the UK, I focus all my time and energy on my family. However when I am away for work, I try to indulge in a bit of fun with guys.

So it was on a trip to Lagos, I logged on to my gayromeo account and set my location to Lagos; that way I would be able to arrange a meet with a guy in my hotel when I was free.

And I did meet someone.

His profile name is Pedrocock, aged 26 (at the time). He was nice and the conversation between both of us flowed easily, and there were no tale-tale sign of anything untoward. Eventually, we moved our acquaintanceship from the hookup site to Whatsapp. Below is an extract of some of the Whatsapp conversations we had.

17:16, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

17:16, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Tony for planetromeo

17:17, 23 Apr – Noah: hi tony

17:17, 23 Apr – Noah: Noah here

17:20, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Yeah

17:21, 23 Apr – Noah: pics please

17:21, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

17:41, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: That me

17:41, 23 Apr – Noah: nothing received

17:46, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Is coming u we see it

17:49, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: IMG-20130423-WA0012.jpg (file attached)

17:54, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: IMG-20130424-WA0000.jpg (file attached)

19:08, 23 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

08:36, 24 Apr – Noah: good morning

08:36, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Morning dr how was ur nite

08:51, 24 Apr – Noah: it was good tks

08:51, 24 Apr – Noah: how was yours?

08:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Cool on my wey too work

08:53, 24 Apr – Noah: what do you do?

08:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: I work with lg

09:08, 24 Apr – Noah: what is lg

09:11, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Where day sell tv

09:13, 24 Apr – Noah: what area of Lagos do you live

09:15, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: 10004 and u

09:39, 24 Apr – Noah: i am staying in Sheraton

09:58, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

09:58, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: I was there too day back

10:47, 24 Apr – Noah: ok so u know the place

10:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: How you out work na

10:52, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Yes dr

10:53, 24 Apr – Noah: yes at work now

10:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Good

10:54, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: What can of work do u do

11:04, 24 Apr – Noah: i’m a dr and moving here to work

11:09, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: K

21:13, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hello

21:18, 24 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u there

08:42, 25 Apr – Noah: sorry i was with some friends last night

10:01, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

10:01, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Good morning

10:04, 25 Apr – Noah: good morning

10:04, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: How was ur nite

10:05, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u working today

10:06, 25 Apr – Noah: i have something to do this morning but should be finished this afternoon

10:06, 25 Apr – Noah: what about you?

10:08, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Am free just out home no work today

10:08, 25 Apr – Noah: cool

10:10, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: So if u are free in box me

10:11, 25 Apr – Noah: ok will do

10:11, 25 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Ok

16:20, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Hi

16:40, 28 Apr – Noah: hi there

16:44, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: U have not be chating with me hop u are good

16:46, 28 Apr – Noah: yes all good

16:46, 28 Apr – Noah: have been very busy

16:47, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Thank god

16:47, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Are u out work na

16:49, 28 Apr – Noah: i am yes

16:49, 28 Apr – ‪+234 813 400 8597: Same

Eventually, I could make out time from my grinding schedule to see him. And I invited him over to my hotel.

He came over and after some moments of chit-chat, we started making out. He did not seem very responsive. I should have suspected something was amiss then, but I quickly dismissed such thoughts and carried on as one would when you’re really horny. He sucked me a little and then jerked me off until I came.

What happened immediately afterward was a total shocker. Once I came, he jumped off the bed and began dressing quickly and demanding for $1,000 for sex. I stared nonplussed, wondering at this instant graduation from hookup to hooker. And then I blinked in astonishment as he focused his phone camera on me, naked in bed, and began snapping photos of me.

At this point, I knew the situation was no longer a joke. This guy meant business and he was dangerous. I tried to negotiate and reason with him. I did not have much naira on me (or any other currency for that matter), and so I could only offer N10, 000. He proceeded to go through all my stuff, filching some brand new pieces of clothing a particular client had specifically requested I bring for him, as well as a brand new Nokia Lumia phone I had purchased recently. He also made off with my iPad, saying he would bring it back when I was ready to pay more.

The next few days were hellish, as I tried to negotiate with him to return the iPad in exchange for cash. I was immensely worried about the embarrassment if this escalated, especially while I was still on Nigerian soil. He eventually agreed and said he would come back with the iPad, this after I promised him N50, 000.

I was exhausted emotionally and mentally. And I came to the realization that I could not handle this on my own and decided to seek help. I knew the hotel owner personally and reached out to him, telling him everything that had happened. He understood my predicament and began to plan the next line of action in preparation for when this hooligan would come back.

The hotel’s securities were instructed to grab him the minute he set foot into the hotel, and they did. However he was clever enough to bring a female accomplice with him for the meet. She was the one in possession of the iPad and slipped back out unnoticed, when she observed that he had being detained. The furor that was kicked up in the hotel lobby as he was being forcefully detained was quite embarrassing for me; he was yelling and fuming quite loudly, creating a scene, and some of the startled faces of those witnessing the incident also bore a hint of comprehension, like they knew exactly what was going on.

We began to negotiate him, and he eventually called back the girl, after extracting my word that he would get paid N20, 000 and that no charges of theft would be pressed against him.

To say I was left distraught from the whole experience would be putting it mildly. At this point, my entire perception of the Nigerian gay scene changed, and my trust in any Nigerian male acquaintance took a nosedive. I proceeded to delete my gayromeo account and avoided meeting guys for the rest of my stay.

However, I have a good friend of mine, JArch, to thank for my journey back to sanity. Without him, I might never have come out of that funk I was in. Despite my consistent and fountaining aversion for all the pleasures Nigeria promised in both friendship and sex, he persevered and kept in touch with me via email, talking to me and bolstering my courage until gradually, I was able to put that whole mess in the past where it belonged.

Fast forward to 2015, I am coming to Lagos again in a few weeks. I’d created a new profile on gayromeo, and was hoping to indulge. And guess who came knocking online… It was none other than my infamous blackmailer from 2013. Nothing had changed on his online persona, and from the way he chatted me up, it quickly became apparent to me that he didn’t recognize me.

My instant reaction was to block him off as the memories of the old nightmare threatened to swamp me, but I took a moment to reach out to JArch first, to inform him of the development. He was the only one who was intimately knowledgeable of what I went through in 2013. So, sharing in my outrage, he put me in touch with Pink Panther, who graciously has agreed to expose this piece of scum to the public for who he really is.

He has being itching for a meet, but that will happen when it’s a cold day in hell.

Written by Noah


I have always said it. I have no respect for gay men who prey on others, seizing opportunities to blackmail or assault them. I believe this scheme is this guy’s MO, and below is his picture. And he goes by the names Ghanaboy Ebinum and Ghanaboy Jackson on Facebook. So that anyone who knows him or is yet to should understand that he doesn’t mean well for the LGBT community.Pictures1


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